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By: Tech-Man

My name is Freddie Benson, and I have a big problem. I'm the technical producer on a web show that I do with my two best friends: Carly Shay and Sam Puckett. Up until recently I have had a major crush on Carly. See, I have had my entire life planned out for quite sometime now. I was going to marry Carly and become a big shot producer in California.

My first problem started when Carly continuously rejected my attempts at courtship. That was really only a minor issue at best. I always knew that when all was said and done that Carly Shay would be Carly Benson.

Then of all the stupid things to go wrong, I kissed Sam. It was supposed to be 'just to get it over with'. But that kiss, that kiss, meant a great deal to me. Usually when Sam was that close to me I was so scared that I was unable to think about anything other than the pain that was getting ready to be inflicted on my person.

That time was different. All I can think about now is how soft her lips felt and how her unique smell just seemed to penetrate by being. Now, I do everything I can to be that close to her again. Just to smell that wonderful smell that is purely Sam. I can't seem to forget about it. Every time she grabs me by the collar and pulls me towards her I take a deep breath and once again I can't think of anything else.

I have decided this must be what being addicted to drugs is like. I just can't get enough of Sam. Every touch, no matter how rough, just makes me want to smile. Though I do everything that is within my power to keep up the charade that I hate her so that I can keep living.

See, I have observed Sam very closely and to the best of my knowledge I can not detect any change in Sam's attitude towards me. She doesn't seem to be more violent or any less violent. She is just Sam as far as I can tell. It saddens me greatly to think that the kiss really didn't mean anything to her at all.

So, after more research into this I have come to the inevitable conclusion that I am in fact "IN LOVE" with Samantha Puckett. I don't know why; other than the fact that life enjoys watching me suffer. So being the love sick puppy that I am, I make sure that I am always as close to Sam as possible. I know that by now everyone thinks that I am some kind of freak. Always putting my self in harms was so she will touch me and I can finally smell that delicious scent that is Sam and only Sam.

Tonight we are going to all be sleeping over at Carly's. They want to film another segment of 'Waking Spencer'. So after filming most of the iCarly segment for that week the girls decided they wanted to watch a movie. Sam, being Sam, wanted some action film, and truth be told so did I, but being Carly's house she wanted to watch a romantic comedy so that is what we did.

I would have been okay with that so long as I could have held Sam during the movie, but that would never happen. So we watched the movie and I watched Sam. I couldn't even remember what the movie was about. I watched as Sam fell asleep during the movie and I just wanted to reach over and kiss her. I was impressed with my self control, not only did I not reach over that short distance, but from what I could tell neither one ever noticed I was paying more attention to Sam than the movie.

Sam and Carly had decided to take head to her room and get some sleep where San had a bed always waiting. Carly informed me that she wanted to be ready to go around three that morning for the waking Spencer segment. I told her I would have everything ready to go before they got up. I knew that I wasn't going to be able to sleep with Sam in the same apartment. I headed back up to the studio to get everything ready for filming.

This was where I found myself in deep trouble. Sam had left her hoodie laying across the container for all the different cameras. When I went to move it so I could change out the battery on the mobile camera; I just couldn't resist. I picked up her hoodie and smelled it. I know that sounds weird, but you just don't know the effect that girl's smell has on me. As I inhaled the wonderful aroma, two things happened all at once. First I heard the door open, and second I turned with Sam's hoodie still in my hands.

"Sa...Sa...Sam," I stuttered. I couldn't help myself she looked so cute standing there with her hair as messed up and her pajamas on. It looked like she was having a real hard time figuring out what she was looking at. Thinking quickly I moved the hoodie behind me hoping that she hadn't noticed me smelling it. Of course that was not my luck.

"Freddork, why are you sniffing my clothes?" Sam asked her normal self beginning to peak out from behind the cloud of sleep.

"I...I...I," my brain froze and when I go on autopilot, thanks to my mother, I tell the truth. In this case I think I may have been better off with just keeping my mouth shut. "I love the way you smell," I blurted it out so quickly that I thought maybe for a moment she didn't get it. Then her face changed into that look that makes people fear what Samantha Puckett is capable of. Then because I wasn't dead enough already I continued to shove my foot in my mouth. "I love you Sam, and I can't get enough of the way you smell its just so unique." This was apparently the wrong thing to say at this moment as she began to move towards me.

Eying my surroundings I noticed that the elevator door was still open so running faster than I thought was possible; I dodged around Sam and into the elevator pushing the up button. I still had a key for the elevator maintenance room. Going to the top floor I shoved my key into the door and once inside closed and locked it hoping that maybe Sam couldn't pick this lock.

One hour, eighteen minutes, and eleven seconds before I heard the sound of the paper clip working the lock. That was going to be the extent of my short life. Sam was finally going to kill me or at the very least severely injure me. Well, I guess being killed my a gorgeous woman is a good way to go.

When the lock finally gave there stood Sam, dressed in her normal clothes that hoodie I had left on the floor of the studio in her hands. Calmer than I have ever seen her, which scared me more than anything, she walked in, shut and relocked the door. "Sit Fredward," she commanded her voice leaving no argument.

I sat on the only chair in the room. My mind was strangely blank. I really thought I should try and explain myself again, but I decided that I may only be digging myself a deeper hole. Taking a deep breath I started, "Sam, I'm..."

"Be quite and just sit there," Sam interrupted. Slowly she began pacing around me. Always, I noted, just close enough to grab me if I tried to run again.

Stopping in front of me he glared down with a fierceness I had never seen in her eyes, or was that worry. I had never actually seen Sam worried about anything so I couldn't place it exactly.

"Right now Freddie, did you mean what you said down there? I swear to God if you lie to me I will turn you into a waking bruise for the rest of your natural life." Sam proceed to walk over to the window ledge and lean against it crossing her arms across her chest.

What to do? What to do? I though to myself. On the one hand I could tell her that I really meant that I loved her. That would not be a lie, but if she thought I was lying I shuttered at the thought. On the other hand I could say I didn't mean a word of it. Now, that would be lying, but it could also get me beaten to a pulp. Thanks mom, I thought to myself before starting.

"Sam," I started my voice shaking slightly, " I meant every word, okay? I know that it didn't mean anything to you, but that kiss made me finally understand my feelings for you. I love you Sam, but I will understand if you don't share those feelings. I'm sorry that I was smelling your hoodie," I indicated the garment in her hands, "you just smell so great that I couldn't get enough." I got everything out there that I could think of; then tensed for the beating that was coming.

What I didn't expect was the soft pair of lips that I found on mine or the unexpected weight in my lap. Opening my eyes, Sam was sitting in my lap. Hesitantly I wrapped my arms around her thin waist. "I love you too, dork," she said before leaning down and kissing me. I don't think that I have ever been happier in my entire life. Deciding to be brave I ran my tongue along her bottom lip, and she responded by deepening the kiss.

When we finally broke apart both breathing heavily I just stared into those beautiful blue orbs. Nothing has ever been more beautiful than Sam in that moment. Pulling her close I inhaled deeply. "I think I can get used to that," Sam said before standing up. She must have seen the hurt look on my face because she leaned over and smacked me upside the head.

"Just because I love you dork doesn't mean that I plan on going any easier on you. I just have new ways of making up for my behavior." The smile she sent my way was more than anything I could have ever hoped for. "Come on, Carly thinks that I will have killed you by now so me might as well go and tell her that the Freddork still lives."

Standing I reached over and intertwined my fingers with hers, and pulled her into another kiss. After a short kiss I released her but kept my hand in hers. "I think I could get used to this," I commented as we headed down to tell out best friend that I wasn't dead.

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