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Well that plan backfired spectacularly. Her trying so desperately landed six people on the bench and her in the very back ' ready for high- flying balls'. Nope, they just wanted her out of the way so they didn't have to get the reserve-reserve team in there, as the only one who had survived her Attempts of Doom had been Jessica and some other girl. In fact, there wasn't a reserve-reserve team until she was forced to play Volley ball.

She stalked the edge of the court, bored. A little longer of the and she could go home, and try to get her mother's mind off the terrible shame. Maybe if she was lucky, they wouldn't have to deal with Jessica or her parents. Lost in her fantasies, she hardly noticed the game enter a Sudden Death round, or the cry go up as a ball careened swiftly over the net, and straight to her.

Oh schnitzel.

It all happened so fast. Instinct took over as she lunged for the ball. Her entire body focused on the one command- Save that ball. Get it back over the net. Win the Game. Okay,several commands, but they seemed linked. It was so cliche, but just like in the movie, time seemed to slow as her hands came in contact with the ball and swung at it with all her might ( a considerable amount) back over the net. Every one stared in shock at the unlikely save as it flew over the net. It hit the other side with a thunk. The scoreboard guy was the first to recover, adding the extra point to Ashley's team. Henry was the second to recover.

" GO ASHLEY! THAT'S MY ASH! WOOOOO!" he screamed as he ripped off his shirt (fan girls everywhere swooned) revealing the words ' Go Ash!'. He waved the giant finger around yelling, trying to start a wave, until finally the parents started to clap and cheer, the other team began to cry, and Ash's team lifted her up on their shoulders chanting " Go Ash, go Ash, go Ash!" Add that to the look on Jessica's face and eh, maybe Volley ball wasn't too bad.

A pain shot up her femur. Okay, she hated Volley ball.

Katie had seen her grimace, relayed it around , until finally Ash was put on the bench with a doctor tending to her. The femur was declared broken, and her Mom volunteered to drive her to the hospital. The were on their way out when Ashley decided to put her plan into action. She quietly whispered to Jessica " Oh my gosh, there's Henry Foss!" A terrific fan girl scream went up, and soon Henry was being chased by rabid, screaming, crazed, fan girls. No one tried to stop them, because every one knows the only thing more powerful then a fan girl is God. Ashley chuckled as she watched Jessica leading the hoard of girls, and Henry looking terrified. Ever since he had blown it to her Mom, she had been circulating pictures of Henry to her class, who apparently found him " Hotter then the sun!". One sentence and the hoard of tween girls took of like a rocket, thanks to the spurring of Jessica, who was the President of the Henry Foss fan club. Luckily, her Mother was to busy tending to her poor wounded daughter to recognize Henry's yells. Life was good.

And it got better.

" Ashley, Volley ball seems rather dangerous. Your coach has told me you have sustained more injuries in Volley ball then in any other sport. Perhaps we can switch you to a different one, like Basketball?"

" Sounds like a plan, Mom."

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