My Love Story

Chapter 1

First Day of School

So there I was on a sandy beach. I had on my black and white striped bikini on. I lay upon the nice tan warm sand as the sun shined off my body. My dreamy boyfriend laid next to me. His black emo hair smelled nice, almost like the wide open ocean its self. Emma... today was the best day ever, to bad its a dream. I jumped up and looked at him with a confused face what do you mean 'a dream'? I said as my alarm clock went off. My blue eyes opened with anger "it was a dream... why on earth would Sasuke date me... he is supper cool and I'm an nobody.." I said to myself as I rolled out of bed. I looked at myself in the mirror and started to brush my golden blond hair that curled down to my waist. I walked over to my closet and skimmed through it. I grabbed a white tang top, and a short denim skirt. I put white sandals on to match what I was wearing

I picked out a white tang top that hugged my body, and a pair of tight jeans. I walked out of my room and shut the door behind me. As I was walking down my stairs, my little brother Pablo ran by my "morning Emma!" he yelled as he almost fell down the stairs. His blonde spiky hair was getting long, like my friend Naruto. I laughed silently to myself thinking that stupid idiot. As I reached the bottom of the stairs my dog Lala ran up to me and greeted me like every morning. "Good morning Lala!" I said cheerfully as I rubbed her bright yellow fur, as her bright brown eyes shined at me, as her tail went crazy.

I walked in the kitchen and walked up to my father "good morning Daddy!" I said as I hugged him. His blonde hair tied in a short ponytail. My daddy loved to cook. But my mom's cooking was the best. Man I miss her.. I wish she had gone in that plane. I thought flying was supposed to be safe.. I was deep in thought as I sat down to eat my breakfast.

I finished my breakfast, and placed the plate in the sink. I walked behind my dad and hugged him again and grabbed my car keys that were next to his. I swiped my keys off the table and looked at the time "bye Daddy! I might be late today." I said as I walked out of the kitchen not paying attention to what he was saying. Pablo followed me holding our backpacks.

Wow I can't believe he skipped the 8th grade. Now he is a freshman. And I'm in the 10th. Man its like he is catching up. I got in to my car as Pablo got in "are you scared Mr. Freshman?" I asked jokingly. He smiled brightly "no! They are going to be scared of me!" he said joking right back. I started to drive and Pablo turned up the radio. We both started to sing a random song like a bunch of idiots. We pulled in the parking lot; I had butterflies in my belly. I took a glance over at Pablo and I could tell that he had butterflies too. I smiled "man we need to calm down. There is nothing to be worried about." I said to break the silence, and we both started to laugh.

We got out of the car and grabbed our bags out of the back. "You know if you don't make any friends yet today, you can sit with me at lunch if you like." I said patting his shoulder. I felt hands grab me from behind and tickle me. I jumped and laughed as I saw it was my best friends Sakura and Ino and Naruto. "Hi guys!" I said as I hugged them tightly Naruto smiled "hi" Sakura giggled and waved "hi, Emma!" Ino smiled brightly "hey, there Emma!" she said picking me up and turning me and letting me go. I caught my balance and picked up my bag. We walked in the school and I turned to Pablo " you have to go to the office to get your schedule." I smiled at him and pointed to the left hallway. Pablo waved at me and started to walk to the office. I went into my bag and grabbed my schedule out of the inside pocket and unfolded it and looked at it.

Ino and Sakura waved and said good-bye. Naruto's and my locker were on the top floor. Our lockers were side by side like always, ever since the 6th grade. I opened my locker on the first try, but Naruto opened it on his third. "Good job Naruto!" I said joking with him and playfully punching his arm. I started unpack and I was happy to see some of my friends already. "Umm.. Excuse me. You are in front of my locker.." a strong, annoyed but I felt like I wanted to melt inside. Wait a minute! Is that who I think it is? SASUKE?! What on earth is he doing here?! "I-I'm sorry!" I said quickly moving out of his way. "Humph.. Little girls these days.." he said to himself. I turned to him as I was pissed. "Excuse me?!" I growled at him. He looked at me as his perfect dark eyes staring me up and down and he chuckled "what is a little girl like you going to do?" he asked smirking. "I'm not little! I am 16 years old and I have a name!" I snapped as Naruto flinched, he always got scared when I got upset. I turned and grabbed my supplies and slammed my locker as my long curly golden brown hair flung over my shoulder as I swung around and started to walk down the hall and down the stairs as Naruto followed me like a little puppy. "Man! Sasuke Uchiha may be the hottest guy in the 10th grade but he has the biggest ego in the damn school!" I snapped half way down the stairs. Naruto touched my shoulder and gave me the weirdest look I have ever seen. I couldn't help but to laugh "Naruto, you big idiot!" I said laughing harder.

We got to class, and I went to the back of the room and sat by the window. Naruto sat in front of me. The seat next to me was empty. I gazed out the window as the door opened to the classroom. I noticed someone sit next to me but I didn't pay attention. A few seconds later, I herd a voice. It was that dumb annoying, yet hot, nice body.. No, no, no, no!!! What am I thinking?! "Oh, look what we have here.. Its the little girl with the short temper." he said looking at me and smirked. Naruto was looking at me and he could perfectly read what I wanted to do "Emma, don't do it. Its the first day of school." he said trying to calm me down. I stood up and walked up to him and bent down with my deep blue eyes full of anger. "You better watch yourself.. You may be the sexiest guy in the 10th grade, but I'm not scared to punch that pretty face of yours.." I said as Naruto jumped up and pulled me away from Sasuke as everyone looked at me with shock, scared eyes. Naruto sat me down "you need to chill out Emma." Naruto said sitting back on his seat watching me. Sasuke smiled slightly at me "so your name is Emma, right?" he asked gazing at me "well Emma, I like you. Your funny!" he said chuckling. I was glaring at him, and all the sudden I felt myself blush like crazy. I turned to the window quickly, hoping he didn't see me blush. I looked out the window for the rest of the period.

The bell rang, and class was over. I snapped out of my daze and I started to gather my stuff. I looked over to see if Sasuke was still there, he was gone. He had already left the class, I looked around the class and the only one I saw was Naruto. Damn.. I thought he had left as well.. I stood up, and I grabbed my stuff "come on Naruto.. Lets go to second period." I said softly as I left the class and Naruto followed close behind me. We went to our lockers and grabbed different supplies for the next class. "Man, Emma.. You really wanted to kick Sasuke's ass, didn't you?" he asked laughing nervously. OF COURSE YOU STUPID IDIOT!!! SASUKE BUGS THE HELL OUT OF ME!! I was screaming in my head. I opened my locker no problem, as for Naruto. It took him a few times. I closed my locker and Sasuke was staring me up and down again. What the hell?! That's the second time today! Is he THAT interested in me? I asked myself as I blushed a little. "What are you looking at..?" I asked acting mad as ever, but I liked that here was here though. I moved my curls out of my face and turned away from him. I looked for Naruto DAMN!! Where is that boy when I need him?! That goddamn trader!!!!! My mind screamed. "It looks like your friend left." He said chuckling a little. " He always does that. I'm so going to punch him when I see him.." I said starting to walk to my class. Sasuke followed me. "Are you stalking me, Mr. Popular?" I asked turning to him with a smirk on my face. " No. I have Biology, with Ms. Barns..," he said walking up next to me. My eyes got wider what the hell!! This is a nightmare!! But at the same time I'm so happy. "Let me guess.. You have the same class..?" he asked raising an eyebrow at me. Ii looked at him as my blush came back. I nodded, and didn't look at him again.

Sasuke and I got to class; I sat in the back, this time I sat away from the window, and he sat on the other side and gazed out the window. I could not help but to stair at him. Wow. He looks even better when the sun is on his skin. Oh my god his eyes now look a dark gray, and his emo hair shined in the sun. His skin. Wait did he get a tan? Wow he looks fantastic. Man I want to kiss him! Damn why did I have to be mean.. I will apologize after class. Yeah, and I will ask him to sit with me, Sakura, Naruto, Ino, Hinata, Kiba, and Gaara, Negi. All of these thoughts ran through my head the whole period. The bell rang and everyone gathered their stuff and left, and it was just Sasuke and I. I took a deep breath come on Emma, you can do it! All you have to do is apologize and ask him to sit with the others and me. I stood up and walked over to Sasuke, and he looked at me and studied my look. He smirked "why do you look so sad? Is it because I didn't sit next to you?" he asked teasing me. I looked away with sad blue eyes "never mind. I cant do it." I said turning and walking back to my desk. He grabbed my arm and looked at me with a puzzled look "what's wrong?" he asked more sincere this time. "I wanted to apologize for being mean, and to invite you to sit with me at lunch now, but I cant do it." I said not looking at him. I didn't want to look at him; I didn't want to see the expression. He chuckled at my expression and I thought he was laughing at me because I was blushing. "Well, I except your apology and I guess I can sit with you. Only if you wipe that ridiculous look off your face. Its hard to be serious with that face of yours." He said chuckling more and letting go of my arm. I blushed even more and grabbed my supplies, and turned around. I saw this irresistible look on his face oh my god! Is he trying to turn me on or is he teasing me again? Either way, it worked! I'm turned on, that sexy asshole! I thought to myself as I felt myself blush to his expression. I looked away quickly as he smiled and walked out of the room. I followed him, wanting to see that face again. We stopped at our lockers and put our stuff away and we grabbed our lunch money.

As we were done in our lockers, we headed to the cafeteria. We walked side by side without saying a word. As we got to the end of the stairs, I felt someone's hands wrap around me and jerk me to the wall. I gasped and clinched on to who ever jerked me to the wall and herd a crash. I noticed a, no, his smell. SASUKE?! What is he doing?! I opened my eyes as he was against me, I could hardly breath. "Are you ok, Emma?" he asked a little panicked. When he said my name I felt my heart stop for a moment he remembered my name?! I thought as I looked up at him "what's going on?" I asked startled, he was still against me and I was still hanging on to him. We both herd foot steps running down the stairs "oh my god! Are you guys ok?" the voice yelled as realized it was the computer teacher. She was so clumsy. The computer teacher stopped and looked at us. "Are you two ok?! I'm sorry! I will get a janitor!" she said as she ran off. Sasuke didn't move at all, and I was still hanging on to him. Not to mention I was blushing like crazy. "Are you ok?" he asked once again. "Yeah. Can you let go of me?" I said looking away. I felt his arms tighten around me "thank god.. I thought I would not save you in time." He said as his arms tightened more and more. "Sasuke.. I cant breath." I said as he loosened his grip, and looked at me with these hungry and alluring eyes. He is blushing! That is the sexiest look I have ever seen! I could not take my eyes off his eyes. I was also blushing and he smiled slightly "we can stare at each other later. We are late for lunch." He said letting go of me. I let go of him also, and we started to walk to the lunchroom.

As Sasuke and I got to the lunchroom doors, we could tell it was packed full of people. I sighed and Sasuke opened the door and gestured me to go in first. I went in as Sasuke followed. I noticed that everyone was starring at us in silence. Man this is awkward. I wonder what they are thinking. Sasuke followed me to the table where everyone was as they greeted me. "Guys! This is Sasuke Uchiha. He will be sitting with us, so be nice." I said as I sat down and he sat next to me. Everyone was talking about their schedules, as I was spacing out. I couldn't stop thinking about that happened in the hall. I couldn't stop thinking about how Sasuke held me and how he stared at me. Wow the way he had me against the wall was so embarrassing, but I liked it a lot. Man! I wanted to kiss him so bad! I should have gone for it. The way he looked at me. His eyes were like they were on fire, and hungry. Almost like he wanted me. No, what am I talking about! Why would he be interested in me? But the way he blushed slightly and had a worried, yet happy expression on his face. I thought deeply, and blushed slightly. Sasuke looked at me and nudged me "hey are you sure that you are ok?" he whispered to me. I nodded "yeah." I whispered back. He smirked "you should stop thinking about me. You are blushing too much. All I did was save you" he leaned next to me ear, and I felt him breathing on my ear "was it the way I held you? Or was it the way I looked at you?" he put his hand on mine "or was it the way I almost kissed you" he said teasing. My face turned red as he removed his hand from mine. I looked at him as he laughed. "That's not funny." I said annoyed. "Heheh you like me that much, huh?" he said nudging me with his elbow. I blushed even more, as I whacked him in the stomach. Lunch was over and everyone was throwing away their trash.