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Description: This will be a series of humorous one-shots involving any crazy situations and conversations I can imagine happening between the four most prominent wizards of their generation while they were in the process of/had finished founding Hogwarts. This chapter is just a pilot to see if it gets any interest in an audience to see if I should post more


The Official Suggestion of Salazar "Salz" Slytherin:

HOGWARTS: Hufflepuff, Oswald, Gryffindor, Wilson, Ashford, Ravenclaw, Thomas, Slytherin.

Note: That way, everyone will be acknowledged in the name and no one can complain. And I don't like Rowena's suggestion of 'Bright No-Burnings Wizarding School' nor Dory's horrible habit of chucking a lion into everything he has a part in. (Seriously, Godric, I think it's become a problem and I will sincerely disavow any association with you the next time you charm one onto the bottom of your shoe, or transfigure one and hide it in your bathtub.)

Four people were involved in the Founding of Hogwarts, but another four prominent Pureblood families backed the school with their money. They all fought over what to name it. Salazar Slytherin suggested a solution, and he claims that the fact that everyone who attended the school would technically say they were going to 'hog warts' had no bearing on his suggestion.

Nobody believed him.

…That he explained it in such a way as to make naming the school 'Hogwarts' sound like a brilliant idea is a sore spot for the others when they realised just what he had convinced them of but a few minutes after they had magically added it into the weaving of the wards.

We join the main four founders discussing this name together, after the fact.

"You are just impossible, Sally." An affronted Helga Hufflepuff sighed, rubbing her temple and leaning heavily back in her chair.

"But you like me anyway." The green-eyed man seemed extremely proud of his accomplishment, and not in the least worried about the mutinous looks being exchanged by his three co-founders.

"Well, I guess you are the one who got us the castle." A reluctant Godric Gryffindor admitted, glancing at his friend.

"Humph. Yes, Godric, and he's never going to let us forget it." Rowena Ravenclaw pointed out snidely.

"Who, me?" The wide-eyes and expression did nothing to endear him to his current audience.

"Yes you, Sal. And don't even try the 'innocent' act – it does not become you." Rowena retorted, dark-blue eyes narrowing as she pointed a finger at the man across the table.

A sigh. "You don't have to worry about the castle. I'll only hold it against you for the rest of your natural lives." The black-haired man said this as if it was a Good Thing.

Groans were heard from all directions, and the black-haired man hid an amused smirk behind his hand.

"You make that sound like a good thing." Rowena pointed out sceptically, her eyes still narrowed.

Eyebrows rose into his hairline, "But it is a good thing – I won't hold it against you in the next life, and I'd say that's being pretty lenient after I got this castle from courageously killing all the mean, evil vampires that had been living here."

Helga pinched the bridge of her nose. "Salazar, you walked in and decided the place needed a skylight. That does not count as heroic."

"HEY! Skylights can be heroic!" Salazar protested indignantly.

"And," Helga continued, ignoring the interruption, "You couldn't even get that right. I don't know what you were thinking shouting out 'oofray issapearday' and waving your hand at the ceiling, I mean, that Pig Latin even worked is a mystery to me," Helga got a little side-tracked for a moment before segueing "But – SALAZAR SLYTHERIN, do not ignore me!"

Green eyes widened, "Eeep, I'm listening, I'm listening. I was just distracted our wonderful sky-roof."

Helga Hufflepuff growled and wrung her hands together, a sure tell that she was imagining a certain person's neck to be there. "BUT, you are just fortunate that the roof is still there. And I swear to you, Salazar, that I WILL get the roof back! Even if it takes me all my life so help me God, I will NOT allow you to steal our roof!"

One aristocratic eyebrow rose and Salazar looked particularly unimpressed. "Yeah, uh-ha, sure, whatever."

"I WILL GET IT BACK YOU… YOU!!!" Helga was lost for words in rage as she jumped out of her seat, moving to stalk towards her insufferable counterpart.

"Calm down, Helga." Rowena cut in, placing a calming hand on her friend's shoulder, "How about I'll help you, yes? We'll probably get it back before the week's end."

Helga snarled at Salazar one last time, before grabbing Rowena and dragging her from the hall, already conspiring on how to 'fix' the roof as they exited.

"So," Godric said, watching Salazar kick his feet up on the table now that the people who would bother to protest were absent, "What are their chances of getting the roof back?"

Salazar glanced sideways at Godric before looking up at the sky above them in a sort of smug silence.

Godric sighed, shaking his head, "I am not fishing you out of the Lake if Helga sells you to the merpeople again."

Salazar snorted. "That's what you said last time."

"But I really mean it this time!" Godric half-whined.

"Sure, sure." Salazar said agreeably, getting up to exit the hall.

"I REALLY DO!" Godric yelled after his friend.

Salazar gave a little half wave as he left, and Godric crossed his arms and grumbled to himself, "Fine, maybe one more time, but next time I'll definitely leave him down there."

Nodding in resolve, Gryffindor suddenly realised that he was in the hall alone and sprung up, going off to find something to do.

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