It is strange how death is the most unwanted thing in life, but it happens to everyone anyway. I don't know why the living take every precaution they can to prevent what they know will happened anyway. It's feared by even those who lived like me, with the next dollar on their mind, without a care of what is going to happened next. To start my story I must tell you, I did not live a good life, I went from being the son of a wood cutter to one of the wealthiest men in London, I amounted to nothing. I reflect on my life, with one word: why? Why was I so focus on making more when I had everything? Why was I living in a great house, when family men had small shacks? Why did I not say the secret that killed me? Majority of my life was filled with regrets and secrets that I had over the strangest reasons. I only left one thing that continued, but that thing never knew. My life was a nothing, when it could have been filled with great joy. I was lucky, most people who lived my life don't get a second chance. But I did. Because of the one person I helped, I was able to be saved by saving him.

It is very rarely one finds second chance. However, if you helped one person out, even if the deed was small, you can be reconsidered. I never gave to charity, nor did I care for the poor. I did not show an ounce of mercy to anyone. Except a few people-they are the ones who gave me my seconded chance. It was because those people who I cared for when I was alive that reached for me. It was because of another who cared about me and because of him, I was placed on the same path I was to find life once more.

It started the day I died, it was in London on Christmas Eve, 1836. I was sitting at the office writing accounts and adding interest to those who owed us money with my good friend and business partner, Ebenezer Scrooge was doing the same. "Fred's coming home from school today," Ebenezer mumbled.

"To spend Christmas?" I asked, wondering if I would have a chance to see him.

"Yes," Ebenezer answered. "I don't know what the boy expects, but he wants to have lunch Christmas day, then he's going to spend New Year's with some friends."

"How's he doing?" I asked, I haven't seen him in years. He spent most of his life at boarding schools and only ever comes home once and a while to see his uncle. I couldn't help but be envious at the way Fred thought of Ebenezer as some sort of god. Anytime Ebenezer give Fred advice, Fred would follow them religiously. He wrote to his uncle about all his accomplishments. I was always a shadow, which made me increasingly bitter. I just wanted to shout it to Fred, somehow reveal it. Fred was too happy about his life, it would be selfish for me to turn it upside down. That was my sad accused.

"Bob, you seemed to be doing well here," I changed the subject to check on our employee's work.

"Thank you sir," Bob said proudly. I hired him a month back, without Ebenezer's consent, which made him a little upset with me. Bob had a wife with three children, with one on the way. I envied him for that, he had a family and I did not. It was stupid really; Bob was not as nearly as rich as we were, I was still jealous of him. Ebenezer couldn't seem to care less about Bob.

"Are you alright, you look a little pale," Ebenezer asked me.

"Yes," I answered, with my mind shaking. I got a terrible head ache and felt burning in my chest throughout the day.

"I'm going to get some lunch any of you want come?" I asked the two of them.

"I'm going to pick up Fred," Ebenezer answered.

"Bob?" I asked.

"Yes," He answered nervously.

"Do you want to come to lunch with me?" I asked.

"No, thank you" He answered. "My wife packed something."

"Alright, be back in an hour," I said with a shrug and left.

"Merry Christmas," Bob said as I left.

"I hate this time of year," I said to myself as I left the office. I knew why was so unhappy. I was one of the richest men in London. Yet, I felt miserable for the life I had led. The only time I ever seemed happy was when I put a family out of business. They already had something I wanted.

"Here, again, Mr. Marley" the bartender smiled at me. I went to one of the various pubs in London, one no one I associated with knew about. The bar tender knew me well, it was a place where no one would know me.

"Yes, the usual," I said sadly.

"Always lonelier at Christmas," he said as he poured me a drink. "How's business."

"The best," I answered. "Still hate myself."

"What's going on?" He asked showing his toothless smile.

"Ebenezer's nephew is going to be coming in town," I answered and took a drink. I gulped it, sweating, Fred was now eighteen, an adult. Well, he was legally, he was going to be graduating soon, he had so much ahead of him. I had my past, which was burning in me like a hammer. I felt my head shake as I walked out of the bar. I wasn't drunk, but felt dizzy.

"I bet he has some of his father in him." He smiled. I went back to the office, Fred was coming today, he was planning to take a trip to France in the spring. I wanted to tell him, but I couldn't, my secret was exploding inside of me.

I saw Fred was coming through the streets in his school uniform. I went out, and saw Fan's face glowing in him.

"Merry Christmas, Mr. Marley, is my uncle here?" Fred asked me, it caused my heart to leap as his face dropped. "What's bothering you?"

I stood their debating on whether or not to tell my secret. I open my mouth letting out a gag as I tried to speak, knowing my secret was going to destroy me.

"Marley, are you alright," Ebenezer said coming up to me, I was shaking, I needed to tell him, I couldn't bring the words to say it. I felt my head become light as air seeing Fred's face, I knew then I was dying, a light shown behind him and I saw the face of his mother in the light.

"Jacob," Ebenezer said shaking me. "Fred, get a doctor." I grabbed Fred by the sleeve as Bob came out. "Bob, get someone." He nodded and ran. I then felt myself become heavy, as these things became rapped around me pulling me. I died staring at Fred, that was enough.

"Jacob, no!" Ebenezer shouted shaking me.

I wasted my life away, I couldn't let my passing happen without someone knowing the truth. I thought of the money I had made, I wouldn't be able to spend it now. Why was I so concern in making so much? Why did I let my life go?

"Ebenezer Scrooge" I cried. "Ebenezer Scrooge"

"What is it?" he asked quickly as his hands remained on my chest. I tried to tell him, not to make the same mistake. He was the only one who cared about money more than I did, I tried to tell him, but I was too late. I died right there.

I remember the death of Fan, his sister. She went peacefully, as she deserved. She had Fred to her breast with Ebenezer promising to take care of him. I felt no peace, instead I felt my soul becoming heaver and heaver as chains became bounded to me.