i. throne

"Oi, trash," the scarred Italian said as beckoned his right hand man to him; sitting with legs crossed and a smirk resting on his lips. "Let's do it right here, now." Sprawled on his throne, with the shark straddled on him, Xanxus fumbled with the man's belt and pushed black material off of slender, pale hips. Squalo felt his way into his boss's pants and gripped his warm manhood with one hand while unzipping with the other. Squalo knelt on top of Xanxus, who sat on the edge of the large red chair gripping the shark's hipbones to steady him. Squalo's knees sank into the red upholstery; he cried out as Xanxus moistened two of his fingers with saliva and shoved them deep into the shark's ass. He cried out. Xanxus glared at the swordsman. "Stop being so fucking loud." Squalo eagerly positioned himself as Xanxus drove in, mercilessly.

ii. bruises

When he felt courageous- or just bored- the swordsman enjoyed messing with his boss while he sat in that chair, lost in his thoughts of revenge. He'd come and grind himself down on the man, who would proceed to do one of two things: stare up with a half lidded red eye and mutter a long string of curses, then grab him and insist on fucking him on the spot......... or punch him so hard he'd have bruises for weeks.

iii. rainfall

Squalo lay missing his arm, his body bruised, his gaze to the grey, darkening sky. Ironic, he thought as the rain began to stop and start. His long silver bangs whipped in front of his face; his thoughts were becoming cloudy from severe blood loss. His box weapon lay, upturned and destroyed next to him. He winced. The fucker had hit him severely and left.... I failed boss..... His stomach held an aching feeling as he slipped into unconsciousness, makeshift tourniquet soaked through.

iv. varia's boss

At the news his swordsman might be dead, Xanxus's face split into a grin, concealing inner dread. He doubted the scum was really dead.. but if... he felt an ache in his chest. "Dead, is he?"

If he dies on me, I'll kill him again in hell. His grin grew wider.

v. quiet

Xanxus sat at his desk, a glass in hand, everything like before. The atmosphere was much quieter, however, and he had not adjusted. he had returned to his former self, the body younger, his emotions turbulent as he drowned them. However, the shark was gone. He pressed a palm to his head, slumping over and shook in silence. Running a hand through his shorter black hair, he made a choked sound in the back of his throat. No one saw his weakness.

vi. liberazione

Squalo sat, silver eyes wide in shock, unable to do anything or help the one man who he respected and was beginning to feel love..was it love? for. He clenched his fists and shook against the wall. He sat there for hours, blankly staring after the Ninth had left, only picking himself up after the other Varia had come for him. Xanxus was chained up and guarded in the dark basement.

He waited. And waited. and waited. His hair grew long, over the course of years. He distracted himself by looking for fights, indulging his natural temperament and cutting down anyone who he deemed a worthy opponent. One day, Mammon made a discovery.

...........They all fell under his blade.

Squalo sat next to the man as he opened his eyes, taking in Xanxus's scars, the older features. Xanxus awakened to Squalo, now with hair down his back, his toothy grin same as always. "Glad you're awake, Boss!"