A Moment Too Late Pete!

This story picks up from the moment Pete left Tazusa in the lake… remember that Tazusa said that she loved Pete at the last moment? Well, this is how it turns up a few days later…

" Tazusa ! Tazusa! Hey, wake up Tazusa! You're gonna be late for practice!" Coach Takashima called from the hallway. " I'm coming, I'm coming! Sheesh, can't you be patient for once! " Tazusa replied, thinking it was Pete. She suddenly remembers Pete already left, while remembering tears flowed to her cheeks as she realized that Pete won't return, he won't come back for her anymore. " Sorry Coach! Just woke up on the wrong side of the bed" she said as she dried her tears.

Coach scolded her as she ate her breakfast. " What's wrong with you Tazusa? Running a little slow on your skating brain? You should know that after the result from the competition, you should train more to get as close as getting 1st place. Why, you should just skip everything and skate! SKATE SKATE SKATE! Just joking about the skate part, but just try to concentrate ok?" Tazusa just played around with a tomato in her plate, wondering if she should eat it or not. You see, she always asked for tomatoes on her plate to torture Pete, but now that Pete's gone, she just doesn't want to be reminded of tomatoes. " Hey Coach, can I take the day of for skating? I mean, I just had a competition a few days ago, can't I take a break? Tazusa pleaded. Her Coach simply replied " Sure, but be home before 11:00 pm ok?" Tazusa thanked him, then ran off to her room to get dressed.

" Doesn't mean that Pete's gone that I can't have fun all by my self!, she said as she tried to cheer herself up .

Meanwhile in Heaven…

Pete Pumps, Canadian ghost, you have succeeded in staying in Earth for 100 days, and as I have observed you, I deem you worthy of a new life, you shall return to Japan, have a home, and will be able to meet your *ahem* girlfriend. But beware, you can still die even though I have given you this chance in life. And, things may not be as they may be when you left. Remember these things, and you'll enjoy your last chance at life.

What? ... Aaaaahh! Pete shrieked in terror as the clouds beneath his feet gave way and he fell on the ground… IN JAPAN!

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