title;; the trees stand
summary;; Sometimes peace lasts and adventures don't--sokai--"Do you ever wish you were somewhere else?"
a / n;; inspiration credit completely goes to CherryFlavoredChalk (darling); title credit goes to a quote from e.e. cummings; and, um, this is just a short and sweet trifle concocted in order to remedy the angst crowding my stories--enjoy. :)

"Do you ever wish you were somewhere else?" Kairi asks, bright eyes and fumbling fingers and 'please-say-no' pressed against her lips.

There are lightyears spanning the gaps between Sora's eyelashes as he looks her in the face--porcelain, pale, and perfectly alive. "What d'ya mean, Kairi?"

"I don't know." But he does. (and so does she)

He thinks, Donald-and-Goofy and gummi ships and hearts glittering as they arc across the sky. He thinks, LeonYuffieCidAerithCloud and the meaning of forever--other worlds that he can't go back to, because sometimes peace lasts and adventures don't.

(and all that's left is home)

He doesn't forget that that's what he'd been aiming for from the beginning--this girl and this beach and this ending.