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No More Prisoners

Harry would know what to do. Maybe he'll save us? Yeah, he'd pop in out of no where, wand in hand-

Stop it you idiot! You're stuck. Admit it. Harry won't be saving you. He hardly even knows you. He's probably at home, in bed right now, sleeping the night away. Not a care in the world.

Except that he's standing right in front of me.

Wait, wha-?

Is that a…sword?

Susan gaped.

She had hoped to be saved, yes. Expected it? Nope, not a chance.

But there he was, like an answer to her prayers. Wand in his right hand, sword in his left.

A spray of blood hit Susan in the face. She flinched away from the sensation, but her mind had yet to process the horror that someone – a Death Eater – had been decapitated less than a meter from her.

Instead she was watching Harry.

He truly had come out of nowhere, barefooted, wearing only a pair of drawer-string sleeping trousers, weapons in hands. Before any of their captor Death Eaters had even realized that he was there, Harry had severed the heads of the two standing side by side closest to him, and blasted a hole through another two's chests.

The remaining four Death Eaters leapt into action, but compared to Harry, they could have been moving through molasses.

Another Death Eater had a hole in his chest before any of them managed to aim a spell at the raven-haired teen. He easily side-stepped the red colored Cruciatus curse and lodged his sword in the throat of the Death Eater that had started to point his wand at the captives.

One of the Death Eaters fell to his knees, wand dropped, hands in the air. His effort only awarded him with the Reductor curse meant for his chest, impacting his face.

The final Death Eater was similarly dealt with.

Harry turned those Killing Curse green eyes on Susan for the first time. He appeared to take in her and Hannah's relatively unhurt forms before flicking his wand at them.

The bindings holding the girls in place were released and their own wands floated out of the nearest corpse's pockets.

When the girls' hands clasped around their wands, Harry disappeared with barely a 'pop'.

Numbly, Susan grabbed her best friend's hand and dragged the nonresponsive girl with her to the floo. A pinch of powder and two words later, the two blood covered Hogwart's students tumbled out of on of the floos in the Auror's office.

The activity seemed to freeze for a moment as those that were left in the office took in the sight of their boss' niece stumbling out of the floo with another girl in her arms, both covered in gore.

The scene leapt back into motion when a gasp came from the doorway to Madame Bones' office. A second later and the older woman had an Auror calling for a healer and the two teens were in chairs, Susan's Aunt demanding to know what had happened.

Susan raised wide eyes to lock with her Aunt's, her voice was breathy – she was in shock.

"Harry saved us." She paused, swallowing hard, oblivious to the stir she'd just caused in all the adults around her. A pink-haired Auror was listening with rapt attention now.

"Death Eaters came. I don't know how. Suddenly they were just in the house. We tried to fight, like Harry'd taught us, but there were ten of them and we had no warning." Susan's eyes were even wider, displaying the horror and confusion she'd felt in the moment. "We stunned two, but they were in the room and there was no cover. They took our wands, tied us up." She paused, swallowed hard. "They were going to take us. I knew it. Knew we were going to die. I was wishing to be saved. Thinking about Harry, and all the stories I'd heard of him saving someone. Wishing he'd save us too. Then he was there." The wonder in her eyes replaced all the other emotions. "Do you think I called him? Wished him there?" Susan shook her head without waiting for an answer, dispelling the notion. "No, no. That's silly. I don't know how he got there. Knew to be there. How he moved so fast." Susan stopped again, a deep shuttering breath from Hannah had her wrapping an arm around her friend. She wanted to stop, wanted to just fall into her mind as well, but her Aunt had always stressed the importance of knowing what had happened so they could react accordingly.

"He killed them all. Just a few spells and a few slashes from his sword – did I say he had a sword? – and they were all dead. Harry untied us, gave us back our wands, and then left. I think he disapparated, but I didn't know he could do that. I –" She broke off, a sob choking her. Shame coursed through her.

She'd thought that it had been okay that she'd been captured. That there had been too many Death Eaters and it was been normal that she and Hannah had been over powered. But then Harry came and defeated the Death Eaters easier than they had defeated her and her friend.

Susan had put up a good fight, yes. But this was a war, and she hadn't fought nearly hard enough.

The shame of feeling inadequate warred with her horror of what she'd witnessed until Susan couldn't fight the racking sobs anymore. She broke down, clinging to her fellow Hufflepuff, wanting to cling to her Auntie too, but knowing that the woman had work to do.

Amelia Bones stood, feeling grim and determined. A teenage boy had taken out eight Death Eaters on his own and her Aurors were floundering to take down the same amount while in a group of three? There was something wrong with that.

It was too much.

Someone was sabotaging them. Someone from her own department.

Was it a potion? A charm? Something that limited the Aurors' capabilities? Or were there just that many Aurors that were not loyal and were using their position in the department to make sure the missions failed.

She needed to find out.

Her department needed to be purged of the enemy, and then the kid gloves were coming off.

They couldn't hold the Death Eaters, the system was too corrupt. Any caught and processed were broken out within a week.

No more prisoners.

Amelia swallowed hard at the concept. She like justice. Liked putting away criminals the way the law demanded. But this was no longer a case of criminals needing to be punished. This was war, and her side needed to stop letting the other side walk all over them.

She swallowed hard but nodded decisively.

No more prisoners.