Severus was greatly amused when Harry told him about 'telling off' Dumbledore and Harry stared at the dark man's face.

Severus's impossibly black eyes were light with amusement while a sexy smirk sat on this rather delicious looking lips…Harry managed to snap out of his thoughts when he felt his cock twitch and tried not to blush. He knew he liked Snape- a lot, but even though the man didn't push him away, he hadn't exactly showed that he wanted a relationship.

"While that is amusing, you need to be careful." Severus said, seriousness back on his face and Harry nodded.

"I realize he might try something, but to what extent I don't know." Harry said and Severus eyes darkened as he glared at his thoughts.

"Dumbledore is worse than most realize. The fame from killing Grindwald went to his head. You need to watch Mila's back as well as yours as well as-" Severus paused and Harry watched the man debate with himself.

"Tonight after curfew, there is an order meeting in Dumbledore's office." Was all Severus said before he turned to grading. Harry hesitated for a moment before stepping up an kissing Severus on the cheek before turning and dashing out, hoping the man wouldn't see Harry's blush.

Of course, if Harry had stayed, he would off seen a dusting of pink on Severus's cheeks.

Harry began to work on the spell that Voldemort used for marking people once he finished his homework. Dinner was in an hour, so he had plenty of time to begin working. Harry sat in a corner of the restricted section, thankful that his defense essay required information that was kept there – that kept Madam Prince from being suspicious. Harry looked through various books, finding very little before he glanced around and threw up a silencing charm.

"Kreacher." The house elf silently appeared before Harry. "Listen Kreacher. I know Sirius Black left me everything that belonged to the Blacks. I found out this summer, via a letter from Gringotts. Dumbledore has apparently been stealing from my vaults while making me think I only had one vault. I do not like Dumbles and his Order. I know blood purity is important for future existence of magic, but I don't condone killing or harming muggle-borns. But I will get the Order out of that house, but it will take a little time. I need you to assist me though. The Black house has a library, and I need to look at books from it- ones on binding and slavery spells." Kreacher was silent for a moment.

"The only reason why Mistress calls Mud-Bloods, filthy is because the disrespected us. They ignore wizarding traditions and culture, trying to ruin it with muggle traditions because of ignorance and laziness." Kreacher said and Harry smirked.

"I do agree with that. Magic aside, I'd rather live in the Wizarding world – it's society because they are more excepting. Wizards and Witches accept muggle-borns into the culture, yet muggle borns rarely accept the culture back. They just take the magic." Kreacher grinned.

"Mistress will be pleased that Master Potter-Black thinks that way. Kreacher shall deliver your books from the library." Kreacher bowed before leaving.

The house elf returned shortly with 15 or so books.

"This is what Kreacher found immediately, but Kreacher will continue looking." Harry nodded.

"Kreacher." The elf looked at him. "There is a little girl I am looking after. Her grandmother was raising her, until she was injured. Mila is now in my care, though I think- I know that Dumbledore will try to get Mila away from me- even if it causes her harm." Harry had never seen a house elf so furious.

"The old fool wants to harm a child!" Kreacher growled quietly. "Mistress wouldn't have stood for it. I will look after Master's Mila." Kreacher said proudly before leaving a smiling Harry.

Harry looked at the books Kreacher brought and found them extremely useful. Several parts of various slavery and binding spells were used by Voldemort to create a better more powerful one. One book began to get interesting before the paragraph cut off saying: see Blood: the Bound to Slavery for more information.

Finally his watch went off, indicating dinner time. Harry gathered all the black books and put them in a hidden pouch in his bag. At the beginning of the year, Harry found a nice little black gab that he kept in his school bag. Several spells were put on it including notice-me-not's and internal enlarging spells. All 16 books from the Black house fit easily inside as well as his notes on Voldemort's spell.

At dinner Harry was annoyed. While he genuinely wanted to be friends at first with Ron and Hermione, he couldn't say that any longer. Ron kept getting jealous and turning his back while Hermione was a know-it-all bitch. She always said he did something wrong, and while she pretended to stand beside him while Ron was being an ass she always berated him about needing to apologize to Ron, while Harry had done nothing.

Currently Ron was stuffing his face while Hermione asked Harry where he had been.

"Library." Harry said quickly. "Working on my defense essay." Hermione seemed startled at that when Ron whined.

"Homework sucks. We should play chess after dinner." Ron said and while Hermione pretended to glare Ron, Harry knew something was off.

Harry began to feel that way during second year. Like Ron and Hermione tried to keep him from studying. Sure Hermione had 'forced' Ron and him to study (mostly Ron) but it was hard to do with Hermione's constant nagging and Ron's whining.

Harry muttered an agreement while trying to ignore Ginny's attempts to flirt with him. Harry was tempted to tell her, if she made her hair and eyes black, gained intelligence and wit and grew a penis, Harry would still pick Severus over her. No one could really compare to Severus once you had gotten under his mask. After dinner Harry let Ron beat him a couple times before heading to bed. Harry threw his clothes over a trunk and put on cotton PJ pants that he had bought over the summer. He drew his curtains and placed a silencing and detection spell around him. He was notified when Neville, Dean, Seamus and Ron came up and went to bed before he pulled out the Marauders map. Harry paused when he hear Ron get out of bed and leave. Harry watched as the dot labeled Ronald Weasley met with another labeled Hermione Granger. They left the common room and Harry watched with narrowing eyes as they headed to the headmasters office. Harry saw there were about 18 order members in his office including Remus and Tonks. Harry was furious. His two 'friends' were in the Order? Yet when he asked to join – oh no he was too young. Harry scowled and got out of bed, grabbing his cloak and bag, grabbing a shirt, but not putting it on. Harry left the tower and headed towards the dungeons thinking about several things before getting a few good ideas. Had anyone been there and able to see though an invisibility cloak- one that death couldn't even see though- they would have seen a very Slytherin smirk on Harry's lips.

Draco groaned as someone shook his shoulder.

"'o away." Draco muttered.

"I can't do that." After a moment Draco flew up looking around. He swore he had heard Potters voice- Draco stared as Harry removed the invisibility cloak.

"Hi, Draco." Harry said. "I put silencing charms up- but I need to ask you something." Draco nodded. "I assume that the Malfoy's have a library." Draco snorted.

"All purebloods do." Draco said with narrowed eyes.

"There is a book called Blood: the Bound to Slavery. Dark book, but I need to know if you have it or if you know if anyone would?" Harry asked knowing this was a long shot. Draco looked at him through narrowed questioning eyes.

"It's for removing." Harry said glancing at Draco's covered left arm. Draco's eyes followed his before he spoke.

"I'll see if it is in the library over Christmas break." Draco said and Harry gave him a small smile surprising the blonde.

"Now get, Potter. After all if the others see you in here, they will assume we are together." Harry seemed surprised but Draco just watched him.

"Sorry but you're not my type Malfoy." Draco raised an eyebrow at that.

"I thought you and Weaslette were together?" Harry shivered.

"Her reaction would be the same as Pansy's if you told her you were gay." Draco winced at that.

"Point taken." Harry smiled before he disappeared under his cloak and left. His next stop was Severus.