Chapter 2


It was the end of last period; the teacher was blabbing on and on about what our homework was. Wow, homework on the first day. The bell rang, and everyone packed up and left. I walked to my locker, and I saw Pablo waiting for me at my locker. "Hey, sis!" he said walking up to me. "Hi Pablo. Ready to go home?" I asked going in my locker and grabbing my bag and I started to pack it. "Umm I made friends, and I wanted to go with them today, and spend the night with them. Can you tell dad?" he asked begging me with his big blue puppy dog eyes. "Fine." I said messing up his hair as he ran off.

Ino and Sakura walked up to me with Kiba and Naruto. "Hey Emma. Hey Sasuke. We are going to Negi and Hinata's house, want to come with us?" she asked smiling brightly. I looked at Sasuke; he looked at me at the same time and nodded "sure. We will come. But I have to go to my house first. I will meet you there." I said putting my pointer finger on my lip, and shifting my weight to my other side. "Me too." He said turning to me "can you give me a ride to my house, Emma?" he asked smiling slightly. When he said my name, my heart melted. Man I love when he says my name. It's so hot! I need to stay cool. I nodded "yeah, I can give you a ride." I said getting my keys out of my pocket and heading to my car. Sasuke followed "is that your car?" he asked pointing a black 2004 Mustang. "Yes. My father has a red one." I said putting my bag in the back seat, as Sasuke did the same. We got in the car as there as our friends walked by to Naruto's car. I started the car and drove out of the parking lot. "Do you want to go to your house first?" I asked before we got to the lights. "It doesn't matter to me." He said shrugging his shoulders. "Ok we will go to your house first. Just tell me were to go." I said smiling.

We got to his house and I blushed slightly "wow! You have a nice house." I said in amazement. He looked at me "would you like to come in?" he asked me getting out of the car. I turned off the car and got out. I followed close behind him as we went into the house. "Wow, it's even bigger on the inside than the out side. "I'm going to change. If you want you can either sit on the couch and make yourself at home, or you can come up stairs and watch me change." He said teasing me, and chuckling. "I will sit down here, thank you." I said walking over to the tan couch and sitting in the middle of it blushing. "Ok. I won't be long." He said walking up the stairs. I was waiting for two minutes now, and I couldn't stop thinking about what he would say if I had picked to go up stairs with him. I herd footsteps coming down the stairs and I snapped out of my daze and looked to see if it was Sasuke. It was a man who didn't look mush older than Sasuke. He looked like Sasuke, but his bangs went to the bottom of his cheekbone, and his hair tied back in to a loose ponytail. His eyes were darker, colder than Sasuke's. "Hello. I assume you are with Sasuke." He said looked at me. His voice is so deep. "Yeah." I said looking away blushing slightly. He sat next to me, and turned the television on. "Who are?" he asked flipping through the channels. "Emma. I'm Sasuke's friend." I said shyly. He smirked "Sasuke friends, huh?" he said still flipping through the channels. I herd footsteps coming down the stairs. "Ready to go Emma?" he asked as I stood up and looked at him. He wore a white button up shirt, his top tree button were not buttoned. He wore black jeans that fitted him perfectly. He didn't change his hair, but he looked irresistible. Oh my god. I just want to. Want to. I can't even say. I blushed "yeah lets go." I said walking to the door. I turned and smiled "it was nice to meet you, sir." I said smiling as I walked out the door, and to my car. "Itachi, you stay away from her." He growled at him and followed her. I got in the car and started to drive.

I pulled in my driveway, and I cut the engine, and got out of the car. "Come on Sasuke." I said smiling at him gently. He got out, and followed me in my house. "You have a nice place also." He said looking around. I smiled evilly "I 'm going to change. You can either wait here on the couch and wait, or you can come upstairs with me and watch me change." I said teasing him like he teased me. He raised his eyebrow and smiled slightly "I think I will watch you change." He said still time he was serious. "What?!" I said she shocked and blushing like crazy. "You gave me options and I chose to watch you." He said as he grabbed my hand and started to pull me upstairs. "But! But –" I was cut off. "No buts. I chose to watch you change. Now which one is your room." He said letting me go, and looking at me. "Fine." I walked to the last room in the hall and I stopped at the door. "This one is my room." I said as I put my arms over my breast nervously. I opened my door and let him in. my room had back fur wallpaper and a white carper. I had a queen-sized bed with black soft pillows, and a black blanket with white polka dots. "Nice room." He said smirking and walking to my bed. He sat down on it and watched me. I blushed "what is it?" I said turning away from him. "I'm waiting for you to change. Come here." He said motioning his finger for me to go to him. I blushed and raised my eyebrow, and walked over to him slowly as I felt myself blush more and more. He grabbed my hand and jerked me to my bed and swooped on top of me. "What are you doing? Sasuke?!" I asked as my voice started to crack. He looked me in the eyes and smirked "you are taking to long to change, so I'm going to change you" He said as she slowly started to slide my shirt up. "Wait! You cant!" I said as he gripped my hands over my head. "I won't try anything. Unless you want me to" He reassured but teased me as he took my shirt off, exposing my bra and some of my breasts. I saw him blush as he was right over me, and he moved his face next to mine. I felt him breathing as his chest was gently on my breasts "what do you want to wear?" he asked as his breathing got heavier. I blushed like never before "please.. I can change myself.." I said as he slowly ran his fingers down my stomach, down to my skirt. I want to.. I want to kiss him. I-I don't want him to stop. , It's uncontrollable, I feel so hot.. He got off me, but kept gripping my hands. He unbuttoned my skirt and pulled the zipper down as I looked away. He was still blushing as he pulled my skirt off, revealing my panties. Why is he doing this?! "Matching underwear, huh?" he chuckled "that's cute." His blush started to fade. "Why do you want to change me so bad?" I asked looking at him. My face blushed even more. I think he liked the way I looked at him because he moved himself on me and looked in my eyes. "I think I'm going to play for a while." He said letting go of me. He blushed and touched my cheek "look at me." He said turning my face to look at him. I looked at him, still blushing "what are you going to do?" I asked as he spread my legs, and swiftly moved between them. "Whoa" he put his finger over my lips and he adjusted himself. He pulled my waist where we her touching and he looked at me with these sexual eyes "I said I was going to play for a little bit. Don't worry I wont have sex with you.. At least not today." He said as he put his left and on my right boob, and smiled. I looked away and I felt a full blush unleash on my face. He played with my boob and leaned over and kissed my neck, which caused him to press himself against me. I made a small noise. Nnnn…why is he doing this? It feels so good.. I don't want him to stop. But we have to get to Negi's and Hinata's. He chuckled a little bit, and moved his other hand down to my panties. He started to gently rub my clit and my breast. "Sasuke.. Please." I said as he stopped rubbing my breast, and made me face him, as I was making small noises. Sasuke smirks "feel good?" he asked kissing my lips. He rubbed my clit harder "you are starting to get wet down there." He said as he started to give me love marks. "Sasuke.. We need to go.. They are waiting." I said trying to stop him. He stopped and sat up "can you stop looking like that?" he asked looked at me blushing. I sat up and covered my chest, and I looked down. "Here I will get you cloths." He said standing up and walking to my closet. I looked at my chest and saw red and purple marks on my chest and in between my breasts. I gasped, "What are these?!" I asked as I jumped and walked quickly to my mirror. "Have you ever herd of hickeys?" he asked handing me pajama's "I cant go now!" I said grabbing my cloths from him. Sasuke smiled "then do you want to stay here then?" he asked putting his arms around me. I blushed " I will go to the bathroom and changed. Can you please let go of me?" I asked in a low voice. He let go "here you don't have to. Will leave the room so you can change." He said as he left the room.

I got dressed, and brushed my long curly golden blonde hair. I walked out of the room and saw Sasuke waiting against the wall with Lala "are you hungry?" I asked him as Lala jumped on me, and I smiled and patted her head. "A little. Are you hungry?" he asked watching Lala go crazy because I was there. "Not really." I said as I walked down the stairs as Sasuke, and Lala followed. I walked in the kitchen and started to get out supplies to cook. "Sauce , can you please take Lala out?" I asked as I started to cook. "ok. See you in a few. Come on Lala." He said as he walked the backyard, and Lala followed. Sasuke walked back into the kitchen with Lala. "she goes fast." He said laughing. "yeah. I know." She laughs. "dinner is almost done." I said looking over my shoulder and seeing Sasuke on the floor with Lala on his lap. He was patting her, and he looked so cute patting my dog. I blushed and turned and finished cooking. I got out two bowls and set them on the table. I walked over to the dour and grabbed civil wear and set it on the table. Sasuke sat at the table as she served him Ramen.

We finished eating, and I cleaned off the table and saved a bowl for my daddy. I cleaned up the kitchen, and fed Lala. "Do you want to watch TV?" he asked as he stood up and stretched. The phone rang a few times before I answered it "hello?" it's from Negi's house. 'Where are you, and Sasuke?' Ino asked worried. "Sasuke and I got done eating. We are not coming over today, sorry." I said softly. 'Oh, ok. I thought something happened to you. Ok I will let you go. Oh, and after school tomorrow you are coming, right?' she asked calmly. "Yeah. Bye. Oh, and text me. Ok?" I said smiling 'of course girl! Bye' she said and hung up. "Yeah, but lets go to my room cause my dad will be coming home soon, and he talks a lot when he gets home" she said laughing and walking out of the kitchen. Sasuke and Lala followed me up the stairs and in my room. "Where is your TV?" he asked curiously. I grabbed the remote off my nightstand and clicked the power. The wall rotated as the large screened plasma TV appeared. "I found it." I said crawling on my bed, against the wall. Sasuke laid next to me, and put his arm around me. I blushed "what are you doing?" I asked alarmed. "Don't worry I wont try anything like that. Unless you turn me on or if you try something." He said teasing. I handed him the remote "you pick something." I said as Lala jumped on the bed. I guess I was in her spot because she started to wine until I scooted closer to Sasuke. Now I was basically on him. I sat up and stretched and Sasuke took his shirt off. I cuddled with Lala, and Sasuke pulled the covers over us all, except for our heads. Sasuke put his arms around me and pulled me to him. His body traced mine and I blushed and pulled Lala to me. "How do you feel?" he asked me softly. "Sleepy." I said still blushing. "Here I want you to turn around." He said opening his arms so I could turn to him. I did as I was told, and turned to him "happy?" I asked sarcastically. "Of course I am, now" he said holding me close. I quickly fell asleep, and Sasuke chuckled. He kissed my lips gently, and slowly fell asleep. My father came home late, and saw the food I left for him "aww.. That girl is so sweet." He said shaking his head. He walked in my room and saw Sasuke, Lala, and me on my bed. He got angry but sighed, and smiled "they look so peaceful together like that." He said softly, and walking out of my room.

I woke up at 10:00A.M., and saw Sasuke watching me. "Good morning sleepy head." He said smiling slightly. I jumped up "you are still here?!" I said panicking. "Don't worry I already talked to your dad. He is not mad. He said that he trusted you.. You are innocent." he said chuckling. I blushed "wow, he really said that?" I asked stunned. He nodded "I like your dad. He is cool. Every other dad would attack." He said sitting up. I sat up and stretched, and yawned. The phone rang a few times "Emma! Its Ino!" he said calling up the stairs. I reached over Sasuke and grabbed the phone, and my dad hung up. 'Hey Emma! Why are you up so late? Oh my gosh I have some thing to tell you.' She said excited. I was still over Sasuke and he chuckled, hearing her. 'Who is that?' she asked suspicious. "Its just.. Sasuke" I said softly "what's your good news that you have to tell me?" I asked trying to change the subject, but sadly it didn't work. 'WHAT SASUKE?! WHAT IS HE DOING THERE?!' there was a short pause before she spoke again this time her voice was lower but worried and surprised at the same time. 'Don't tell me he slept over your house.. Emma? Say something.' I stayed silent for a second "yes, he stayed last night." I said in a soft voice. Sasuke smirked "nosey girls." He said chuckling to himself. 'Don't tell me you had sex with him.' she said shocked. "No we did not have sex. I have to go. I will call you later." I said hanging up the phone. I got up and Sasuke followed me out of the room, and to the kitchen. "hi Daddy!" I said walking to him and hugging him. he smiles "good morning, my Angel." He said handing my a glass of orange juice. "hey Emma. I need you go shopping for me later." He said looking at me handing ma list. "ok. When do you want me to go?" I asked taking the list and putting it in my bra. "it does not matter, just make it before dinner." He said as he began to read the paper.