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1 Forever in a Wish by Mei Neko

Chapter One

The concert hall was hot as hell and dark as the night. However, this did not bother the audience who were screaming at a trio. The trio was made up of one guy and two girls. The guy was about six feet tall. He had on a black tee shirt with a picture of a scanty clad woman on the front and black pants and shoes to match. He had long dark green hair, which was dyed, in a ponytail and his arms were covered in silver chains. He had long bangs, which sometimes cover his dark blue eyes. His head bobbed to the beat as he played his drums. This guy was Yen Hsieh.

The two females were in front of Yen. To the drummer's right was a girl that was only about five inches shorter than him. This girl was dressed in clean-cut slacks, white shoes, and a red polo tee shirt, which had a cute turtle on the front. This girl wore brass-framed glasses and the lights often cause a glare whenever she turns her head at a certain angle. Her long black hair was put up in a ponytail and swayed whenever she moved. It was like a long coil that moved on it's own. Her amber brown eyes often trail down to her left hand, making sure that she had the right cord before she strummed the strings to her electric guitar. This was Chy Lin.

The last member of the band was a short girl with short dark blue hair. Although most people thought it was dyed, it really real. It was really due to the fact that the girl had some strange reaction to the blue hair dye and caused her pigments to alter. The girl stood tall at five feet and three inches. She wore loose navy blue canvas pants, a tight orange tank top that had a picture of a black cat, some black suspenders, and she wore on her feet, a pair of black and silver running shoes. Many mismatching pins and clips put up her chin length hair. Some of the clips were black while others were white. As for the pins, they ranged from pink to green. The girl was singing and had an open smile of her face. Her golden eyes looked down at her hands on her electric bass guitar once in a while. This girl was the lead singer, Mei Neko.

Fans cheered for the three as the last note died. All three gave bows or waves and smiles. The females cried out for the handsome male as he gave charming smiles to them. The female members of the band smiled and waved. It seemed as if the cheering would last forever. Finally, the audience slowly left the hall, talking amongst themselves.

"Wasn't that awesome?"

"That guy was a hunk!"

"Man…those guys are so going to main stream."

"I know! Do you think he has a girlfriend?"

Backstage, the band was putting away their equipment. The trio talked as they packed.

"You know, Mei, you really need to see a shrink. Dude, I don't know how you do it, but it's going to mess your head." The male, Yen, said as he shook his head. The girl mentioned merely shook her head and rolled her eyes. The blue haired girl was now expressionless and her eyes were glaring at everything.

"Please! Just because I smile on stage does not mean that I smile all the time. You're starting to sound like my mom…she keeps telling me to smile and to have a happy attitude." Mei said as she closed the case to her bass. Chy smirked at her band members.

"Don't tell me you're still living with your uncle. I thought you were going to get out." Chy said giving Mei a smug look. Mei glared at her.

"It's either paperwork or the shrine. The shrine was the better deal…even if I have a nutty uncle. The ass has a gull to tell me that I'm lazy." Mei said fuming.

"Well, he does have a point. You do the lyrics at the last moments and hey, you're almost always late for concerts." Yen said laughing. Mei merely walked pasted him and bashed his head with a gong.

"And this is coming from a guy who can't stay with one girl for a week." Mei said glaring. Yen gave a pout.

"Come on! I'm telling you, I've found the one!"

"Sure…isn't that the same comment you said when you went out with Jess?"

Chy chuckled at the two.

After an hour of arguing, the trio managed to leave.

"Hey Mei! Need a lift?" Chy asked as she got on her motorcycle. Mei shook her head.

"I'm staying over at my sister's place. She's got room…see my bag?" Mei said as she nodded her head at the duffle bag that she was carrying.

"Okay! I'll see ya at rehearsal on Monday!"

"Yeah, later."

Mei watched as Chy left the scene. She gave a sigh as she walked on to the busy streets. She still wore her concert clothing, only she had on a black leather jacket and a black fingerless gloves. She looked around in the night and sighed again. Maybe she should have gotten a ride with Chy. She kept on walking in the night until she stopped at an ally. She remembered something about a shortcut to her sister's place.

"What the hell…it can't get any worse."

Last famous words were stated as she entered the ally. As she took a couple of paces, she failed to see a sewer hole that was in front of her. She expected that her right foot would connect with the ground. So it was a sudden shock as her foot passed right through what she thought should have been the ground. The force of gravity pulled her down to the hole. Mei stared in shock as she fell into the hole and into darkness. The last thing that was on her mind was the fact that the sewer hole was pretty damn big.


The fall seemed like forever. Mei knew she was falling, but she could not see the bottom. Sewers were not suppose to last this long. Then she felt a chill. It was not the type of chill that someone would feel cold from. This was a chill where something evil was present and near. Mei muttered curses as she tried her best to pin point the evil. It was hard for her. It seemed like the evil was everywhere.

"I'm not going to tell my uncle about this…he'd make me study this crap for life." She thought as she began to prepare a chant. She raises her arms above her and began to chant an older language. She began to glow a pale yellow and then she opened her eyes and screamed out an incantation. The pale yellow glow changed into a bright one and rays of light shot from her and into the darkness that surrounded her. There was a small reaction and Mei felt a pressure go against her. She gritted her teeth and pushed back. The reaction between the light and the dark grew, but still she could not over come it.

"Damn! You want to do the big tricks, I'll give them to you!" Mei yelled, as she made sure that the straps to her bass and her bag were secured. She began to position her fingers in different ways; and with each change, her chi grew. As she did the final position, she gave out a cry and a force erupted from her. This time, she managed to pierce the darkness, but something else that was worse was in its place. Mei stared in horror at the image of a fire. She could feel the intense heat and evil washed over her like a high tide. She felt enormous pain in her body. She looked at the image one last time to see that the fire was like an eye. An eye of fire that no man can make. An eye of evil and death. Pain was taking over her brain and she screamed out. For what or for whom she was screaming for was a mystery to her as she lost all senses of her body.


She was jolted awake as her body fell on another. Her martial arts training took over as she jumped away from the person. However, dangerous chills ran done her spine and she weakly got up in a guard position. The person that she had landed on was still down, however, he was dressed in black. The chills were strong from the person that she had landed on. As she quickly studied her situation, she noticed that there were four kids. One of them looked like he was stabbed. The other three were seemed fine. She had counted five men in black. She was in some serious shit.

"This is the life! The first time in my life, I really wish for some of those ofadas! Damn that uncle of mine…he probably cursed me." Mei muttered, as the men in black grew closer. Then she noticed that the man she had fallen onto had thrown himself at the wounded boy. She grabbed him and threw him away from her. However as she threw the man away from her, to her shock, she felt extremely cold. She step back, as she finally understood. "You guys are dead."

Just then, another man came into the scene. Mei looked to see that the guy was human and looked very much alive. He was dressed completely in black. He had dark hair that was about same length as hers, and he had some facial hair. The man had begun to fight the black men with fire and his sword. It looks like he was doing pretty well since the robes were burning. After a few minutes, the enemies drew back and went off into the night. Mei sighed that is until a sword was pointed at her throat.

"And who may you be?" the man asked coldly. Mei glared at him.

"The name is Mei Neko. I'm a priestess in training. So do I get a name or does your sword do the talking?"

He stood there for a moment that is until one of the boys yelled at him.

"Strider! Frodo's been stabbed!"

Mei gave a smirk at that.

"So you're Strider…bet that's not your real name." Mei said a bit smug. Strider glared at her but turned towards the groups of boys. Mei checked herself for any injuries and found none. She also found that she still had her duffle bag and her bass. "Thank you Kami-sama. As long as I have my bass…I'll serve under you."

She looked over at the groups and decided to check it out. She could see the man and the group of boys clearly now since there was a light. She blinked then blinked again. She noticed that the groups in front of her wore strange clothing. It looked like it was medieval period. Especially the colors. Then she noticed that the boys ' ears were pointed. She looked at Strider, and to her relief, his ears were normal. Then she looked down at the boy who was wounded. He did not look well.

"Okay…just what the hell is wrong with him? Is he poisoned?" Mei asked curiously.

"Yes…he has been stabbed by a blade made from Mordor." Strider said. Mei gave a nod at this.

"Well, I'm new here, but I can see that it has some small evil chi in it…I could help him…" Mei said while she thought on how. Strider looked at her with narrow eyes. One of the boys gave a nod at this.

"She did help Frodo from one of those Ring Wraiths."

Strider looked at the boy before he nodded.

"Help him, now."

Mei rolled her eyes. Why was she doing this? She looked at the wound carefully. Then she pressed a couple of pressure points that would help slow the poison. She frowned…she needed to get rid of the evil chi. If she did not, then the Pressure points would have meant nothing. However, she did not have an ofada to help her. She looked at the ground. She could…

"Everyone, I want you to step away from him. I need space."

The group did as she asked and she quickly began to write symbols on the ground and around the boy. As she did, she noticed that the boy's feet were unusually big and hairy. Now was not the time to think of such things. She looked at the ground carefully and nodded.

"This will have to do. I hate my uncle." She muttered as she sat on the ground and facing the boy's head. Then she placed one of her hands on his forehead and the other in position for prayer. She closed her eyes and began to chant softly. Nothing was happening and she put more of her chi into her chant. Slowly, her markings began to flicker a bit. She shut her eyes tightly as she concentrated harder to get rid of the chi. Slowly the markings began to glow and a sudden wind began to pick up. Then all of a sudden the markings burn bright for a minute and then it stopped. Strider and the others were shocked from the display, however quickly went to their comrade. Mei was now breathing heavily. She slowly looked up and sighed.

"The evil is gone…however the poison is still active. We got time to find him a doctor. Shit…could someone tell me where the hell I am?" Mei asked. One of the boys looked at her curiously.

"You're at Weathertop, miss, and this is Middle Earth. Don't you know?"

Mei looked at them and sighed. Just what in the name of Kami-sama did she got herself into?


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