Okay kiddies, technically this is my 3rd fic, because I had to delete my 2nd one because it was in IM format. But we'll call this 2nd!

I got the inspiration for this fic from Eulogy, where Magnus said

" This isn't Ashley. Ashley broke her femur at the age of 12." Or she said something like that! So maybe this has spoilers for Eulogy, I don't know. Anyway, read, review, you know the drill.

" Okay Ashley, your turn on second."

Ashley mentally groaned and moved next to the Volley ball net. She absolutely hated Volley ball. It's not that she hated sports, no, on the contrary she loved sports, and she was very good at them. Hunting down monsters made you very athletic. Dodging swaying tentacles was extremely good for the abs and it helped coordination.

But, she was terrible at Volley ball.

She was good at every other sport but Volley ball. She completely lacked the specific set of concentration and coordination for the game. She was always picked last when they were picking teams for Volleyball, which was an unwelcome change from the first- picked position she enjoyed for other sports. Whenever the ball came to her, the other teammates scrambled to reach it before she could even try, because whenever she tried to get it she usually took a few people down with her. All of this apparently didn't matter to the team Captain, who insisted on her rotating as much as the other players.

Luckily, she missed the ball so she was rotated back to the only position in Volley ball she was remotely good at. Serving. Of course, remotely good meant she could sometimes get the ball over the net.

She yelled " Service!" before pumping the ball into rather good serve. Katie, ever the optimist, gave her an encouraging smile as the opposite team scrambled for the ball. Someone caught it and bounced it back over the net. Jessica caught it, as usual.

Jessica was another reason for Ashley to hate Volley ball. She was as good as Ashley was bad at Volley ball. And add that she constantly teased Ashley for her poor ability at Volley ball, and Ashley often wanted to strangle the girl. They weren't terribly clever words, but they hurt all the same. So, Ashley sucked it up and tried not to tackle the snooty blonde every time she laughed when Ashley fumbled a easy hit.

Soon, the torture that was Volley ball had ended and they went back to the classroom. But at the classroom there was an announcement tacked on the bulletin board that made her blood run cold.

" Oh crap."

A/N Oh no! Whats the mysterious announcement? Next chappie posted sooooooon, I hope.

I personally really like V- ball, but a sports injury seemed the best way to get the break this fic is based on, and I know the most about V-ball. If you guys are confused about the volley ball terms used in the fic, review saying so and I'll tell you next chappie. : )

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