This is my first legendary shipping fic (as well as my first shipping attempt), so please tell me if I am doing something wrong.

Note that I will try and showcase all the legends but not all of them will be shipped.

Chapter 1: Land and Sea Collide

Arceus, a large white equine being with gold hooves and a gold wheel around its midsection, levitated from the kitchen over to her throne. There, she placed the bowl of tortilla chips next to her cup of coffee. She picked up one of the chips and slowly munched on it.

It was a normal day in the Hall of Origins: home to the Legendary Pokémon. The sun's rays shone brightly through the tall windows.

Suddenly, the calm was shattered by a loud crash coming from the end of the hall.

Arceus immediately got to her feet and headed over to the source of the disturbance, which happened to be the recreation room.


In the rec room, Groudon, a large, red lizard pokémon, and Kyogre, a large, blue whale pokémon were in the midst of brawling. Rayquaza, a long, green and slender dragon pokémon, along with Mewtwo, a tall catlike pokémon cheered them both on.

"Try and spy on me in the shower will you!?" Kyogre hissed. Her body glowed blue for a moment. "Take this! Water Spout!" A shockwave of water issued forth from her body, the two spectators levitated above the ground so they were unaffected by the attacks but the watery wave drenched then entire rec room.

Groudon grunted as the wave of water slammed into him. "What is wrong with you?! It's not my fault that we have to share a bathroom!" The black lines running across his body started to glow red. "Gah! Earthquake, go!" he shouted, stomping the ground as hard as possible, sending a nearly invisible shockwave towards Kyogre.

The shockwave threw Kyogre around but also ended up destroying the rec room.

Kyogre recovered. "Taste my Hydro Pump!" she shouted, sending a powerful jet of water at Groudon.

Groudon tried to move out of the way but the jet of water was too fast. The jet struck him in the crotch. He soon toppled over, clutching his groin in agony. "You win," he squeaked out.

Kyogre grinned as Mewtwo and Rayquaza gently floated down.

"I must say, I liked that battle." Mewtwo said. He was grinning widely.

Rayquza chuckled. "You like any battle." He then flew over to Groudon and helped him to his feet.

"You okay?" Rayquaza asked.

"I got shot in the nuts with a Hydro Pump! Does it look like I'm okay?!" Groudon shouted.

"Let's get out of here before Arceus finds out." Mewtwo said.

"Too late," a voice behind them said.

All the heads turned and spotted Arceus hovering in the doorway.

"Who made this mess?" she demanded.

Mewtwo surrounded Groudon and Kyogre with a bright red psychic aura, which was his way of saying "They did it!"

Arceus sighed. "I got this rec room as a gift for everyone and you two end up wrecking it. I will think of a suitable punishment for you two later." She then left the room.

Mewtwo and Rayquaza left the room and headed to the library, leaving the two legends behind.

"I hope you're happy! Arceus is probably going to make me sell my Seabed Veil to pay for the damage you caused." Kyogre spat.

"Shut up." Groudon replied. He then left the rec room to return to his room. Kyogre did the same.


Arceus returned to her throne with a sigh. There, Giratina, a large six legged basilisk-centipede pokémon greeted her.

"Tough day?" Giratina asked. He was sipping a large cup of black tea. He gently draped a black wing across her shoulders.

"Pretty easy compared to what's going to happen later. And that's saying something because Groudon and Kyogre trashed the rec room." Arceus responded.

Giratina choked on his hot tea. "The rec room that I sold my Shady Dust to help pay for?!"

Arceus nodded.

Giratina tried his hardest not to cry as he spoke. "I sold my favorite possession to pay for that and they wreck it?!"

"It's okay, Gira." Arceus responded. "I'm going to make them start paying for all the crap they've wrecked." She then reached into her bowl of tortilla chips only to find it empty.

"Jirachi!" she shouted, her voice echoing throughout the Hall.

Giratina sighed. "This is going to be a rough day," he muttered.