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Warnings: Twisted, misleading take on the canon; AU.

Redefining Evil

by Salysha

It was she who approached Kazuya Mishima, bold and fearless. At heart, Kazuya was a shy man. In his twenties, he remained painfully self-conscious, and not even standing up to Heihachi's sustained maltreatment had taken his shyness away from him. It had been Jun; she had had her way with him, despite his marked hesitancy. His reluctance had inflamed her.

At the right spot, a tear in the clothes, a tear-stained face, a well-timed recoil... Heihachi had been so enraged, he had thrown his son into a volcano and missed how Jun had slipped away quietly, smiling.

A complication announced itself within weeks, and Jun grew apprehensive. She vanished and sought flight on the island of Yakushima. Stroking her stomach gently, she whispered that she would care for her unborn child and raise him to be nothing like his father.

She nursed a son who, at the dawn of the worst of the teenager years, worshipped her for an angel and regarded the father he had never known with a cold fury she had carefully stoked over the years. Each offhand, noncommittal remark had latched tightly onto his intelligent, sensitive mind, and led him to form a conception he sincerely perceived as his own.

Her felicity was like a serpent, just as venomous and deceptive, but as she looked at her beautiful son in admiration, her smile turned genuine: her son looked like him, but he was all her. She carefully urged him to seek out her one-time benefactor, should ill ever befall her.


Hearty thanks to Gypsie (Gypsie Rose) for proofreading!

Published December 9, 2009.