Hermione was running with a huge smile on her face towards the Gryffindor tower, she was about to get late to the party that was held because of the winning in Quidditch and Ron's amazing efforts. He had practically shaken his ass of before, whining about how bad it would go and what a big mistake it had been. Hermione scoffed at that. Ron could really be stupid sometimes, he was an amazing keeper, he just had to have a little faith in himself.

Hermione couldn't help that her mind started thinking what an opportunity this were for her. She was sure that this would be the day that they shared their first kiss. She had thought it out carefully in her head while she had been in the library – which meant that she hadn't had much time for homework but she would finish them later. It had always gone someway with everyone cheering at Ron and then Hermione comes in through the portrait hole, rush over to him and gives him the best kiss ever. Ron looks surprised at first but then he smiles in to the kiss and pulls her even closer – if that's possible.

These kinds of thoughts made Hermione blush a nice shade of red. She wasn't even sure if Ron liked her that way, what if he would push her away with disgust and things would be awkward for both of them? Feelings like these really could wreck a good friendship.

In the middle of all her musings she barely had the time to avoid running right in to a wall but she managed in the last second to stop. She stood there, leaned a bit against the wall and smiled for herself even more than before. Why wouldn't Ron like her? He had given her all the signs she could think off! Besides, she had never seen him so pissed off as when she went to the ball with Krum. That had to mean something.

She walked the last bit and stopped in front of the portrait of the fat lady. She looked a bit tired but gave Hermione a kind smile.

"You look a bit excited, is something good going to happened?" She asked with curiosity in her voice.

Hermione beamed.

"Yeah, today is the day I'm finally going to tell him how I feel", Hermione said.

"Ah, young love", The fat lady said in a dreamy voice. "Well, don't stay here all day, he's probably waiting for you inside"

"Slytherin stinks", Hermione said and couldn't help to smirk.

"Good luck", was the last thing the fat lady said before she swung the portrait to the side.

Hermione was immidently hit with loud music and cheering, people inside where hissing Ron up in the air and screamed "Weasley is our king" over and over. Harry stood in the corner with an amused look on his face so Hermione tried to make her way over to him. He waved at her when he spotted her and Hermione waved back.

"He really enjoys the attention", Harry said with a grin.

"Yeah I bet, his head is going to be the size of a balloons after this", Hermione said and rolled her eyes.

Harry took her hand in his and squeezed it gently.

"Are you going to tell him today?"


Harry gave her a warm smile and Hermione decided that it was time to make her way over to Ron. He had finally been put down on the ground and he was for the moment standing beside George and Fred, his troublemaking twins. Even if she had gone through this scenario in her head a thousands of times she still had to look over her shoulder at Harry, as if she asked if she really should do this. He gave her a wave of his hand as if he told her to move forward. This was it, Hermione were a few meters away from him, ready to tell him everything about her feelings.

Then what just couldn't happen happened, Hermione could only watch as Lavender made her way towards Ron. When she was right in front of him she said something that Hermione couldn't hear because of the loud music but she had an idea what it was. After that she pulled him in to a kiss that made the whole room cheer. Even Ron's ears were in a deeply red color and if it wasn't for the fact that Lavender where snogging the living day light of him, Hermione would have thought that it was adorable.

The pain that filled her chest were unbelievable, she tried to clutch it but it didn't take the pain away. She gasped as if she needed air and tried to suppress the tears from falling. She couldn't stay in there and watch anymore. She must had looked like a maniac as she clutched her chest and pushed past people without even caring if she pushed them to hard. She desperately needed space.

She thought that she could hear Harry shout her name but that didn't make her stop, she wasn't sure that even Ron's voice could had stopped her then. She started running when she was outside the common room, the fat lady who wanted to ask how it had went stopped before she even said something when she realized that Hermione was crying.

"Boys", she muttered.

Hermione ran as fast as her legs could carry her, which wasn't that fast at all. But she couldn't stop until she had found an empty space to cry her eyes out. She just hoped that no one had seen her, it was embarrassing to cry over something so silly as boys. She was Hermione for Merlin's sake! Not some stupid little girl that thought that boys where everything.

"Gosh, I'm so stupid", Hermione said.

She didn't have the power left in her body to run anymore so she just sat down on the last step of a staircase nearby. There she put her head in her hands and cried for awhile. Why was Ron always so stupid and tactless? Sure she hadn't told him but she had "showed" him a dozen times, making small hints now and then that she liked him. She practically made his homework for him! What did he give her back? Nothing.

Hermione wiped the tears away from her eyes and took out her wand. With a sigh she started to practice on that spell she had read about before. On the first try nothing happened, on the second try she tilted her hand a little bit higher so feathers came out and then on the third try she succeeded. She watched with a smile the cute little bird that came out of her wand, it was to her annoyance red which reminded her of Ron's hair. His beautiful red hair that she would never get the chance to run her fingers through. Hermione sighed and concurred more birds. All of them wasn't red luckily enough. She played a bit with them until she felt someone sit down beside her, when she tilted her head to the left she saw Harry sitting there observing her birds.

"Isn't it a bit typical you Hermione? Practicing spells and studying even thought you have been hurt or like know, gotten your heart broken", Harry said concerned.

"What am I supposed to do? Sit here and feel sorry for myself, crying my eyes out for a boy even though I knew it's my fault, if I only had told him sooner this wouldn't had happened", Hermione bit back angry. "I'm a big girl Harry. I can live on without having Ron in my life in that way"

"Yeah you can, but do you really want to?"


Hermione couldn't take it anymore, she started crying again and Harry felt kind of bad of what he had said. He realized that what he had said didn't sound as supportive as he had wanted. Still he thought that maybe it was for the better if she could cry it out know instead of holding it build up inside of her.

He pulled her carefully in to his arms and stroked her hair, she sobbed into his shirt, not really in the mood to say something. Harry observed the birds that Hermione had made and he couldn't help to fell a bit proud over how amazing Hermione was.

"You know what? Those birds are amazing, how did you learn to make those?" Harry said after a while.

He knew that if it was something Hermione wanted to talk about it had to be spells and books.

"Oh thank you, I learned to do this today. Before I came to the common room and- yeah you know what happened there" Hermione left out a dry laugh. "Anyways, I had spent my time in the library just before and found a book about how to make these birds. I didn't have time to try the spell out there but it was good because it took my mind of Ron for awhile even if it was for a few seconds only"

"You do know that there are betters guys out there then Ron, right?" Harry said. "You deserve someone better, the only thing you two do is fighting anyways"

"Yeah I know, I just… I had always imagined that it would be him and I… how wrong I was", Hermione said. "Even if he's a pig almost every day I can look past that because I like him so much. You have no idea how much it hurts inside right now"

Harry was about to reply but was interrupted in his thoughts when he heard some distant giggles that came closer by the second. All of sudden Ron and Lavender stood there, arms around each other and with big smiles on their faces. Hermione swore that she saw that Ron's lips looked a bit too shiny.

"Oh, hi guys! What are you doing here?" Ron without any sign of knowing what was going on.

"Not much, talking I guess", Harry said with a shrug on his shoulders.

Hermione bit her lip so that she wouldn't open her mouth and say something that she would regret. She wanted to yell at Ron but not him but also Lavender. Ron hadn't really done anything but he should have known better, same goes for Lavender. Wasn't it obvious that Hermione had liked him since like… forever? But Lavender wasn't known for putting other people's feelings before her own, quite the opposite actually.

"Hermione are you alright?" Then Ron's eyes widened. "Have you been crying, why? Did Malfoy or someone do anything?"

"No, I'm fi-", Hermione started but got interrupted.

"Come on Won-won, let's go somewhere else", Lavender said annoyed. "Hermione can take care of herself, besides she have Harry here"

"I guess", Ron said a bit torn on what to do.

Hermione felt anger pulsing inside of her. If Lavender was much more important then her then he could be with her. She couldn't care less. She flicked her wand and all of the birds she had created swooped down and started attacking Lavender and Ron. They screamed for them to stop but Hermione just laughed. They ran away with their arms high in the air, trying to swat the birds away.

"Wow, that felt good", Hermione said and grinned.

"Ugh, I don't like that Lavender girl at all", Harry complained. "I bet that I'm going to see more of her, she doesn't seem to be able to stay away from her little Won-won for a long time. You should have seen them in the common room, disgusting. It was like they tried to eat each other's faces of"

"Same here", Hermione said. "But I guess things are going to be hard with me and Ron now, he won't forgive me so easily for sending all those birds at him"

"You can always say that you tried to hit Lavender", Harry suggested.

Both of them laughed and even if Hermione's heart still hurt but she felt a tad bit better, she knew that Harry would help her through this. Love didn't just disappear over on night.


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