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The Writer.

Edward's POV

Everyone turned.

It was Alice who was positively glowing happily.

She skipped lightly to my side and said, '' I saw a vision of Bella. She was in the meadow in the woods with Edward. They looked in love to me and they were gazing at each other''

'' This is too dangerous for the existence and our secret'' Carlisle shook his head.

Bella loved me? I didn't feel scared as I thought to be. I felt happy, kind of excited.

'' Edward? Control your emotions please'' Jasper said, looking in pain and he sent a wave of calmness to me.

'' Thanks man'' I chuckled and Esme went to Carlisle's side.

'' Dear, why not let Edward go to the Denalis for a period of time? It would be a good time to let each of them off their minds'' Esme said in a comforting tone.

Carlisle gazed at Esme adoringly and nodded, '' Right. Pack your bags Edward. You have to get away to think and calm down''

I nodded as I swiped upstairs at fast speed. I sighed as I threw some clothes into an old luggage bag.

My hands stopped at a particular CD on the shelf. '' Bella's Lullaby'', it was written in a cursive handwriting, my handwriting on the cover. I hesitated but I put it into my bag.

'' Knock knock Brother'' Alice danced lightly into my room.

'' Hey do you mind helping me watch Bella ?'' I asked as I avoided her eyes.

'' Oh sure'' Alice smiled, seeming dreamy.

'' Why are you so happy? I am getting away to forget her. Stop daydreaming'' I grumbled.

'' Oh Eddie boy, you don't need to tell me about it. I know it best'' She smiled a grin and hopped out of the stairs.

''I know best that you will fall in love soon.'' Alice chuckled as she danced lightly across the corridor in a graceful manner.

Bella's POV

'' Hey Bella'' Mike smiled at me the minute I entered school.

'' What's up?'' My eyes sweeped across the whole school inconspicuously, trying hard to spot the person I was finding.

'' Would you like to go with me to the school dance?"' Mike asked hopefully.

I was too busy to answer. '' Yea, sure maybe.'' I murmured, not even answering his question.

'' Yes ! '' He pumped his fists into the air and beamed, '' Thanks Bella''

'' You're welcome'' I mumbled. No sign of Edward. Yet.

He ran across the cafeteria and shouted loudly, '' Bella accepted my invitation to the school dance !''

"' Really?'' Everyone glanced at me.

'' What?'' I glanced up. Everyone was smiling and congratulating me on finding a partner for the dance.

Hold on. I promised. Mike Newton. To The School Dance?


I can't take back my words now. I mean Mike's so sweet and everything. How can I refuse?

I just have to go along with it and fake something on that day.

Oh, I just saw Jessica glowering at me and gave me a hard glare and stormed away.

Looks like I would have to re-think her as being my friend.

A Week Later...

Denali-Tanya's Coven

Edward's POV

I gazed at the stars in the night sky as I leant back and settled on the grass.

I maintained that position for a few hours until a certain strawberry-blonde girl came out, Tanya.

'' Edward '' She slurred her words as she settled right beside me.

'' Yes?"' I replied, my mind was on Bella. Even coming here for a few days didn't help.I can't get my mind off Bella. Bella's image.

Her laughter. Her voice. And most of all, her scent.

'' Oh 's been two years since you visited us. Won't you miss me?'' She leant towards me.

'' Tanya, I have made it very clear that. We. Are. Not. Suited. .Other'' I muttered, emphasising every word.

'' Won't you try?'' She leant inwards again.

I ignored her. Of course, if you say beauty, Bella was nothing compared to Tanya.

But Bella had an attraction that held me, her brown eyes, her soft lips, her beating heart.

Nothing like Tanya. Especially when I could hear her thoughts. Her very mindless thoughts.

'' Edward'' Tanya sighed and leant out her hand. I caught it and thrusted it backwards.

'' Ouch'' Tanya moaned. '' It hurts''

'' Sorry'' I muttered. I got up and Tanya got annoyed. '' Aren't you going to nurse me? I think it's sprained''

'' No. '' I headed towards Tanya's coven's wooden house.

'' Don't think I don't know what you are thinking'' Tanya growled and sprang towards me.

'' I heard from Carlisle that you came here to get away from a certain girl'' Tanya had an evil glint in her eyes.

She leant forward and said, '' She's so plain. Why on earth do you like her''

Without thinking, I pushed her back and she fell and got mud in her clothes.

'' Eddie ! You got my clothes dirty'' She whined like an annoying little kid.

'' Never call Bella a plain Jane. Her heart is so much purer than you'' I said calmly.

'' She's just a human'' I heard Tanya grumbled.

'' She's not just a human. She's my Bella'' I mumbled as I raced back towards the house to get my clothes.

I had made my choice.

To get away from Denali and Tanya.

I'm heading back to Forks. To Bella.

Bella's POV

Mike has been glowering at every person and announcing to everyone that I accepted his invitation to the school's dance.

Angela and Eric are okay, they got together after a while. But Jessica wasn't.

She refused to talk to me and I even volunteered to give up Mike to her. I just wasn't interested in him. But all she said was, '' Back off Betrayer'' and stormed off.

Well, that was a try. I would have to turn up for the ball, if not Mike would be so embarrassed after all that bragging.

Another thing........ Edward isn't here.

He's being gone for a week.

When I went for lunch, I would glance casually at the usual table where the Cullens sat. There were four of them, no sign of the one that I wanted.

I got up early today. I didn't think that Edward Cullen would turn up today. As I drove my 1950s Chevy into the school, Mike ran up to me immediately and smiled.

'' What's up?'' I asked.

'' Hey what are you going to wear for the school dance?'' Mike asked eagerly.

'' Well, I...... '' I haven't really thought of that yet. As in, I wasn't planning on going.

'' Do you need our help?'' Angela walked over.'' We can shop for dresses together !"' She said excitedly.

Jessica followed from behind and glowered at Mike at me.

Mike barely noticed and said excitedly,'' That's great Angela ! You can take Bella shopping ! I wouldn't want to see her in jeans at the dance'' He joked and everyone laughed except for Jessica.

I managed a smile and my eye flicked all over the car park for any sign of him.

Just then, my heart started thumping. There, leaning on his silver Volvo was him, Edward Cullen.

It took him a week to get back.

But he was finally back. I felt relieved and gave him a friendly wave. He glared at me with dark eyes and walked away, heading towards the corridor.

What's with him? Did I offend him or anything?

Just then, Alice Cullen, Edward's sister caught my eye and she waved me over with a large smile.

'' Is that Alice Cullen calling you?'' Jessica sneered for the first time.

'' Should be. I will go and check'' I murmured. Everyone resumed their conversation as I walked towards Alice.

Alice was standing right beside a rigid guy, the guy called Jasper. He really looked like a pain though.

'' Hi Bella ! '' She gave me a cheery wave and hugged me,'' It's so good to see you today''

I was surprised by her friendliness. '' Yea. What do you want?'' I smiled at her.

'' I heard about the school dance. Do you want to go with me for shopping for dresses?'' Alice asked hopefully.

'' Hm... But I think I'm going with Angela'' I murmured.

'' We will go together !"' Alice's eyes sparkled excitedly and declared. '' It's on''

Just then, Jasper smiled at me for the first time, '' You have no idea what you are getting yourself into when you go shopping with Alice. "'

'' Haha'' I assumed he was joking.

I mean what's the big deal of shopping with Alice?