Since returning from Somalia, Ziva had not been the same. She sat at her desk, silent, she didn't retaliate to Tony's jibes about being an assasin or about her citizenship test. She looked lost, and she looked so broken. She curled her legs beneath her on her office chair and leant her head on her desk, her report finished, but she couldn't be bothered to do much else. She looked so small and vulnerable sitting there.

Tony kept insulting her, and she kept silent, as though she simply could not hear him. McGee watched between the two, "Tony! Shut up!" he uncharacteristically shouted. Gibbs wasn't there, he was getting coffee, so he had decided to protect her by himself, "Don't you think shes been through enough without you being on her back the whole time Tony!"

Tony looked completly shocked, but recovered quickly, "Get over it Probie, Im only joking"

McGee looked pretty pissed off, "Your joke has gone too far, leave her alone"

Tony shrugged, "Make me!" he ordered. That was what started it.

By the time Gibbs returned with coffee, he found two of his agents in mid fight, punches and kicks being handed out everywhere. He put the coffee down on the desk and moved to split the fight up, pulling them apart, " What the hell are you two doing!" he barked at them

They shut up, and McGee explained, Gibbs glared at Tony and let McGee get back to work, saying he was proud of him for protecting Ziva.

Tony looked at him, "But its true, she will always be a cold killer!"

Gibbs glared, "No she will not be that, she never truly was that to begin with!"

Tony shook his head, "She wil always be Israeli, she wil always be what her father made her to be"

Gibbs grabbed his shirt and threw him into the elevator, "I do not want to see you again, I will have you reassigned, if you dont like that then quit!" he ordered as he moved back to Ziva.

He grabbed one of the coffees, as he had brought two, and placing it upon her desk, pulling her into his arms, "You okay?"

McGee smiled at the affection between them, he knew they loved eachother, it was clear as crystal.

Ziva nodded, clinging to him, "I am fine Jethro"

He smiled, and offered her, her coffee, "Here"

She smiled and sipped at it, "Thank you"

He grinned, almost boyishly, "If he ever says anything else like that again, you come to me ok?"

Ziva smiled, "You do not need to be so protective over me you know, I am capable" she said softly

He nodded, "Yeah but I want to, I failed you once, I wont let it happen again"

She frowned, "You never failed me Jethro"

He looked at her, he looked annoyed but not with her, with himself, "I let the woman I love leave, and she got hurt, and I wasnt there to protect her, that in my books is failing you"

She smiled, her eyes watering, "You love me?"

He nodded, and looked away, he hadnt realised he had said it out loud.

She didnt give him a chance to doubt himself as she pressed her lips to his in a seaering kiss, "I love you too Jethro"

He grinned and kissed her more, smirking as he tasted teh cofffee on her lips.