Renesmee Carlie Cullen:
Renesmee and Jacob Summary It's Renesmee Cullen's birthday, and Jacob has finally told her his true feelings, just to find out that she feels the exact same way. But when Renesmee goes to School with her family, leaving Jacob at home, her first goes does very wrong. They bump into someone Bella hoped NEVER to see again, someone who couldn't be more annoying, someone who is ANYTHING but special; Michael Newton.

Chapter 1 Renesmee Cullen

I woke up from the strangest dream I have ever had. But also a dream that would never come true. I dreamed that I was with Jacob Black, on a wooden bench, old and grey with our grandchildren running around our front yard. I knew that this would be impossible as, I was half-vampire and Jacob was a werewolf. Jacob has been my best friend for as long as I can remember. From the day I was born, to this very day.

Anyways, I woke up at 9am and went downstairs to find the rest of my loving family. Esme and Carlisle were in the kitchen, talking about a patient Carlisle had at the hospital. Emmet and Rosalie,were curled up on the couch, holding each other. And Aunt Alice and Momma were playing chess, while Daddy and Uncle Jasper were having a lot of arm wrestling matches. I was wearing a normal pink pair of trousers, with a blue t-shirt. As soon as I was down stairs, Aunt Alice saw me and looked so shocked.

"NO! No, no, no, no, no! Renesmee Carlie Cullen, why would you torture me like this? You usually have an awsome sense of style." She pouted. I sighed as she ran up to me, grabbed my wrist, and started pulling me back up the stairs.

"I just couldn't be bothered with that whole designated outfit thingy you put in my wardrobe." I complaned. She was utterly shocked that I 'Couldn't be bothered' to dress myself up, like she normally does.

"I don't care! No neice of mine, is walking around the house, let alone the town, dressed in that!" She said, pulling me into my over sized wardrobe. "This, this is PERFECT for today! Especially with the weather." She said, handing me a pair of skinny blue jeans, with a very nice white half-sleeved t-shirt. As usual, Aunt Alice was now my favourite Aunt, because she always knew what to dress me up in.

"I have to admit it Alice, you do have a way with style." She beamed.

After I was changed, again, I walked back down stairs with Alice. I went to see Momma and Daddy first, who were now sitting at the piano, and Daddy was playing her lullaby. When Daddy finished it, Momma thanked him and they started kissing passionately.

"Ew! Daddy! Please save that for when I'm not in the same room." I said walking toward them. He stoped and chuckled.

"Morning, sweetheart. How did you sleep?" He said smiling at me. I sat down on the piano bench in between them and hugged both.

"I slept fine, Daddy. I'm going to miss you when you all go back to school on Monday." I said sadly. He gave me a confused look, and turned to Momma.

"Later." She mouthed to him. He kissed my head and held me close.

"Why don't you play for us, Nessie?" Daddy asked. I smiled my biggest smile and just nodded. First I played Grandma Esme's favourite, and then moved onto Momma's.

When I finished playing, I hugged my parents and ran over to Uncle Emmet and Aunt Rosalie. I jumped onto Uncle Emmet.
"Morning!" I said after I was comfortable on Emmet.

"Hey Nessie Bear! Have a good sleep?" Uncle Emmet laughed. Aunt Rosalie smiled and patted my hair. We watched tv for a while. There was a knock at the door, and Jacob Black entered the house. He nodded to Momma and Daddy. Looked around the room until he found me. I smiled, jumped off of Uncle Emmet, and ran to Jacob.

"Jakey!" I screamed when he was in the house. He picked me up into one of his air tight hugs. I missed him, even if it was just for a couple of hours.

"Hey Nessie! Are you excited for tonight?" He asked me when he picked me up.

"Yes. . . can't. . . breathe. . . Jake" I whispered, he put me down. Tonight was going to be my sixth birthday party. Eventhough I have been around for six years, I look more like sixteen rather than six. I had the mentle age of a sixteen year old, and the body of a sixteen year old. Jacob was my best friend in the entire world. He had imprinted on me when I was just a baby. I'm not entirely sure what that means exactly, but I knew it meant that me and Jake would be friends for life.

The day went fast and soon, it was time for Jake to go home, and for me to be dragged upstairs by Aunt Alice, and Aunt Rosalie.

"Jake, get out now. Nobody but me and Rosalie can see her until the party." Aut Alice said, pushing Jake out of the front door. He sighed a heavy sigh and went with a last look at me. Then I was dragged up the stairs by both of my Aunts. I didn't even try to worm my way out of it. I liked it when they played 'dress-up-Nessie'. I trusted them and I knew I would look amazing.

We were now in my wardrobe, and they were still picking out the dress. So far I have tried on seven different dresses, but none of them have been that good. Then Aunt Rosalie came out with a gorgious dress. It was baby pink, tight around the breasts and flowing from the waist down. It went down to just below my knees. I loved it. I tried it on and I saw Aunt Alice's facelight up. This was the dress.

"It is so perfect. Nessie, you are going to look amazing when we have finished with you!" She beamed hugging me, careful not to rip the dress.

"I always do, when you two get your hands on me!" I replied, smiling at them. "Now I just need my hair and make-up doing." I said.

"Can I please do your hair? Please, please, oh pretty please?" Rosalie begged. I chuckled and nodded. She squealed. She was so happy, that I couldn't spoil her fun. "Hmm. Alice? What should I do to her hair? Should I let it hang loose and straight, put it into a ponytail, keep her curls and hang loose with a bit of intensified curls, or french-braid?" Rosalie asked. Alice looked thoughtful for a minute. Then her face was blank. She was having a vision.

"I saw her having it in a medium ponytail with two elaborate curls hanging down by her face. One on each side." Alice said, motioning it with her hands. Rose beamed at what she thought in her head. Rose started straight away on my silky, bronze hair, while Alice started on my make-up. For my make-up I had, sparkley pink eyeshadow, eye-liner and mascara, and to finish it all off, a pale pink lipstick, with pink lip-gloss. "Ta da! What do you think?" Alice asked. I gasped at the beauty of my reflection. I thought I was going to cry. I looked so beautiful. The last thing I needed was the perfect pair of shoes. Aunt Alice picked out a pair of pale-pink ballet flats. They were perfect.