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Cassie POV

Ah, man. I'm so restless. Not even sitting here on the beach can calm my frazzled nerves. Stupid, stupid, stupid dreams. They can keep me up for half the night. I wonder if there's a spell to block out dreams forever.

I still don't understand. We defeated Black John, why am I still having nightmares?

It had been two months since Black John, since the murders…

Since Adam.

Oh, God. Whenever I think about him, whenever I kiss him, I feel…

Nothing. It's as if the silver cord connecting Adam and me disappeared. Like it never existed. That is just wrong. I don't want to hurt Adam. He's my soul mate.

Ugg! What's a girl to do?

Nick POV

I watched her from my car. I wasn't spying or stalking. I was just worried. She was sitting by herself, at night, on the beach. How could I not worry? I loved her too much. Even though she didn't know it, and probably never would, I'll always love her.

It's funny. If you would have told me six months ago that I would meet a beautiful, kind girl, fall in love with her even though she loved someone else, and still love her, I would have laughed, spat in your face, and told you to get the hell out of my sight.

I sighed as I watched her gaze at the ocean. The only thing in the world I wanted, sitting right there on the beach, and I couldn't have her.

Because she belongs to Adam a voice whispered inside my head.

Shut up! I yelled at the voice mentally, but it wouldn't shut up.

You mean nothing to her, the voice still whispered.

What would she want with you? You're a cold, emotionless, loner. She deserves better than you.

Shut the hell up! I yelled, mentally, of course.

You don't even have the courage to tell her how you feel about her. Let alone, kiss her.

Oh, yeah? I said to the voice. Watch me.

Before I knew what I was doing, I got out of the car, and joined Cassie on the beach.

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