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Jake and I were outside, laying together and enjoying each others company. He kept on smiling at me, whispering sweet nothings into my ear. I was startled when he lifted me from the ground, and pulled me flat against his body, with his arms wrapped tightly, but not too tight, around my body. I could literally feel the glares that Mike was sending Jake. I shivered.

"Hey, you cold?" Jake asked. What a dumb question, I mean, how can I be cold when I am snuggled up to my 100 degree's farhenheight boyfriend? Always with the dumb questions, but I wouldn't change it for anything. I giggled before shaking my head, letting my curls fall around my face.

"Hey, umm, I was wondering if I could talk to you and the family about something that is really important to me?" I asked him, looking up at him with the face nobody can resist, well apart from Aunty Ali, 'caus she's the one who taught me the face! He smiled up at me, before leaning up towards my lips, and he pressed our lips together. I kissed him back-who wouldn't?- and smiled into the kiss. Our lips parted and I could feel the heat of his breath against my tongue and I smiled once again. I slipped my tongue into his mouth and it was his turn to grin. The kiss turned deep and passionate, and before we could stop it, Uncle Em did.

"Hey you two! How are my fvourite neice and her pet?" He grinned as he sat down next to us. We both groaned and pulled ourselves apart from the other. We both gave him the fiercest glares that we could muster.

"Emmet, not that I don't love you-'cause I do- but umm, why do you have to just appear magically from nowhere, when you are the least thing on a persons mind?" I asked him in a sweet voice.

"Well, your Dad told me that you were wanting to talk to us all, so he sent me out here to get you." He grinned.

"I hate vampires." Jake muttered jokingly. I threw him a mock glare. "What? Only the super hearing thing, it bugs me." He remarked. I raised an eyebrow at him.

"So anyway, come on you two love-birds. You gotta go talk to people!" He yelled before running back into the house. I giggled and turned to Jacob who's face was looking a little sour. I put my finger under his chin and lifted it to my lips. I gave him a short chaste kiss before letting go.

"We'll finish this later." I whispered into his ear. He grinned the wolfish grin that has always tickled me since infancy, and picked me up over his shoulder. I squealed. "Jacob Black! You put me down right NOW!" I squealed whilest giggling. He grinned.

"Nope." He said, popping the 'p'. I sighed and stuck to giggling my ass off.

Once we were in the house, Emmet had managed to gather the entire Cullen clan.

"Yo guys, Nessie here wants to talk to us about something." Uncle Em shouted to calm the mutters. "Take it away Nessie-Bear." He grinned. I smiled.

"Umm, well, I haven't had a chance to talk about this with him, due to other activities taking place-" At this I blushed and Jacob knew exactly that I was talking about him. The others just groaned.. "Hey, try living with all of you who are humping each other all night when SOME half humans, are trying to get some sleep!" I yelled. I'm sure that if they could, they would all be blushing, well except for Emmet. His response was,

"You know it!" He grinned. I made a look of disgust.

"Anyway, You all should know about what had happened in school today, and usually if something is bad Jake takes care of me. He wasn't there to do that in school, and so I was thinking, maybe with your guys' permission, Jake be allowed to come to school with us and be in all of my classes." I asked. Jacob grinned at me and I smiled.

"You don't need Black to be there for you! You have your whole family!" Mike yelled. I glared at him as did Jake and some of the family.

"As much as your correct, Newton, shut the HELL up 'cause you know nothing about protecting people! He IS a protector! He protects people on the Rez or just in general from red-eyed vampires! He will protect Nessie with every single fibre in his body, with or without the imprint or their natural love. The imprint just makes his instinct to protect her 100x more powerful." Daddy said, with Momma pointing in a few things here and there. Mike cringed away from them. Thanks Daddy, I thought towards him. His answer was a smile, not just a smile, but the smile that was always reserved for Momma and myself only.

"If I may say something, I think that would be a wonderful idea, if Jacob is willing to go back to school." Carlisle said in a calm and relaxed voice, a smile on his lips. I squeaked and ran up to him. I hugged him with force.

"Thank you Granpa!" I squealed. He chuckled.

"Thats quite alright Princess." He whispered, patting my back.

"Well, I am willing to do anything to be with Ness for as long as possible." Jake grinned and came and hugged me. I giggled and planted a small kiss on his lips. He grinned.

"Well, I suppose it would be okay, as long as he is in every single one of your classes." Daddy said, Momma nodding along with him.

"I wouldn't have it any other way." I smiled up at them. The rest of the family agreed with letting Jake come to school with us from now on. I was giggling so much that I hadn't noticed Jacob sweep me off of my feet and over his shoulder, before setting me down by a lake edge a few miles aways from home. It was a beautiful site. It felt so romantic. I sniggled up close to Jake and I soon fell asleep, dreaming of the following day.

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