Starry Starry Night
Josh Groban

They did not understand. Perhaps they never will. But I do. I understand what the stars mean to you. I know the darkness in your soul. And I love you even so, without reservation or second thought.

Now I understand what you tried to say to me. How you suffered for all that you have gained. I was one who did not listen. Not then. But I will never make that mistake again. I know that if you tell us that we are flying into a trap, I will know it is so.

Your eyes of china blue betray what you are thinking. Thoughts that at first I did not understand. That you love me like you have loved no other. I did not know how to listen to those words. I could not love you, then. But still your love was true.

Before this starry starry night, I declare to you – I do understand and I love you too. For how could I deny one as beautiful as you what your heart so clearly yearns to have. Like the strangers you have met, like the strangers we once were – I understand what you have tried to say to me.

No Valentines
Elton John

You know that I find the tradition of Valentines Day foolish even by Human standards. We do not need a random date on the traditional Earth calendar to celebrate our love. I would give you everything – the sun and sky. But you already have those. You fly through them in your starship.

You have no regrets giving up the soil of Earth for the discoveries to be made. You do not miss Easter when the daffodils bloom. You do not begrudge missing the white Christmases of your childhood. You have no regrets over the choice you made – to leave it all behind.

And when the sentimental music plays, you smile and I know you are at peace with the choices you made. You would not trade your life for anything.

Pretty Maids all in a Row
The Eagles

"Hi there. How are you?" you said to me after the Memorial Service at Starfleet.

Heroes come and they go, you said. They leave us behind, you said. Why do we give up our hearts to the past? I knew you were not asking me that question. It was one you had struggled to answer your whole life. "Why must we grow up so fast?"

And the storybook comes to a close. That was a lesson you learned before you were old enough to have any idea of the impact that that fact would have on your life. That your father had died and left you and your mother behind.

You and I – we will begin a new storybook. There will be no pretty maidens in a row. We do not need them. We only need one another. And our story will have a happy ending.

Home to Stay
Josh Groban

I know you are gone. I watched you leave. I thought that I was to blame. You could not live a life that did not include my promise that I would be yours. Forever. It was the forever that frightened me. Something I can only admit to you – the one who already knows the truth of what lies in my heart. I had believed I would have more time with my mother. She died when my planet did. How could I risk giving my heart to you when you could so easily be the next to die? Could I endure that pain ever again?

I did not believe I could endure it until you left. Then I knew the pain of loosing you – through my own selfishness. And that pain was even worse.

When you have gone your own way, when you have had time to forgive me - call out my name, and I will come to you and ask you to return to me. Return to our quarters. Home to stay.

Beauty and the Beast

You monster. I know that is what you thought of me on our first encounter. When I used the death of your father to taunt you. To try to make you crack. To make you suffer the way I perceived you had done to me by cheating on that test.

Then we left Earth for our mission, side by side. I never thought home could be dark and cold. But space has become our home. This is what I believe in now – that you and I are home whenever we are together. It could be in a fairy-tale castle inhabited by real monsters. It could be a poor provincial town where no one understands us.

Our lives have been altered, forever. Because you found the key to unlock the prison in which I had placed myself. With you, I am home and free.

Take It Easy
The Eagles

You have always been running down a road, trying to loosen your load. You have struggled to lighten up – to understand. But it never came to you. Not until you received your own command.

"Is your sweet love going to save me?" you finally asked me. I assured you that it would. Because together, we would make it easy. I would lighten your load. I would help relieve the world of troubles on your mind. Because I am the one you have always looked for as you were running down the road. My love will be the one that saves you. You have my word. And you can take it easy - with my help.

Elton John

It's a human sign, when things go wrong. When the scent of hurled anger and the temptation is strong. Sweet deceit can come calling – but not to us. We may argue. I am told every married couple does. We are two hearts living in two separate worlds. But we are one at the same time. It is no sacrifice to put aside the anger and misunderstandings when I see you. When I catch your blue eyes and see the pain, the hurt, the love. Jealousy burns itself out. I know you would never cheat on me and I regret saying that you had. Just a simple word – I am sorry I hurt you. And you come to me, forgiveness a given. Because our love ensures that we will never sacrifice what we have. It is far too precious to us both.

In My Life
Bette Midler

There are places I will remember forever. Many have changed. Some no longer exist. Friends have been lost. Through distance and time and intentional neglect.

Of all of the friends I have known, none compare to you. Love is something new – you bring it to life in ways I had heard were possible but had never before experienced in my life. I love you more than I had ever believed possible. More than any who have come before you.

Old Love
Eric Clapton (unplugged)

I can feel your body when I am lying in our bed. There is some confusion buzzing through my head. How is it possible that you can make me lose control the way that you do? Before you were a part of me, intimacy was…satisfying, enjoyable,

With you, I am no longer myself. Who I was is only an illusion. This flame will always burn and you alone will be able to quench it. When we make love, I am the fire and the flame and the heat and the need. I do not control my reactions or my feelings. I worry that I will be incinerated by our passion. If that is my fate, I could choose no other. So long as you are there. And I can feel your body when I am lying in our bed.

Jimmy Buffet

I know I can't live on sponge cake. And I'm not looking at that tourist all oiled up over there on that blue beach towel. I admit I am wasting away in Margaritaville but I told you I was going to when we came here.

You can't understand the reason I wanted to stay here for our entire shoreleave. But I think you're starting to come around to my way of thinking. That Vulcan reserve is starting to crumble and it won't be long before you are wasting away right along with me.

No, t'hy'la, the tattoo isn't real. I'm not entirely sure where it came from. I guess it happened after you left me and Bones at the last bar on the beach. Somewhere between the time I blew the sand out of flip flop and drank that last margarita. Bones might know. But I'm pretty sure it's my own damn fault, as much as I'd like to claim it's not.