AN: Sorry it's been so long, my comp was busted, and I didn't have access to a computer for long enough periods of time to write a chappie. Due to this, there will be some time-skippage in the near future. Maybe not this chapter, but soon.

Chris had been a little irritated when Matt had come out with them, but it turned out to be a rather fun night, the three of them shooting the shit, getting plastered and making jokes about 'the good old days'.

Conversation took a bit of a sour turn when Amy was mentioned, but Chris threw out a gay joke and the three of them were back to laughing like they'd been friends since they were todlers.

When things started to wind down, Chris sighed heavilly. He looked around the bar. No one looked good to take back to his room and warm his bed. No guy, no girl. He looked to his companions. Adam, he thought, was so straight he could make a ruler jealous, and Matt, well, he didn't know about Matt.

"Well, it's past three, you guys. I'm gonna head back up and take a nap while I have the chance."

"Night, Adam. It was nice catching up with you." Chris said, raising his beer to the other.

"Just nice?" Adam asked, leering down at Chris, playfully. "Ah, I'm just joshin'. It was nice to hang out with you again too." Adam looked over to Matt who seemed very concentrated on his hands. "You too, bud." He said, patting the others shoulder. "You stay out of trouble."

"Me? Trouble?" Matt asked, trying, poorly, to feign innocence.

"Haha! Goodnight, guys."

"Night." From both Matt and Chris.

Once Adam was gone, a long, awkward silence filled the air between Chris and Matt.

Just as Chris was about to say something corny to lighten the mood, Matt spoke; "Wanna fuck?" He asked. Chris let his mouth hang open for a second.

"Actually, yes..." He said. Matt turned to look at him, a devious smile across his face.

"I was joking." He said.

"Oh..." Chris looked embarassed, a fine dusting of pink rising to his cheeks as he looked away. His eyes widened when Matt stood up. He looked over to Matt, coming face to chest with him as the other grabbed a fist full of his short hair and wrenched his head back. Chris let out a small whine.

"But I'm game if you are."

"Yes... Oh god, fuck me now..." Chris whined, his lips parting in an enticing manner.

Meanwhile, Shannon, Jeff and John gossiped like a group of love-drunk teenage girls, leaving Phil to shake his head at the group.

"Let me paint your nails!" Shannon squealed, grabbing Johns hand. "Jeff! Give me your blue!" Jeff chuckled and went to his bag, fishing out a smaller bag with his various paints and dyes in it. He tossed the bag on the bed and Shannon started digging through it.

"Oh, man..." Phil said, looking in his empty two-liter. "I'm out of Pepsi..." He worried his lip for a moment, sucking on his lip-ring. "I'm gonna go down the street and get some more. You guys behave while I'm gone."

"I'll go with you!" Jeff cheered.

"No, it's ok. Stay here and have fun."

"No, babe," John said, "Let him go with you. It's dangerous to go out at night alone."

"I am a grown-assed man, John." Phil said, putting his hands on his hips.

"No one is a 'grown' anything when they say 'grown-assed'," Jeff said, giggling. Maybe he wasn't as drunk as Phil thought he was. "Just let me come..." A sexual lilt was added to the end of that that Phil didn't like.

"Fine!" Phil said, heading out the door.

"Be back soon!" Jeff practically sang, following Phil.

As soon as they got in the elevator, Jeff pushed Phil against the wall. Phil gasped.

"I saw the way you were looking at me..." Jeff whispered, smiling deviously.

"Jeff..." Phil warned.

"Don't 'Jeff' me, you know you want me..." Jeff muttered as he started kissing Phils neck. Phil shivered and let out a tiny moan. He weakly pushed at Jeff.

"We have to stop this." He said. When Jeff didn't respond, Phil grew worried. "Jeff?"

The other was laying against his chest, silent, his hands in Phils pockets.

"Did you fall asleep?" Phil asked. Jeff burst out laughing. "What's so funny?" He asked, pushing Jeff back. The other leaned against the opposite wall.

"You need me... and I need you. This will never end."

Elsewhere, Glen walked beside his faux-brother.

"I wanted to say sorry about the camping trip..." Glen trailed off.

"Don't worry about it." Mark said, a hint of a pout edging his voice.

"Do you... Want to finish what we started tonight?"

Mark stopped. "You wanna fuck?" He asked.

"You didn't have to put it so bluntly..." Glen muttered, a small blush creeping onto his cheeks. "But, I want to try... I've always been curious..."

"Maybe tonight wont be such a bad night after all!" Mark said and started walking again.

In Matts room, Chris whimpered as his shirt was ripped open and he was thrown down on the bed, Matt crawling over him, his wild mane freed from it's tie, falling around his face, flowing like dark water over his shoulders. Matt almost seemed to be growling as his hands explored Chris' slightly smaller frame, stopping only to pluck at the others already hard nipples.

"Matt!" Chris gasped. Matt pulled off his own shirt and threw it across the room, not giving a flying fuck where it landed. Matt grabbed Chris' hands and guided them to his chest.

"Touch me," Matt ordered.

Chris felt Matt's hard chest, teasing the others nipples, pinching one, rubbing his thumb over the other. Matt let a moan pass his lips and growled, grabbing one of Chris' wrists, bringing the hand to his mouth. He kissed the back of the others hands before taking the middle finger into his mouth, sucking, licking and teasing the digit. Chris moaned. His fore and ring fingers recieved the same treatment. Matt unbuttoned Chris' pants, pulling them, along with the others breifs, off as the fingers slipped from his mouth. Matt laid his body against Chris', their bare chests touching, making them both cry out. Matt kissed up the others neck and bit Chris' ear, drinking in the whimpers that left the other mans mouth.

"Fuck yourself with your fingers. Show me what you dream about men doing to that plump, tight little ass of yours." Matt's words went straight to Chris' cock, making the other shake with pure need. As Matt moved off of him, Chris moved his hand down between his legs, spreading them so the other had a good veiw. Matt growled. "Come on," While taking his own pants and boxers off. Chris whined as his middle finger breached the tight ring of muscle.

"Fuck," Chris whimpered, pressing the finger in deeper. It had tuly been too long. Soon, a second was added, and he started moving them in and out of the clenching hole. "Oh god... Unh..." Chris whined, looking over at Matt, nearly cumming on himself as he saw the other stroking his shaft, watching him with a hungry look. "Feels so good..." He whimpered, catching the fleshy bump inside himself with every few thrusts of his fingers.

"Yeah, talk dirty, bitch..." Matt moaned, tugging on his stiff organ, his other hand wandering across his chest to pinch his own nipple.

"Oh, fuck, Matt, please... I need you. I need your fucking cock in me. Tear me up, fuck..." He pressed the third finger inside himself, bringing his other hand down to stroke his neglected, leaking shaft.

"Yeah?" Matt asked, re-joining him on the bed. "Tell me exactly what you want me to do."

"Shove your hard cock in me and- Ah! Fuck... Fuck me through the matress! I wanna feel it in the back of my throat, I wanna taste it, Shit! I, unh, Please... I want to feel your dick—" Chris was silenced by Matt leaning over him, stealing a quick kiss, pushing one of his fingers inside the other alongside the three of his own. "Fuck!" Chris screamed. Matts finger in addition to his was stretching him so much, and brushing that spot with every move. Chris' legs were trembling and the hand that had been stroking his shaft stilled. Chris shoved back on Matts finger. "Please!" He begged. Matt growled, finger fucking the tight passage.

"You're gonna feel so fucking good on my dick... I can't wait to impale you with this..." Matt pulled back, withdrawing his finger. Chris moved to take his fingers from himself, but Matt stopped him. "Keep fucking yourself on your fingers." He ordered. Chris whined. He stood and moved to the side of the bed, getting in it by Chris' head. "Get me wet." He said, stroking his dick in Chris' face. Chris opened his mouth and Matt shoved his length past the others lips. Chris moaned, sucking with all he was worth, doing his best to wrap his tongue around the organ. "Fuck! That feels so good, Chris..." As soon as Matt said his name, he brushed his prostate, crying out around Matts cock. He had to grip the base of his shaft hard to stop himself from cumming. Matt threw his leg over Chris and straddled his chest, grabbing the headboard he fucked Chris' mouth. "So fucking hot, Oh god, you suck dick so good..." Matt suddenly pulled back, panting. He looked down at Chris and grinned. "As much as I'd love to cum in your mouth, you have a tight little ass that is just begging to be fucked..." Chris whimpered at this.

Matt crawled off of him, and back on him, repositioning himself between the others legs. Chris let his fingers slip from himself, wrapping his other arm around Matts neck.

"Ready?" Matt asked. Chris could barely nod.

Chris nearly came on Matts first thrust, his scream echoing around the room and was probably heard three floors up. Matt silenced him with a forceful tongue invading his mouth. With hard thrust after hard thrust filling and stretching him to the limit, brushing his sweet bundle of fuck, it didn't take long before Chris came between them, reduced to pitiful whimpering in Matt's mouth.

Matt was only a few seconds behind, his orgasm washing over him with a growl of his current partners name. "Chris..." He pulled back, bracing himself on his arms to look down at the other, who had tears brimming in his eyes. Both panted. "Fuck..." Matt muttered, letting out a soft chuckle, sweat dripping down his neck.

"No kidding." Chris said and chuckled.

Matt flopped down beside the other, drawing up the blanket. "I'm not fucking moving..." He said, curling up against Chris. "You can go if you want, but you're welcome to stay." Chris just nodded and curled up against Matt. He couldn't stop himself from smiling when Matts hand curled in his hair, petting him lightly.

Elsewhere, Glen lay curled up against Mark. They hadn't fucked. Glen had chickened out again, but they did manage to jerk each other off. Glen doing so very shyly.

"So... What are you going to do about your situation?"

"What situation?" Mark asked.

"Matt and Michelle." Glen clarified.

"Not this shit again... Can't you just lay there and enjoy the orgasm you just had?" Mark asked.

Glen chuckled. "Fine, whatever." Glen said and laid his head on Marks chest, content to just fall asleep there.

AN: That felt weird, writing this after all this time. I still have no idea where the fuck this story is actually going, so your guess is as good as mine. Whatever happens when my fingers hit the keys is what happens. Though, now... I am exhausted. I am off to sleep. Enjoy, my beauties! Ja ne! Love y'all!