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Carly's POV

By: Tech-Man

There are times that I just want to smack Sam and Freddie. They don't seem capable of lasting more than ten minutes without fighting. It's just weird, they seem to move towards each other and as soon as they hit that magic distance they start some new argument. Those two even shared their first kisses with each other, but claim that it didn't mean anything. They are so lying, but I just have no way to prove it.

Here recently I have even caught Sam and Freddie staring at the other when they thought no one was looking. Freddie uses the shows to stare at Sam and she does the same thing, but somehow they manage not to notice what the other is doing. It's kind of funny, but if you review the old iCarly episodes from right after they shared their first kiss you will notice that the camera stays on Sam much more than it does on me, and the show is named after me. Oh well, I think they would make a cute couple if they could both just confess their feelings. Like that will ever happen.

This does have one great upside though. Freddie doesn't claim that he loves me nearly as much anymore and when he does he doesn't have that same level of commitment that he used to. A girl likes to feel loved and wanted, but I'm glad that he is getting over me. He really has never been more than just a friend to me anyway. You know it would really suck if I was getting this all wrong, and they really didn't like each other.

Tonight we were planning on taping another segment of 'Waking Spencer'. Sam stayed over at least five nights a week, sometimes more. On all of our previous segments Freddie would just sneak out of his apartment, but this time I had used my charm to get Ms. Benson to allow Freddie to spend the night. It really wasn't as hard as I thought it would be to convince her.

We all rode home from school with Freddie's mom. I kept looking to Sam, and then back at Freddie, but she just seemed to want to ignore me. This was going to be a fun day; I was going to make Sam tell me what she really thought about Freddie.

We filmed most of the next iCarly with a lot of Random Dancing. That is one of my favorite parts of the show, but then again who doesn't like to dance. Afterwards we moved onto a movie; Sam wanted to watch some new action film that she had bought using Freddie's money. Freddie pays for more of Sam's food and other items than I think her mother pays for. Freddie probably wanted to watch it too, but I wanted them to see that opposites attract so I overruled their choices and put in a romantic comedy.

I really should have known better, Sam fell asleep so fast that I am not even sure she could name the title of the movie. From my spot in the beanbag chairs I couldn't see Freddie clearly, but from the top of his head I would guess he was alternating between the movie and Sam. If only he would be as direct with her as he was with me. Then again, I would be afraid of telling Sam I cared for her if all she did was make fun of me and beat me up like she does to Freddie.

"Hey Freddie, I think we should be ready to shoot around three. What do you think," I asked looking down as Sam's sleeping form. I really don't know how that girl doesn't wake herself up from the snoring. I bet her neck is going to hurt in the morning.

"Yeah, sure thing, I'll have everything ready to go," Freddie said looking down at Sam then moving towards the door that led downstairs.

"Hey Sam, it's time to get some sleep," I said reaching down and pulling on her hand.

"Okay, whatever," she mumbled moving with me towards my room. Once inside she just seemed to collapse onto the bed and started falling back asleep. Thinking quickly I reached over and grabbed the spray bottle of water and squirted her in the face. "What the hell Cary," she screamed at me; reaching up to wipe the water off.

"Now it's time to tell the truth Sam," I started off crossing my arms over my chest. I was finally going to get this out of her. She may not be in the habit of admitting her feelings to anyone, but she was going to admit them to me.

"The truth about what," Sam demanded. "I was almost asleep you know, and I think that I will go back to it." She lay back down on the futon.

I picked the spray bottle up again and pointed it at her. "You are going to tell me right now what is up with you and Freddie. I see you looking at him when you think that no one is looking, and then abruptly your face changes and you do something horrible to him."

I could see why Freddie would like her; I mean she does have very pretty blue eyes. There it was; a tiny change in her eyes. A moment of uncertainty in Sam's eye's, that's it I've got her. "You've been seeing things, I don't know what you are talking about," she shot back at me looking like she was getting ready to try and fall asleep.

No way was this conversation coming to an end without her admitting something to me. So I pulled the one card I knew she couldn't resist. "I thought we weren't going to keep secrets from each other anymore," I asked putting on my best sad puppy look.

I could see the look working on her and I had to smile. Sam was always a sucker for my sad puppy looks. Without warning she reached out and grabbed me by the shoulders like she did with Freddie all the time. I struggled to keep a straight face, but a small smile escaped anyway. "You have to ankle promise me that you will never tell anyone what I am about to say. If you tell anyone, and I mean anyone; our friendship is completely over. No questions asked. Got it," she demanded shaking me slightly. I just couldn't help myself and I smiled knowing what was about to come pouring out of her mouth.

After the ritual of the ankle shake Sam collapsed back on to the futon she had been trying to sleep on. Her hair swung in front of her face hiding it from view. You know the girl in the movie did that too, but she had been talking to the boy at the time. "Okay Carly, I think that I am in love with Freddork. He makes me smile. After that kiss I just couldn't help myself. I went from liking the boy to loving the boy, and I hate myself for it. I know that he hates me because of all the stuff I do to him, but then there are times that I think he might actually think of me as his friend. I just don't know Shay," her voice sounded so defeated like she had just confessed to murder and was going away for the rest of her life.

I was almost beside myself with glee. If I know Freddie then he likes her as much as she apparently likes him. This is perfect, they are going to make such a cute couple; if Sam doesn't kill or maim him first that is. "Look Sam, I promise I won't tell anyone, but you might give Freddie the benefit of the doubt. He may surprise you with his response," I said reaching down and giving Sam a hug. It was great that Sam was being this honest with me. "Okay, let's get some sleep."

I had to fight the urge to run to Freddie and tell him that Sam likes him, but a promise is a promise and I couldn't risk my friendship with Sam over it. However, other more basic needs had me getting up from under the covers. One great thing about Sam was that you don't have to be quite when coming back in, the girl sleeps like the dead. Opening the door I was surprised to find Sam up and looking around the room. "Hey Sam, what are you doing up?"

She looked over at me evidently surprised to see me up as well. "I was cold; have you seen my hoodie?"

I stifled a yawn climbing back in bed pulling the covers up. I really wanted to get back to bed and see what tomorrow or later this morning would bring. "I think you left it in the studio."

Flowers...Dancing...Griffin...BANG!!!!! My bedroom door slammed open knocking into the desk with more force than I thought could be generated. I jumped so high that I fell off the bed and into the space between it and Sam's futon. I know she isn't subtle, but she could try and be a little quieter when other people are trying to sleep.

I was getting ready to give her a piece of my mind, I hate being woken up. I turned preparing to unload on her and I stopped dead in my tracks. I have been friends with Sam for years and I can safely say that I have never seen that look of hatred before. At least never directed anywhere remotely at me. I mean even when we were both going after Shawn she never looked at me like that.

Slowly I stood up moving back towards the wall. "Sam, what's wrong?"

Genuine hurt crossed her face before the hatred was firmly back in place. I now know what Freddie looks at when he makes Sam mad. I really didn't know that she could be this mad. "You ankle swore that you wouldn't tell him that I liked him. You promised me," she said still approaching.

I tripped over my backpack lying on the floor and fell back on the bed. "No Sam, I didn't tell him anything. I swear; I went to the bathroom. That's all I did. I promise," I stood carefully and started walking towards Sam. She wasn't really mad just scared. I never thought that I would say that about Sam. "Sam, I promise you I did not tell Freddie anything, okay?"

With great care I reached up to touch her shoulder. It was like I had turned on the faucet and she just started talking. "I went upstairs to get my hoodie, and the Dork King was sniffing it, and when I asked him what he was doing..." I pulled her into quick hug. "Carly," Sam spoke pulling away to look me in the eye. "He told me that he loved me. He said that I smelled nice," she smiled on that last part.

"Sam, have you ever considered that maybe Freddie really does care for you, but was just scared of how you would react to that. I mean you do a pretty good job of convincing people that you hate his guts."

Sam smiled at that and then once again looked lost. "I don't know Carl's, what should I do?"

Maybe this was going to be a good night after all. "Well, the first thing I would suggest you do is go take a shower and get dressed. Then after you have settled yourself go and find Freddie, if he hasn't shown, and see what his true feelings are." I watched Sam pick up her bag and walk into the bathroom. I really hope that they don't over complicate this. They can be so thick headed sometimes.

Well, there was no way that I was going to be able to get back to sleep after that conversation. I reached over and flipped on my table light and picked up the latest novel that I had been reading. It was almost two hours before I heard anything to indicate that either Freddie or Sam had returned. The low click of the front door heralded someone's return so marking my place in the book I headed towards the living room.

The sight that met me when I walked down the stairs was more than I could imagine. Freddie had his hands wrapped around Sam's waist pulling her close while Sam had her hands buried in his hair. They looked so comfortable together like that. "Well, it's good to see that everyone is okay."

It was almost comical the way they pulled apart, but I didn't fail to notice that their hands remained intertwined. "Yeah, yeah, yeah, don't get your hopes up. He is still the Dork King," Sam announced. "He's just my Dork King."

A/N: I really wasn't sure how to write this particular point-of-view. Freddie and Sam I have at least a basic understanding or; Carly on the other hand eludes me. I hope that you find this enjoyable and in character, if not please feel free to give me some pointers on how to make future fics more realistic.

I would like to dedicate this story to Mrs. Malfoy-Goode as without her prodding I would probably never have written it.