Chapter 6

Rita Skeeter walked briskly down the darkened hallway. Once again she was wandering the castle at night... hidden by a Disillusionment charm.

However this time she wasn't after information on becoming an Animagi. This time she was out of bed because of curiosity. She had overheard Bella telling Lucius Malfoy that the password to the Prefect's bathroom had been changed to 'aquamarine.'

She had always wanted to see what the Prefect's bathroom was like and she'd been given a perfect opportunity to assuage her curiosity. And as it was the middle of the night... and so few had access to the bathroom... there was very little chance of being caught.

Even though she was concealed by the charm she still kept an ear out for anyone headed her way. She well aware being camouflaged did not make her undetectable. It didn't stop her making noise for one thing.

Rita crept silently up the stairs, careful where she put her feet. She was so focused on not making a sound she almost put her foot on the trick step that sank when you touched it. At the last moment she jumped lightly over it.

She was even more careful as entered the 5th floor corridor where the bathroom was. She froze for a moment when she heard a sound of something crashing a long way off. She relaxed when she realized the sound hadn't come from anywhere near her. Probably Peeves wrecking something.

When she reached the portrait of Boris the Bewildered that was guarding the entrance to the bathroom she whispered "aquamarine." It immediately swung open to admit her.

Her immediate thought when she saw the bathroom was that there were definite perks to being a prefect. The room was elegant, with marble tiling an huge candle-filled chandelier and the biggest bathtub she had ever seen. It was more like a small swimming pool than anything else. There were about 100 golden jeweled taps all the way along the sides of the bath.

Rita closed the door gently behind her and kneeled down beside the nearest tap. She grinned as large bright pink bubbles started to gush out of the tap, along with copious amounts of hot water. Now this was what she called a bath! For a while she experimented with the different taps. She particularly liked the one that gushed emerald foam... and the one that produced tiny purple bubbles that hung in the air for a long time before disappearing.

She was surprised how quickly the huge bath filled up. Only a few minutes after she had started playing with the taps it was full of warm, steamy, pleasantly scented water.

When the taps were all turned off she pulled her fluffy green towel out of her backpack and put backpack and towel within easy reach of the bath.

She stood up and slid her cloak off her shoulders. It pooled around her feet. She felt rather hot in the warm muggy air of the bathroom. She quickly divested herself of blouse and skirt. Then she reached behind her and unhooked the clasp of her white lacy bra, sliding it off and dropping it on the pile of clothing. The matching panties quickly joined it.

Rita dipped her foot in the water, finding it was deliciously warm. She sat down on the side for a moment and trailed her legs in the water before sliding slowly into the neck-deep bubbles.

She sighed as she drifted, feeling all her tension leave her as if carried upwards and away by the gentle spirals of steam.

She lay back and floated on the surface for a while, looking up at the ceiling.

Then she took a breath and dived under the surface, feeling the hot water closing around her.

After a few moments she broke the surface, pushing limp blonde curls of her face. When she opened her eyes she was startled to see she wasn't alone.

Leaning against the wall was Bellatrix Black. Her long dark hair hung in tousled waves around her face and she was wearing a purple silk bathrobe that hit her at mid-thigh.

Rita was suddenly very aware she wasn't wearing anything at all. "Bella…" she said in a startled tone, glancing down to see if the bubbles covered everything important.

A lazy smile spread over Bella's face. "Out of bed again Skeeter? Naughty naughty" Bella purred wickedly. "If you keep sneaking around after dark like this I may have to punish you…" she continued huskily.

A tremor of something like anticipation went up Rita's spine at Bella's tone. "What are you going to do to me… Black?" Rita said cheekily. "I'm sure I could think of something" purred Bella in that same husky and oh-so-seductive tone, the corners of her mouth curving in a grin.

Rita felt certain parts of her anatomy tingle at the lascivious promise in Bella's voice and the heat in Bella's gaze. She was looking at her like she was something she wanted to eat. It was slightly unnerving but incredibly arousing.

"Anyway I can't be bothered… punishing you now… but I would like a bath… and as you're already in it… you'll have to share…" Bella declared mischievously.

Rita's breath hitched in her throat as Bella's hands went to the tie of her robe. She couldn't help staring as Bella undid the tie of her robe and shrugged it off he shoulders, letting it fall to the floor.

Bella grinned in an almost feline way as Rita's eyes took in her body. She was stunning clothed but naked… naked she was luscious and tempting beyond belief. Smooth creamy skin… full, round breasts, slender hips and long, very shapely legs.

The brunette sat on the edge of the bath and dangled her legs in the hot, steamy water. She let them fall teasingly apart, flashing Rita, grinning wickedly as the other girl peeked. She didn't miss the hunger in the blonde's gaze or the way she bit her lip unconsciously.

Bella slid of the side of the bath into the water, immersing herself completely. After a moment she came up, still grinning, pushing her long wavy hair back from her face, large dark eyes glittering mischievously.

Rita smiled back, taking a step backwards. Bella's smile widened and she stepped forward.

Rita did it again, blue eyes daring her to chase her.

Before long Rita could feel her back hitting the cool marble of the side of the bath.

That predatory look came over Bella's face again when she saw she had nowhere else to go.

A tremor of anticipation went down the blonde's spine as Bella drew closer.

Bella reached out and ran her fingers down the side of Rita's face, brushing the corner of her mouth. Just the soft touch made the blonde's stomach tighten pleasantly.

Bella continued to run her fingers along her skin… trailing them along her neck… her collarbone… her shoulder… the side of her arm. Rita couldn't help her pulse speeding up as she touched her, or her breath coming just a bit faster.

The brunette leaned in so her lips were by Rita's ear. "You want me… don't you?" she whispered huskily. "Yes…" Rita breathed.

Then Bella was pushing her against the side of the bath; taking her mouth in a deep searing kiss …hands sliding around Rita's waist. She couldn't help kissing her back just as hard and pressing her body eagerly against hers.

She was very aware that this time… there was no one to see… no one to catch them… nothing to stop them. And just the thought made her body tingle and tighten in anticipation.

Bella broke the kiss, grinning at her in a very feline way. Rita moaned softly as Bella slid her thigh between her leg, rubbing it against the slick flesh.

A soft sound of impatience left her lips as the brunette withdrew her leg.
Her hands wandered up the blonde's ribcage to find her small, pert breasts… softly caressing and teasing the deliciously sensitive flesh until Rita moaned softly. It wasn't a sound Bella had heard her make before. She liked it.

She rubbed and stroked and pinched until she wrung another groan from the blonde's lips.

Rita was leaning on the side of the bath, eyes half closed, cheeks flushed both from the heat of the water and her own arousal.

Bella's hands left her breasts… wandering slowly down her body.

Finally those fingers brushed the damp heat between her legs, sending a spasm of pleasure through her that made her back arch slightly.

Her soft lips traced the side of Rita's neck as her fingers slowly, gently teased her clit.

The blonde couldn't help melting under her touch, head falling back, soft moans and breathless sighs escaping her lips.

Bella felt her gasp as her fingers slid slowly inside her. She couldn't believe herself how gentle she was being. Bella wasn't gentle. Not usually. But there was something about this blonde girl that made her want to take her time… to savor the sensation.

Soon the blonde's body was shuddering under her touch, deliciously, deliriously close.

After she had collapsed bonelessly against the side of the bath she saw Bella sitting on it, legs watching her… a smile on her face. Not a smirk or a grin but a warm, rather tender smile. Probably the first true smile she had ever seen on Bella's face. And it had the exact same effect as her touch. She melted again.

The bath was cold, most of the bubbles gone by the time they got out.

And as Rita lay in her bed that night she wondered if it was a good idea to fall for Bellatrix Black. Because she couldn't help thinking… it was already too late.