Harry was not stupid.

He knew Dumbledore was using him.

Harry also knew what Horcruxs were before Dumbledore and Slughorn told him.

Harry had read about them or heard them mentioned in a book. There was something…familiar about them.

So Harry cast a disillusionment charm and walked into Borgin and Burkes.

The shop owner was in his 50's and not all there. Harry asked to see some rare books. The owner was quiet skeptical and tried to curse him. Harry had body-bound the git and went into the back carefully.

There were rows of object, from engraved silver boxes to dragon fire forged glass orbs- according to the labels. Harry went back farther and saw five large rows of books.

Gazing through them, Harry found quite a few which he pocketed.

He went back to the front, unbound the man and paid him.

"This should be enough to rent." Harry said his voice gravely due to spell. The owner looked shocked. "I just wish for a read, and this should more then cover it." Harry said as he left.

Harry was happy the last couple summers he had gotten a job. Uncle Vernon tried to take most of his money, but Harry got about 60% with Vernon thinking he got full.

Gallons were worth more than pounds, slightly, but even so, Harry did have a nice amount.

Harry walked quickly back to the Floo place in Diagon ally and traveled to Gregensberg (Greg-en-s-burg). It was a fair town about 50 miles from Hogsmeat. Harry had gotten there two weeks prior, having to leave his uncles…

His uncle tried to beat him, but Harry stood for himself. His uncle, Aunt and pathetic cousin had cowered while Harry's things packed themselves. He was 17 now, not underage. Harry stormed out the back door and left the house for good. He walked a couple blocks, walking off the steam before he called the knight bus.

Harry had learned how to alter his ID in case of emergency. All students and wizards were given one that lived or traveled to the muggle world frequently so they could get onto the Knight buss among other things.

Harry changed his hair by adding emerald highlights to match his eyes and got rid of his scar and glasses. He turned his trunk all black with no Hogwarts insignia and turned Hedwig, temporarily black.

Harry missed Stan, the man who used to greet every passenger onto the Knight Bus. He was no Death Eater, but the ministry had been grasping at straws. The replacement was a medium, bald wizard who looked…constipated. Harry ignored the glaring look the wizard gave him.

"What is your business?" the wizard snapped.

"My own." Harry answered coldly. "I presented you with my pass and that is all I am required to do, am I not?" Harry asked coolly. The man glared but backed off. For once Harry liked having Snape as a teacher, for if one got use to Snape's glares, one could do anything.

Harry clamored into his room, number 1503, though there were only 10 rooms in the whole building. Harry took off his wet cloak, for it had started raining half way to the inn.

Harry spell dried his clothes, resized the books and took a quick hot shower.

The books he had gotten were; [Obsidian Dark Arts ][Magic for Purebloods][Advanced Potions and Herbology and Theory][Dictionary of all Charms and Spells; including Dark Arts][Dark Magic through Time and Understanding it's Ways][Different forms of Transfiguration][Dark Objects, Wards and Fields; including regular wards]

Seven books total, none were short nor really small, but Harry started to study.

Be damned if he was going to let Voldemort kill him and live. No, Harry was taking back his life. He wasn't on Dumbledore's side anymore. He was on his own.