Well, shit. Natsume bent forward, leering at his reflection in the mirror, one hand raised to the brand new little cat ears topping his head. He poked them. Pinched them. Tugged at them. Aw, damn. They were real. Something soft brushed the corner of this mouth. He turned, blinking. A long, smooth tail (apparently joint to the space above his bum) brushed his (human) ear. A knock came on the door.

"Natsume?" Ruka's muffled voice made the cat ears twitch. "Are you there?"

Natsume, unsure of how to explain his situation at the given time, stayed quiet. After a few seconds, he heard a sigh and the sound of walking. He checked his clock. Eurgh. He had a class to go to in about ten minutes.

As Natsume made his way down the hallway to his classroom with his usual devil-may-care stance, he was screaming, quite loudly in his head, for Mikan to stop yapping. She'd caught him at the front of the building, and continued to giggle at the animal features Natsume bore.

"-or maybe fumes from something seeped into your room and-"

She hadn't gotten any much cleverer in the past three years. They'd arrived at the classroom door. Natsume's nose twitched. What was... that? That... He sniffed the air, and Mikan giggled harder. He ignored her. The... it was coming from the classroom. Natsume stepped inside. It was filling his eyes, ears, and breath. What...?

"Natsume," Ruka ran up to him, "Why do you have-? Natsume, are you okay?"

But he wasn't-not really. The moment Ruka had taken a step towards him, a wave of whatever it was flooded Natsume's mind. He held his head, groaning slightly. Ruka reached for his wrists, but Natsume pulled away. It was sweet, somehow moist, and indecently intoxicating. Ruka. It was Ruka.

The blonde was worried. From behind, Mikan came up with the same expression as Ruka. Natsume couldn't hear what they were saying over the throbbing in his head. He looked up. When did Ruka start looking so delicious? When did he start wanting to cuddle up to him? What the hell was happening? He was stepping forward. His hands were holding Ruka's face. When did he get so close? When- Oh. Wow, his lips were soft. And he's so cute when he's squirming. His mouth was really warm. Oh, wait. What? Natsume pulled away.

Ruka, flushed and breathing hard, stared up at his best(!) friend. Natsume stared back. The whatever-it-was was milder now, but there. "Sorry," the taller breathed, though he couldn't get his eyes off of those scrumptious lips.

"I-" Ruka blushed madly, "Pheremones. My-uh-Alice. Because... the cat...and the ears. And...you... pheremones."

"Right. Your Alice."

They stood in silence, the entire class watching. Mikan gave a great sigh.

"And just when it was getting good."

The next day, the ears were gone, and Natsume was quite pleased with this. But oh. He wouldn't have an excuse today. He sighed. Oh well.

I use 'oh' a lot, don't I?

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