An: Hey all me readers :) , Plz Read

Ok for those of you who loved this one-shot, I have a surprise for you, I decided to write a point of view in Edwards, so I'm writing that right now as I'm speaking, It should be up tonight or maybe the next day or two for sure, Yay and I'm having fun with it right now since I'm writing it now.

When I'm finished with it I'm going to post it up as it's self so I won't be posting it up in this one It will be labeled as "Happy New Year Edward" so stay tuned! And while you're looking at this check out some of my other stories plz.

Ohh and guess what I just recently that "New Moon" will be coming out on DVD by the before the end of March which is exciting, and there's also going to be a release party or something like that…

So ya, thanks for reading this note and plz stay tuned!