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"Do you understand me? You are not to interfere with his recruitment." Professor Flemming gave Bryce a hard stare before turning back to his notes. "His test scores put him at the top five percent of candidates for Project Omaha. He will be recruited, he will be tested, and then he will be put to use as we see fit."

Bryce ran a hand through his hair in an attempt to gain control of the raging emotions inside of him. "He does well on paper, but he is a good guy. Totally not cut out for the spy world. I can't let this happen to him."

Bryce had been bitching at him for almost half an hour, and the good professor had another class starting in ten minutes. He leaned back in his chair and fixed the upstart recruit with a stony glare. "Listen, and listen well Recruit Larkin. You better learn your place soon. Agents are to follow orders, not question them. And you aren't even an agent yet. You have no say in the matter, and any attempts to keep Mr. Bartowski from joining the agency will be blamed on you."

"What if he cheated?"

"I will know better, because any attempts to keep Mr. Bartowski from joining the agency will be blamed on you. If you will excuse me, I have a class to teach, papers to grade, and a potential supercomputer to recruit."


Bryce lay on his back staring at the ceiling. Right now he could imagine his best friend's shocked expression over the CIA recruiting him for a top secret project. Chuck would most surely agree out of the ideal of serving the country and saving people from bad guys. He was too noble to pass up an opportunity to help on such a large scale.

The young recruit groaned and rolled onto his side. How was he supposed to deal with such a kind and innocent guy like Chuck in the spy life? Bryce was going (hoping) to be the most badass spy ever seen in the world, but he felt so powerless in this situation. How was he supposed to save the world if he couldn't save his best friend?

Speak of the devil. At that moment Chuck burst through the door in a bundle of excitement, nervousness, shock, and probably a couple of other things that Bryce couldn't come up with at the moment. "Dude!"


"Are you-"

"Yeah. I got recruited a while back." Bryce was watching Chuck, who didn't seem to know how to respond. He still seemed to be processing the situation.

"This is big. This is going to change everything." Chuck looked at Bryce with an intensity that he hadn't seen before. "Professor Flemming said that by next September, we're supposed to both start on Project Omaha. I'm assuming you've already done some training? I've also got to start soon. I wonder what exactly I'm going to be doing? What are you doing" He was a bundle of nerves and Bryce had to chuckle at the way Chuck was pacing around and babbling his head off.

As he let Chuck go on, Bryce thought about what was about to happen. He was going to become a spy. There were some things that he knew were going to be dark and morally grey, but it was for the greater good. He wasn't too sure what Chuck was going to be doing, but he knew that it was a super top secret project that had a lot of time and effort from different agencies invested in it.

Chuck finally sat down in a chair and fell into a pensive silence. He spoke, "You know, the future seemed endless with possibilities. But now, I can't shake the feeling that it's looming."

"I agree." Bryce saw the end of innocence, but then saw what the right course of action was. "I guess our childhoods, our days of innocence are almost over. So do you know what we need to do."

Chuck thought it over before tentatively replying, "Prepare for the world of spies and intrigue?"

Bryce gave his roommate a wolfish grin before replying, "That comes later. What are we supposed to do before that? I'll give you a hint, we're in a frat."

Still tentative and mildly confused, "Drink alcohol?"

Bryce was resigned to what was going to happen to the both of them. He didn't necessarily have to like it, but he does have to live with it. If their lives as they knew them were about to end, they should go out on a bang. "Close. We've got to party! Celebrate the end and the beginning of our lives as CIA agents! And for that, I think we need to go on a road trip."


Jill sighed. Summer was coming up and she was supposed to start official training with Fulcrum soon. And get a PhD in the process. She originally joined the group because they offered her some sweet chances to further her career and play with the latest technology in biology. However, she was beginning to have doubts. They were hinting at her doing some dubious things. And they wanted her to leave her old friends and family behind. That included Chuck.

"Jill." She looked up and saw Leader enter the conference room. He set up some sort of signal jammer and took a seat before beginning. "You must start preparing for your career, so let's lay out your schedule for the summer."

"Alright," she said, trying to muster up some enthusiasm. "I'm not doing anything else, especially since Chuck and his friend Bryce are going on a road trip."

Leader looked at her calculatingly before asking, "Really? What do they plan on doing?" He leaned forward. "And aren't you supposed to break up with your boyfriend? You can't have so many attachments to affect your job and loyalty."

"Yeah, well, it's kind of hard to just break things off. I mean, I've been really distant and bitchy lately so that he would want to leave, but my guy's just too loyal." A look of affection flashed across her face, but she tried to banish it before Leader could see it.

He assessed her a moment longer before a small smile found itself on his face. "Actually, your first assignment is to spy on your boyfriend and his friend. Relay any, interesting information, and try not to get caught."


Chuck sighed, trying to get his mind off of Jill. She was really nice about the breakup, but it still hurt. He was hoping to work on their relationship and get things back to the way things were, but she cut that chance off.

Bryce looked at Chuck's forlorn expression while he drove down the 5 freeway. That bitch broke up with him last week, and it was taking a toll on his best friend. Well, there can't be any room for that on the trip. They were supposed to celebrate the end of their formative years before they got into the real world of spies and danger.

"Alright Chuck, I know you're hurting, but you can't stay like that the entire trip. That would just suck. So for now, put Jill out of your mind and focus on the major rebound action you're going to get. Imagine: drinking, babes, good times, hangover mornings, it's going to be great. When we're done, you can have some self pity time over Jill. But now, it's my time to be with you, so you're just going to have to deal at this moment."

Chuck focused on the little pep talk. Normally, he would sulk for a little while longer, but he decided that now was not the time. "I know Bryce. I know I'm being a bit of a drag right now, but I'll put myself together right now. Just focus on helping you not get drunk so easily."

"Hey! I can hold my liquor. My tolerance just wavers every now and then," Bryce exclaimed with indignation.

"Of course. That's why our superiors gave you the order to increase your alcohol tolerance as a side objective in our trip. Seriously, are you a frat boy or not?"

"I am too a frat boy. And I am not some cheap drunk either." He was pouting now. The recruit found it difficult to deny his embarrassment over being a lightweight.

"Right," his friend drawled. "Last time you had one beer and ended up proclaiming to the world that you wet the bed until you were ten."

"Did not," Bryce flat-out denied. And he would keep denying that fact, despite Chuck's video evidence. "You know what? I can have more than one beer before getting drunk."

"That's not saying much."

"Shut-up. I'm making a point. You know what? I'll make that point right now." The agent-in-training at that moment put some of his fancy new driving skills to work and swerved through three lanes of traffic, gaining angry honks and fingers along the way. Chuck screamed along the way. He did a power slide into a run-down parking lot in front of a run-down bar. Dive is probably the more appropriate term.

Chuck finally stopped screaming when they were double-parked in front of a couple of motorcycles. It took him a moment to unleash his death grip on whatever he could grab in the car and get out. He took a few wobbling steps in Bryce's direction, who was already halfway to the door entrance.

"Bryce, can you please give a little warning before you do that again? Or better yet, can you please never do that again?"

"Ah, come on Chuck. That's what you get for insulting my booze tolerance. Come on now, we've got to begin our mission!"