-1Title: Trials and Affairs of a Lonely Wolf (2/?)

Pairing: Jacob/Edward

By: Kaikan_J and Stevie8810

Rating: T for now; M for later chapters

Word Count:

Genre: Romance

Disclaimer: I am not Stephenie Meyer and I do not claim to own Twilight or the characters associated with it.

Short Summary: You're 16. What goes through your mind at that age? For most guys. It's girls. What would happen if you were a 16 year old guy werewolf who imprinted...but on a guy? Not just any guy, but my best friend's guy? Not just any guy...a vampire. What would you do?

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CHAPTER 2 - "You Can't Always Get What You Want"

(Jacob's POV)

'I thought after that battle we wouldn't have to patrol anymore.' Seth whined as the pack ran towards the border.

'That's what we all thought, kiddo. But you know Sam, better safe than sorry.' Jared thought trying to be the voice of reason.

'Well, you would think he would join us instead of shacking up with Emily. I mean this was his idea.' Seth continued to whine.

'Seth, would you just drop it or do I have to tell the story about what happened last summer.' Leah snapped. The whole pack stopped thinking as we reached the border.

'Wow, Leah, is there anybody that can escape your bitter wrath?' Quil thought.

'Screw you, Quil. At least, I can have a real boyfriend, instead of being a kiddy hunter like you.' Leah growled as she lowered herself, ready for when someone would attack. Quil quickly turned around and growled back. His stance looked as if he was ready to pounce on Leah.

'I can't take this anymore.' I thought as I quickly placed myself between the two.

'Enough!!!!!!' I yelled. 'Can we just get this over with, without someone almost ripping another one's neck out?'

'I can, but you should ask her royal bitch-ness over there.' Quil growled as he pointed his muzzle towards Leah. Everyone's head turned to look at Leah, expecting her to snap back at Quil. We all sat there waiting as Leah continued to glare at Quil.

'Fine.' Leah spoke as she continued to glare. 'Don't think this is over though.'

'Thank god.' Embry spoke as he gave a sigh of release.

'Now, that is over. I want Leah and Paul to take the south border. Quil and Embry will take the west border. Seth and I will take the east border and Jake, I'm sure you can handle the north border on your own.' Jared said.

'Ahh, damn it!' Paul complained. 'Why did I get stuck with her royal ice queen?'

'It's not like you're a bucket of roses either, hot head.' Leah snapped back.

'Here we go again.' Seth sighed as Leah and Paul bickered back and forth.

'No one is starting anything. You two can fight it out when we're done. Now can we please hurry this up.' I spoke. I was getting extremely tired of everything. The pack looked at me curiously.

'Okay Jake, what's got your tail twisted?' Embry tired to joke.

'Nothings wrong.' I lied as I turned and began to head the northern border. 'I'm just tired and want to get this done and over with.'

'Okay enough with the questions. You all have your leads. Now head out' Jared spoke as he began to walk away from the group, as Seth followed him. As the pack began to split up, I began to run. Patrolling was one of the only times I could relax for some reason. Something about rushing past the lush fields always calmed me down. Even before I was a wolf, I loved to run in the fields. The scent of fresh rain and grass was always my favorite. But it was times like this, just the wind and the fog covering the ground that I lived for. One can really get lost in their thoughts out here on the reservation until your thoughts drift to things you shouldn't be thinking about, especially around your pack who can hear you as well.

If there was on thing that I can't stand about being a werewolf sometimes, it's that. Well, that and being able to smell everything. There are just some things better left not smelt at all. Like that sickeningly sweet smell from vamps, but not being alone at times was the worst thing of all. You could be running by yourself thinking about anything, even about something that you would normally blush over or would want to keep private. But as soon as someone else in your pack shifted, they would be to see what you thought an hour ago and able to hear what you're thinking now. UGH! How sometimes I hated being a wolf, but at least its better than being a leech.

As soon as I thought of leeches, my mind began to drift to… him and his family. Ever since that day, my mind had begun to drift to…him, almost all the time. It was fucking irritating. God knows I didn't want to think about him, but my mind always deceived me.

'Maybe, if I rip him apart enough where it would take him a long time to mend back together. Yeah, that would work. I would have plenty of time if I did that and Bella wouldn't care since she'll be with me after that.' I thought out loud.

'Yeah, just have to sink my teeth in that smooth neck like he does with those deer. Then my claws would just slide into that firm body like but…' I began to thought as my dash came to a complete stop.

'Jake, what the hell are you thinking?' Paul shouted interrupting my thoughts.

'I wasn't thinking about anything.' I lied.

'The hell you were. You were thinking about those leeches that the Swan girl hangs with.' Leah entered her two cents in.

'Yeah, it was almost like a sexual thing. You aren't getting a hard on for one of those bloodsucking chicks, are you?' Paul asked scoffing.

'Like hell, I am.' I argued with the two. 'I was thinking about tearing them to shreds if they hurt Bella, if you really want to know.'

'Good!' Paul thought proudly of my idea. 'I was beginning to worry that you were going soft on us and were becoming a leech lover. God, could you imagine if one of us imprinted on a leech?'

'I sure as hell can't.' Leah spoke up again. 'Its worse enough that we had to work with them just a couple of months ago. I'm still trying to get the smell out of my hair. I can't even begin to think about being around them more than necessary, but to have to spend eternity kissing one of their asses. Ugh! Count me out.'

'Will you two keep out of my head please? Its enough I got to hear you two bitch and moan all the time.' I complained as I heard a twig snap. I quickly drowned the two out as I looked far ahead of me. I saw a quick glimpse of gray fur.

'Must be Embry or Jared.' I thought out loud.

'Got one of it right, Jakester.' Embry though as he and Quil came out from the brush.

'Thought you could use some help since we're done with our area.' Quil quickly explained before I could ask. As I looked at the two, I began to notice Quil's fur. He had a distinct coloring. It's a mix between brown and a golden color.

'Quil's actually very beautiful. Wait…what am I thinking?!?!' I thought as I shook my muzzle and my mind of the thoughts.

'I'm beautiful Jake? Aww thanks.' Quil spoke as he and Embry laughed.

'Didn't say it was you. I said it was your fur, you giant hairball.' I growled. 'Also, thanks, but no thanks. I'm already finished here. Unless you two want to double check me that is.'

'Nah!! We're sure you had everything taken care of. Just thought to come and help you work off some of the steam that Leah and Paul were pumping in you. But now, I think you'll only need Quil. So I'll leave and let you two love birds play.' Embry laughed hard. He was laughing so hard that he didn't notice Quil as he was tackled him. I could help but laugh at the two as the played around.

'Would you two stop acting like puppies?' I laughed as the two stopped their playing. 'So where did everyone else go?'

'Well, Paul and Leah went home and I think Seth and Jared headed to Emily's to give their report to Sam.' Embry answered as we began heading back home.

'Well, I guess then I'm the last one to report in then. Better start heading over there' I thought to them as I began to run to Emily's house.

'Kay, Jake. We'll see you later.' Quil shouted to my retreating back. As I reached closer to Emily's, I ducked behind a bush and began to shift back.

'Ugh, one of the other things I hate about being a werewolf. The popping bone sound that always happens when shifting.' I thought as I untied my shorts from my leg.

'Still can't believe I thought about…him and most of the pack heard it. Something must really be wrong with me. Especially if I'm thinking about…him and thought Quil was beautiful.' I thought as I began to walk to the house as I pulled my shorts up.

'Shit!! You would think we would've thought of a way to bring shoes with us when we shift so the rocks don't dig in.' I thought as a sharp rock dug into my foot as I got closer to Emily's. The crunch of the gravel around me as I walked up to Emily's was the only sound as my mind went back to thoughts from that day.

'I'm sure it was some weird spice in the air that stopped me from imprinting on Bella. I mean there is no way that I'm going to give her up without a fight to…him.' I thought as a smile crossed my face.

'It would be great if it happened right in front of him. Yeah, that would teach…him a lesson, I think. Teach him not to think he's so perfect with that strong chin, sculpted torso, and those…beautiful…amber eyes.' I thought as I stopped in front of Emily's window.

'Shit!!! It's happening again! What the hell is wrong with me? Whatever that spice it was or something it still affecting me. Must be an allergic reaction to something. I got to stop thinking like that.' I thought as I shook my head. After making sure all those unwanted thoughts had left my mind, I turned and looked into the window and saw Emily sitting on her love seat as the television was on. I was about to knock on the window as Sam came into view and walked up behind her and wrapped his arms around her from behind the couch. Emily's face lit up as she laughed as she was picked up from the couch. Sam twirled her around for a little bit before setting her down with his arms and her waist. I read his lips as he told her that he loved her so much as he smiled brightly at her before kissing her. I could only imagine that Emily was saying the same thing to him as she wrapped her arms around his neck and leaned up and kissed him again as they began to go into the back of the house.

I slowly turned around away from the window, feeling like I was intruding on a special moment. I wanted to get away and let them have the moment unspoiled. They needed it after everything that happened, but my duty wasn't allowing me.

'Damn, Sam and his orders.' I thought as I walked to the door and knocked on it.

"Jake, hey!" Emily called out as she opened the door. She looked disheveled as she let me in. She quickly fixed her hair as she followed me into the living room. I saw Sam came out from the hallway.

"Jake, hey, how was the patrol?" Sam asked as he walked towards me.

"Everything was fine, Sam. I was just coming to tell you, but it looks like I interrupted something." I told him as I pointed down and turned my head away. Sam looked down and saw that he had come out of the bedroom naked.

"Shit!" Sam exclaimed as Emily and I were laughing at Sam's antics as he ran back to the bedroom.

"I thought I already asked for no more mental pictures, Sam." I joked as Sam grinned cheekily at me.

"What can I say? I'm just that hot." Sam joked causing me to blush.

"Okay, enough with the who can embarrass the other one the most." Emily spoke as she tried not to laugh. "I would like to actually have time with my fiancé, so Jake can you hurry up with the report."

"Wow, well at least I know who's in charge in this house." I joke as I turned back to Sam. "Everything on the north border is fine. Nothing out of the ordinary."

"Good, let's hope everything stays that way then." Sam spoke as he grabbed my set of keys out of a bowl and threw them to me. "Now get out of here, so Emily and I can have some time."

"Sure, Sure." I called out as I began to walk to the door.

"Night, Jake. We'll see you later." Emily spoke as she gave me a quick hug before pushing me out of the door and shutting it. I laughed as I heard a loud growl from the other side. Walking to the rabbit, my mind went back to what I saw between Emily and Sam.

'I want that. Someone to hold me, love me, and…kiss me.' I thought as I pulled out of Emily's driveway. I watched the tall green trees pass by one after the other. My mind went back to my conversation with Sam from earlier this week.

'Jake, you can't test an imprint. It's not that simple. When an imprint happens, it happens. There is no reversing or changing it. If it were that way, a lot of us would change it.' I heard the Sam in my mind repeat.

'Well, I guess that means that the only thing left now is to get to Bella and let the imprint happen. Let the pieces fall where they may, I guess the saying is.' I thought as I sighed as I made my way to Bella's.

'That's easier said than done. Hope…he isn't there and the imprint can happen without a hitch.' I thought as I let out a sigh as I pulled into the Swan's driveway. As I got out of the rabbit I noticed that Charlie's squad car wasn't around.

'That's weird. Why isn't Charlie home? Something must be going down or something.' I thought as I walked to the door.

'Well, this is it. After tonight, Bella is going to be mine and…he can wait on the outside cause he'll never have a chance with her after that.' I thought smugly as I knocked on the door.

"Jake! What are you doing here? I mean it's nice to see you, but I'm just surprised." Bella spoke as she opened the door. I quickly smiled and picked her up in a hug and twirled her around.

'Déjà vu. Didn't I just see Sam and Emily do this.' I thought and as I saw Bella blushing.

"Okay, Jake. Please stop you're making me dizzy." Bella spoke as she slapped my arm as I put her down.

"Okay, so what are you doing here?" Bella asked as she pulled her shirt back down in place.

"I just wanted came to see you. Is that a crime? Are you going to handcuff me and make me wait for Charlie to lock me up?" I joked as I reached my hands out like they were hand cuffed. Bella laughed as she punched me in the arm.

"No, it isn't. Now come on in before it gets cold." Bella smiled as she motioned for me to come inside.

"Bella, you're forgetting that I'm a walking space heater. When do I ever get cold?" I asked her as I watched her walk inside. I couldn't help but admire her body. The way she walked and moved her hips made me drool. It was like she was taunting me on purpose. As if she was waiting for me to just pick her up and claim her mine.

'Shit! Calm down there, Jake Jr. Let's wait till we've imprinted on her, then we can perk up and get down to business.' I thought to my lower half as I followed her up into the house.

"So, where's Charlie?" I asked as I followed her through the living room.

"Ahh, I see you saw the car isn't here. He's at the station." Bella answered matter-of-factly.

"More reports?" I asked as I cocked an eyebrow.

'That's funny. I hadn't heard anything and there hasn't been any new leeches since that Victoria chick and her army. Maybe she was just telling her bloodsuckers. Great just what we need. Them to interfere. Again.' I thought as I saw her shaking her head.

"No and it's not another "animal" attack." She spoke as she did air quotes around animal.

"One of the other officers got sick with the flu. They needed an extra hand or something." She spoke as she shrugged and walked into the kitchen. She rose up on her tiptoes, trying to grab a bowl out of the cabinet.

"Uh, why must cabinets be this high?" She cursed as her fingers tried to grab a bowl, only to successfully tip it a bit. I let out a small chuckle as she continued to curse at the bowl.

"You know you could stop laughing and help, Mr. bigger than a tree." She complained as I continued to laugh. Finally taking pity on her, I walked over to her and reached up to grab the bowl.

"I believe this is what you were looking for, ma'am" I spoke in my best cowboy accent, as I handed her the bowl.

"Thanks, Duke." Bella laugh as she turned towards me. While turning, she bumped into me, causing her to trip over her feet in the process. I quickly caught her before she fell to the floor.

"Sorry about bumping into you, but you know how I am. Can't really stay on my own two feet." Bella spoke as she blushed.

"Hey, its not big thing. I kind of like being the big strong man for you." I spoke as I flexed my arm, trying to impress her.

"Oh, yes. My big strong friend. So, are you going to let me go?" Bella asked as she tried to move.

"Nah! I kind of like you this close." I spoke as I wrapped my arms around her waist. Bella blushed as she let out a nervous laugh.

"Jake, come on stop. Please let me go." She pleaded as she tried to get out of my grasp. I looked down at her face and her eyesight locked with mine.

'That saying about the eyes being the windows to the soul is really true.' I thought as I looked deep into her eyes. I felt like I could read her soul. I wasn't pleased to see… him in her eyes though.

'She really does love him. Well, too bad for…him. She's going to be mine.' I thought as we stared at each other. I felt that we could have just stayed there forever, starring into each other's eyes, but she blinked.

"Uh Jake. What are you doing?" Bella asked as she began to frown.

'Weird. Nothing is happening. This is supposed to work. What is wrong with me? I love this woman. I felt the imprint about to happen that day. So the imprint should've happened by now.' I thought as I looked down at her face again.

"Jake please let me go." She pleaded as she tried to push me away.

'No, I can't yet. Not till the imprint happened.' I thought as I waited for the imprint to happen. Nothing happened.

'Shit! Fine, if the imprint won't happen this way, I'll try this another way. I hope you like me now leech.' I thought feverishly as I leaned down slowly and captured Bella's lips in between mine. The kiss was soft and tender as how I thought a first kiss should be. Her lips were soft, but a little greasy from the chapstick I tasted. Bella didn't react at first. She was just froze her in her spot, but as a few seconds past she started to move.

'Yes, she must like kissing me more than Count Dracula.' I thought triumphantly as I tried to deepen the kiss. As I opened my mouth a little, she suddenly snapped out of stupor. She began to push me with her might. Bella knew I wouldn't budge, but to make her feel better I made it look that way as I let her go and stepped back.

"Jake! What the hell was that?!" She yelled as she crossed her arms and gave me a stern look.

"I was kissing you." I answered nervously.

"Yeah, no kidding. What made you do that?" Bella asked sternly.

"Um…sorry." I apologized as I scratched my neck and shuffled my shoe on the floor.

"You're sorry! I'm with Edward, Jake. EDWARD. You know Edward, right? My…BOY-FRIEND!" She fumed as she drug out the last word. From the look on her face, she was somewhat pissed.

"Look Bells. I'm sorry. I just wanted to know what it was like. You know, kissing someone you love. " I spoke as I backed away from her. I turned to look at her as she looked pissed before letting out a sigh and rubbing her temples.

"Look, Jake. I get it. Really I do. But you can't just come up and hold someone against their will and kiss them like that. Both you and the other person have to like or love each other." Bella ranted as she rolled her eyes. I looked at her, dejectedly.

"Look, Jake. I think you really need to think some things out. I mean you kiss me and I have a boyfriend. This could get your tribe and the Cullen's in trouble, especially if Edward finds out. So I think that it's just best if you leave now and we just forget about it. Please Jake." Bella pleaded as she looked up at me. I couldn't handle her puppy dog eyes when she gave them.

"Yeah, I get it. Look, I'm sorry about surprising you with that kiss. I'll get out of here." I spoke as I gave her a quick nod as I began to head for the door.

"Jake!" Bella called out as I was close to the door. She quickly enveloped me in a hug. I couldn't help, but lean down and take in her scent.

"I'll see you later, okay?" Bella asked as she finished hugging me.

"Yeah, you will. Someone has to watch out for you when the bogeymen are away." I joked as I gave a brilliant smile.

"Quit it. Now get out of here and say hi to your dad for me." Bella laughed as she punched me in the arm. I went through the door and my smile faded from my face as I looked at the rabbit.

'Of all the times I chose to drive. It had to be this time! Not only that, but the imprint I felt the other day wasn't there. What happened to it?' I asked myself as I walked over to the driver's side and was hit with… his scent.

'Shit. His sister must have told him I was going to be here.' I thought as I got in and started the car. I peeled out of the driveway and drove away before he got to Bella. The scenery rushing past me as my mind continued to think about the failed imprint.

'What was so different about today that wouldn't let me imprint the other day? I was there, she was there, there weren't any brownies being cooked. The only other thing that I can think of is…him' I thought as that warm feeling came back into the pit of my stomach as I thought of him.

'Wait…there is no way that…he was the reason of the imprint to begin. There has been no story of this happening. I must be going out of my mind. The pack would kill me if it was true.' I continued to think as I drove my way back to the reservation. As I drove out Forks and making my way to the reservation, a silver Volvo speed past me.

'Shit. Only one person that I know of drives that.' I thought as I caught the smell of honey and cinnamon. As soon as the thought left my mind, the person behind the wheel turned his head.

'Shit, it's him. Great what now?' I thought as he speed up and vanished from my sight.