Chapter 1: The Transformation

Disclaimer: I do not own anything belonging to Digimon, however I do own the scientists that are present at the beginning of the chapter.

Warning: The dream that is present in this chapter contains brutal violence.

A/N: This story takes place two months after the end of the fourth season.

Inside a chemical plant the scientists were about to preparing a chemical solution to improve the anti-aging cream.

The lead scientist was middle age and had dark brown hair with some gray strands and was wearing a lab coat, gloves and goggles.

"Listen carefully; our first assignment is to extend the anti-aging cream's chemical uses. We will create a whole new cream that not only makes an individual appear younger but literally make them younger. Now look at your procedures read over them carefully and perform the steps in chronological order. Any chemical mishaps are unacceptable," he told them.

"Yes sir," they all said in unison and began on working on their project.

Several hours later

Lead scientist spoke. "Now that everyone is finish pour the solution into the 5 liter beaker on the counter beside me and then I will test it on myself to see if the project was successful," the lead scientist said.

"But sir what the solution has some kind of harmful side effects involved?" a male scientist asked.

"That is a risk I am willing to take," he said.

With that said the scientist performed the task giving to them for several hours. After the solution was made the scientists carried their beakers to the 5 liter beaker. Then all of a suddenly a dozen of rats appeared all over the place which cause the entire scientist to either scream or gasped. The rats shattered some of the equipment including the 250 ml beakers.

"Haven't I told all of you to specific make sure that the rats were kept in a secured when you finish experimenting with them!" he yelled at them and looked down in the ground in fury.

"Sir, are you all right," a female scientist asked.

"Do I look like I am all right!" he asked her. "I thought up that experiment for several days and all of my hard work had gone down the drain literally. Honestly how do you think I feel?" he asked her

"We could start the project again though it will take awhile," another female scientist added.

Shut up and get out! All of you get out now!" he demanded.

"But sir…" a male scientist spoke.

"Get out now you all are suspended and if you do not go leave in ten seconds then I will have you all fired!" the lead scientist said pointing a finger at them.

With that said the other scientists turned to leave and mumbled something about how he overacts a lot.

The mid-night of the next day at the Kimura residences

Kouichi tossed and turned in his sleep.

Kouichi found himself in a forest. "What is this place?"

Kouichi turned to his right and saw a boy standing in a center circle within the forest.

"Who's there?" Kouichi asked as he walked closer to the boy.

We he got closer the boy he saw that the boy wore a blue bandanna and his face was identical to Kouichi.

"Kouji?" he asked and approached him.

The other boy turned to face Kouichi and growled. "Stay away from me?" he shouted.

"Kouji what is wrong?" Kouichi asked.

"You are what are wrong. You tried to kill me because you were jealous that I had a better lifestyle than you. You did not even have the courage to talk to me when you first saw me and you basically just stalk me. I would have understood your situation if you were eager to discuss it, but no you had to keep everything to yourself and blame everything on me!" Kouji point his finger at him

"What, but I…," Kouichi began.

Takuya, Izumi, Junpei, and Tomoki came to the scene.

Takuya then pointed his index finger at Kouichi. "You will pay for all of the things you did in the Digital World and all of the innocence Digimon you hurt."

"You chose to be controlled by Cherubimon because you had a desire to kill!" Izumi yelled at Kouichi.

"We are going to bring you to justice you menace. It is payback time for hurting me and my friends!" Junpei yelled.

"We are going to teach you a lesson that you will never forget bully!" Tomoki added.

"I am sorry. I know I did very terrible things and I ever found many ways to repent them. I also thought that you all forgave me?" Kouichi asked looking down on the ground.

"Forgiveness, uh," Kouji told him. "You will never be forgiven all of the sins you committed are unforgivable."

"What is going on here? Why do they all hate me all of a sudden?" Kouichi thought.

With that said Takuya, Kouji, Izumi, Junpei, and Tomoki walked up to Kouichi and drag him close to a nearby tree. Kouichi struggles to get free of their grasped but failed. Takuya and Kouji pulled out long thick ropes and Izumi held into Kouichi's wrist and position them up while Kouji tied a rope to his wrist. Junpei and Tomoki hold Kouichi's ankles still and Takuya put the rope on the ankle while Junpei and Tomoki tied the rope to the tree.

"Stop it guys is this some kind of joke because if it is it is not really funny," Kouichi told them.

"This is no joke. We are going to torture you to death literally" Kouji stated.

"Want shall we do first guys. I am anxious to get started with this," Takuya said excitedly.

"I know let's spit on him," Tomoki suggested.

"That a great idea Tomoki," Junpei commented.

All five kids mocked and spat on Kouichi.

"This is disgusting. I mean seriously it is just plan disgusting," Kouichi stated.

Kouji punched him in the stomach. "Shut up you is not allowed to protest on anything that we do." Then Kouji turned back to his friends. "Guys this is not working he is suppose to be feeling pain; we have to break him more.

"I have an idea, let's cut off all of his hair," Izumi suggested taking out a pair of scissors and the others followed after. "A bad hair day makes anyone feel pain and I cannot wait to trim those bangs.

"Is that the best you can do guys because I am really tired of this game," Kouichi said and was both angered and annoyed by this.

They all cut off every last inch of Kouichi's hair and he was left bald.

"His hair will just grow back guys. We needed to cut off his body parts. That will definitely break him," Kouji suggested.

Kouichi froze as this statement in disbelief.

"Can we keep them as souvenirs," Takuya said.

"Sure I do not see why not as long as I get to keep his head," Kouji said.

"I will keep his arms then," Tomoki suggested.

"I will take the torso," Takuya said.

"Then I will have the legs," Junpei told them.

"I will take what every leftover," Tomoki and Izumi said in unison.

"Kouji would you really do this to your own brother," Kouichi looked at him sadly.

"You are not my brother I have no siblings at all. I am an only child. Even if I did have siblings I would want nothing to do with them if they were murders like you!" Kouji snapped at him and then punch him in the jaw.

"Ah!" Kouichi said screamed in pain. "Kouji please do not do this I beg of you."

"You want mercy don't you well you are not going to get it murder. You deserve to be punished for everything you have done," Kouji growled.

Afterwards the five children took butcher knives from their pocket and cut his face and cut at several places on his arms. Then they took out a knife and ripped his shirt off and cutting several parts of his chest.

"Ah, stop it!" Kouichi yelled and tears rolled down from his eyes

Kouji then punched him in his stomach again. "Do you understand what shut up means?"

The children then took out Kouichi's shoes and cut off his toes and foot altogether.

"Ah!" Kouichi scream again.

They proceeded in cutting off his arms and hand and then the remainder of his body fell on the grass.

"This must be in a nightmare," Kouichi thought trying to wake up.

Then they cut and tore at Kouichi's pants and boxers. They slash his legs with their knives and cut them off then they cut off his genitals.

"Ah," Kouichi scream again and was sobbing. "Please stop it! Stop right now I cannot take it anymore."

"You are right it is about time to finish this," Kouji said. "Right after I chop your head off."

"Kouji said picking up an ax off the grass and string it close to Kouichi's neck.

"NO!" Kouichi screamed.

Kouichi woke up sweating. "What a nightmare?" he thought.

He looked up at the clock on the wall in his room which said 7:00 am and he got up and walked out of his room to the kitchen.

His mom was up cooking breakfast.

"Good morning mom," Kouichi said.

"Good morning Kouichi. Did you sleep well last night?" Ms. Kimura asked him.

"Yes mom I sleep very well," Kouichi lied since he did not want to explain to his mom about what happen in the dream.

"I am glad to hear that," she told Kouichi. "Well then breakfast is ready."

After Ms. Kimura and Kouichi finish eating breakfast they began to say their farewells.

"Well mom I am about to go to school. Have a great day at work," Kouichi told her.

"Thank you son, that means so much to me," she told him.

"You welcome," Kouichi then bowed and said. "Bye mom."

"Take care," Ms. Kimura said. "Here I go again another stressful day at this job. Sometimes I wish my life was easier. I wish I could just relive my childhood when I had less responsibility," she thought and then got ready for work. She got dress for worked and put on a wearing navy blue dress pants and a white blouses.

Several Hours later

After Ms. Kimura got off from work she was riding on a city bus with a crowd of people and she thought. "Maybe I should stop by the Pharmacy before I go home."

When the bus came to a stop the driver said. "All right passengers who are disembarking please exit in a single thank you and you cooperation."

After getting off the bus Ms. Kimura walked three blocks before she got to the Pharmacy. She entered and pick up the items that she had on the checklist she made and paid for them. She walked home which was 10 minutes away from the drug store. When she got there she entered the house and turned on the lights and placed the bags in the counter.

"I better get dinner ready before Kouichi gets here?" she thought and unknown to her there was a sharp knife of the counter and she press up against it accidentally cut her left index finger which starts to bleed.

"Ouch!" she screamed and went to get a cotton ball and a band-aid. Then she came back into the kitchen and opened the new antibiotic that she just brought from the drug store and applied it to her left index finders. She let it sit on the wound for a few minutes and place the band-aid on it. Then suddenly she felt a spell of dizziness.

"I do not feel so good," she thought and laid down on the couch, her body began to transform and her height decreased. In her place was an eleven year old girl with a blue-hair who has a pony-tail and bangs on the side of her ears.

The girl opened her eyes and looked around. "Where am I and how did I get dressed in these clothes?" she thought and she got off the couch and looked around at the place that was strange to her. She explored the house and many different rooms to see if anyone was there. In one room she saw a picture of a woman reading a story to a five year old boy. The next room that she explored was a bedroom. She searched and looked around then she saw a picture of two 11 year old boys together who were wearing different clothes but faces were identical to each other and then she saw a picture of six children consist of five boys and one girl. When she found no traces of anyone she walked out of the room and then she thought about one of the pictures she saw earlier. "No one here and is it just me or does that woman in that picture looks familiar." She thought and then dismissed it. "Naw probably be just me."

She then went back into the living room and spotted a telephone and was puzzled. "Is this a telephone it does not look like any that I have seen before but it has those numbers on it like one?" She thought to herself and dialed a phone number. "Maybe I can contact mother and father."

"Father, mother it is me Tomoko I am in this strange house and I have no idea where I am," she spoke.

"We are sorry but the number you contact is no longer available. This telephone number has either been disconnected or is not busy at the moment please try again later" the phone operator said.

"What does that suppose to mean did they get a new telephone number or something or did something happen to them," Tomoko shaking in fear.

Afterward Tomoko jumped at the sound of the door opening and saw a boy.

"Mom I am home," Kouichi said and then noticed the girl. "All right who are you and how do you get in here?"

Tomoko then recalled seeing him some pictures and pointed here right index finger at him. "Hey you are one of the boys that I saw on the picture."

"Answer me or I will call the police," Kouichi demanded.

"I do not know how I got in here. I just woke up and found myself in here," Tomoko then continued. "But I do think that you kidnapped me and took brought me here.

"I have not brought you here you just came in here," Kouichi told her.

"I did not break into this house kidnapper and I demand that you tell me where my parents are and why I am here," Tomoko told him.

"I have no idea what you are talking about," Kouichi said shaking his head and thought that the girl had either mental issues or was trying to play tricks on his mind then he heard his cell phone making a sound and pick it up out of his pocket. "Digital World is in grave danger. We need your help once more. If you accept this request then go to the Shibuya Train Station immediately," Ophanimon's voice instructed and Kouichi then clicked 'yes'.

When he looked up where the girl was and saw that she was not there. "She is gone." He thought and he closed the door and ran out of the house.

Tomoko who was hiding behind a bush thought "I have to follow him to get some answers."

When Kouichi arrived at the train station and saw Kouji, Izumi, Junpei, and Tomoki there.

"Hello, everyone did you all get the message," Kouichi asked.

"We sure did. I wonder what the trouble could be this time," Junpei wondered.

"I do not know but whatever it is we will be sure to take care of them," Tomoki said balling up his fist and ready for action.

Kouji then turned to Kouichi "Hey Kouichi, have you decided to tell me about that dream you had this morning?"

"It is nothing really. Just a plain old bad dream," Kouichi said.

"Were we in your dream? Did something happen to us? You can tell us we will understand." Tomoki assured him.

"No, none of you were in and it is really nothing," he lied and then decided to change the subject. "So when is Takuya going to be here?"

"Well knowing Takuya he isn't exactly a punctual person," Kouji responded.

"Takuya called me earlier and said that he was having soccer practice. So I think it would have a hard time convincing his couch to dismiss him," Izumi told them.

Kouichi then began "There is something I want to talk to you all about, when I entered my house today I saw this strange girl. I do not know how she got into my house but she kept saying that I kidnapped her and that she wanted me to tell her were her parents are? How am I was suppose to do that when I do not even know who her parents are though there is really something familiar about that girl but I cannot placed my finger on what it is."

"How do you know if she actually broke into your house for all you know maybe she was a guest of your mom and bumped her head and got amnesia," Junpei theorized.

"Well the thing is that my mom was not home and mom does not leave guest at her house while she is not there," Kouichi explained.

Takuya then walked up to the rest of the children. "Sorry I am late. I was trying to convince the coach to let me go. I lied and I told him that my mom was in the hospital so I had to go check up on her. Now let's get going we have to save the Digital World."

After that was said, the children heading towards the Trailmon and got on.

When they got on it they saw a girl who was walking up to them and Kouichi recognized her and whispered. "Kouji there's that girl again."

Kouji took a look at the girl walking towards him and remember what Kouichi said earlier. "Kouichi was right there is something very familiar about that girl," he thought.

Tomoko looked around her and saw the same boy she came across earlier along with five other children whom she recalled seen on a picture earlier. She took a look at Takuya, Kouji, Junpei, Izumi, and Tomoki then she turned to Kouichi.

"All right explain everything to me now. First you can start by telling me where the heck I am and what this strange place is and where are my parents?" she demanded.

"Listen you should get out this train now," Kouichi suggested. "We are here to take care of some serious business.

"I am not going anywhere until you answer my questions," Tomoko said.

They all headed the engine sound the train disembarked to the next destination.

"This is going to be a long day," Kouichi thought. "Okay first tell can you give me your name."

"I only give my name to people whom I trust and I still suspect that you were the one who kidnapped me and brought me to that house," Tomoko said to him.

Kouji then spoke up trying to defend his brother. "I do not know who you think you are little girl, but brother would never do such a thing like that."

"How do you know that and I got a feeling that you both have plan this to abduct me for some unknown reason, but I am willing to defend myself if any of you if you try to hurt me in anyway," Tomoko said bawling up her fist.

"Are you seriously going to fight me when you have a bandage finger," Kouji pointed out.

Tomoko looked at her finger and just notice the band-aid. "That is strange how this band-aid got on my finger. I do not remember injuring my finger?"

"Can someone please tell me what is going on here? I meaning seriously I am getting a headache from all of this commotion," Takuya said in an aggravated tone.

"Hey everyone calm down here all of this is just a big misunderstanding. Let's apologize and become friends and do not worry we will help you to find your parents," Junpei said trying to break up the argument.

"Wow that guy really needs to lose some weight and go on a serious diet," Tomoko thought and tried to hold in her laughter then she turned to Izumi and thought. "That girl outfit is just so skimpy. What kind of self-respecting girl would ever wear something like that?" Tomoko thought and began to speak. "All right, but can you please tell me my location?"

"Well were in Shibuya and now we are leaving to go to the Digital World," Izumi explained.

"What is the Digital World?" Tomoko questioned.

"Well it is really kind of difficulty to explain but you will see when we get there," Izumi lied because it was not really that difficult to explain, but she did not want to explain it to the girl because the girl would most likely thing that it is unbelievable. "By the way my name is Izumi and this is Takuya, Tomoki, Junpei, Kouji, and Kouichi she said pointing to each of them. What is yours?"

Tomoko shook her head. "Sorry I cannot give out my name until I know that I definitely can trust you all and I am still keeping my guard up."

"Hey girl can you excuse us for a second," Izumi told her.

Tomoko nodded. "Okay, I need some quiet time anyway so I can absorb in everything that happen today."

All of the six children were deciding on where the girl should go while they battle.

"We cannot bring that girl along with us. It is too dangers and plus we do not know if she could be trusted or not and she did not even give us her name," Kouji whispered.

"What exactly do we do?" Tomoki whispered.

"Maybe can drop her off in one of the nearby villages before we fight whatever this new threat is," Takuya suggested.

"Sounds like a good plan," Junpei agreed.

After the conversation ended they all sat there quietly for some minutes and waited until they reach their destination.

A/N: If you all wonder how Kouichi could afford a cell phone, let's just say that it was a gift giving to him by Kouji and Kouichi got a part time job somewhere to help pay off the bill though he does not use the cell phone very often. If I need to makes some improvements on my story then please inform me to do so.