Title: Pledge For Life

Author: Aimee

Beta: Dev

Word Count: 100

Prompt: Vow

Rating: PG

Spoilers: A spoiler-free zone.

Pairing: Angel/Cordelia

Summary: Angel and Cordelia pledged their love.

Disclaimer: If you recognize them, they belong to Joss Whedon and David Greenwalt. Otherwise, they're mine.

Author's Note: Written for drabble123.

"On this day, I pledge my love through all eternity," Angel told her as he held her hand.

"I will love you not only in this life, but through eternity, as well." Given the fact that they were both eternal, it really was a pledge for life.

Angel slid the gold band onto the third finger of her left hand. "With this ring, I give you my heart."

Cordelia slid the matching band onto Angel's own finger. "With this ring, I give you my heart," she repeated.

Angel lifted her veil and kissed his bride as the world melted away.