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Winter had arrived, the crisp cold air swept from the northern pacific waters made its way deeply into Alice, her blinding face dressed with a wide smile that selflessly cradled a pair of cute dimples on her cheeks, her warm calm eyes facing the sky... wide open, each symmetrical iris perfectly adorned by her thick lashes, delicate ballerina arms stretching into space getting lost in the white, getting lost in her inner bliss, catching a perfect view of the milky sky through a few tall meadows, taking in as much as they allowed, the familiar comfort reminded her just how lucky she felt.

I could taste each passing snowflake, I felt at peace... another long winter welcoming me, I loved her... the snow, her secrets and her lingering ache, it was times like these that reminded me just how thankful I felt to have eternity... and Bella right by my side.

Bella silently sneaked behind her wife in hopes of catching her off guard, while Alice's amber coals rapidly broke their deep serene trance, they quickly reached the corner of her eyes... fallowed by a playful smirk, Bella was of course unsuccessful at her initial plan, as soon as the human launched her arms towards the vampire, she gracefully vanished from her vision, Bella now deeply confused searched all around furrowing her brows only for a few seconds, smiling soon after.

"Alice..." Bella said clearly smiling while her deep brown eyes searched for her beloved vampire.

As soon as she spoke, Alice skillfully and effortlessly let herself fall from the tall tree beside them right behind the human gracefully placing her arms around her comfortable and warm waist still grinning playfully.

"Good morning, my fair lady" the vampire said in an irresistibly sweet and charming tone.

Bella closed her eyes weakened by the embrace placing her own two long arms on Alice's, the young human slightly turned her head to meet the other girl's eyes.

"There you are beautiful..." Bella indulged in and meant every single word while her soft lips birthed a light honest smile. "Alice as romantic and poetic as this whole me trying to find you in the eves of winter may seem, I am still in large disadvantage you know" she continued raising an eyebrow playfully never taking her eyes off of Alice.

"Ah... is that so? Hmmm is that a suggestive tone I hear my love?" Alice said catching Bella's hidden message.

"Maybe" Bella responded still smiling with her evocative arched brow.

"Maybe..." Alice sweetly mocked Bella's words between her teeth, placing a soft kiss on her lips while she swiftly turned to face the human, both still submerged in the comfortable embrace.

"I did promise, didn't I?" Alice replied while Bella continued to smile and nodded.

"Well, there will be no breach of said promise; I am a lady of word... if you feel completely ready then I don't see why not" Alice said matter-of-factly. Bella's eyes glowed deeply, suddenly taken by thoughts of her humanity, her dense yet subtle existence; said thoughts making themselves felt in her throat as she swallowed a lump breathing in the falling snowflakes. Alice could see a drop of sadness slowly run through her beloved's face both girls ivory pale the only difference between the two beauties was Bella's intense flush on her cheeks caused by the extreme cold, the vampire's cherry blushed lips agape, her brows quickly furrowed gave away the inner ache burning her chest as she realized what was going through Bella's mind. Alice's hands rapidly reached Bella's face cupping both frozen cheeks in them, piercing her with her warm coals.

"Bella… are you sure you want to do this?" Alice urged whispering visibly concerned, yet fully giving her absolute support. Bella's eyes met the vampire's honestly, certainty overflowed her childlike gaze.

"Without question… I'm ready Alice" Bella said faithfully.

A few months back Bella and I had agreed on a date to change her, the transformation was in order for tonight and even though I was hoping for Bella to give herself more time it would obviously be a lost cause to try and continue my appeal. I suggested Carlisle to be the one to change her, to which she opposed… she wanted my venom to be the trigger, she was determined, there was no turning back.

Bella smiled revealing a vision full of happiness and beauty to her wife, that alone injected her some much needed strength.

"I love you Alice" The human whispered, her eyes glowing endlessly. Bella could swear to have seen a pool of tears form in the vampire's blinding gaze.

"So do I my love…" Alice softly spoke, her eyes narrowing just as they did when she smiled candidly.

The instant was perfect, their blushed lips merged sweetly into a hypnotizing kiss. Fading melodies only lovers could hear assaulted their ears with magical bliss. The astonishing scene of beauty contrasted with the coldest winter around their young bodies.

After the seemingly false scare they had with Cynthia's killer being vampires, or even worse vampires apparently out to hurt Alice and those around her dissipated, they all found some much needed peace. Bella and Alice's new house was ready, even though they had not officially moved in, they agreed for their new home to be the perfect place for Bella and Alice to spend the days presiding her transformation safely away from Jesse and any other human for that matter. Bella had just graduated and Jesse was safely living at the Cullen home with the human and the coven; Rosalie had formed a special motherly bond with her, everything was perfect.


Both the human and the vampire wanted to see their family for the last time until Bella could safely return to the mansion, Bella wanted to have a quiet dinner with Charlie… her last meal, her last night with her kind father, her last few hours as a human. The Cullen household was filled with a new joy, a breath of fresh innocent air the beautiful family sat in their living room.

"Is she ok?" Carlisle honestly inquired about his new daughter in law.

"She is… Of course it has to be difficult, but Bella has made definite peace with all this; I love her determination but It still stings, I have to take her life away from her and I cannot find the strength to make the same peace with that fact" Alice honestly replied.

"Sweetheart, you both agreed… I know it is not an easy step to take, but please know we are here for you as always" Esme said trying to offer some comfort to her beautiful daughter, Alice smiled.

The room became painfully silent, an eerie silence it was… sweet Jesse who sat a few inches across from Alice was lost in an indescribably numbing trance, her gray eyes wide open lost in time and space, Alice could feel something was completely wrong but was not successful on capturing any visions… the rest of the vampires turned to see the young girl something was clearly not right, it was strange how they could feel it in the air, Alice's eyes were faithfully set on Jesse amber drenched in unshedable liquid, panic of the unknown filled them quickly; the moment was slow motion like… the vampire was holding on to the arms of the couch, her pale fingers twitching as a tear fell down the child's eye, her small hands opening to let her teddy bear fall to the ground while she gasped for air, breaking out of the trance and looking right into Alice's expecting eyes she could feel it… the burning fire inside her stomach told her.

"Bella…" The child whispered.