The Shocking Past

A Prequel to 'Shocker'

"Why did I leave Jasper home…? Damn it, I miss him…" I say quietly to myself.

Rosalie rolls her eyes at me. "You left for a day or two, not the rest of eternity. Besides, we're shopping and then hunting on the way home. He's got Edward, Bella and Nessie to keep him busy… not to mention the dog."

I look over at her. She's trying on a new set of lingerie. Emmett likes to see her in red or black and sometime a combination. This set is red satin with black lace accents. He's going to love it. I get a vision:

The two of them are going at it… so intense. Her head rolls back to expose her neck to him. I walk in to see it firsthand. She invites me to join???

"What the hell Rose? I thought you were 'all Em; all the time.' Do you have a thing for me or something that you've never said anything about?" I ask.

She looks intently at the rug. "Why… What did you see?"

I tell her.

She sighs. "Emmett mentioned a while beck that he saw you and Jasper once in the forest. He said that the way you made Jasper putty in your hands was a beautiful thing… and if I ever gave in to his request of having a threesome, he suggested you. I never decided one way or another…until now…Would you Ali?"

I shake myself and force myself to ask, "What decided you, Rose?"

"Seeing you trying on these pieces… and the way that made me feel…the way you care about your lover and I've always thought of you as a 'gal pal' not really a sister. I've seen the way you are with Nessie and even the mongrel at home. You're so sweet and tender…With Carlisle and Esme going to Alaska last week I've felt you kind of gravitate toward me while Em was playing video games and wondered what it might be like to unzip your clothes instead of helping to zip them…"

I gasp as another vision hits me:

The two of us kissing… Emmett walks in… Typical Emmett sits down to watch.

I'd never thought of either of them as anything more then friends and family. Well, I guess if I have to be honest… I've always known that Rosalie was beauty incarnate. I swallow… If I do this would Jasper be upset? Maybe if it's just once? I don't know… I reach out and touch her hair… The strands fall softly back onto her shoulder. I turn and run out into the concrete jungle of Seattle.

I take out my phone and turn it on… Dialing Jazzy has never been so difficult.

"Hey there, Alice- Darlin'. How's the city?"

I usually love that Texan drawl, but today it just pains me. "Jazzy… I need to ask you something…"

"Sure, Ali… What is it?"

"Have you ever been asked to join a couple in bed?"

"What…? A threesome? Sure…loads of times. Maria liked to watch me and another guy go at it…usually Pete… Uhmmm…Sweet pea, why are you askin'?"

"Have you ever been asked by someone you know and…have an otherwise familial relationship with?"

"Are you sayin' what I think you're sayin'?"

"Rose asked if I would consider joining them…" I hear him breath heavily. "I haven't decided yet and so I haven't seen anything definite, just possibilities…"

"What do you mean 'you haven't decided yet'? Are you serious? If you're considering it then… I don't understand, Ali. You're leaving me? After all this time? How…? What…? I gotta go."

I wish tears could flow from my eyes! My phone goes off. Edward is on the line.

"What the Hell, Alice? Jasper's having some kind of breakdown here and what's this about you leaving him? A threesome with Em and Rose? What the hell are you thinking??" He asks, outraged.

"Edward, I called to ask his advice about what to do. Not to tell him I was leaving him! I wanted to find out if I could maybe do it just once… but he flipped out before I could 'see' his reaction."

"Alice, Jasper is so hurt that you'd even consider such a thing. He loves you and wants you to come home." Bella's voice says over the line.

"I'll be home soon." I hang up and dial Rose's cell. "Rose, Jasper's upset. I need to go home. I'll see you there; bring my stuff home please? Thanks."

I run home with nothing but the clothes on my back.

"He's in your room with Bella. Try not to break him Alice. He's not in a good place right now." Edward says as I run in the door he's holding open.

*I'm sorry Edward. I didn't mean to make this mess. He's not just any lover for me, you know? He's been my only lover. I was just intrigued with this threesome idea because it's new…different from anything I've ever done before. I hadn't really made up my mind. I'll talk to him I guess.* I get to the door of the room I share with Jazzy. Bella's arms are around Jasper; his head is on her shoulder. If she and Edward weren't so in love I'd suggest Jasper try for her. "Hi, Jazzy… I'm home… I didn't do it… I'm still yours. C'mon Jazz, say something… please?"

"Ali…Baby, I only want you to be happy… if you want to try this thing with R-rose and Em…fine…whatever, as long as you're happy." He says to me.

"I won't if you don't want me to, honey. That's why I called you… I wanted your advice. I'll tell them no and that'll be the end of it." I say quickly. "Now, kiss me, baby… Please?" Our lips meet.

He pulls me close. "Just let me hold you…?"

I nod and we snuggle for a while before we settle in for a long night of apologies.

One month later…

Jasper, Edward and Bella have taken Nessie and the dog to Vancouver for the next few days. Jazzy promised to be home early to be with me. I'm alone in the room I share with my loving husband. I hear the noises of my 'sister' and 'brother' going at it in their room. I wish I could cry… I keep seeing images of myself with Emmett and with Rosalie… making love with them. I can't think of anything else… I can only do as I feel right. A vision confirms that jasper and I will probably not be together much longer.

I see him sitting by himself watching TV while I sit with Rose and Em… Bella sits with Edward and Jake with little Nessie. Jasper gets up to leave the room walking past Edward. I see Edward and I talking in the forest.

I see… Jasper and Edward… KISSING??? And Bella is WATCHING??? Whoa!

I smile… Now aware of the possible consequences, I walk slowly to the door of their room. I knock and say, "Mind if I join you, guys?"

Emmett opens the door for me. I walk in to see the glorious naked body of Rosalie Hale lying on the king-sized bed. "Em, I think she has way too many pieces of clothing on… Don't you?"

"I sure do, Rosie. I'll take care of that." He says.

A quick vision tells me he's going to rip them off, so I quickly get undressed myself. Emmett roughly grabs me by the waist and tosses me onto the bed; I land next to Rose, who turns to face me. "Ali…are you sure this is what you want?"

I reach up to touch her hair. "Rose, stop. I've thought about it and I got a vision or two and I'm certain that this is part of our future. Now, shut up and kiss me…"

A fire lights in her eyes. Her mouth descends on mine and our first kiss is like magic. I tingle and suddenly feel Emmett's big hand on my ass. "Can I get in on that action, Ladies?"

I turn and stretch up to kiss him as Rose kisses my neck. I shiver and pull myself closer to Emmett. His tongue invades my mouth and I love it.

Jasper never gets this way with me anymore. He likes it when I'm in control. I hate being the dominant person in our sex life. I want to just feel sometimes.

Rose pulls me away from Em and presses her finger to my lips. I watch as her mouth closes over the sensitive tip of my breast. A guttural moan escapes me. She brings her hand up to tease my other nipple.

"Rosie, can I taste her first?" Em says in a lust filled voice.

She nods and lets me lay on my back and pushes my legs apart. I'm lost in a haze when I feel something on my lower lips. It's her fingers. She dips into me and I see stars as well as Emmett's mouth on its way to my core. His tongue teases and plays before taking a deep lick of my juices. My hips buck and I hear myself give out a whimpering moan. Em's mouth is quickly raising me to the height of my pleasure when I feel Rosalie shift beside me. Suddenly I see her squeeze her own nipple.

I reach for her. "Let me…?" This is the first female nipple I will have in my mouth. She hovers over me letting it dangle into the open lips waiting to enclose it. I let my tongue swirl around it and I'm rewarded with a gasp of pleasure from Rose. I feel Em thrust into my pussy with his tongue. He nips at my clit causing me to moan into Roses breast. He pushes 2 fingers into me and tells me to come for him… I do with a scream of incoherent thoughts. "Oh… Em… God… Rose… Holy… W-w-wow!"

I'm almost back from heaven when Emmett places himself at my wet entrance. He kisses Rose as he pushes into me. "OH… God, Em!" After a few seconds I ask, "Rosie, I'd like to taste you… please?" She turns and kisses me before moving to a good position. I place my hands on her hips and bring her closer to my lips. I dive into her moist hot center and feel Emmett plunging into mine. His cock fills me up so well. I feel the pressure building inside me. I'm going to cum again. Emmett stiffens in me and Rose lets loose with a scream of pleasure.

Just as my climax breaks, I hear a strangled yell of pain and look toward the door. Jasper is there staring at me. His face is a picture of twisted emotions. He controls it for a moment before saying simply, "How could you Ali…?" He walks out.

A few hours later, Edward, Bella and Nessie come home. I look at my brother and show him the entire afternoon. I show him the visions of us all watching TV together and of he and I talking in the woods. I choose to think about something else after that. He likely wouldn't respond well to the vision of he and Jazz kissing while Bells watches.

We get a phone call just a moment after that. It's Carlisle. Jasper has joined them in Alaska and will come back in a day or 2.

A day and a half later…

Rose and Em go hunting while I wait for Jasper to return. Edward and Bella have Jake and Nessie at the cottage. There will be no interruptions for the talk that is to come. I have a vision that tells us he'll be here shortly.

I sit alone in the living room…The door slams and he walks in.

I'm speechless. He stares down at me. "Jasper, I…"

He cuts me off. "I don't want to here it, Alice! I know, you're sorry… I know you couldn't control yourself. I know that you love me, but I can't do this… I can't share you with them… not when you were mine. When I walked into that diner fifty-odd years ago, you said I was the one you were waiting for… not them. Me. Why are you doing this to us…? No… Don't answer that." He takes a deep breath to calm himself. "I'll always be yours, Alice. If you want to spend some time with other people for a while… I guess I can wait for you to get it out of your system… Maybe I'll find someone who will want me if you don't."

Over the next few weeks and months he steadily gets used to us being apart. I spend my nights with Rosalie and Emmett. Jasper usually finds something to do to get himself out of the house.

It has been 6 months since he confronted me. We are all sitting watching TV. Jasper's by himself while I sit with Rose and Em… Bella sits with Edward and Jake with little Nessie. Jasper gets up to leave the room walking past Edward…I notice a powerful burst of lust in the air. I look up at Edward and see his eyes following Jazzy from the room.

"Hey, Edward, do you want to go hunting with me?" Jasper asks.

"Sure, man. Bella, you want to come with?" I say.

"No, I think I'll take Nessie and Jake to visit Charlie. Have fun, though." She says with a smile.

So, off they go. Bella, Jake and Nessie pile into Edward's Volvo and take off for Charlie's house. I watch as my brother and ex-lover run into the woods. Emmett comes up behind me. Rose kisses him and gets tossed over his shoulder. "C'mon Ali-babe, let's go have some fun!"

I giggle and follow him up the stairs. We'll spend the day having mind-blowing sex. "Do you mind if I suck Em off, Rose?"

"Ok, as long as I can have my way with you." Her fingers slide into my now sopping pussy and I smile.

Emmett bares himself to my waiting lips. I kiss the head and then lick it before sliding my mouth up and down the side. He grabs my head and pushes himself into my mouth. My tongue swirls around his hard length and I suck him.

I feel Rose at my pussy she strokes my clit and tries to make me cum. My hips buck and I moan around Emmett's cock.

He groans out my name. "Oh yeah, Alice… Ali-baby… god yeah! I'm cumming!"

I keep sucking and swallow him whole.

Rose finds my G-spot and makes me cum soon after.

Next thing I know Rose has pushed Emmett to lie on his back. She rides him and kisses me. Her sultry whisper tells me to let Em have my pussy. So the two of us are making out as Emmett fucks Rose and eats me out! Her mouth gets lower so now she suckling my nipple and God, just the thought of this has me hot and ready to cum. Emmett's tongue delves deep into me.

Rose cries out and cums on his cock. He concentrates on my clit and drives me to cum. I feel him go stiff under us. I feel him moan into my pussy and I cum again as he shoots into Rosalie! He holds us both in his arms in post-coital bliss and we lay like that for a while.

I notice that the daylight has waned. Focusing my 'sight', I sake note of where Bella is and 'see' the upcoming discussion taking place. They speak about threesomes… they speak about me and Em and Rose…They speak about Jazzy… It's almost time for a conversation with my favorite brother. I meet them by the back door. "I need to talk to you, Edward. Let's go towards your cottage. Bella's there anyway."

As we walk, He voices his question. "Alice, what the hell is going on with me? I've never thought about any guy the way I've started thinking about Jasper lately. I've only ever thought about Bella this way. How will they react to this? I mean, if it disturbs me… it's gotta be a bit freaky to them…right?"

I sigh. "Edward, I'm with Rose and Em now. Remember, Jasper has been with males before…and Bella does have an attraction to Jazzy…Open your mind and your heart may follow. Ask her first. He'll definitely say yes… He hasn't gotten any in weeks." She runs off in the direction of the big white house.

Jasper is waiting for me when I get back. "You know what's going on with Edward… Don't you?"

"Yes… When he's ready, he'll want to talk to you too. It's all going to be ok, Jazzy. I promise… I've seen it…" I say with a smile before heading upstairs to go online. I hear Edward call out for Jasper to go with him back to the cottage. I don't know how long I was at my computer before I have a vision of Jasper rushing into the house and tearing up his study looking for something. I run into his private area and find the item. I place it on his desk in plain view. A new vision takes it's place… now I see Jasper run in see the bottle and smile before taking off back to the cottage back to his new lovers.