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It had been five days since SSA Dr. Spencer Reid had been discharged from hospital. The days went by slowly for him, now that he was at home without anything to do, but reread the books he already knew by heart. Fortunately, he received at least six calls a day from all his team members, Morgan and Garcia usually called him more than once a day.

As he sat down on his couch, with the TV on for background noise, Spencer remembered that on the second day at home, he was taking a bath, carefully taking all the precautions not to get his arm's cast or his bandaged head wet, when the phone rang. He had forgotten to take the phone to the bathroom, so he missed Morgan's call. When he slowly got out, dressed in sweatpants and a shirt, he went to the living room to find someone banging forcefully on the other side of the door and calling his name. Upon opening the apartment's door, he found a distraught and angry looking Morgan.

"Morgan, what are you doing here?" asked Reid disconcerted.

"What am I doing here?! Why the hell didn't you answer the phone, Reid? Are you OK? You almost give me a heart attack, man!" exclaimed a hot-headed Derek.

Since then, Reid took his phone everywhere he went, even if he went to the bathroom.

Now, it was Friday and he was waiting for Derek, who ten minutes earlier had called to say he had a surprise for Spencer. He didn't know what it was and that made him feel a bit nervous. He really didn't like surprises.

Some minutes later, Spencer heard a knock on his door. He laboriously got up from the couch and moved to open it.

"Hey, kid. Look what I brought you." Morgan greeted him, stepping into the apartment. Behind him, Garcia, JJ and Prentiss were all smiling at the younger FBI agent. They all had a bag in their hands.

"Oh, hi, guys. I didn't know you were coming" said Reid, moving aside to let them enter his home.

"It's OK, baby cakes. We wanted to surprise you" answered Garcia, resting an arm on the kid's shoulder.

"How are you feeling?" asked Prentiss.

"I'm fine, just a little bit bored" said Spencer, going into the kitchen to prepare some tea.

"Spence, let me do this. You just sit on that chair and enjoy yourself" offered JJ, with a hidden you-are-not-going-to-like-this expression on her face.

"Enjoy? What are you planning on doing to me?" asked Reid, petrified.

"Oh, baby, we are going to "fix" you" said Penelope smiling.

"Morgan?" Reid whispered, like if he was asking Derek to rescue him from whatever the three women had planned for him.

"Oh, no" answered Morgan, raising his hands. "You're on your own in this one." Then, he took a chips bag in his hand and sitting on a chair by the kitchen table, he added, "I'm just here to enjoy the show."

"Show? What show?" Concern was creeping up Reid's features.

Prentis grabbed Spencer's shoulders so that he'd be with his back against the chair's back-rest. "Just relax." And she started to take the bandage off Reid's head, unveiling gauze over the incision and the hair that covered half of his head.

Garcia opened her bag and to Reid's anguish and annoyance, she took a pair of scissors and a hair shaving machine.

"Oh, God." Reid closed his eyes, just wanting to escape from there, transport himself to another galaxy if possible. He heard Morgan and JJ laughing at him. And then, he heard the sound the scissors made when Garcia cut the first lock of his brown hair. He felt his hair falling down his shoulders and continuing to his hand. He dared to open his eyes to find a perfect lock of wavy hair on his hand. He looked at it in disbelief.

"Don't freak out, kid. It'll grow back" smiled Derek. "Just think about something else and relax."

Slowly breathing in and out, Reid asked for his home phone.

"Guys, do you know the landline phone number to check my mobile phone messages?" Derek and Reid hadn't had the time to get new phones after losing theirs in the forest.

"Sure, it's 555-8596" answered JJ.

Spencer concentrated on following the instructions of the operator in order to check his messages. He hadn't heard them since the morning of their unfortunate adventure. At least, it was something that would help take his mind off what was going on with his hair and the three women taking advantage of him.

Morgan was amused in his chair while enjoying the image of his friends in front of him. Reid looked terrified, while the girls seemed to be having the time of their lives. Then, he noticed the confused expression on the kid's face with the phone to his ear.

"Reid, is everything alright?" Morgan asked worriedly.

"Mmmm... I think you should check your messages" whispered Spencer handing him the phone. JJ chuckled, already knowing what Morgan would find out soon.

Not understanding the meaning of this, Morgan grabbed the phone and punched the number to check his messages.

As he started hearing the loud (and chilling, for Reid) sound of the shaving machine, his eyes locked on the kid's eyes. The machine on Garcia's hand was getting nearer and nearer the boy's head. Spencer's eyes showed his inner fears; on the other hand, Morgan's eyes displayed utter confusion and a stroke of anger.

Just when Reid whimpered at the feeling of the machine on his head, Morgan exclaimed out loud: "What the hell?!"

"You have 52 new messages."

"Garcia!!" Reid and Morgan yelled at the same time... but for different reasons, of course.

Y colorĂ­n colorado, el cuento se ha acabado.

For those who asked how many messages Penelope Garcia left them, there you have the answer.

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