Author's Note

Hey guys! I just want to wish you all a Merry Christmas! It's been a long year and I'm so glad that you are finally able to enjoy this story about Christmas from the Uley's point of view. This story is set just after Chapter Nine in The Blacks 2. Please let me know what you think about this story. It is only one chapter and I will not be adding any more. Once again, have a awesome Christmas and I look forward to writing more next year.

The Blacks: Christmas Special

The soft falling of snow, the house lit up like a Christmas tree and the smell of gingerbread men was the perfect scenario for Christmas. The trees opposite the house were covered in snow and the soft sounds of the birds chirping in the trees made the scenery look, almost, unreal.

Inside the Uley's home was silent, except for the soft whispers coming from the happily married couple who were sitting in the kitchen and discussing their day's plans.

"Christmas means so much more when you have kids." Sam Uley said to his wife as he sipped on his steaming, hot coffee. Isabella smiled and agreed with her husband as she took out a new batch of ginger bread men. "I never celebrated Christmas before I met you and had the kids. I would just get up, just like every other morning and then go on patrol as if it was just another day of the year."

"I've always loved Christmas." Bella said in a soft, dreamy tone. "There's something about that day that just makes everything so much more exciting and peaceful." Sam agreed and continued to eye the ginger bread men that were cooling in front of him. His wife gave him a look causing him to grin and tip the rest of his coffee down the sink.

"What time do you reckon the kids will be up?" Sam wondered as Bella fluttered around the kitchen, tidying. Before Bella could reply the sound of little feet were heard pattering on the wooden floors.

"I believe now is the correct answer to your question." Bella giggled as she turned to the doorway just as her eldest son raced into the room wearing his spider man pajamas and little blue slippers. The smile on his face lit up the room with excitement.

"Can we open the presents now?" Aaron gushed. His father smiled down at his son and ruffled up his black locks.

"How about we wait for everyone to get here, and then you can open your presents." Sam said to his son. Aaron frowned and looked over to his mother.

"What are you making?" Aaron asked as he climbed up on the kitchen barstool.

"I'm making ginger bread men." Bella, his mother, explained. "Would you like to help me decorate them?" Hoping that this task would occupy her son until the rest of the family arrived. The boy smiled happily and started frosting the biscuits.

Just as the biscuits were finished being decorated the sound of the front door opening rang throughout the house. Aaron's face lit up like a Christmas tree.

"Grandpa! Uncle Jake!" Aaron screamed as he raced, as fast as he could, towards the door where his grandfather was being wheeled in by his Uncle Jake. Isabella peaked out of the kitchen to have a look who was here, and found that the entire pack was following close behind her father and brother.

"Hey buddy." Billy Black, Bella's adoptive father, said to his grandson. "Are you ready to open some presents?"

"I've been up for ages, but mom and dad won't let me open any until everyone gets here." Aaron explained as they came into the kitchen. Bella bent down and wrapped her arms around her adoptive father.

"Merry Christmas, dad." Bella said. Billy smiled at his daughter and kissed her cheek before looking around for his other grandson. "He's still sleeping." The man nodded and wheeled himself into the dining room where he sat with the rest of his family.

"Mom, mom." Aaron called from the dining room. "Pleeaassee, can we open some presents now?"

"Hold on, I'll go up and get David now." Bella explained to her over excited son who was practically bouncing with excitement. Bella walked upstairs and softly opened the nursery door to find her youngest son standing in his cot, wide awake. She smiled and walked over and kisser her son on his forehead. He smiled, a gummy grin, back to her and lifted his arms up. Bella lifted her son out of his cot and placed him on the ground before walking him downstairs to the rest of his family.

"Come on, mom." Aaron squealed causing everyone to laugh at the eager boy. Sam looked over to his youngest son and lifted him into his arms. David automatically placed his head in the crook of his father's neck and wrapped his arms around his neck.

Once everyone was seated in the living room, Aaron ordered them to watch him open his presents. He grabbed the first one her saw and tore it open. His little face broke out into the most heart warming grin his parents had ever seen. It was obvious that the boy was in love with his new truck that he had gotten from his grandfather. It seemed as though his smile got bigger and bigger as he begun to open more and more presents. The adults watched the young child and laughed when the child cried out in excitement. There was presents from the entire pack, the Cullen's and even her father who had managed to buy both of the children gifts.

Once the wrapping paper, which was found thrown all over the living room, was collected and placed into a rubbish bag, everyone came together and enjoyed a cooked breakfast with hash browns, bacon, eggs and sausages. The large family, even though some of them were not related by blood, talked and consumed their breakfast greedily.

Bella and Camilla spent most of the time in the kitchen. They were not only hosting a breakfast for their friends and family, but also a lunch as well. And Bella knew how much the pack ate, so she knew she was going to have to cook a heap of food in order to fill them up. Cakes, Muffins, quiches, cookies and gingerbread men were made for the boys and children to enjoy throughout the day.

While the girls where in the kitchen, the pack decided to help Aaron set up his remote controlled car that Sam and Bella had brought him for Christmas. He jumped into the little sit and grabbed a hold of the staring wheel. It was obvious that the little boy thought that he was the one controlling the car. But in reality, his father had the remote control. Sam flicked the switch and started moving the handle. The small car jumped into life and started driving all over the snowy back yard. The two women who were making lunch all had their faces pressed against the window.

"Sam, don't you dare make it go any faster than that." Sam's wife threatened from the kitchen. He nodded and continued to watch his son as he did laps of the backyard. The facial expressions made by the small child melted even the coldest hearts.

Back inside, young David sat in his high chair swinging his legs back and forth as he waited for his mother to bring him his sippy cup, which was filled with apple juice. He watched as he mother and Camilla danced around the kitchen, making sure everything was set for their lunch.

"Did you have a good Christmas, David?" Camilla cooed at the child. David grinned and banged his tiny fists on the plastic table in front of him. "You'd better hurry up, Bella. It looks like this little guy is getting impatient." The ladies giggled and cooed at the boy. David smiled at his mother happily when she gave him his special cup to drink from. Bella picked up her son and carried him out to where her father, brother and husband were sitting. She placed David on her father's lap and gasped loudly when Sam accidently made Aaron's car drive into a small mountain of soil that they had in their backyard.

"DAD!" Aaron yelled furiously as his father continued to drive backwards and then ram him into the pile of dirt again. His father laughed before getting him out of the dirt.

"Hi Bella." A small voice from behind Bella squeaked. She turned around and smiled when she saw that it was Quil imprint, Claire. Bella picked her up and pointed to where Aaron was in the backyard. Her face lit up and instantly asked if she could have a go on it as well.

"I'm sure Aaron won't mind if you jump in as well." Bella said. Sam looked up at her and raised his eyebrows.

"Bells, this is car can only hold one person. She won't be able to fit." Sam explained to his wife. Bella shook his head and told her husband to stop the toy car. The car with Aaron in it stopped in front of Bella so she could place Claire on his lap. Aaron looked extremely unhappy, but once his mother gave him the be quiet look he put on a fake smile. The small girl, in her childhood crush's arms, smiled as they sped around the backyard together. In the end, they were both smiling happily.

"Bella." Paul whined. Bella looked over to him and saw that he was hungry again. She rolled her eyes and walked back into the kitchen to see how Camilla's chocolate cake was coming along.

"Their already hungry." Bella explained to her friend. Camilla's eyes bulged out of her head and nearly rolled away.

"How could they possibly be hungry when they only had breakfast an hour and a half ago?" Camilla shrieked. Bella giggled at her friend before setting the large table in their dining room for their lunch.

"You wouldn't believe how much food they would go through each day if I didn't put my foot down." Bella laughed. "They will just constantly eat, and eat, and eat until they get bored of doing so." Camilla shook her head and plopped herself down on the sofa.

"How do you do it all, Bella?" She asked.

"Do what? Afford all of food that I feed them?" Bella said as Camilla giggled and shook her head.

"No, how do deal with having a werewolf husband?" Camilla asked. Bella shrugged and sat down opposite her.

"I don't no." Bella said honestly. "I think it may have something to do with being a werewolf myself. But I just don't find it as different as I thought it would. It's my life, so I've just gotten used to it."

"Do you think I will?" Camilla asked.

"Of course you will. All you have to do is get used to Kyle's ways and everything will be fine." Bella said.

"But what if I can't?" Camilla said. "What if I can't get used to Kyle's anger problems and the fact that if I piss him off he may start destroying things?"

"I guess it's a risk you're going to have to take." Bella said. "You're going to have to trust that he won't get to out of hand."

"Bella, were really hungry." Jacob whined from the deck. Bella rolled her eyes and told Camilla that they had better start putting the food on the table. The pack helped Aaron set up his swing set, mini swimming pool and sand pit up for him while the ladies set up lunch.

An hour later, the entire family was seated around the table at the Uley's house. The food that had been cooked seemed to be evaporating into thin air, jokes from Christmas crackers were being laughed at and stories were being told. Because together, they didn't care about how the fact that there was a room filled with werewolves and a vampire. All they cared about was the family and friends surrounding them at this special time of the year.

The End