This is my own, original story. Made in my own Digital World, with my own characters and thus have nothing to do whatsoever with any 'Digimon' story that has yet or will be created. However, I'll admit. I'm going to use the Royal Knights, the Demon Lords and anything else I want to add. But the story's still mine, as well as their personality. The Digimons belonged to Bandai, but like any other self-respecting writer, I'm gonna say I love my story and I hope you would think its better than the tv, too. That said, on with the story.

This is the tale of how the Royal Knights were created, and how they fought for the safety of both Digital and Real world from the clutches of the Demon Lords...

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Oh, and in this chapter... Since there should be thirteen Royal Knights... I have no choice but to make two parts! Chara's introduction will be continued later on. We'll start with a few mains chara that's the most popular.... kinda.

There will come a time where our destiny will meet with us. And whether we like it or not, we have to accept that it will come...

But that does not mean we could not change it.

The Royal Knights : Revived

Episode 01 : The Revelation Part 1

When the humans created the first computer, none of them had realised that they had not only created a saviour for the modernisation of their kinds, but they had also created the beginning of another world. A world created from the data of the many that man constructed.

It had started off so simply, a single ball of ones and zeros merged together to produce a solid object. Almost like how the beginning of Earth was created, a little, insignificant ball in the vast space. But just like Earth, it soon evolved.

As more and more computers were created and modernised, more data were given to the solid. Making it bigger, and more complex. It soon grew as big as Earth, and started creating rivers, seas, trees, mountains as high as the blue sky and terrains as deep as anything. This world is called the 'Digital World'.

And when the internet was introduced to the Real World (A world for humans.), the first of its living life forms were given life. Unlike man, however, they were strange beings. These creatures varies in looks, shapes and sizes. Some have wings, others have furs, or scales, feathers and/ or sharp claws. Some have humans trades, others resembled nothing like humans. They are equals in a way, but they were differentiated by Levels, a means of which are divided into six, which started with Fresh, followed by In-training, Rookie, Champion, Ultimate and the most powerful level, Mega.

They are called the Digimons.

And now, these creatures and their world stood parallel to us and our world. Unknowingly coexisting with one another, only a few of the inhabitants of both worlds knew about the existence and importance of the other world. Others lived their daily lives without a care in such matters.

But sooner than anyone knew, fate has a way to change many things. A single entity so powerful only the greatest of both worlds knew of it, but none of them held the power strong enough to stop it. All they could do was wait...

And see what destiny has in store for their future.

High above, drifting in an ever increasing speed in the wide open space, an enormous long-tailed meteorite were seen.

This meteorite is not an ordinary one, as one would've guessed from its enormous 50-foot stature. But it was not only that. Its also glowed a strange kaleidoscope of colours, occasionally changing every random time.

The way these colours kept changing, one would've gotten the crazy idea that this meteor... Might be able to think. And indeed, it can. This was no ordinary meteorite...

Because it was alive.

Under the guess of a huge burning rock, was actually a being with the power of god. It has existed since the beginning of time itself, and had travelled the space and its many worlds to pass its judgement. The world would be given a trial within a certain time limit, and if the inhabitants of said world failed, then everyone and the world itself would be destroyed. Nothing but dusts will remained at the end. Afterwards, this 'god' will move on to the next world to pass its next judgement.

This has been going on for many millions of years, and countless worlds were destroyed. It was unknown whether any world had actually passed its trial. But one thing we know for sure was this...

We held no power to fight against it. All we can do to survive was to pass its trial.

Currently, it was heading towards the next world to pass yet another judgement. But its not just one world, but two. Both worlds which coexisted with each other, and if one falls the other will too.

Its next destination is the Digital and the Real World.

(Real World : Observatory # 43 in the Cambridge University, Time : 0432)

The Cambridge University offers many provisions for its occupants, which was both teachers and students alike. And one of its many providence is the many Observatories for the uses of its top students and teachers.

And Observatory # 43 was located currently at the top of a small hill, so it actually has one of the best view of space and its many wonders. A humongous telescope was seen poking out of the domed-shaped roof of the building.

And inside the building, a single teenaged girl with glasses and short brown hair was busy tinkering with the oversized telescope. She was a student here, and had a dream of becoming one of the greatest mind the world has ever known. And like every other true scientists before her, they hoped to be able to discover something that would get her name known world-wide. Even though the chances of that happening anytime soon was pretty slim, especially since countless of others might be doing the same thing too. But she has to keep trying, she kept reminding herself, or else she'd never knew if she would succeed or not.

Suddenly, a shadow moved behind her. A dark figure walked up to her from behind, and slowly reached out a hand for her. As she suddenly felt a hand on her shoulder, she turned around with a gasp.

"Now what are you doing here so early in the morning, Miss Anna?"

She breath out in relief as she realised who she was actually confronting. A small, thin man with white straggly hair wearing a lab coat whom looked to be in his late 40's. His blue eyes, however, seemed to sparkle with youth despite his wrinkled face. She relaxed a little as he was smiling, but that doesn't stopped her from feeling a little embarrassed at being caught in the act, "Oh,..Professor Xavier! I was just... Well,"

"Hmm?" he raised an bushy eyebrow.

"I can't sleep." She gushed, "So I thought I could just... You know... Look at the constellations and all."

"You do realised normally students aren't allowed in here without a supervisor, don't you? If a guard catches you, what will you say to him?"

The girl was stumped.

Seeing her like that the wizened professor laughed warmly, "There. There, Miss Anna. You're not in trouble! Why, I know exactly how the thirst for knowledge would led you to do something like this, if not more! I won't report you or anything, but next time... Tell me if you're going to do something like this. That way, I can at least provide a decent cover for you," he said that with a wink.

A big smile crossed the girl's face, " Thank you, Professor!"

The old man shrugged, "Think nothing about it, lass. Now if you'll excuse me, I have something I need to do right now. Lock the door, will you?" Prof. Xavier said as he made his way towards the door.

Anna smiled as she looked back at the telescope.... and saw a sight that caused her stomach to swirled. A sight that wasn't there the last 3 hours she was there...

"This... Isn't right...?" she backed away from the telescope, rubbed her eyes, before looking back. And much to her chagrin, what she saw was still there... But now bigger, and getting closer...

"Pro...Professor Xavier! PROFESSOR XAVIER!!" she screamed the last sentence (As you can obviously see.) as she got up from her chair and ran towards the door. Suddenly, the door opened revealing the said man himself as he walked in again, "Excuse me, I've forgotten my car key-What the??" he suddenly found himself being shook by Anna, whom despite her looks, was pretty strong.

"Mi-miss Anna!" he gasped, "What in tar-tarnation are you doing?!"

"Professor!" she finally released him, and pointed at the telescope, "I- I saw something. I couldn't believed it at first but ... I think it's a... Oh, professor! Please look at the telescope!!"

He gave her a wary look, but he made his way towards the telescope nonetheless.

She watched nervously as the old professor sat down on the seat, looked into the telescope... and shouted, "BY THE NAME OF PHYSICS AND ALL THINGS SCIENCE, WHAT IS THIS?!"

He increased the range of view to its maximum power, and indeed it was as he'd feared he had saw.

It was a meteorite like he had never seen before, with a size so big it rivalled the moon!

"Professor Xavier...?" she started nervously, but the professor instead leapt out of the chair and rushed towards a state-of-the-art computer. He placed the nearby earphones over his ears( Of which the earphones were connected to the computer.) as his fingers deftly pressed simultaneous buttons on the keyboard.

In mere seconds, he had connected the pc to the governments wired systems. An audible 'click!' was heard over the line as a woman's voice said "Hello.."

"Get me the President of United States! Or the National Security! Whichever will do,"

"Excuse me?! Who are..."

"Now's not the time to deal with common courtesies, woman! The fate of the world is at stake. I repeat, THE FATE OF THE WORLD IS AT STAKE!!"

( Meanwhile, Digital World , Time : 0435)

The view of the Digital World's Forest Terminal probably resembled how Earth must have looked like before the humans reigned. A world of nature unpolluted by any forms of pollutions. Clear rivers, lustful green forest, and mountains that could touch the sky.

But one being had not the pleasure to take in any of this beautiful scenery.

Flying ( Yes, you heard me. Flying) high above the sky at lightning speed, was a creature from the Greek's mythology. This being, just like its namesake, resembled Pegasus the winged horse. The main difference is it has orange instead of white fur. Golden armours with intricate designs and sapphires embedded into it covered his four legs, upper body and head. Both his golden mane and tail flowed with the wind majestically. Its crystal blue eyes stared forward unwaveringly despite the strong wind. Its ears look like orange bat wings, but its real wings were feathery and resembled those of an angel.

This mystical creature half -soar, half-galloped across the clear blue sky. Clearly distressed to get to where he wanted to as fast as possible.

After a couple more minutes of soaring in a straight motion, an enormous blue mountain came into perfect view. This mountain was the tallest of all mountains in the Digital World, and it literally touched the sky, piercing a few clouds along the way. Seeing this, it quickly changed direction and flew upwards.

Higher and higher the flying horse flew, passing through many clouds on the way. The lack of oxygen barely affected him, as the muzzle over his mouth provide him with all he needed, so he can fully focus on his task on hand.

With a final flap of his wings, he'd reached the top of the mountain... and behold the sight of a being even more majestic than itself.

Towering 40-feet before Pegasusmon was a blue dragon from the Chinese folklore. Its blue long body looks like it was made by masses of energy turned solid, with chains surrounding its body as if suppressing the energy together. Five pairs of wings sprouted along its body. His face was covered with a mask, with a thunder-shaped horn sticking out from it. A long grey beard fell from his face. This digimon was one of the all-powerful Digimon Sovereign, Azulongmon, the Azure Dragon of the East.

The mighty dragon looked down at the small creature, and spoke in a deep booming voice which obviously belonged to a male, "So what news are you bringing me, my messenger?"

Pegasusmon bowed ( As best as a horse can, anyway!), "Master Azulongmon, I'm afraid the news I bring are far from good."It said in a high-pitched voice which shows it was a he, " Up above the sky, the Angelic Beings has sighted a ball of fire carrying immense power coming towards the Digital World. And I am afraid this form of power will bring great harm to us...ALL of us."

Azulongmon nodded, "I'm afraid I have to agree with you on this matter. I, too, have sensed such power." 'And just maybe I might have to lend my strength as well...'

"And also..." he snapped back to reality as Pegasusmon continued, " Master Fanglongmon has requested master's presence at the meeting of the Sovereigns."

Azulongmon's eyes widen at this, 'Lord Fanglongmon himself ? In that case this might be more severe than I thought.'

With a nod, the great Azulongmon declared, "I'll go."

(Sovereigns Meeting Place, Time: 0554)

To get to the sacred meeting was not exactly an easy feat, as the place changes every time. When Azulongmon finally reached the place, the rest of the minor leagues Sovereigns were already there.

The first one to noticed his presence was none other than Baihumon, the White Tiger of the West himself. This digimon was in the shape of a ( You guessed it.) enormous white tiger with purple stripes. It wore a mask over its face, with gauntlets armouring its forepaws while metal bracelets covered its hind legs. A single spiked ring adorned its tail. Around the middle part of its body, a ring of digicores hovered. "Well, well," he grinned as he saw the dragon, " If the great Azulongmon himself comes... Than this MUST be serious!"

Azulongmon ignored Baihumon's comment, and spoke out, " Has Lord Fanglongmon arrived?"

The oldest Sovereign, Ebonwumon, who goes by the title the Black Tortoise of the North, turned to face him. He resembled a giant two-headed (Guess. Guess!) turtle with a big tree on his back. Several yellow digicores hanged from its tree like fruits. He answered Azulongmon's question in a gravelled voice, " Lord Fanglongmon has not arrived yet. I figured he is trying to look as much into the matter first before consulting with us."

Azulongmon nodded in understanding.

"Hmph." They all turned, and stared at the last of the foursome. Zhuqiamon, the Vermillion Bird of the South, was acting like his usual impatient self. Zhuqiamon was definitely a phoenix, with a masked face and flame designs over his body. Red digicores hovered over the bird-like creature's neck. " The fate of the world is at state, what's more to figure out? I meant no disregard for our leader but I wouldn't mind if we can get this done and over with!"

"Zhuqiamon!" Azulongmon scolded, " I will not tolerate you speaking badly of our Lord and Leader."

The phoenix rolled his eyes, "Bah!"

A nerve-point appeared on Azulongmon's head, "Ignorant avian." He grunted as he looked away.

Zhuqiamon immediately whipped back, "What did you say, Lizard Breath?!"

Azulongmon's head whipped around, "What did you call me, you Rambunctious Phoenix??"

"Lizard Breath.. Why? Are your head too big for your brains or something?"

" Listen here, you inferior low-class Sovereign! I have been a Sovereign 400 years longer than you, so shut your beak and show some respect!"

"Oh, you want respect? Then show respect!" the bird-digimon screeched.

"Why you impertinent little half-wit!"

"Scar face!"

"Winged pest!"

" No wings, blue freak!"

" Childish Vulture!"

"Overgrown Komodo dragon!"


"Oh, and who's childish now?"

Meanwhile, during this 'mature' exchange between the dragon and the bird, the leftover Sovereigns sweatdropped as they watched in silence.

"What... The heck is going on?" Baihumon asked the oldest Sovereign.

Ebonwumon gave a resigned sigh, " Well, Baihumon, the writers and artists are twisted but powerful beings. Though they had the power to give us joyful moments or just to get us to look... What's the word? Cool? But alas, most of them preferred to make us completely miserable, and looked stupid along the line as well. Those two over there, they are victims to the writer of this story because she desperately wanted to add a sense of humour to this story."

"Oh sure..." Baihumon snorted, "Like she can control our life and death?!"

Crash!! Twang!

Suddenly, an incredibly huge piano fell from the sky and right onto Baihumon. And under the broken instrument and Baihumon's body, a chibified angel of Baihumon flew out, playing a harp with a halo atop his head.

"OK. I get the idea! Get me back to normal already!" the chibified angel of Baihumon squeaked in a chibified voice.

Suddenly, pink lightning streaked the sky. One of the lightning zapped the feline Sovereign's body, and he miraculously came back to life again.

Ebonwumon sweatdropped, "Next time, know better than to insult writers, Baihumon."

" Got it," Baihumon growled quietly as he plucked a piano string from between his teeth.

"Oh, and writer? Sorry to break the fourth-wall again but could you speed up Lord Fanglongmon's arrival and our meeting?"

Well, since you asked so nicely, sure. I need to get this story on the line and met up with the real main charas anyway.

At that moment, Lord Fanglongmon, the leader of all four Sovereigns, arrived in all his glory... in the middle of Azulongmon and Zhuqiamon's bickering.

"Writer!!" Ebonwumon snapped.

Well, you never did told me to stop them, did you?

Lord Fanglongmon blinked twice as he looked upon two of his Sovereigns acting like school children in front of him...

"Azulongmon! Zhuqiamon!!"

( 20 minutes of scolding to two poor Sovereigns by an angry dragon later...)

"Now that we are finally done with such petty matters, we have real issues we had to deal with now... Mainly, the current danger we are all facing now."

Lord Fanglongmon stood at attention in front of his four Sovereigns , two of them had their faces red in shame beneath their mask while another trying to withstand a splinter stuck uncomfortably in between his teeth.

The leader of the Sovereigns were by far the largest of all of them. His huge scales were the colour of the setting sun, and he was called the Yellow Dragon of the Earth's Centre. His scales were spiny, and covered his entire body till it seems like he was indestrucable... and he very well could be, too. He had eight eyes on his face, and red digicores lined his back.

Ebonwumon spoke up. "What do you suggest we do, sire?"

"We," he looked at all his subordinates with a look of absolute seriousness on his features, " As protectors of this world are going up there and stop this catastrophe from occurring. We are going to made sure no harm will happen to the Digital World at all cost. Anybody have another idea?"

Nobody disregard him.

Fanglongmon nodded, "Good, then we'll go immediately!"

"Milord," Azulongmon spoke up, "What about the citizens? Surely they deserved to know so they could-"

"No." The golden dragon answered sternly, "Nobody outside this place must know anything about this. There will only be nothing but chaos if they knew. Evil digimons will use this as an opportunity to commit their evil deeds. No, nobody else must know."

Azulongmon nodded at that logic.

"Anything else? No?" he looked at all of them, before he looked up, "Then let's leave."

And they all flew upwards at such incredible speed it was like they were never there before.

(Back to the Real World, USA Capital building, Time : 0643)

In a room, a group of people were loudly discussing the current world threat that could end all world threats. Sitting at a big triangular table were a bespectacled middle-aged guy wearing a business suit, an African-American wearing a military outfit with LOTS of badges covering the chest part, and several other people I don't wanna bore you with. I'm sure you've seen lots of movies about events like this anyway, so lets skip to the part where the President of United States arrived on the scene.

Oh, and note to all. The characters are completely made up so if there's a resemblance to any living being, don't sue me.

Everyone immediately shut up and gave their full attention towards a lean man wearing a dark blue suit, who gave off an amazing authorative air to all those around him. Right behind him was a woman writing on a notepad and an old man wearing a scientist lab coat.

President Bem (Again, not related to any living being!) gave them all a looker before gesturing towards the old man, "Everyone, I want you all to meet with Professor Xavier. He's the teacher of the student whom had first discovered the Meteorite."

Handshakes were exchanged before they took their seats.

"Mr. President?" a man started nervously, "We are curious on whether the rumours we had been hearing had any...truth to it?"

A murmur of agreement was heard.

The President nodded, "I thought you would ask me that. Everything will be explain from this clip here." He motioned his head towards Prof. Xavier and the old man nodded back. He immediately pressed a button on a nearby control panel and an image of the colourful meteorite immediately flared on the screen, along with some numbers that kept increasing.

"This is the picture taken from a satellite's view 2 hours ago. From what we all know this meteorite is like nothing we had ever seen before! It was bigger than any known meteorites and was practically bursting with inhumed power. And as you see here..." he pointed at the numbers, "The numbers shows that the speed kept increasing all this time!"

"That's bad, isn't it?" one man mumbled nervously.

"Very bad." The aged professor confirmed, " And what's stranger was that no matter how fast it speed up, the size doesn't change in the least! Its like there is a powerful electromagnetic force gluing the meteorite together..."

"That's not important now," the President suddenly interrupted, "What's important is... What do you supposed the damage caused by this thing will be?"

At this, Prof. Xavier paled, "Umm... Chances are..." he mumbled, "If it continues on like this without changing... The impact would probably caused... Umm.."

"I'm waiting, professor." The President stated flatly. "No time for hesitation here, man! Time is the last thing we have here. How bad will the impact be?!"

"Well,.." he gulped. "Probably as large as 'Armageddon'."


And then the band of professional men started acting in their professional way..



"My beautiful wife and kids... Is there any way to stop this ?!"


Everyone stopped running and screaming to look at the President. The important man took a deep breath before continuing, "Look. I know this is bad, but panicking and running around in circles will NOT solve anything!"

All were still.

President Bem sighed, "So, anybody have an idea on what to do in this case?"

The African-American spoke up in a booming voice, " I'd say we just blast the freaking thing off the sky! C'mon, we have the technology, right?"

The President looked at the Professor, "Do we?"

The old man sighed, "I wished I could say 'We do.', but..."

"But?" the words echoed throughout the room.

"But I'm afraid the meteorite was practically indistructable by any form of technology we currently have... And nuclear weapons are completely out of the question!"

"In other words," President Bem bit his lips, "Nothing we can do could stop it from advancing."

Prof. Xavier gulped, then shook his head. "No."

Another silence...

Another professional riot.





Everyone once again paid attention to the President, whom had once again yelled for silence. The Very Important man looked a little ruffled, but otherwise OK.

"Mr. President?"

"Look, here's the plan. Firstly, no word of this should reach the public ears. You can imagine what would happen, chaos, world riot, crimes would ultimately rise up and all the jazz. So no one must know, got it?"

They nodded, the man speaks true.

"Good. Secondly, Prof. Xavier? I want you and your teams to keep investigating this meteorite, any new info should be known to me at once. General Dacon, I want you and your militias to stand ready should we ever need you, Clear?

The aged professor and the African-American nodded.

"Good." Then he left.

Now finally, we can meet the real main charas for this story. For those who don't know, charas is my short-term for 'characters'. Its back to the Digital World again, folks, where two childhood friends are happily spending their days with each other, unknown of the fate of the world at risk..

(Digital World, Forest Terminal ; Time: 0932)

The early sun had rises over the Digital World. It was a simple switch, really. There's no such things as sunrise or sunset in this world, just day and night. But since the occupants had liven their whole lives like this, no one was bothered in the least, albeit the fact they don't even know what a sunrise is.

Anyway, it was morning in the Digital World, all the non-nocturnal occupants had awaken from their sleep and were resuming their everyday lives.

At the heart of the Forest Terminal lies a small Digimon-inhabited village. It was a simple village, its buildings only constructed by bricks and straw roofs. But the inhabitants , which consisted of numerous digimons from various levels, led a care-free albeit simple life. Most consisted of woodcutters, merchants, or simply travellers whom had wanted to retired into calmer lifestyles.

And in a hut nearest to the woods, was the home for a being who's different from any digimons ever been known. But the villagers were hardly the judgemental-type, so they accepted her even when she wasn't like them. After all, they thought, there're probably many rare species of Digimons out there, what makes her any different?

And now for the moment you all being waiting for. Let's take a closer look at the hut, shall we?

"Let's see here.... I have the Maticara Lecutita plants, that's good for digestion, and then here's the Butterbang, and the Sweeams, the Roluat Sambilu... Perfect! All I needed now is a couple or more so herbs and then it'll be complete,"

Sitting on a chair next to a medium-sized, round table, sat a humanlike-figure, whom were busy overseeing a couple of leaves that actually has medicinal values. The being was clad in a clean white robe, decorated in exotic gold lining. Two plain brown belts criss-crossed around her waist. Because her robe doesn't have sleeves, she had worn a simple white coat with long sleeves to keep herself warm. Her face was a good oval-shape, and her eyes were a soft blue. With so many humanlike qualities, the only thing that made her different from ordinary human (Sort off), was her hair. Her hair, long and straight and beautiful, you might want to wonder what's so strange about that?

Simple answer for a simple question : It's silver.

Not a metallic- silver colour, but the pure, mostly whitish silver. Which was strange because she wasn't a day over 18. How many 18 years old human girls have Silver/White hair? Hah! Got you.

But as the girl sat fretting over the herbs, she was oblivious to the fact that she was being watched...

Outside a window directly opposing the girl's back, a fearsome face closed in on the transparent glass, its sharp blood-red eyes observing the girl with keen interest.

The creature was at least 10-feet in height, and its looks were closely related to dinosaurs. It was a bipedal-creature, with a long neck and a longer tail, its whole body were covered with orange fur. It's claws all had 3-fingers/toes each. The upper part of its face were covered with a helmet, along with the rest of its body. It was a pure Chrome Digizoid, and everybody in the Digital World knew that those kinds are the hardest (Not to mention heaviest) metals around! So you can imagine this creature had to be super-tough. Oh, and the armour around its body also made up a pair of metallic wings behind it, whether it can actually fly or not remains a question...

Now, as the strange digimon stood outside the hut, it suddenly grinned, showing off its rows upon rows of razor-sharp fangs.

With extreme skill, it uses its two front claws to slowly, quietly, opened the window. The girl completely oblivious of what is happening behind her...

And then, after the window was a ¾ opened, it pokes its head into the room. Taking advantage of its long neck, it was no challenge to brought its head till it was directly behind the girls. Slowly, with a glint in its eyes, it opened its mouth, displaying all its fangs, and....


She screamed out of pure surprise, and quickly turned around in her chair, and met face to face with the beast..

But instead of crying in fear, she scolded it, " Avisa!? What are you planning to do, suddenly doing that? You know I can get pretty absorbed in my work at times. Oh, you are such a jerk!"

And instead of getting angry back, the creature laughed, "I couldn't help it, Snow-chan," he ( Yup, folks. This one's a male.) spluttered in between laughter, "Your reaction was pretty cute!"

She puffed up her cheeks, and crossed her arms, her usual reaction whenever she was annoyed at him, but it usually made him laughed even harder.

She fumed, "I have a good mind to not make you any breakfast after this!"

That shut him up, but his smile was still intact, "C'mon now, Snow-chan. You wouldn't do that!" he attempted a puppy-dog face (Pretty hard to imagine on a terrifying dinosaur, isn't it?) , "You wouldn't possibly let me, your one and only greatest BEST FRIEND in the world, to starved, would you? After all, ever since I've digivolved into Raptordramon, I couldn't help but feeling hungrier than ever!"

"You should've thought of that," she huffed, "Before you do that little stunt!"

"Alright! Alright!" he succumbed. He always loses to her, what is it about females that made it so hard to win against them in an argument? "I'm sorry, OK? Sor-ree! Look! I'm even grovelling! Grovel, grovel!"

She couldn't help herself, she laughed. He always did know how to make her laugh, that's why they had stayed friends for so long. 16 years, in fact.

"Enough," she giggled, "You silly dragon... Fine. I'll make your breakfast too... After I finished delivering these herbs to the village Healer."

He grinned, "Fine by me!"

( Another place in the Digital World, the Desert Region : Time : 0945)

Meanwhile, a battle is taking place in a big barren land called the Desert Region. About 10-15 digimons gathered in that area, surrounding a lone white humanoid digimon.

The digimons around it consisted of Ogremons, Vilemons, Goblinmons and a single Volcamon, whom definitely looks like he's the one who called all the shots. The Volcamon looks like an armoured humanoid digimon with a miniature volcano on his back. In one hand he held a karaoke mike, his other hand were pointing towards the 'lone white humanoid digimon'.

"Yo, the freak in cape!" his deep voice boomed over the mike, " Yea, I know 'bout cha! You're the 'Wandering Warrior' that's supposed to be the World's greatest fighter, eh? Hah! Well, aren't cha?"

The lone figure just stared at him with a bored look.

Growing impatient, the Volcamon blared out, "What's with the look?! Ohh, I get it. You think just cause you've got some rep and a Mega you think you're better than us? Well, me and my boys have something to say against that,"

Again, the humanoid white figure stared with little to no interest. He was a ... Oh, do I even need to describe him? I'm quite sure most of you would have already guessed who it was from the 'White humanoid figure' info. This guy's practically the most known, popular digimon in existence! Think two heads as hands, think flawless red cape, think cool emerald eyes, think the 'Fusion Knight'!!

Got it? ....Yup, you're right! It's the one and only...

"Look, can we just skip this boring talking and just get on with it?" Omnimon sighed.

Oh, fine! Fine! Jeez... Oh yeah this is Omnimon. Surprise.

"Good. Now back to you bozos." He reverted his attentions back towards the band of no-gooders, " Look. I don't know about this whole Wondering Whatever business, but if its a fight you want then fine by me! Heck, I insist on it. You lot will be good punching bags, I hope,"

10-15 nerve-points appeared on the heads of the many digimons surrounding him.

Volcamon gritted his teeth as he clutched a death-grip on his poor mike, "You son of a #$## ! I have you torn apart for that!"

"OK, let's get the priorities straight. One ; your voice is annoying. Two, you'll never be able to tear me apart even when there's a hundred of you. And three ; would you rather do this all at once, or one at a time? I'd prefer the former, saves a heck lot of time. "

They attack.

(5 minutes later)

We see a Volcamon flying through the sky.

"HE BEATS ALL 15 OF US IN JUST 5 MINUTES!?! NO WAYYYYYYY!!" and he soon disappear from view with a twinkle. (Imagine Team Rocket 'Blasting off' ! -_-').

Seeing their leader blasted away, the remaining troops of not-so-innocent digimons that's still standing immediately help their fallen comrades and ran away. Omnimon's sharp hearing heard some of them whispering about him.

"That guy's a monster... And literally!"

"I'll never be able to walk again..."

"We hafta git outta here real quick!"

"He's a demon, a real demon."

Omnimon snorted. He turned around and walked in the opposite direction, after all, he have no use for cowards.

As he walked he can't help remembering what that Volcamon and his cronies had said about him. About him being the world's greatest fighter. As well as about him being a monster and a demon. He chuckled lightly at that, before it turns into a full laughter.

'Idiots,' his mind dismissed them, 'Ignorant, cowardly simpletons. They don't know what a real demon looks like! As for the greatest fighter' part... Oh, I'm going to be! I'll fight more powerful enemies... Then I'll win. And get stronger, MUCH stronger!'

And with that thought, he continued on his way. On a lookout for strong opponents to beat...

( Yet another location in the Digital World, Digimon Academy ; Time : 1034)

Yes, a 'Digimon Academy'. Do digimons go to school ? Of course they do, you can't expect them to be able to read and write from the moment they were born, do you? Talking, yes, but not reading and writing! Thus is why the 'Digimon Academy' existed, to teach the Rookies and In-trainings such things.... But not something useless as Algebra... Seriously, why do we learn that?

Anyway... the scenery changes from the desert to an area a bit farther from a village, but not too close to the forest. And in a barren ground where little digimons roamed, were a small building surrounded with fences that looks... well... a bit run-down is the nicest words I can say about it.

The building was old, the paint was peeling off the walls, some windows were boarded up while the fences itself looks like it would topple down with a single push. But despite all this, the area was actually really clean, and the inhabitants all look happy and were running around gleefully.

A tall figure were busy sweeping the walkway of the academy. Occasionally, he would look over at the small In-trainings playing balls with each other, while the Rookies were playing a more roughed game of tackling each other to the ground. But he noted that all of them looked contented and happy, and that brought a smile to his face before he resumed his sweeping.

"Turin-san! I'm glad to see you've come today, too!" a perky voice spoke behind him. He looked back and saw a small plump bird with blue feathers approaching him. What was quire was that a small bush was growing out from its back. The bird was approaching him with a big smile on its beak.

Turin nodded in acknowledgement at the bird-like digimon.

The Deramon kept smiling, used to his companion's lack of words. Come to think of it, he'd never ONCE heard this centaur's voice, but he just kept to the fact that this digimon must be mute. Still, he was one of the most gentle lest digimon he'd ever met, despite his huge size, so Deramon was just fine with that.

Turin was a Centarumon. He was a centaur-like digimon with four legs and two arms. The torso and heads resembled those of humans, while the rest is like a horse. Smooth violet spheres imbedded into his chest, while he wore stainless steel helmet and shoulder guards, similar to a knight.

"I really appreciate you spending so much time here at the Academy," the bird continued, "You've been a great help! And the children adores you,"

As if on cue, a couple of In-trainings waved at the Centarumon. "Mr. Turin, Mr. Turin!" a Demiveemon waved esthuastically, "Come and play with us!"

Turin declined politely by shaking his head, and then gesturing with his hands for them to continue playing. They just laughed and did as he'd 'asked'. When Turin look back at Deranon, the bird raised an eyebrow in a ' What did I tell you?' look.

The centaur gave a quiet laugh.

"We really can't do without you." Deramon rambled on, "I wanted to reward you, but..." he sighed.

The Centarumon immediately flapped his hands in a 'No! No!' gesture, before continuing with some complicated hand gestures mute people used quite often. You don't need to reward me or anything, he gestured, I'm here willingly! I enjoyed being around all of you, too. Please rest assured...


They both quickly turned around, and saw that part of the building had suddenly gave way, and these had almost hit the Demiveemon from earlier.

Turin immediately abandoned his broom, and both of them ran to the little dragon digimon's side. The Demiveemon were shivering, probably startled out of its wits from the sudden event. A couple of its friends helped consoling it as well. Turin knees down as good as a horse could and checked it for injuries, thankfully finding none. Deramon, meanwhile, were looking at the broken piece of wall, and sighed, "This place isn't the safest place to play in..."

Turin sweatdropped.

Deramon continued in a monotone voice, "This Academy is so old" he purposefully left out the word 'poor', "We can't even afford to repair the fences. We started as a free school for young digimons... But recently we've begun to become a home for the homeless young digimons as well.."

He strutted away, his earlier cheery mood gone, "Oh, if only I'm an Enterprising Businessman!"

The centaur monster watched his employer walked away sadly. He let out a sigh as well. He looked up at the sky, inwardly praying for the heavens to give a small fortune to help these good digimons...

(Finally, the Real World again; Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia ; Time : 1330)

A teenage brunette threw his bag to the floor and then threw himself onto the bed. His bedspread had the picture of Teen Titans on it, his favourite cartoon from then till now. The figurines of the five teen heroes felt right for him, willing to beat up monsters to the victors.

'I'm a winner.' He thought smugly, as he gazed upon the numerous shelves lined up next to his bed with tons of medals and trophies on it.

First place in the Piano Competition for juniors.

First place in Karate Competition for standard Primary School's Student, and he kept that title for five years in a row.

Second place for the National Essay Writing Competition. Arman had received that trophy right after he passed in flying colours for his PMR examination (PMR is a really important exam for Malaysian students, I should know, I AM one!) . That trophy also held an unforgettable memory for the thirteen year old lad, a memory which had carved a deep wound in his heart...

His father, Abdullah Faizal, loses his temper at Arman in front of public at the coronation ceremony. The reason? Arman didn't get first place.

"If you were actually serious, you would have won!" The renowned doctor scolded him, "You lazy child! Don't you know I'm a plastic surgeon?! Do you want to destroy my name on purpose? What kind of a doctor's son if you're not clever in writing an essay in English?"

"But... father... I still won..?" he tried to defend himself, pretty pitifully really.

"What did you won? Second place!" the handsome man sneered, "How can you called that winning?! A REAL winner only gets first place!"

"Father, can you scold me later, please? A lot of people is watching us... Please, father..."

"Oh, what's this? Are you ashamed? Well, you should be! Let everyone here knows how lazy a boy you are. Let everyone here knows that you failed not because of me, but because of your laziness!!"

"But I wasn't lazy, father. I still won..." his tears began to form.

"Nonsense! You are lazy. End of discussion!" And that was that. All the way home and one hour later he received a severe scolding about not letting down the family's name. If mother were still around, she would have defended him. But since her death two years ago, no one can stop his father's rampage. If only she were still around, he wouldn't have felt so much pressure to be a winner all the time.

To always be first in class.

To always be at the top of the Forms.

To always aced the Sports curriculum.

He have a limit! His father never understood, how he had sacrificed the many things a normal teenager should do. Hanging out with friends, if he had any. He could probably made some, except he was noted a different league from everyone else, and thus, they often felt threaten by him. But no! He'd have to go to school by day, then tuition in the evening, followed by homeworks by night. And the cycle continues...

He's so sick of it!

More often than once he'd felt like running away, away from all the pressures, away from his father.

But where oh where should he go if he were ever to do that?

He sighed, and looked out of the window.

I wished I knew a place to get away from this stressful world of mine...

Then he sighed, and changed his wish.

I wished I can show everyone, especially father, just how great a person I am! Then that way, everyone can truly realised just how important I am...

Meanwhile, up above in the wide, wide space. The mysterious meteorite is coming closer...

To be continued.

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