A/n: Hi everyone! I know that I never upload any new chapters anymore, it's been awhile to put it nicely. I'm a bad writer that deserves a smack on the head. No, but I know how it feels to follow a fanfic and then have to wait forever to get the next part. Believe me, I'm that person that checks everyday to see if a new chapter's been uploaded yet of my favorites. How you wait for ages just to know what happens next.

That's why I, with a heavy heart, unfortunately have to say that this is it. I won't keep writing on this fanfic anymore. Not because I'm a bad person, I just don't feel it, it isn't fun. The last chapters, that I uploaded months(?) ago, were just written for you. Not because I felt like writing them.

At first I just thought that it would be best to delete it and move on. But I think you guys that actually have read it and liked… at least something, deserves better than that.

I want to thank everyone for sticking by me this far. I will not quit writing, more the opposite. This should be the beginning of a new and better me, so don't forget to check out for other fanfics by me… maybe not today but in a few days… weeks… months. Haha no, I will try to upload something faster than that.

This whole text is so badly written that I feel like barfing all over it but it isn't supposed to be a masterpiece. I just wanted to inform you about what's happening.

Thank you all for the way to nice reviews and not to mention all those who have put my story in their favorites and such. I appreciate it more then you can imagine.

Love you all / Lookingfornirvana