Congratulations, I'm Sorry
by pari106;
Disclaimer: DA is not mine; Rating: PG; Code: Short.
Summary: Wonder why Alec hesitated to shoot Logan in that scene of "Designate This", right before Asha
interrupted him? After having seen "The Berrisford Agenda", I thought perhaps this might have been what
he was thinking.

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Congratulations, I'm Sorry
by pari106

"Congratulations, 452. Mission accomplished."

494's own words repeated in his mind as he stood over Cale's unconscious form.

So this was the mysterious Eyes Only… Only he didn't seem so mysterious anymore. Now that 494 knew
his face. Knew that Cale's life was in his hands.

He didn't know why he hesitated to take it…

Maybe so he could savor the irony of the situation?

Cale was 452's love. He'd seen it in the way she'd cradled his dying body; in the anguish shining in her
eyes, when she'd realized the cause of his death…would be herself. 494 knew that sort of anguish when he
saw it. He'd seen it before…in his own reflection in the mirror. Before his reflection ceased to contain
anything but the cold, hard soldier he'd become in order to survive.

494 saw something else in 452, as well. He saw irony.

It was ironic… How love could kill. Ironic that this was the one similarity he'd found between himself
and "Max". Because he, too, had known the empty victory of missions accomplished. Missions just like
this one, which he hadn't even wanted to accomplish. Just as Max hadn't even known that this mission was
her own.

'Congratulations, Max,' 494 thought once again, preparing to tighten his finger on the trigger.
'Congratulations…and I'm sorry.'