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Summary: The continuation of Darkness overpowering Light. Shun embarks on a mission to collect Hades's power by ending an innocent boy's life. Trying to get home, he is faced with the past Saints, as the once crying boy starts to change into a powerful being.

Warning: Angst, violence, and slight language.


It has been two months since the ordeal with Hades and his subordinates. His friends and brother endure a long painful journey, being forced to obey the rules of the King.

Giving up his body as a vessel to Hades, Shun thought his friends will be relieved of the pain, only to be fooled. Through their torments, he heard their agony, listening and seeing behind the curtains of his soul.

That is when he realized that he needed to fight – and fight he did. In the depths of Shun's mind, a battled ensued between two powerful souls, although Hades proved to be the victor. But remembering an old myth – a tale he heard when he was young – he called the Titan of Time to have his soul in exchange for his comrades' safety.

His soul was accepted, but with a price.

Chronos has given him the chance to travel back in time to kill Alone, Hades previous vessel, to destroy his soul. With a sword identical to Hades, he was informed to plunge it into his heart where the blade shall jab into the King's soul and kill him instantly – while his powers shall be given to Shun, the new King of the Underworld.

Casting him in the mirror of time, Chronos sent Shun on his mission as he pummeled down into darkness, trying to find the light in the depths of the dark.

Chapter 1

The Mission Begins

Lost in the depths of darkness, he floated into midair, waiting to be able to see the light once more. The air flew by his ears, his hair is lashing around, until, suddenly, he stopped. His feet touched the soils of the earth, as sounds started to consume the area around him. He is perplexed, not fully comprehending what was going on. Slowly, a light landed on his eyes, watching the red hues behind his eyelids. Laughter is heard beside him; birds are heard chirping nearby; as footsteps passed him by.

Opening his eyes, the light was unbearable at first, until he slowly overcame the blinding light. He found himself in a town, filled with smiling faces and children running down the dirt pave-way. He turned his head side-to-side before he turned behind him, as the people were engage in conversations or at the activities at hand.

Shun took a glance at himself, finding himself dress in a black military coat where the hem reached his thighs, covering his pockets. Blank tangible buttons are aligned in the middle, as his legs were covered in tight gray trousers. Looking at his hands, the sleeves had lace as cuffs where it lightly caressed his skin.

Was he in the eighteen century? That means the rest of his comrades (and brother) do not exist in this realm. He took a step back, sadden at the fact the he is utterly alone.

Yet, a sudden laughter caught his attention, gazing away from the ground to watch two children – one brunette, the other blond – running past him. They laughed and smiled, watching the blonde's coat billow with the wind, showing his white pants.

'Alone,' rang the voice of Chronos inside his mind.

His eyes dimmed when watching the boy's play, realizing that he couldn't commit the deed – not when the boy appeared to look so innocent.

'Are you sure there isn't another alternative?' He is praying that there is another way. Shun is not the type of person to take away another life, unless he was engaged (or left with no other choice) to do so.

'No,' was Chronos's mild reply.

Shun sighed, watching the boy slip away in a corner along with the other.

'I have given you your cloth, however be careful where you use it. There are others, like yourself, who will get suspicious,' he advised.

Shun sighed. By now the people were staring at him strange that he decided to walk, to prove that there is nothing wrong. 'Are you sure there isn't another way? I cannot kill this boy. I shall not!'

'Stop being afraid and kill him!'

Shun closed his eyes, halting in his steps. He slipped his hands into his pockets and reeled his head back to face towards the sky. Opening his eyes to the blue sky, he realized that his mission had begun, but the question is: Can he do it? Can he kill an innocent boy, just to get to Hades, his enemy? Shun let out a breath, looking towards where the boy was last seen. He knew in his heart that what he is about do is wrong, but what other choice did he have in order to prevent Hades from terrorizing his era? He knew it was wrong, but he is willing to make a sacrifice – even if it tormented him the rest of his life.