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I was in hunting mode. I allowed the scent of my prey to fill my mind, following the delicious scent. Nothing in the world came close to this scent. I took my time. I knew my prey wouldn't outrun me, wouldn't escape me, not when I was so close. I stalked as silently as I was able, so my footsteps are imperceptible. But I knew he could hear them. I heard his steps as he rounded the trees to avoid me. I felt Edward latch onto my 'voice'.

"Cheater!" I laughed.

Then I became the hunted. His steps came faster and faster towards me until I was swept up into his arms and his mouth was on mine.

"Gotcha!" He said as he pulled away.

"Wasn't I supposed to be getting you though?" I laughed.

He shrugged, "You were taking too long."

I went to take a swipe at him and he ran so I gave chase. I knew he would be faster than me soon, my newborn energy was slowly fading – so I took advantage while I could. I caught him and tackled him to the ground. We rolled and I ended up on top of him. He swung me around so I was under him. We played that game a few more times until our playfulness ebbed and passion kicked in. My lips found his and my hands started to pull at his shirt. We had maybe an hour to spend out here before we needed to go back to the house.

His family were moving on today and we needed to say good-bye - at least for now. We would see them again in a few months when we moved in with them. That was the solution we had reached, six months with my family, six months with his.

His hands had just found their way to my bra when his phone rang.

"Ignore it," I said as he reached for it.

"It could be Charlie..." He teased.

I was tempted to tell him to ignore it again but I couldn't. I could never pass up an opportunity to talk to Charlie.

"Fine," I muttered.

He laughed and pulled out the phone. He looked at the display and handed it to me.

"Dad!" I practically cheered down the phone.

"Bells, you act as if you haven't spoken to me in weeks, not days."

"I know, I just..."

"I know, Bells. Me too."

I liked that Charlie and I had fallen into our old pattern of not voicing our real feelings, yet knowing exactly what the other meant within our awkward pauses.

"How are things, Dad?"

"Getting there. The stitches come out tomorrow, but I'm still not allowed back to work."

I could hear the grumble in his voice and it made me chuckle.

"Jacob bought Billy down this morning."

I clamped my jaw to stop myself abusing Jacob. I don't think I would ever forgive him for the danger he put Charlie in – all for his own selfish desire for revenge. "Mmmm." I squeezed out.

"Bella, he's been down and apologised a hundred times, he helped me out while I was too sore to move. He's washed my cruiser every day. He keeps trying to make it up to me. And I've forgiven him. I think you should too." It had taken a while for me to convince Charlie to trust the wolves the first time he had called, but now it seemed that trust extended to eternal forgiveness.

"Dad, he wanted to kill Edward. He tried to kill Edward. Multiple times. He hurt you. And I think he would have hurt me if he was given the chance. I'm sorry if I'm just not that forgiving."

"You forgave Edward."

I rolled my eyes. I'd had this argument with Charlie almost every time he called, which was daily, but he couldn't see the difference in the situations. We'd been in Denali for two weeks now, waiting on the new documents for Edward's family. My family. It was just a shame that having thirteen of us in the one place was too noticeable because ideally I would have loved if Tanya and her family could join the Cullen's permanently but the solution Edward and I had agreed to was the best solution all around.

I spoke to Charlie for another ten minutes, he tried to convince me to at least call Jacob and gave me the phone number again. I tried to tell him he needn't have bothered telling it to me again each time because I had a photographic memory and could recall the number perfectly if I wanted to. But I didn't want to. I had nothing to say to Jacob Black, at least not according to the old saying 'if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all'.

Finally I hung up from Charlie and my amorous mood from before was gone. So was Edward's. I handed him his phone back.

"Raincheck?" I asked.

He nodded, "Let's head back."

We were intercepted right before the house by a pouting Alice.

"Bel-la," she whined. I knew what she was going to say – she'd been saying the same thing for the last two weeks, as soon as Edward and I reached our decision. "Are you sure you and Edward won't come with us? We're going to miss you."

"Alice, our decision is final – a few months are all you'll have to wait," Edward spoke before I could. He was still listening to my 'voice', as was his habit these days. His family were slowly getting used to talking to him normally.

"Fine," Alice said as she spun on her heels and ran back to the house. She obviously saw that further discussion would not change our mind.

"Thank-you again for supporting this," I said to him earnestly.

"How could I not? You suggested a fair compromise to the situation. And to be honest I love it here. I love the permanence of it." Then he laughed loudly, "And the fact that I don't have to repeat high school constantly."

"I still want to go to college one day, when I'm a bit more controlled."

"And we will love, together. We can go anywhere we want."

"And we'll always have two families who welcome us back when we're done exploring."

We arrived at the house and he handed me the clothes that had been laid out for me and grabbed his own. Then he smiled and asked, "Are you ready for this?"

I nodded. "You?"

"Absolutely. I've never wanted anything more."

I kissed his lips and then pulled off the dirt-stained sun-dress I had on. I pulled the fresh dress over my head watching Edward's eyes light up when he saw it on. He helped pull the zipper up and then I help him out of his shirt and into his clothes. He shrugged the jacket on with practised ease and I helped him do up his bow tie. Then I smoothed out the white satin of my dress and we linked arms. There was nothing traditional about what was about to happen. But there was nothing traditional about Edward and I either.

The TV was going in the background when Edward and I entered the house to a round of cheers and applause. Carlisle was dressed in a tuxedo as well, ready to perform our wedding ceremony.

Maybe if we hadn't been so caught up in the bliss that was occurring we would have heard the newscaster talking about a prominent businessman who had been missing for months. The police were still looking for answers in regards to his disappearance. Apparently the only lead they had was CCTV footage of him leaving the bar with a friend, who had also disappeared, and following a young woman. If we hadn't been so focused on each other and our family, we just might have seen my face on TV.

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