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Every muscle, every cell screamed in protest as if they had been set on fire. When Kimimaro tried to move his arm, the pain was excruciating. He dimly registered the light morning mist and the pungent scent of blood. Not too far away, several people seemed to be hard at work. Suddenly, he heard a match being struck and the smell of burning, rotting flesh filled the air.

"That's the last of them," said a satisfied male voice. "May God damn those Kaguya freaks." Suddenly, the events of last night came crashing back down on Kimimaro with the force of a rampaging bull. The Kaguya clan had finally carried out their attack on Kirigakure as planned, with him as their secret weapon. However, their ambush had not gone as planned. Bloody, twisted images flashed through his mind making his head spin.

He vaguely remembered being hit over the head by a heavy object. His skull had remained intact only thanks to his kekkei genkai. He was alive. He had survived. He had survived when the rest of the clan had perished. Much as he detested those vile, brutal beings, they had kept him alive all those years. And now, Kimimaro, the six-year-old killing machine, would die. No one would need him anymore. The purpose of living was lost.


The snow was soft, caressing his face. It was comforting to lie there and forget everything else. To let the tears fall freely. What had he done? His parents were dead, and it was his fault! Haku let out a soft groan and clutched his head. It was too painful to think about, like a spike through his very being. Minutes turned into hours and hours into days. How long had he been there?

Someone was shaking him gently. Gradually, Haku sat up. A boy was crouched, staring at him with innocent curiosity. "Why are you lying there?" The boy was about his age, pale with large emerald orbs lined underneath with crimson. Two red spots marked his forehead and he had a strange zigzag pattern parting his long white hair.

Haku was shivering. Only now did he realize that it was in fact, very, very cold. Night had fallen casting another heavy blanket of snow over the frozen land. "Come over here," the boy pulled at his arm. Haku obediently followed him into the welcome warmth of the forest. The boy was frowning slightly and staring at his bare toes. "So…umm…why were you out there?" "Oh…" It was an awkward question, a question Haku certainly didn't want to answer. The boy shuffled his feet. "It's ok," he said hurriedly, "you don't have to tell me. I'm Kimimaro by the way…" A slight blush dusted his pale cheeks. Haku eye's widened. "I'm Haku."

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