Seven years later . . .

Dancing flames flourished the room with its glow as the harsh wind tapped against the window that withheld the snow from coming in. A flip of a page was heard followed by a remote sigh. Sprawled on the couch, a young father was entranced in his novel only to glance up to find his young daughter bored with playing her dolls.

A tap to the door caught her attention. She got up from her knees, her pink dress flowing behind her as she went to go get the door. He had no doubt his wife would be by her side answering the door. Besides, no fool would dare harm his family knowing that a Saint of Athena resided in this home.

Slowly, he flipped the page, his eyes scanning the book with pure interest, until his daughter jumped on the couch and begged for his attention.

"Papa, there's a funny man outside," she said. He lowered his book to find her blue eyes staring at him, her two blond pigtails coming out of the confinements of its band. He smiled and set the book down on the counter. Rising from his spot, he patted her head and made his way towards the door.

His wife glanced towards him and moved her head towards the door. Silently, she left him, heading into the kitchen to resume her cooking.

Pulling the door wider, he came faced with a man, presumably around his age, clad in a dark military coat, matching his dark pants and boots. He broke into a smile, his green eyes meeting his curious blue.

"May I help you?" the man asked.

"It's good to see you, Hyoga," greeted the mysterious man. Hyoga burrowed his brows, taking a step outside as he stared into those dead eyes.

"Shun?" he inquired, feeling the familiar cosmos belonging to his long lost friend. The man nodded his head, confirming that it was indeed him.

Hyoga wanted to embrace him, but Shun raised his hand, halting him for doing so.

"I do not have much time. I just came to say hello," he hastily said.

Hyoga glanced behind, hearing the whining of horses as a chariot was seen. He placed his eyes back towards Shun.

He never spoke of what happened in the battle of Chronos, all he did was smile, until the next morning he disappeared without a single word of goodbye. He closed his palms, his curiosity begging to ask Shun of the events that took place during the time of his disappearance, yet he merely broke into a smile.

"I'm glad to see that you are alright."

Shun sighed. "Ikki said the same thing, but, of course, he isn't alone, now that he has Esmeralda to cherish."

Hyoga chuckled. "I was surprised you managed to revive her, but happy none the less."

Shun nodded his head, silence taking over the two. He needed to head back, knowing that he had a job to do – and past specters to visit. Taking a step back, he headed towards the chariot before he stopped and gave his farewell:

"I'll see you again, Hyoga."

Hyoga waved his hand in a gesture of goodbye, watching his dear friend depart and climb inside his chariot. The Specter holding the reins made the horses gallop, leading them down the snow pathway until it vanished in a gust of snow. The Swan Saint smiled and placed his hands inside his jeans, hoping that their next meeting would last longer – and perhaps he would explain the mystery behind the battle of Chronos.

Hearing the door whip open behind, he turned and smiled down to his four-year-old daughter.

"Daddy, who is that lady on the couch," she asked, causing her father to be confused. Taking a step past his daughter, he shut the door, watching her prance towards the living room. He followed slowly behind, the beating of his heart racing in his ears. Finding his daughter staring at the couch before her, he walked around and gasped.

"Mama," he choked, finding it hard to believe until her eyes opened and her lips lifted into a serene smile.

A/N: Thanks for the reviews. This was an abrupt end, but I didn't know what else to add, so I just went with the flow. I was going to write more, even include the battle with Chronos, but I just left the battle a mystery. I am taking a break from all this. As of today, I am but a reviewer.