A/N: One more round of juicy lemon here! Maybe not AS graphic as the last chapter but...yeah, little to imagination, etc. You know the drill.


Several weeks had passed, and Lili was pulling up to her hotel somewhere in northern Germany. It was still winter, and bitingly cold, though. She was wearing a skirt, small boots, and a blouse, with a heavy, long rather expensive coat.

A few days after her encounter with Sergei, they had been able to leave. Sergei always greeted her politely, but had to keep things quiet. It still made her feel a bit used...though deep down, she knew.

She pulled her coat around her, having battled Asuka once more...to a draw, of all things. Cursing her under her breath, she swore the next time she would have her. Still, she got some satisfaction when she watched her get dumped on her head rather unceremoniously in another battle. She was fine; Lili did not wish anything horrible on her-if anything, she liked having a rival.

She walked into the hotel, where several of the fighters were staying at, she presumed. She walked in, nodded at the doorman who held open the door, and stepped onto the elevator. Naturally, she was in one of the more expensive rooms on the upper floors.

As it began to close, a gloved hand held it open and Sergei Dragunov stepped on the elevator, glancing down at her before he stood to the back, hands clasped behind him. His hair was slightly windblown.

He hadn't even tried to contact her-though she knew he couldn't. But...being part of some well-connected military, couldn't he have at least tried?

Silly...you guys had a night together. Your first, it had been ages for him. It was physical pleasure. Her stomach tied in knots at the sight of him however, as she remembered that night some weeks back.

He looked at her for a moment as the door shut. They rode in silence, as it quickly headed up to the 34th floor, where she was staying. She noticed he did not hit another button yet. They stepped off the elevator, Sergei right behind her. She looked at the walls, looking for room 3406. She slipped her keycard in, hearing the soft click of the doorlock, and let herself in. She turned to bid farewell to Sergei...who then pushed her gently inside and followed her in, closing the door.

He was wearing his military dress, but the more casual kind-his thick green combat jacket, black gloves, a black long-sleeved shirt, his fatigues and heavy boots, as always. His boots were tipped with a bit of steel. He looked down at her, his eyes glinting again with that look she remembered.

"So...now you want it again..." Lili started, folding her arms. "Where were you?"

"Business. You know...this must stay quiet." He walked in front of her, removing his jacket.

Part of her just wanted to be stubborn and let him go ahead wanting her, but the other part wanted to jump him right then and there. She remembered waking up the morning after, to a soft kiss on her lips before he left her room very early that morning.

It was just sex.

She had removed her coat, hanging it up. She sat on the edge of the bed, looking up at him, waiting to see what he would do.

Sergei stared at her a moment before walking over, kneeling in front of her. "We have all night."

"We? You seem to be assuming...mmmph!" Sergei had stopped her words with a kiss. She struggled against it at first...but then fell into it.

After it broke, she half-glared at him. "Am I just a piece on the side to you?"

He snorted. "That would imply there was someone else."

She had to smile at that, though she tried to hide it. No one-none of her friends, acquaintances, or gods help her family-knew of this. In a way...it made her feel the same way as she did when she snuck off to fight in the first tournament. Looking into his eyes again-they were hard to read as usual-she tried to find some excuse.

She couldn't. Thinking back several weeks, she wanted to experience some of those pleasurable feelings again.

Careful. Don't fall for him. Your next time could be a week, a month, a year...or never. He's dangerous, and if his superiors commanded him to kill...people you know for his country, he would do it.

His large hand traced lightly over her face again, chasing those thoughts from her mind.

Maybe he wouldn't. He is showing now he does not mind defying some things, after all, as long as they are kept secret.

She shivered as his hand ran up her leg, under her skirt. His lip curled into a smirk, as it did now and again. She could tell he was pleased with the easier access. He paused for a moment to slip his shirt from over his head, tossing it aside. She suddenly blinked, wondering something.

"How did you know where I was going to stay? You weren't spying on me, were you?"

Sergei made a sound that might have been a chuckle, or as close as he could come to one. "This was the finest hotel in the city. You are one of the fighters in this tournament who would come here." His eyes glittered with amusement.

She had to chuckle. The man was trained to shadow people, and she wasn't exactly difficult to figure out. She liked fine dining, fine hotels, expensive things. She watched as his hand made its way up her leg as he pushed her down to the bed. He did not seem to want to waste any time.

Deciding to tease him a bit, she slid her flexible leg onto his shoulder for a moment, before sliding it off again. He licked his lips...her flexibility was extremely arousing and he had no particular plans or important duties this evening, though he could get radioed in if there were an emergency.

He hoped the Mishimas and the little worms they hired would behave themselves for one night at least, so he could indulge himself-and her-for as long as they wanted.

He was very careful in his movement that he was not caught with this one extra-curricular activity. It wasn't that being in a relationship was against orders-indeed, there were plenty of men he knew with significant others. But sleeping with a seventeen year old girl that was under light investigation for a time that was in the same tournament that he had to infiltrate under strict orders could be looked at as rather mission-compromising, especially since her own family had troubles with the company he also had to infiltrate. He figured he could frighten a subordinate into silence if he had to, if a worst-case scenario happened and they threatened him.

No one crossed Sergei Dragunov unless they wanted to spew blood and suffer some twisted limbs-at best. Not even his own men.

Especially not his own men. Sergei did not take insubordination lightly. He was not, however, a tyrant nor an evil man-he was simply a very hard man with little mercy who felt most alive when he was in combat-with both guns and knives, but much more so with his own bare hands. He was fair, however, and would not punish unless he had proof of the issue at hand-and if he felt it deserving. He did not bully his men-but if one did cross him he would let them know. Usually, leaders were either well loved by their men-or feared. Sergei was both, at the same time, by most of the same people.

It was not like him, though. He wasn't smitten...he was able to perform each and every duty in the past weeks, including a few bare-handed assassinations, to his best ability-like he always did. But he would occasionally think of the night they had on those times he would sleep for a few hours, and how he was extremely relaxed afterward. Despite what many thought, he still could have feelings, even after everything...and this was one of those times. He couldn't lie to himself-they were mostly of the physical type when it came to Lili, but there was also a small, underlying attraction there-he liked her bravery in going up against people longer trained and more powerful than herself, even though she didn't win every match.

But he also knew that if anyone did actually want to seriously harm her, he would exact a swift and bloody retribution on them without a second thought. One of his subordinates, after they had parted ways, had made a comment in passing about wondering how much she would have been worth to the Zaibatsu and that they should have just sold her, as she might have been more valuable in that way. He even went as far as to say he'd go off to nab her himself, and split any money they could weasel out of the Zaibatsu with any helpers.

The man to his knowledge was no longer part of the unit. He apparently was also thinking a fair bit slower these days, was half-blind and still needed several reconstructive efforts on his face after Sergei had delicately explained a few things to the man with his steel-capped combat boot. Several times.

He figured he could show mercy once in awhile, so he decided to hold back. The man was still alive, after all.

Her lips on his neck brought back his train of thought. It started to grow dark outside; it was still winter, so the sun had started to set in the early evening. The curtains were closed in the room, and one of the smaller lights were on. He wrapped his arms around her, pushing her back onto the bed. He reached back under her skirt and tugged her underwear off as she gave a little squeal. He sat up, undoing his own trousers. She put her hands on his as he freed himself.

"Slow down a little bit," she chuckled, as she leaned forward to grasp him. He lay down next to her on the bed, the covers still drawn up over it. He had started to undo her blouse, fumbling it off of her shoulders. His hand pushed up her skirt, one finger beginning to stroke her slowly. She was already aroused. A moan escaped her lips, as she began to squirm on the bed. Extending her leg again, she slid it onto his shoulder like before...only this time, he had a bit of a different view. He licked down her leg, as his finger continued to stroke her for a moment more.

Fully aware of what she wanted, he gave it to her-sliding his head between her legs again to drive her to writhing in pleasure. He moaned a bit when she tangled her fingers back into his thick hair, catching her glance for a moment before he closed his eyes and sent his tongue to exploring her. He was quite pleased to see she tasted as sweet as the first time...maybe more so, since he had been deprived of any sort of sexual encounters since then. He tried a few other things this time-having only been with her one night, he wasn't sure of her favorite things yet-but he knew a few things that seemed to keep her going.

They were both still somewhat half-dressed, but neither of them seemed to want to pause for any longer than necessary. Lili allowed herself louder moans this time; being in a hotel, with the majority of the patrons likely out for dinner, she figured it couldn't hurt, though she was still fairly controlled. Holding his head there, guiding him with her hips, she squeezed her eyes shut and enjoyed the feeling of his most intimate kisses. He was a bit rougher this time, but she quite enjoyed it, guiding him to do what he wished.

Sergei was almost in pain by the time he was finished, drinking in her largest orgasm yet, as he tried a few things he figured would drive her fairly crazy. The bed was damp underneath of her this time; she almost blushed a bit at that as she shifted herself. He had shed the rest of his clothing during a short breather; he climbed next to her, wiping his mouth clean on the cover.

"You do spoil me," were the only words she could say that moment, as she panted. He only smirked. She leaned over though, tracing a finger over his lips, down the scar. He kissed the tip as it passed by. She leaned over, resting her head in the crook of his neck, and kissed him a few times, letting him tangle his fingers in her own hair as he exhaled heavily.

He's quiet even during sex. I don't think I can change that. She was starting to at least get some more experience, though. For being so distant he seemed more than happy to give her several different kinds of pleasure during their sessions, bringing her to orgasm with his skilled mouth at least twice. And he smirks afterward. I see it, though I think he thinks I don't.

She decided suddenly to slide her head down to return the favor-though it was her first time. She found it wasn't bad at all. She enjoyed it, even. Well, she wouldn't do it to just any guy-but the way she heard some of her girlfriends talk about it it was a disgusting thing to do. She found she quite liked having his strong hands on her head, hearing a groan now and again emit from his lips. Perhaps because it made him seem that much more...human. She enjoyed teasing him with her tongue, flicking it over the tip, and feeling him shiver if she did something he particularly liked.

She finally stopped, though, before he hit completion-so she could join with him again. This time, after he entered her, he looked at her a moment before kissing her deeply, his hands sliding down her back to hold her close as he thrust, again and again.

Damnit, I shouldn't get used to this.


After they had showered, Sergei had opened the curtain to let the moonlight drift in. They had again been busy for quite awhile, but it was still fairly early-the winter months simply darkened the sky much faster.

They lay together in the bed, next to each other. There was a snuffed-out cigarette in the ashtray on the small desk with the hotel information and menu. Lili had to smirk at that again. So stereotypical. I suppose something has to be.

"Being seen outside together is a bad idea, I suppose," she stated.

Sergei nodded, with what she thought might have been a very slight look of regret, but it was hard to tell as always. He turned toward her. "I know where you are."

"I suppose you could find me even if you didn't."

He nodded again, that small smile he could get appearing at the corner of his mouth.

"What about after this is all done? If it ever...gets settled?"

Sergei shrugged. "I plan ahead when I need to. This..." he trailed off, but looked at her, his eyes much more gentle than their usual cold gaze...for a moment at least.

Lili nodded. "Would there ever be..."

Sergei leaned forward, placing a finger over her lips. He then pulled her close on top of him as they were under the blankets, kissing her deeply, again and again.


Lili awoke, Sergei having left early that morning, before dawn. They ended up physically pleasuring each other again that night, after they had separated to get something to eat, meeting back at the hotel.

She noticed something on the floor, by her things. A closer look revealed a...war medal? A valuable one by the look. She did not know what it stood for, but judging by the decoration on it, it was one of high honor. During one of their small talks, she had found out he is proud of each and every one of them.

Did he drop this? I don't think he would want to lose this one.

She realized, however, it had almost been...placed with her things. Accidentally, perhaps, forgotten.

Lili smiled.

Sergei is a man of war, proud of everything he does for his country...from defending them to killing for them. He would never leave one of these. He'll be back for it.

Looks like he would have to track her down again after all.