Author's Note

To anyone who reads any of my stories…

Sorry for the long update wait! I'm very busy this year and barely have time to focus on them properly. I refuse to post chapters not up to my usual standards…so please be patient! Hopefully by February I'll have all my chapters and stories ready to be published!

Finally…I made this to tie you all over, enjoy!

Aizen: I don't get enough time in chapters…

Urahara: You get more time then me!

Shinji: …and me!

Aizen: There is a difference…I'm a sexy god…you're a moronic perverted shopkeeper and you're an idiot.

Urahara: I am not moronic!

Shinji: Hey everyone! Give Aizen the most painful and humiliating dares you can think of, bonus points if it makes him cry! *Smiles*

Aizen: …my legion of fangirls will protect me!

Hitsugaya: Didn't you read the refrigerator?

Byakuya: Unless they are reviewing or giving a dare…no fan can come here…

Soi Fon: Mainly from all the death threats…from your fans…

Aizen: My fans! Protect your New GOD! Dare them to leave me alone and worship me!

Ulquiorra: …Pathetic.

Grimmjow: Aizen's a chicken!

Halibel: …I agree.

Aizen: How dare you 3 say such blasphemous things about your God.

Barragan: But I'm god…THE GOD OF LAS NOCHES!

Ulquiorra: …both are trash.

Aizen/Barragan: WHAT!?!

Gin: Relax…you won't be hurt for a while…

Tosen: How do you know?

Gin: MC has been…murder!

Everyone: …?

Urahara: Wait…if hes dead…how do we get home?

Everyone: …crap.

Yammy: I did my job Aizen I killed QC!

Aizen: You mean MC?

Yammy: No…I killed QC!

Grimmjow: Who the hell is QC?

Soi Fon: …! *Sees QC's plushie body ripped to pieces* …*Stabs Yammy in the heart twice*

Aizen: [-_-] …overdramatic much?

Soi Fon: YOU WILL PAY!!!

[Aizen runs from a angry Soi Fon…]


Ichigo: I'm bored now…

Uyru: You should be thankful there not another round of torture for awhile.

Chad: …yeah.

Orihime: Well we could try some the cookies I baked!

Ichigo/Uyru/Chad: …uhh…maybe later?

Orihime: Okay!

Hopefully this will hold you over...