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Danger is coming nearer,

And soon it will be upon us,

By that time,...

Will we be ready to face it?


Episode 02 : The Revelations Part 2

(More Digimon chara's intros; City of Pilisius, South of Digital World ; Time : 1455)

Not all of the Digital World's inhabitants lived in small villages and towns and barren landscapes. Some of them had advances to big cities and Kingdoms depending one who ruled them.

The city of Pilisius were one of the more established cities. Ruled by the fair and righteous figure called Mayor VictoryGreymon, the city had flourished greatly from a simple merchant's village to what it is now. Buildings stood tall besides paved walkway. Several buildings were also transformed into a hospital, shops, restaurants, and many more.

Every year this city kept expanding with its population, and its not only because of the reasons given... This place is actually still famous for its expenditure in the business department. Indeed, merchants worldwide have came here to try their luck in selling their merchandises to the clusters or digimons in every shapes, sizes and levels.

And walking down the busy streets, two hooded figure were making their ways through the crowd in order to get to their destinations. Along the way, both of them exchanged conversations with the other.

" So," the tallest of the two figures started, "What do you think of the business meeting with the Monzaemon's Toys Inc. ? Think you'll be ready to take on the merchant's life anytime soon?"

"I think I'm doing OK,..." the second figure, only slightly shorter than the other but just as broad, shrugged nonchalantly.

"You sure? Not feeling jittery are we, son?"

"Of course not. Trust me on this, Imperialdramon. I'll definitely be the best to be the heir for the 'Blue Dragons' business." He stated not in bragging tone, but in a way of full confidence in his capability.

"Why couldn't you and your brother just refer to me as 'Papa'?"

".... Force of habit."

"I can make it easier with 'Father' ,"

"I'll think about it,"

The other suddenly stopped walking, but thankfully they are in a more quieter valley, meaning no digimons would be blocked by the big digimon.

It also means none of them would be able to hear the upcoming speech, much to the latter's relief. "Imperialdramon, please, can this wait..."

The former's hood fell away, and the digimon can be clearly identified as Imperialdramon Fighter Mode ( You can't seriously be expecting Dragon Mode, now, seriously?) . He resembled a dragon-man with a crowned head and blue skin (Just like any from the Veemon digivolution line.) Black armours covered his buff body, and a crest in a shape of a dragon's head were jutting out of his chest armour. And underneath his dull brown cloak were his flaming red wings.

He cleared his throat, and his companion mentally prepared himself for the 12 321 times he heard this story.

" Ah, woe is me, a working mon, forced to slaved away in the blazing sun. Forcing myself to work under heartless Mother Nature, facing ruthless rival's oppositions, taking on blazing deserts and stormy seas..."

The latter prayed for it to end.

"Just when I asked myself 'Why should I go on?', I saw, at the corner of my eyes, two small digieggs all by themselves. As I gazed at the two objects, both seemed to glow with a beautiful light. And I've realised right there and then, I have found the answer to my question. So, out of the pure goodness of my heart, I took it upon myself to protect and raised the digieggs. Soon after, the digieggs hatched, and two little dragons were given to the world. So, I took them as my own and treated them as my own two sons."

The latter groaned.

"But now, these young dragons all grown up have turned rebel on me. Ah, woe, they won't even acknowledge me as their own father! The agony of it all..."

"Are you done now?" his son huffed impatiently, beneath his hood his face were flushing red with embarrassment.

Imperialdramon opened his mouth, and the son paled at the fact he had more to say. Suddenly the dragon man grinned, "Just kidding you there, Aaron. I'm done."

The son, Aaron, growled under his breath, "Don't do that, ever."

He shrugged, "It's not my fault you didn't inherit my fabulous sense of humour."

"Oh please. Let's not start on that." And finally, he pulled down his hood. The first thing one noticed was his sharp full-faced helmet, with horns jutting out the back. Emerald green eyes stared out of the eyehole. He wore a whole-body armour consisted of blue Chrome Digizoid, and a yellow 'V' crest jutted of his chest. V-bracelets braced both his wrist. Underneath his dark blue cape was his azure wings with scarlet colouring on the inside.

He was an Alforce V-dramon ( Or UlforceVeedramon/ Ulforce V-dramon, for some of you.), a type of Ancient Digimon that is considered very rare. And he looks annoyed...

They continued walking, in an unsettling silence.

"Anyway," Imperialdramon continued, completely ignoring his son's foul mood, " It's too bad your little brother won't come along, but then it'll take a miracle to get him out of his room!"

"He's like that... Though I'm happy that he's spared from hearing your speech,..." he ignored the mock-angry look Imperialdramon gave him, " But staying in that room all day without fresh air is bad for a growing digimon."

"Ah, well, it's no use if I talk to him. He thinks I'm treating him like a kid, and he hated that."

"He does, he hated that."

"He wouldn't listen to you, too."

Aaron looked troubled at that, "No, he wouldn't."

"The kid's a strange one, really." The older mon chuckled, "He wouldn't listen to us, he wouldn't leave that computer in his room unless necessary, and the only one he'll truly acknowledge is our butler... his dear old 'Uncle Hop'."


"You don't feel like talking about it, huh?"

He stayed silent. Imperialdramon sighed, but managed to keep quiet throughout the way home. Meanwhile, Aaron's mind was a buzz, he never can accept the fact that his own little brother wouldn't even listen to him anymore. They had always done things together before that night 5 years ago... now the boy hated him. Not that he'd blamed him.

'I wasn't there for him when he needed me the most,' he thought darkly, 'It's all my fault. I should have protected him... Always protect him..'

(A manor on a hill, City of Pilisius ; Time : 1522)

The scenery changed to show from the city to that of a magnificent manor resting upon a hill, at the very edge of the city. It was, like I have written, magnificently big, which proved the occupants have to be extremely wealthy as well.

And indeed, they were.

Inside the manor one could see they've lived a life of luxury. Expensive furniture, carpeted floors, long winding stairways, you know?

And in one of the room ( And trust me, there's a lot of rooms!), a blue digimon were leaning over a computer in the room (I know, I know, lame attempt at a joke here,..)

"I'll say." The digimon rolled its eyes.

Do not break the fourth wall.

"Whatever." He said nonchalantly as he continued typing on his computer.

He was a small two-legged dragon-type digimon of the Rookie level. He has blue skin, except for some white on his belly and around his mouth. He has a small horn at the tip of his nose, and a yellow 'V' on his forehead. He was Veemon,

And yet this one is doing something completely un-Veemonlike. For one thing, how many Veemons out there would rather sit in front of computer all day stuck inside a stuffy room like a nerd instead of being out there and live?

The Veemon's left eye twitched, but he continued to ignore the author.

Not to mention this one has never experienced any form of battle before, so chances of him actually digivolving was incredibly slim-

"Oh, be quiet! I can digivolve anytime I want to, if I want to!" he suddenly hissed under his breath. A nerve-points had appeared on his head.

Right....Do not break the fourt-wa-

"Then shut up and get on with the story yourself. The last thing the readers need are your annoying sense of humour!"

Oh, fine... (Continued typing the story properly.)

"My prince," a deep, throttled voice suddenly spoke up from behind the dragon. Surprised, he stopped clicking the advanced keyboards and turned around. And for the first time, he smiled as he realized who had called for him.

"Uncle Hop!" he cried gleefully, which is completely different from the way he had acted earlier, "Great to see you! Is there anything you want me to do? I'll do it!"

The digimon behind him chuckled, "You know, I'm supposed to be the one who'd said that, not you. After all, I'm the butler." (Though I suppose that doesn't really explain why he was referred to as a prince, because he was in no way related to royalty. But I won't explain why NOW, I want to keep it for the future, so deal with it for now, OK?--- Not like you have a choice, I know.)

"Hey, Imperial and Aniki's not around, so why should I care about that?" He shrugged nonchalantly, " After all, you're my friend."

Even though the other digimon's face and figure were completely covered by the shadows, the Veemon could tell he was blushing. He heard a sigh, "Ah, my prince, only you could've thought about making me as your friend. But if you were to venture out of this room often and see the world, I'm sure you will find many more friends closer to your age grou-"


"Excuse me?"

"Why should I go out just to meet a bunch of people I don't know, anyway? It'll be a waste of time. I'm better off in here doing something useful than running around chasing a ball,... What's the point of that?"

"Well, umm.... When you're playing you're not supposed to have a point... just, umm.. have fun and all..."

"If you are worried about me feeling lonely," he continued, and paid his attention back to the computer screen, "Nah! Never gonna happen."

"...Oh. Are you certain?"

"Absolutely. Why should I lie to you? I have you and Imperial and Aniki, so fat chance of loneliness occurring."

"Ah, well, in that case..." the figure scratched his cheek with a clawed hand. 'Ah, great!' he thought , 'Who knows it'll be this hard to coax him to go outside. So much for the indirect approach! As much as I love him, he can be a bit stubborn at times... Though I would rather be supportive in... whatever it is he's researching, but if I don't get him out into the sun...

(Flashback to that morning)

"Hey, Hop. Come over here for a while."

The lean humanoid figure blinked, before turning towards his other master, Lord Aaron, older brother of his prince, Zexan. But unlike his younger sibling, Aaron does not like him. Though he would never announced it, Hop knows that dislike for a fact. Maybe its the fact he's a virus digimon, maybe its because his own brother had preferred his company than Aaron himself, or maybe its his clothes. Maybe the guy doesn't like his fashion sense, he has been wearing a lot of black lately...

Anyway, the guy hates him and it wouldn't be wise for a mere Ultimate just as himself to get on the Mega's nerves. If Zexan or his father was around now.... Well, they weren't. So no use hoping. Better off seeing what he wanted.

"Yes, milord?" he greeted as politely as he could with the butterflies fluttering in his stomach,, "Is there anything you wish of me?"

"If I don't want anything from you I wouldn't have bothered calling you, would I?" the blue knight replied coolly.

"Oh... OK. What is it?"

"I'm sure you've noticed Zexan spending a lot of time in his room lately."

"... Well, yes. I've noticed."

"So what are you going to do about it?"

"Excuse me?" he asked, perplexed.

"Don't be daft, butler." He speculated on the word 'butler', "I'm stating that Zexan's a growing digimon. Thus, he'll need to go out more often and experienced the world a bit more, just like old times. But since dragging him out of there is not an option, you have to be sure to help him out. Got that?"

"Uh, sure. I can do that. But why couldn't you just ask him yourse-" he was immediately rewarded with a terrifying glare from his young master.

"Because he'd prefer listening to you than everybody else." and he turn around and leave.

Hop could have sworn he'd heard a snarl at the end of that phrase, which caused shivers to ran down his spines.

( Flashback ends, now back to reality with a nervous Hop)

"Uncle Hop, why is your face so pale all of a sudden?"

He blinked, and quickly shook his head to really get back to reality. He could only wonder how the Veemon could have possibly noticed his paling face when 0ne: His face was always pale, and Two : He was still standing in the shadows.

"Oh, I'm fine! I'm fine!" he flapped his hands wildly, "I think all I needed was a little fresh air is all,"

"Oh. I see." The Veemon , now currently known as 'Zexan', nodded thoughtfully, "Then its best you do that, then."

He nodded, "Of course. Umm... Why don't you come with, my prince? You look like you would need a little fresh air, too."

"I do?"

"Why... Yes."

The Veemon looked at him, then at the screen, before shrugging, "Heck, sure. I'm almost done with this anyway." To which Hop let out a breath of relief.

After he had closed the computer, both of them left the room and walked side-by-side with each other down the hallway.

"Come to think of it, what exactly are you working on so diligently lately?"

Zexan gave a chuckle, "Oh, you'll see... Once it's finished."

"Well, I just hope it isn't another computer virus!" he shivered, "The last one you've made is NASTY!"

"Those hackers were begging for it," he said blandly, " 'Course, I would never test it out on digimons,... Well, unless it's necessary. And I plain don't like them."

Hop thank the lucky stars he wasn't on this kid's bad side. He may be small but he more than made up for it with his brains about tech's stuff. His prince's a real wiz with those mind boggling codes and electrical system. Meanwhile, his brother has not only a smart mind (Though not as smart as the younger), but he also possesses great strength, supersonic speed, and tons of battle experience.

Oh yeah, it's never wise to mess with this Veemon's brothers.

( One more chara's before the story resumed properly, a mansion in the middle of the wilderness ; Time : 1630)

We're now at a white-walled mansion which lies in the middle of the Southern Forest Terminal. The place was just as marvellous as the last place, the only difference lies in area. The area was almost completely cut off from any other civilization. But for the owner of the place, that was fine by him.

After all, he needed the privacy for what he's going to do.

Inside a perfectly ornate room in the mansion, a figure were making the preparations for an upcoming private ceremony.

The rich Persian carpet were taken off, and placed another place. Instead, the bare wooden floor were drawn on with chalks into a strange-looking pentagram. It was in the shape of a giant circle with an upside-down triangle in it, with three more smaller triangles at the outside of the circle.

The humanoid-digimon looked down at his handiwork with great pride, 'Perfect. Just perfect.' He smiled behind his mask, 'This will do just fine for the spell,'

He was an easy 10'5", wearing nothing but a white Chrome Digizoid armour from head-till-toe, along with a few crimson-red armours. His helmet covered his entire face, except his ember eye's, his long silvery-white hair tied into a ponytail protruded from the back. The upper-part of the helmet was in the shape of a red dragon. A gallant-looking red cloak hanged down his shoulder to his feet.

Still couldn't tell what digimon is this? Well, how about one final hint---

He was accessorised with the 'Symbol of Hazard' on parts of his armour.

Yup! You are right!

Dukemon (Gallantmon for some of you.) walked over to a table and took hold a ridiculously enormous book. He hold the huge book in his arms with barely little difficulty, caring little for its weight and more for its contents, which even to the untrained eyes one could guess it was magical. While to the trained eyes... Well,.. one KNOWS it's magical!

"Now let's see here, the spell that took me so much time to accomplish... Ah! This is it," he smirked beneath his helmet, his eyes gleaming with anticipation. As a sorcerer, he had always find pleasure in trying out impossibly hard spells which other sorcerers have a hard time doing. Of course, he was able to achieved them with flying colours, but that was getting to bore him.

But, if he were to create a whole new spell and achieve that too, it may provide him with just the right challenge to test his magical abilities.

He looked at the spell in the book, a book which comes from his great, great, great Grandfather , who was also a Dukemon Sorcerer as himself. He memorised the spell that might be deemed useful if...IF,... He were to possibly fail (Which had never ever happened to him before).

"I suppose I got this covered... There's nothing wrong with taking precautions after all!" he chuckled before putting the book aside. Then he walk over to where the pentagram lies ( Which I hoped you all realised was shaped like a hazard symbol.).

He closed his eyes, deep concentration is a must when dealing with magic. He can feel the energy building up inside of him. Slowly, so as not to disturb the moment, he raised his hands from his side and chanted the spell he himself had made...

"Tis the symbol o' the great testament o' hazard,.."

As he muttered the spell, the pentagram started glowing a mysterious dark-red glow. He continued the incantation, readying himself for whatever he was hoping to happen, something that will let others admits just how much better he is than—

Suddenly, his eyes flew open, and his hands grab hold of his head just as a splitting headache attacked him. It came out of nowhere, but the severe pulsations were enough to stop the spell altogether, and the pentagram dimmed till no more lights were shown.

'What the—' he strained through his thoughts, 'This shouldn't be happening! It CAN'T be happening! There's something wrong here... But, what?'

Then, just as suddenly, the headache was gone. Just like that.

The sudden release of pain caused him to blink a few times, before he quickly regained his composure. "Well, that was an excruciating experience," he mumbled, "What could possibly have caused that? It couldn't be of something wrong with my spell.. It has to be something else. Somehow, all this is like a bad omen... A bad omen!"

That last thought caused him to frown, 'Now that I come to think of it, I should have realised that there seemed to be something off about today. I can actually feel...POWER like nothing else now, it must be the one that had disrupted my spell. Hmm... wonder what secrets the Sovereigns are keeping from us today?'

He walk over to the nearest window, and pulled back the heavy curtains. Sunlight streamed into the room, but he didn't mind. All he's doing now, was to look on and see just what the day had in store for him...

(Finally, the story resume. Here's more Sovereigns action, this time far up in the sky... In space ; Time : 1702)

Far above the Digital World, the five Digimon Sovereigns continued to fly upwards into the vast, dark space surrounding the world and its three multicoloured moons. Unlike our world, the Digital World have three moons (Red, Yellow-Orange, and Lime Green specifically.) and a sun, a single bright fiery orb more than a thousand kilometres apart from the rest.

Zhuqiamon look down on the giant, blue, green and brown orb hanging suspended in space, surrounded by thin lines of digicores... The Digital World. It's not often for him to look down on the Digital World like this, the last time the red phoenix did this was because the world was under attack from the deranged Apocalypsmon. He and the other Sovereigns had no choice but to take that madmen out to space in order to fight him without destroying the Digital World in the process. But now, it seems, they have another threat in their hands...

"So when do you think the latest threat will arrived?"

It was Baihumon who asked that. The white tiger had asked no one in particular, but it still seemed more towards his Lord Fanglongmon than the rest.

The great golden dragon continued looking forward into the deep, dark space, away from the Digital World and his Sovereigns, "Sooner than we wanted, that I can say."

"And what will our newest threat look like?" Azulongmon spoke up, "Have any of us thought that?"

Ebonwumon looked to the direction Lord Fanglongmon was looking as well, "I have a feeling we will know when we see it... And we're seeing it."

Zhuqiamon looked towards the direction everyone was now gazing at... and let out an involuntary gasp. Rocketing towards them... bigger and faster than anything he had ever seen... were the strangest meteorite he had ever seen. And by the looks of it, his comrades thought so, too.

"You got to be kidding me," Baihumon gaped, "That thing's HUMONGOUS!!"

"And contain more power than I thought possible..." Fanglongmon remarked softly, but apparently Ebonwumon heard him. One of the giant turtle's head turned to his lord and creator, while the other continued staring at the colourful meteorite with a mixture of fear and awe, "Milord..?"

"Attack with all you got!" the golden dragon wasted no time in ordering that, and his Sovereigns quickly obliged.

Zhuqiamon was the first to open fire—Literally, "BLAZING HELIX!" he flapped his great wings rapidly, and a tornado of fire flared towards the meteorite.

Baihumon was also quick to pick up the pace, "KONGOU!" and he emitted a powerful roar that could be heard from the Digital World itself, the shockwave from the roar moved rapidly towards the meteorite.

Ebonwumon wasn't behind, and he yell out "KOKUHYOU !" which caused the the tree he carried to glow a pure black colour, before shooting like a laser to you-know-where.

"LIGHTNING WHIP!" Azulongmon roared, and the horn on his helmet sparked with electricity before shooting at the big flying rock.

Finally, Fanglongmon himself unleashed his own attack, "TAIKYOKU!!" . The golden dragon opened his mouth, and golden energies build up in his open jaw. A second later, the stored energies formed a huge ball almost as big as the meteorite, and it was aimed point-blank at the meteorite.

All these incredibly powerful attacks clashed headlong with the strange meteorite, with resulted with an explosion so big and tremendous it can be seen from the Digital World itself. Even the Sovereigns were forced to shield their eyes from the powerful flare.

Seconds passed, before finally the flare ended, leaving only cloudy mists of dust particles.

Zhuqiamon nodded in triumph, "Well, that takes care of that."

Azulongmon agreed, "I suppose so. NOTHING could possibly stand up to the full-powered attacks from ALL the Digimon Sovereigns, even strange flying rocks like that."

The other Sovereigns thought so too, and turned around to get back to their respectful area. ALL OF THEM, except for the golden dragon himself. He knew his subordinates were speaking logic... that nothing could possibly have stood up to the awesome power of FIVE Sovereigns at once!

So why does a part of him simply refused to acknowledge that fact? Why is it that he felt that this couldn't possibly be this easy? And what is this strange new feeling that caused his heartbeat to increase? That made him felt dread and despair and cause his body to shiver?---


He couldn't believe himself,... HE, the leader of the Digimon Sovereigns, were afraid! And half a second later, when the mist of dirty dust cleared away, he realised why...

The meteorite was still there, unbelievably, without a decrease in size at all! One could say it was growing bigger... and FASTER.

And the moment the weird meteorite shoots out a powerful bright light at them, which had come so fast and spread so wide not one Sovereign's were able to evade it. The Sovereign's who had turned their backs never saw it coming, and when the light engulfed them they weren't even able to react.

The last thought that came to Lord Fanglongmon's mind were just one sentence, 'We have failed... Digital World is doom...'

And then, not one trace of the great Digimon Sovereigns were left behind... not even their data....

And the mysterious meteorite continued on its way...

(Real World , USA Capital Building ; Time : 1734)

The state of the occupants, with the best words to describe this is : UTTER PANIC.

The people had either gone home, or kept their minds occupied with their works ( Most probably to ignore the urgent-ness of the current situation.), or were even praying (Even those who hadn't been so religious.)

But most were either panicking, or running around in circles, or both?

Most choose both.

Suddenly the door bursted open, and showed both the president and his secretary walking briskly into the room, advancing towards the old man in a white coat.

"Professor Xavier," President Bem started, "How are things advancing?"

The professor sighed regretfully, " Not good. According to my calculations, the meteorite will definitely hit us in the next 2 hours, 20 minutes and 43 seconds... or less. I'm afraid there really IS nothing that we could do... But pray for the impossible."

President Bem sighed, "What was I thinking? I should have told the people about this hours ago! Then at least they would have time to prepare themselves..."

His secretary spoke up"Mr. President, should we proceed to the shelter now? That way, at least we can ascertain you would be safe—"

"No." President Bem shook his head, " I can't just hide while leaving my own people in peril. I'll stay here, and face the disaster to come with them!"

"Then sir," Prof. Xavier nodded, "We'll stood right by you on this decision. And I will say this, it has been an honour serving you,"

"The feeling is natural, professor."

And they braced themselves for the fate that might befell on them.

(Back to the Main Charas, Digital World Forest Terminal ; Time : 1812)

'Today's event couldn't possibly get anymore chaotic,' was the thought that had gone through Avisa's mind. The Raptordramon and his human-like friend had earlier witness a strange explosion in the sky, which they had shrugged off as another digimon battles... Though this DOES seem more grandiose than any other they had ever witnessed. Other villagers seem to think so, too. Just what kind of battle is going on right now?

Then, all of a sudden, Snow suddenly gotten a headache so bad she was now sitting on the ground in agony, and that worries him to no end. She was his best friend, his childhood friend, almost like a family to him. Seeing her in pain is just killing him! What in the Digital World is going on now?

"Snow? What's wrong? Did you work too hard again? Should I take you to the Village's healer? What should I do??" the Raptordramon was beside himself with worry, and it took a LOT of his wits to not break down from the pressure. They were now in the deep part of the forest, because Snow had wanted to collect some more herbs for the Village Healer, but then she was suddenly struck with a big headache that caused her to all but faint, and he's left without knowledge over what to do. Hardly any digimon ever come this way, so screaming for help would hardly make a difference. And Snow's the one with the training to be a healer, not him.

She was on the ground, clutching her head with her hands. Her face wearing an expression of incredible pain. Her pain is making his heart fell even. And right there and then, he made up his mind over what to do.

He lowered his head next to her, and whispered, "Hang in there, Snow-chan. I'll get you to the Healer as fast as possible. You're strong, OK?"

His answer was a soft whimper, and Avisa took that as a 'Hurry up, will you?'

The dinosaur-like monster had all but ran out of the forest, carrying the unconscious Snow on his back. It took him a while –as in 5 minutes-but now he's out of the forest and back at the village. It had helped that he have an excellent sense o direction. But his friend Snow had fallen unconscious midway during trip, and he's facing with the uncomfortable mixture of relief/worry. Relief due to the fact Snow wouldn't have to be conscious to deal with her pain, and worry because this might turned out to be MORE serious than he'd first thought.

The moment he step foot into the familiar landmark of the village he and Snow had lived in for the last 10 years, he saw a Mushroommon running towards their direction. Avisa the Raptordramon smiled in relief.

"Oh, thank goodness! Please help! My friend has fallen ill and she really needs the Village Healer's attention and-''


And the Mushroommon rushed past him and ran with flailing arms into the forest.

Avisa just stood there, perplexed, and most definitely annoyed, "Hey! What's your proble-'' he didn't finished his remark when, suddenly, a dozen or so digimons ran towards their direction, too. The only thing that saved them from getting trampled by the crazed crowd was his impressive size, which was the second largest in the small village, besides the Grand Elder Cherrymon, whom was 30-feet in height!




Now Avisa was definitely befuddled ; What is going on with these digimons?!

He saw another Mushroommon running towards the forest, but this time, Avisa wasn't planning to let him pass without giving him an explanation. He planted a big foot right in front of the smaller digimon, forcing the latter to a halt. He then proceed to gently pushed the legged-mushroom digimon till it was in front of him, so he could bent down his neck and ask him properly, "Hey pal, what's up?"

"What's up? You're asking me WHAT'S UP?! LOOK UP if you really want to know, but I'm gonna make myself an underground shelter!!" and he dodged past the dinosaur and followed the others into the forest.

The big digimon blinked, unsure of what to think about that. But he looked up anyway.... And his eyes bulged in its sockets.

Because coming down towards them was a giant ball of fire.

(Desert Region ; Time : 1815)

Omnimon was sitting near an oasis in the middle of the sandy hills. Though it was hard to drink water when you have heads instead of hands, yet he managed anyway (Don't ask me to explain how to you'll, I'M not fingerless myself, or else I wouldn't be able to type!).

And as he rested his back against a coconut tree, he closed his eyes--- before a chill run down his spine. His eyes immediately snaps open, 'What the hell was that about?... A new, hopefully STRONG enemy? –Or something else entirely---?' He looked up, and saw the exact same meteorite the whole Digital World could see.


(Digital Academy ; Time : 1825)

"Quickly, children! Get inside to the basement, immediately!!"

Terrified little digimons willingly followed the Deramon's orders. Some of the older digimon helped in guiding the smaller and younger to the 'Safety Place'. Some tiny In-training's were crying, while all of them shivered in fear.

Turin himself felt a more than a little nervous over this whole situation. It all started when a few innocent little In-training's had pointed to the sky and asked "What's that?".

It was later followed with chaos, as to be expected by the Centarumon's opinion. Had it not been for Deramon to recover so quickly (With just the 'tiniest' bit of help from Turin.), things would have gone a lot worse.

And now, with a lot of work and words of reassurance, the students were now calm enough to go to the basement (Since they couldn't think of anywhere else, for where else could you hide from a meteorite than underground?). though all of them were scared, and Turin knew this is a pretty darn good reason for that!

The centaur-monster suddenly felt someone tugging his leg. He looked down and saw a young Palmon, her fear written all over her green face.

"I'm scared, Mr. Turin," tears threatens to spill from her big black eyes, "We ARE going to be OK, right?"

The Centarumon gave what he hoped a reassuring smile, but since he realised not many can see through his helmet, he patted the little plant digimon gently, before making a gesture to follow the rest. She smiled, and did as she was told.

The last time Turin had looked up into the sky, he had hoped that the heavens would give a little fortune for these poor digimons... Something to help them out of the misery they were facing now...

Seems the heavens had misinterpreted him.

(City of Pilisius, Time : 1834 )

"Have my age finally caught up to me?"

"Why do you say that?"

"Because, right now, I'm pretty sure I'm looking at a giant flaming rock falling out of the sky,"

Aaron looked up..., and his eye's bulged out of its sockets.

His Imperialdramon 'father' was not hallucinating.

That explains why the whole marketplace suddenly turned more chaotic than it usually was, but Aaron had shrugged it off as 'Someone must be doing half-price today.' It also explains why a great deal of shops were mysteriously closing down, even though it wasn't even dark yet. It also explains that- that---

OH GOD!! He'd have to go to his little brother now! And take him to a safe place!

And he immediately shrugged off his cape, spread his regal red wings, and took off to the sky.

Imperialdramon only managed to blinked, but he could easily guess where his son were going, "Wait up!"

(Manor on a hill, City of Pilisius ; Time : 1836 )


Uncle Hop chuckled at his young master's reaction when they had gotten to the balcony, "What's this, my prince? Have you been in that computer room of your's for so long you have forgotten how the outdoor world looks like?" he teased gently.

Young Zexan the Veemon shook his head, "Uncle Hop, is that normal?"

Uncle Hop misinterpreted 'that' as the strange-looking monkey monster wearing a giant creepy mask, running down the hill from the forest while waving its boomerang wildly. Hop wondered whether that was considered normal or not, but since Sepikmon's are practically renowned for their weirdness, simply took that as normal. "Don't worry, my prince. I'm certain that is as normal as it can get,"

"Really? So we won't get hurt?"

Uncle Hop laughed, "No, its quite harmless, actually!"

"If you say so, Uncle Hop," the Veemon nodded obligingly, "This is the time I've ever get to see a flying, flaming rock up closed before! Is that why you wanted me to come out so badly, Uncle Hop?"

As expected, Hop's humour got stuck in his throat. ".... flying flaming rock?"

He looked up, saw the meteorite, frozed with gaping mouth, before grabbing the small Rookie and hauled him back into the manor, "OK, THAT'S ENOUGH FRESH AIR FOR AWHILE!!"

(Mansion in the wilderness ; Time : 1842 )

Dukemon has saw the meteorite.

And he was impressed. A bit disturbed, naturally, but impressed nonetheless.

The meteorite was a fascinating sight. But as fascinating as the meteorite looks, he was more intrigued with how much POWER such a thing possessed! Certainly, if he hadn't guessed wrongly, it might even hold MORE POWER than even the Digimon Sovereigns possessed. If not, than how else would it even get here, if not through the great Sovereigns?

But, this could also spell disaster for his plans... if it were to hit...

He have to act fast.

But first, install a protective shield around the mansion... Just in case.

(Now that that was done, we're back to the original story ; Forest Terminal ; Time : 1845)

The Village Healer wasn't in her hut.

Avisa had looked everywhere in her hut for her, but it seems she wasn't here anymore. Undoubting, she had left, along with practically everybody else in the village to find a safe place to hide...


'So now what?' he groaned inwardly, as he gazed down on the still unconscious Snow lying on a mattress, where he had laid her just seconds before. She still looks in pain. He looked away, unable to stand that sight.

Now he was truly stumped. And the frustration he felt at not being able to help his very important friend filled his eyes with tears, but he refused to shed any of it. Surely there must be something he can do! He refused to let Snow down. Maybe he should follow the rest of the villagers and look for the Healer and then---

"We must talk to it,"

The Raptordramon blinked, "What the—?" he turned back his long neck, and saw the girl sitting up on the mattress, her white hair flowing down her head. Abnormally, her body seemed to glow ever so slightly, and her light blue orbs were set in a hypnotic daze...

But Avisa, delighted and relief as he is, didn't quite notice the difference in his friend now, "SNOW!!"

In a second he was by her side, bending down his head to look her in the eyes, "Geez, Snow-chan! I was SO worried when you suddenly got ill and fainted and I'm really glad you're awake now! Does it still hurt? We'll get you to the Healer immediately! She's not here right now because, you're not gonna believe this, there's a giant FLAMING ROCK heading towards us, so we should---"


Avisa blinked again, now more confused, "What?"

"Zeus," she repeated, again in a voice completely unlike his friend. This voice was flat, monotone, yet strangely hypnotic, what's going on now? , "It is referred to as Zeus, a living being with a power like a god. And it wants to test us, to see if we deserved to live or not."

By now, he had noticed the change in his friend, and the relief he'd felt earlier disappeared, "Snow-chan? What's going on? What are you talking about?"

"The meteorite. It was Zeus, disguising itself to strike fear in our hearts. Quickly, we have to go meet Zeus, it is expecting us...' saying thus, she got up to her feet. She wobbled slightly, but Avisa was quick in steadying her.

"Snow-chan, now I'm SERIOUSLY worried about you! What's gotten into you?"

"We have to time to spare." She spoke again, "Every second we waste will get us closer to our end. We have to hurry. Digimon, are you ready to go?"and she held out a hand to him.

Avisa hesitated, not knowing what to do, "I really don't know about this.."


The dinosaur's eyes widen when Snow suddenly smiled. Her usual warm, sweet smile that he knew, she was almost like her old self that he loved, yet her body was still glowing, "Do you trust me?" her hand was still extended.

The doubt he felt earlier slowly disappears. Regardless of how strange she was acting, deep down inside she was still Snow -chan, a friend he truly cared for..

"Of course I do, Snow-chan. With my life.." and he touched one of his claws over her smaller hand, and suddenly the hut was filled with intense white light.

And then, the hut was empty again.

(Unknown Dimension ; Time : 1850)

Avisa opened his eyes, and he knew at once he's not in the hut anymore. Rather, he was 'standing' alone on an invisible floor with swirling white mist and rainbow-coloured glow all around him.

He'd also noticed Snow wasn't with him anymore.

"Now where the heck am I?" he asked aloud, and his voice echoed throughout the strange place.

"In Zeus' territory," a voice said from behind him.

Avisa quickly turned around, and met with a humanoid figure he had never seen before. It was obvious from her figure that it was a she. She has a slim body, with white armour covering her chest, shoulders, knees, and feet. She wore a long green pants that ended in her armoured boots. A couple of brown belts crisscrossed over her bare stomach. She's also undeniably enchanting, even though the upper part of her face was were covered with a golden mask, with eye holes displaying her intelligent amber eyes.

For a second, Avisa was lost for words...

... But only for a second.

"Who are you? And where's Snow-chan??"

Her beautiful face darken a little, apparently angered that this nobody had the right to talk to her like that. But Avisa cared little for his courtesy in his current situation, especially when his best friend suddenly disappeared like that. So he persisted, " The girl with snow-white hair, she was with me earlier on, have you seen her..?"

"I have not seen a girl with the likes of her," the being replied in a regal, mysterious voice, "And you are trespassing inside Lord Zeus' territory. You will return to your world at once, so you can face the trial with the rest of your kind."

"I'm NOT going back without Snow-chan," the digimon stated stubbornly, "And... Zeus?! Isn't that what Snow-chan said that Zeus is the meteorite and holds a god's power... What do you mean by trial?"

"The trial to determine, whether you and your kind deserved to exist, or not. Such is the trial milord Zeus had conceived since the beginning of time itself, and such is our way since."

Avisa stammered, "Bu-But what RIGHT'S do you guys have to determine our existence?!"

"You cannot believe how often we had heard such words before," her words suddenly turned sarcastic, " But none of you have the slightest power to stop us. You may as well be gone now, before I punished your insolence to Zeus."

"I repeat I will not leave without Snow!!" his surprise were slowly giving way to anger, "And I won't allow you and your lord to destroy our friends or OUR HOME!!"

"Then I, Yvon, will made you regret that thoroughly." Suddenly, 'Yvon' slashed at the air in front of her, and a powerful violet shockwave were zooming straight toward him.

Surprised by the sudden attack, Avisa barely gained enough wits to dodge the shockwave. It missed him, just barely, and crashed into the 'ground' behind him.

Avisa quickly got up, only to find himself faced with more of the shockwaves. He managed to dodge the second one, but the third hit him right on the chest armour.

For a second he was blinded, the pain he felt was unbearable! He was flung off his feet onto his side several miles back. If it wasn't for his thick Chrome Digizoid armour, he might not have made it... Yet, that attack actually got through his armour! Is that---the power of a creature serving a god?

He didn't have time to ponder anymore since she attacked again-And he roared in pain as the powerful shockwave made impact...

She waited until the dust cleared, and watched as the trespasser crumbled to the ground. 'Such foolish being,' , she sneered, 'To even THINK about challenging the will of a GOD!!' . And she raised a hand to do the finishing blow---

"Inferno Ball!!"

The next thing she realised, three red fireballs were heading straight in her direction. Though surprised, she still managed to create a force field to blocked the attack.

When the smoke made by the attack cleared, she watched in muted shock as the Reptiledramon got back on his feet, albeit a bit unsteadily.

"You still have the strength to stand?"

He winced slightly at the pain in his leg, but he still manage to stood up straight, and he stared her straight in the eyes with hard-core determination he never knew he had in him. "I'm not going to lose."

"Oh really." Yvon said curtly, "From WHERE could you have gotten such willpower?"


She thought it was a trick of the light, but she was shocked to realised that his body really WAS glowing. A soft, golden glow that covered the Raptordramon from head to toe. The she-alien were unfamiliar with the process of digimons and their digivolving abilities, so what happens next thoroughly bewildered her.

"...I have someone I need to protect..."

The light are now blindingly bright. And the digivolution circle made of ones and zeros were forming around him.

"... And a truly important dream I HAVE TO achieve..."

The circle of datas were now up to his neck.

"...And no god or divine test..."

The 'Egg' had now completely sealed him. Yvon was forced to cover her eyes as one last burst of light shines through, "What is this?!" she yelled out.

"...Will stop me!!"

The large digiegg dissolved into thin air, and what step out from the inner was nothing like the large reptilian being. Yet somehow, Yvon could just tell that this was the one and the same creature... only with a different body!

This one was smaller than the dinosaur, and have a more humanoid shape. He was adorned in golden Chrome Digizoid armour from head-till-toe. His golden helmet were pointed, and a pair of ruby-red eyes peered out of the eye holes. A flowing blue cape reached down from his back. And in his hands, holds a pair of magnificent golden blade.

"Raptordramon digivolves to.... GRADEMON!!"

Yvon's eyes widen, and involuntarily took a step back, "Who are you?!"

Although his face was hidden by his mask, the sentient being just knew he was grinning, "Someone who's here to teach you and your god not to mess with other's business!"

That made her mad. "Why you—" and she slashed with her hands, making more shockwaves aimed straight at him.

"Not this time," . With a speed much faster than he had before, he ran clear out of every single attack she threw at him.

"You can't run forever,"

"You know, you're actually right!" his grin widen, "I'm done been helpless... I can fight back now!" and he raised both his weapons into an 'X' position. "

Both attacks and counterattacks made contact, and a loud explosion boomed as they cancelled each other out.

This time, she didn't bother to wait until the smoke had cleared out. She sent five violet shockwaves straight into the smoke, yet no screams of pain were heard.


Startled, she look up, and saw the golden knight directly above her, double swords drawn.


Avisa's double swords made contact with Yvon's force field. He jumped back, but just managed to hear the maiden gasped in shock as a small crack appeared on her force field. "IMPOSSIBLE!!"

"Sorry," the Grademon mused, "But I've long since gotten rid of the word 'Impossible' from my dictionary." And he pose for an attack...

"Grade..." the moment he said that, his swords were engulfed in a brilliant white light. He pulled his swords apart, and the light went flying straight at Yvon, "..Slash!!"

Unable to create another force field so quickly, she was forced to using her earlier damaged work.

The light destroyed her force field.

It has watched the fight going on between his servant, Yvon, and the strange reptilian being made out of data.

It has watched as the reptile were engulfed by that ball of light, and changed into a completely different being.

And Zeus was intrigue. Never once in his entire lifetime had he witness such an unexpected transformation... And it had lived a LONG time.

It had to ask this... creature.. about this event, before Yvon would surely killed him.

And maybe this world might just be spared after all.

Avisa stood frigid, not daring to hope. Someone like her couldn't possibly been beaten so easily, though he had used a lot of energy from that attack. Heck, maybe he had used a lot more than he should, since he felt so tired right now.

Then, she appeared from the dust, and whatever chance of resting perished from his thoughts.

Yvon looked much more unruffled than he had preferred, the only injury she'd sustained was a small cut on her cheek... But apparently, that was more than she was used to. Her eyes were glaring at him with deep anger and hatred, while her face was cold, "You..." she hissed, "Are truly going to regret that,"

She ran towards him. Arms raised.

Grademon raised both his swords...


Both of them frozed immediately.

Avisa looked around, bewildered. Who had—

Suddenly he saw it, and Avisa went "...Oh."

The being he's witnessing were magnificent.... And HUMONGOUS!! Over 40-foot tall... And that's just the upper-part of the body! It was a figure like he had never seen before... Like, a giant metallic being with red and white armour. It's face resembled that of a man... with a silver face, red eyes and golden horns.

Yvon, that will be enough. Avisa noted that its mouth did not move even as it speaks, I want to have a word with this creature now.

For a second, he thought the maiden would protest, but she obediently nodded and step away from him.

This could only be Zeus.

Now, the figure turned its attention on Avisa (Whom felt unbelievably insignificant from Zeus, but refused to admit it) Tell me that of your name. And your kind.

"A-Avi—" he gulped, but immediately regained himself, "I am Avisa, a Grademon, a... Digimon."

The silence that followed was killing him! He wished once again that Snow was here with him...

And what do you wished to accomplished? If I do not destroy your world, what do you hoped to achieved?

That, he did not expect. But he knew what his answer would be, so he replied, with much more confident than ever, "There is something I wished to achieved before I die... An IMPORTANT dream! One I wished to achieved more than anything! And the only way I can achieved it would be if my world still exist. So I beg you, rethink your idea, and spare my world."

Once again, for a second, he thought he would get pummelled for his lack of respect, but nothing happened to him. If anything, this Zeus might even be considering his plea.

I see. Zeus finally said, Then let us see whether you and your kind have the right to survive or not.

Avisa blinked, Wha--?

Accomplished my test, and you will all be spared. Your worlds will be safe.

"So what do you expect me to do?!" the golden knight yelled desperately, "What IS this test? And how much time do I have?"

My test do not work that way. You and all your people will forget about everything that you have experienced, everything that you have happened till the last few hours... Will never have happened. But you will remember everything again... ONCE the test has been accomplished.

And before Avisa got the chance to protest, he was teleported out of there.

And time started going backwards.

The world wasn't in chaos.

The Sovereigns wasn't annihilated.

The meteor was never sighted.

The meteor had never existed.

(Digital World , Forest Terminal ; Time : 0932)

The early sun had risen over the Digital World.

And in a small hut at the edge of a small village, a single being stirred from her sleep.

Snow mumbled something unintelligent as the early morning rays pierced through her closed eyes. Slowly, she got up from her makeshift bed, and yawned. But this morning, she felt a bit... Strange. Like something has happened but she couldn't remember what. A dream, perhaps?


Hearing that voice, she gave a small giggle. Her best friend kept coming earlier every time. And this time he sounded more excited than usual. She flung her legs out of bed just as the door burst open. Snow smiled cheerily, "Good morning to you too! But don't count on breakfast yet because I just---" and her smile fell.

Because standing at the door was not her reptilian friend, but a humanoid stranger in golden armour and a blue cape. And he was making his way towards her...

"Glad to see you, too! But you're NOT gonna believe this, Snow-chan, but this morning I---"


---And he couldn't say anything more because Snow threw the rock-hard bowl onto his face(Note: It was made of real rock.) . He was paralysed for a second, before he fell onto his back.

"Who—Who the heck are YOU?" Snow screamed, "Bu-But whoever you are, you'd better get out of here! My friend would not tolerate an intruder like you! Avisa? AVISA! Where are you?"

The gold-claded stranger was getting up once again, and she reached out for another bowl...



She blinked, "A-Avisa?! Is that really you?"

The golden warrior exhaled in relief, before nodding, "Uh-huh. It's me alright, Snow-chan. And please put down that bowl, because I already know you have an excellent throwing arm!"

Her face flushed a bit. "Sorry." She mumbled, "But what happened? The last time I saw you, which is only yesterday, you were still a Reptiledramon! And now, you're a... you're a..."

"Grademon, Ultimate-level."

"Exactly! How did this happened? Did you do anything to trigger the digivolution sequence while I'm asleep?"

For a while, he didn't answer. He stared at his now-fingered hands, "Truth be told, I have no idea... When I woke up this morning, I was already like this.."

To be continued.

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