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Forever in a Wish

Chapter Nine

"What the hell am I going to do with a ball of string?"

Mei looked at the ball of silver string. She frowned at it and sighed as she looked up at the amused look on the elf's face. She looked at it again and pouted.

"It is fitting for a cat is it not?"

Mei looked up and glared at the elf. Then she gave a sigh before she bowed and still wondered if the elf wanted her to make a shirt out of the string.

"I still don't understand what the hell I'm supposed to do with a bunch of string."

"I think you do...it will come to you in time...it is made out of mithril..." Mei turned to face the elf and blinked in surprise at that. She then pulled the string out and began to play with it. She watched in amazement as the sting began to follow her every move from her hand. Then she looked up and shrugged her shoulders.

"I guess it's better than nothing. I still would like it better if ya asked about what I want instead of just giving me something." Mei muttered as she tossed the ball up and down, catching it with one hand. Then she thought for a minute. "Wait a minute...how the hell do you know my name?"


Mei sighed as she wondered just how much did that elf know. It freaked her out to the point where she was wondering just how much trouble she would get into if she beat the crap out of the elf. It was a tempting thought. She looked over to the other boats. She could see that Boromir was with Pippin and Merry. She sighed and wondered if the man would be able to hold off the Ring's powers. She liked the man. He was like her uncle in his own way. So damn stubborn about one thing. She looked around when she felt a shiver down her back. It was faint, but Mei did not like it. She looked at the shores of the river, trying to see if there was something that was following them. She could not see anything. She sighed and shook her head.

"Hey...Frodo!" Mei called out. The Hobbit turned and cast a worried look at her. Frodo had been worried about the priestess since this morning and he hoped that she was feeling all right.


"That stupid ring...is it calling to anyone?"

Frodo shook his head while clutching the ring that was around his neck. Mei sighed and then gave a nod. Maybe the feeling was just an over reacted nerve or something. The others looked over to her and wondered what was going on. Mei began to fiddle with the ball of string. The thing just bugs her. She had heard of some priestesses and monks who can use string to attack demons, however, she had never seen them done before. She made the string move up and down with only her finger leading it. Maybe she could do this. Then her tummy grumbled. She looked down at it and sighed. She looked up to see that Legolas was trying to hide a smile. Mei pouted but said nothing. However Gimli decided to say something.

"What was that strange noise? It sounded like a starving orc!" Mei scowled, as Legolas's smile grew wider.

"That sound was from me! I'm starving here!" Mei said trying to glare at the dwarf without moving from her spot. "Besides...when the hell are we going to be able to eat now?"


The smell of food came to her and she sighed as she looked at the cooking meats and wild mushrooms. No matter how many times she ate meats and mushrooms...she could never grow tired of it if the Hobbits were cooking. She thought on how much those Hobbits would make in her world and decided that they would have been in the Iron Chief show. Now that she thought about it...she really missed that show. She sighed and rested herself against a tree. She looked over at the others...their boats were dragged from shore and Mei was too lazy to take out her bag and bass out of it. Also Gimli sat next to her, sharpening his ax. She closed her eyes and just listened to the others while thinking that something was out of place. She could hear Leoglas and Aragorn arguing about something and that Gimli was complaining about the route that they were taking to get to Mount Doom. Something about it being harsh. Then she frowned and looked.

"Hey! Where the fuck is Frodo and Boromir? I thought they were near us." Mei said as she began to get up with worry. It was not normal for Frodo to just wonder off and the fact that Boromir was still too weak to fight off the ring just bothers her. Aragorn looked at her and a silent message was passed between the two.

"Okay...you go look for him...I'll stay here and wait...just watch out for that ring." Mei said calmly. Legolas watched the look passed between Aragorn and Mei...he could not understand if he was angry that the two were close from the beginning or that he was relived that the two were not arguing. "Hey! If ya need any help...call out will ya? I hate to have another dead guy on my head."

Aragorn gave a nod at this and everyone left to find Frodo except for Mei who watched and gave a prayer to them. Then she looked at the food that was left. She should eat that. No point in wasting food now!

She had just finished her last portion of mushrooms when she felt evil nearby. She stood up in horror, wondering what could be attacking her friends and how the hell did they find them. She ran off to find out where the others had gone when she heard a horn being blown. She ran towards the sound hoping ot get there on time only to see that Boromir, Pippin, and Merry were surrounded by hundreds of orcs. Mei fought her way through them as she tried to reach the trio. The problem was that these orcs were stronger than the ones she had faced in Moria. Also the fact that these things talked and were interested in her.

"Your eyes are like ours...a halfling?" An orc said as it slashed its sword at her. She ducked and kicked it at a weak point.

"Nope...I'm one hundred percent human here. And I hate it when demons like you think I'm one of you...that didn't make any sense now did it?" She said as she grabbed the hand that held the sword and quickly plunged it into the orc. She winced as her head began to ache a bit. She then swore silently to Kami that she would not drink unless she was one hundred percent sure that she was not in danger. Then as she killed another orc, realized that she would never be able to drink again and quickly changed her statement to one where she would drink only a bit. She kept on fighting against the sea of orcs. However, she stopped when she saw an arrow fly and imbedded itself into Boromir's chest. A scream ripped the air and it took her a long time to realize that it was her own voice that was screaming. Suddenly, All she could see was orcs and in her mind they were laughing. Laughing at Boromir and his pain. Laughing at the Hobbits and their fear. Laughing at her being so weak. Then
she felt something snap inside of her.

"So...you bastards like to laugh at people in pain...is that right? Well then...FEEL THIS!!!" Mei screamed as she took out the ball of string. The next few minutes were a blur to her as the mithril string cut through the evil flesh of its' victims. A part of the priestess's mind was watching the entire rampage in cold observation. The string seemed to be moving by will and that it easily cut through the bodies. Also the fact that it had made itself into a lasso helped out too. She kept on killing until someone grabbed her from behind and pinned her arms. She kept on struggling only thinking about killing the orcs when she felt a hard slap on her face. She blinked and focused on a pale Legolas. "Legolas? Is Boromir okay? I saw this arrow go through him and I don't remember what happen only that..."

Legolas hugged her...preventing her from seeing Boromir with four other arrows in his body. Mei surrendered into the warm comfort hat Legolas offered. No tears came out of her eyes but she closed them tightly and held onto Legolas as if it was the last thing she could do. In her mind she knew that Boromir was dying...however... her heart could not. She could feel his hands stroking her back softly and she sighed. She could hear Boromir talking faintly before she felt his chi disappear. She gave a small sob and then she pulled away from the elf. However, the elf kept his arms around her as she looked and paled to see that there were more arrows in the dead body's than she knew. Aragorn looked up at her. She then noticed Gimli and then her eyes widen in fear.

"Where's Pippin and Merry?"

Their looks of guilt gave it away. Part of her was relieved that there were no bodies of the two Hobbits and the other part of her was freaking out. Then she remembered something.

"What about Frodo and Sam?" She soon found herself being dragged away by Legolas as all four of them ran to the shores where their boats lay. Mei gasped as she saw how close to the other side of the river that the two remaining Hobbits were. "Just what the hell does he think he's doing?"

Aragorn gave a bitter smile as he gave a silent prayer towards the two.

"Doing what he must do...we can not do anymore for him. We must hurry to save Merry and Pippin." He answered as he mended the cut that was on his right arm. Mei sighed and began to look for her bags. She blinked. They were not on the land. She checked the two remaining boats...not there. Then she looked at the boat that held the two Hobbits.

"NO! KAMI-SAMA!!! ARE YOU PURPOSLY TRYING TO MAKE MY LIFE A LIVING HELL? WHAT DID I DO TO DESERVE SUCH TORTURE? DID I RUN OVER ANY OLD LADIES IN MY PAST LIFE? DID I KICK SOME POOR CHILD IN THE HEAD? DID I STEAL CANDY FROM A BABY?...wait a minute...I already did that...hmm...DID I COMMITE ANY SHITTY CRIMES? DID I CUSS OUT SOME HIGH LORD OR KING...wait...I'm already doing that now..." The other three blinked in wondered as the priestess suddenly stop ranting. Suddenly she began to chuckle and then it turned into laughter. Everyone thought she had gone mad until Legolas noticed that the laughter sounded too bitter to be happy. He held her once again...relishing the feel of her warmth. Then she pulled away. He looked at her with worry.


"I have to follow them." Mei said softly. Legolas looked at her surprised while Aragorn gave nod and Gimli lowered his eyes.

"Why?" Legolas whispered. Mei shrugged her shoulders.

"Because they have my shit...also I promised the old man that I would watch over Frodo...and the Ring...although I would like to shove that thing up Sauron's ass..." she muttered. Gimli sighed and shook his head at the girl.

"If you are going to catch up with the them...you had better hurry."

"I know that! And I'm going to hurry my butt off!"

With that said...Mei quickly began to push one of the boats off shore...however Legolas stopped her for a moment. He looked down at the golden eyes...thinking that maybe it would be the last time he would be able to see her. Mei blinked in surprised as she found herself slowly drowning into his dark eyes. Something stirred within her. This sort of drowning was different than before. Earlier when she felt herself drowning...she hated it. Now, as she started into the elf's eyes...she felt like she wanted to drown in his eyes. She could feel her heart beating faster as the seconds ticked by. Her mouth felt dry.


Legolas blinked as he looked down at the girl...the girl who somehow has caused feelings that he did not understand. Feelings that was deep and intense for words to describe. He wanted to say something to her...but he could not. At least he could not tell her what he was feeling as of now. He then heard her call his name. He placed a gentle kiss on her forehead.

"Be safe, Mei...come back to us with the others alive."

For some reason, she felt little bit disappointed at the platonic kiss. However, she brushed it off as she gave a smirk and tilted her head to one side.

"Of course! While I'm at it...I might as well go and blow Mount Doom up...and you guys better come back alive as well...if I find out that one more of you guys died...I'll hurt you guys so bad that you would be glad that you're dead!"

With that she pushed the boat and quickly jumped into it while rowing as quickly as possible. Legolas watched her struggle through the current and sighed. He felt a hand on his shoulder and he turned to see Aragorn with a warm and understanding look.

"Now do you understand?" he asked the elf. The elf said nothing. Aragorn sighed and lead the remaining two to prepare Boromir's body for burial.


Mei sighed and winced at her arms...she had no idea that rowing was hard work. She silent gave a moment of admiration to Aragorn, Legolas, and Boromir on how they had managed to do this with complaining. She winced as she remembered Boromir...why did she go out on a rampage? It was not like her to totally explode like that. She looked back to see that the other three were pushing off a boat...she did not need to know who was in there...however...it seemed too quiet for a burial. Boromir did deserve some song in his funeral. She would have sung except she could not think of anything. She could not think of a song that she could sing at this moment. She just watched the boat move along with the current until it disappeared into the waterfall. She gave a brief prayer before she took up the task of catching up with the Hobbits who were already pulling their boat to shore. She looked at the distance between the two...and gave a sad look. She was too tired to row. Then she looked
at her string. Soon a mad grin spread her face as she threw it and it tied itself onto a tree. She then began to pull the boat to shore and grinned as she noticed that it took less time.

"YES! I finally can grab my stuff! Oh happy day!" she said as she went to the other boat and sighed in relief as she saw her duffle bag and her bass. Then she turned around to see that the others had left. She stood there for a moment. It sort of hurt that she would find them gone and instead of waiting to see that if she would be okay. She looked at the other side of the river...hoping catching a glimpse of Leoglas's hair...she found none. Then she gave herself a mental shake.

"Man...all of that fighting must have given me an empty stomach...I better find Frodo and Sam...thank Kami that I'm traveling with Sam...heh heh..."

Legolas gave a brief look back, but continued to follow Aragorn. He did not need to know the small amount of amusement that was in Aragorn's eyes. He sighed but said nothing as his thoughts were muddled with the rescue of the two Hobbits and Mei's progress to catch up with Frodo and Sam.

"You do know there is no worry over that child?"

Legolas looked over at the dwarf who had one bushy eyebrow raised. Legolas merely shrugged and said nothing. Gimli snorted at the elf's tactic of avoiding the question. However, Aragorn felt that they all needed something to take their minds off of the battle before.

"You are right, Gimli, she would most likely scare Sauron with her manner...not that I would mind if she did." Aragorn said with a small smile. Gimli gave a small chuckle at that. "I do hope that she does meet with us in the near future...love can be a painful feeling."

Legolas glared at his friends however, it lost its affect when a blush stained his pale cheeks. The other two chuckled at the elf's expense who wondered if the appearance of the girl was a blessing or a curse. Then he gave a soft chuckle as he imagined a picture of Mei scaring Sauron...it was amusing.


Mei sniffed and rubbed her nose. This was the third time she had sneezed and the two Hobbits were looking at her in concern. She gave a careless wave...telling them that she was okay. She sighed as she looked at the forest that they were walking into. Beautiful was the only word she could think of. This place was more beautiful in her mind than the forest city they had been to before. Right now she felt a peace and she felt as if she could sing with her heart.

"Who can say

Where the road goes

Where the day flows

- Only time

And who can say

If your love grows

As your heart shows

- Only time

The Hobbits listened to her voice in silence...thankful that the priestess was with them. Even thought they felt guilty that she had gone after them, they could only feel their burdens lifted from their small shoulders a bit.

Who can say

Why your heart sighs

As your love flies

- Only time

And who can say

Why your heart cries

When your love lies

- Only time


Who can say

When the roads meet

That love might be

In your heart

And who can say

When the day sleeps

If the night keeps

All your heart

Night keeps, all your heart


Who can say

If your love grows

As your heart shows

- Only time

And who can say

Where the road goes

Where the day flows

- Only time

Who knows - only time

Who knows - only time..."

Mei gave a small smile as she finished the song. She felt even more peaceful despite the fact that she was going to meet up with more orcs and other nasties. Frodo went up to her and started to talk.

"I am sorry about having you follow us..." he began. Mei waved the apology away.

"Don't worry about it. Besides...you help me make my decision. I could have left my stuff and hanged with the others...but you and Sam can cook. I'm afraid what would happen if the others tried to cook."

They all chuckled and felt better for a moment. Then Sam looked at her shyly.

"Mei...could you sing another song? It feels more pleasant when you sing...also...time goes by faster." Sam said softly as his face turned pink. Mei gave a smirk. She gave a nod and thought about what song she would sing next. She gave a grin and began to hum the tune.

"Turn it inside out so I can see,

the part of you that's drifting over me

and when I wake you're never there

and when I sleep you're everywhere, you're everywhere

Just tell me how I got this far,

Just tell me what you're here and who you are,

Cuz every time I look, you're never there,

And every time I sleep, you're always there

Cuz you're everywhere to me,

And when I close my eyes it's you I see

You're everything I know that makes me believe,

I'm not alone, I'm not alone

It was funny how this song made her feel. She kept on thing about Legolas...how it seemed that he looked untouchable...but he was warm. Oh, he was very warm. Mei could almost feel his arms around her as she walked on singing. It was funny how she took him for granted. They had their culture clash fights...but when they made up..she felt glad that they did.

I recognized the way you make me feel

It's hard to think that you might not be real,

And since that now the water's getting deep,

I try to wash the pain away form me, away from me

Cuz you're everywhere to me,

And when I close my eyes it's you I see

You're everything I know that makes me believe,

I'm not alone, I'm not alone

She then realized that she had always felt safe around Legolas. It was odd...she should feel safe around the Fellowship, but it was Legolas she trusted with her life without any doubt. How odd. And the pang of loneliness that she had expected from this quest was not bad. In fact, when she was around with Legolas...it was almost forgotten...not a dull pain like now.

I'm not alone

When I touch your hand, it's then I understand

That beauty lurks within, it's now that we begin,

You always light my way, there never comes a day

No matter where I go, I always feel you so

Cuz you're everywhere to me,

And when I close my eyes it's you I see

You're everything I know that makes me believe,

I'm not alone

As the song came to the end...Mei wondered if there was something more to what she was feeling towards the elf. The logical side of her mind said that it was mostly likely attraction to the elf's good looks. Her heart beat painfully to say that it was more than attraction...it is like love...or it is love? Her eyes widen at that thought. Did she fall in love with Legolas without realizing it? As she mentally freaked out about it...her heart beated faster at the thought of Legolas.

Cuz you're everywhere to me,

And when I close my eyes it's you I see

You're everything I know that makes me believe,

I'm not alone

You're in everyone I see,

So tell me

Do you see me?"

At another part of the land...Legolas paused a bit trying to hear something from the wind. It sounded like a sweet voice singing. It sounded like Mei.

"Do you see me?"

He allowed himself to smile a bit as he mental reply the question from the wind.

"Yes...I've always seen you."


A loud rumble could be heard among the trio. Their feet were wearing down and two Hobbits gave a tired smile at the human. The poor girl was starving and it would not be another two hours until they could eat. She whimpered at the thought of it. Two more hours until her stomach could rest in peace.

"I swear...when we meet that Sauron guy...he better have a thirty course meal or there will be hell to pay!"


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