Hearts of the Mermaid Princesses

A Kingdom Hearts x Mermaid Melody story

Chapter 1 – Awakening

Flashback – a certain place in another world

"Wait, why only me?!" A seventeen year old boy asked. A male of average height, with short black hair that seemed to fan out going down from the boy's head, and brown eyes, which happened to be able to change from brown to red or blue by the boy's will. Wearing mostly all black, with black jeans and an open black dress shirt, only having a plain brown t-shirt underneath, his clothes would probably be the only thing that made him stand out from anyone else.

The boy was standing in front of a desk, where the person behind it, a man who looked like he was in his late twenties, with short brown hair that had a small ponytail behind his head, and green eyes that were behind a pair of thin-rimmed glasses. He was wearing what looked like a black business suit that made him look purely professional. The man replied, "I thought that you would be able to handle it by yourself Attis."

"…I can, but from what you just told me, it sounded quite important, especially if it involves Kingdom Hearts Halit, sir." The boy now known as Attis said. His superior, Halit, told him, "That's why we can only send you for now. If we sent in a group of Keybladers, it would attract the Heartless' attention due to the Keyblades. If they do somehow find out, then that world would be in serious danger. Also, you've been going on solo missions for the past few years now, even on some 'suicide' missions even. It pretty much-."

"Okay, okay, I get it." Attis replied, cutting him off. Halit nodded and handed Attis a few papers saying, "Here are the details of the world you're going to. If you want, you can tell some of you're friends where you're going, like those two-."

"No, I'll leave ASAP." Attis told him, cutting him off again, this time with a hint of bitterness in his voice. Halit grew concerned for that and said, "You know, talking about it-."

Attis gave Halit a look and said, "I'm fine, really Halit. It really doesn't bother me anymore."

A sigh came out of Halit as he said, "If you say so Attis. I'm just worried about you, you know." As Attis read the papers over he said, "I know Halit."

While reading the papers Attis came across a certain part and couldn't believe what was on it. He said, "They defeat their foes by singing?! What the heck is this?"

Halit laughed and said, "I know, I found it hard to believe at first also, but I guess that's how their world works."

Attis finished reading it and said, "Okay, so let me get this straight. This world has seven mermaid princesses, and the sages speculate that they could be like the Princesses of Heart, and may be able to open Kingdom Hearts. They have a water goddess named Aqua Regina protecting them, but it may not be enough if the Heartless somehow reach the world. My job is to seal the keyhole so the Heartless won't be able enter that world as well as protect the Mermaid Princesses, if possible. Have I gotten everything down, or is there something I'm missing?"

"Nope, that's pretty much the gist of it." Halit said. Attis nodded and said, "Okay then, I guess I better get going."

"Hope the mission goes well." Halit said to him. That's when Attis summoned his two Keyblades, Solaris and Lunaria, two Keyblades that were seemingly modeled after the sun and the moon, in his hands and gave a salute with Solaris saying, "I'll make sure to complete it Halit." With that he dematerialized his Keyblades and left the room.

Present time – a beach city in Japan

"…And that was ten years ago, from what I can remember." Attis whispered to himself.

Attis was walking along a road near the nearby beach thinking to himself. The reason for this is because of what happened to him, something that he's currently trying to find out, with not much luck.

About a week ago he found himself in the hospital, with minor wounds all over his body, and he had no idea how they got there. In fact, when he woke up, he didn't remember much of anything. The doctors who came in said that he was suffering from amnesia, and a minor concussion, with the only thing he remembered at the time was his own name.

Fortunately for him, he started to remember everything about his past, like how he was a member of the Keyblade organization, Keypers, among other things. The only thing that he couldn't remember was what he was doing ten years ago. He remembers how he arrived, and at the end he was involved in a battle and how he got to this time period, but nothing else. Everything in between, and even the battle he was in, Attis found them to be a blur.

Now he was wandering around a seaside town, where the hospital he was in was located. He just passed a place called Pearl Piari, when he looked at the water and thought, 'What am I going to do now? I don't have anyway of contacting them, now that my communicator is somehow broken, not to mention that I'm ten years into the future.'

Attis just shook his head when he bumped into someone, sending the both of them falling to the floor. He rubbed his head and said, "Ow, sorry about that."

"Nah, it's okay." A male voice replied. Attis got up and saw that it was a male surfer a few years younger than him, with orange hair that spiked downwards. He was in a surfing suit and had a surfboard with him as well. The guy got up and said, "Sorry, I wasn't paying attention back there."

"I guess that makes two of us." Attis said. Then he held out his hand and said, "I'm Attis Hale, what's your name?"

The guy replied, "Kaito Doumoto, it's nice to meet you Attis." The two shook hands and Attis said, "Well, I guess I'll see you around Doumoto-san."

"Please, call me Kaito. Being called that by someone around my age just sounds weird." Kaito told him. Attis nodded and said, "Then call me Attis. I'm not much for formalities myself unless they're necessary."

Kaito nodded and asked, "Do you live around here Attis?" Attis thought about it for a bit before he replied, "Yeah, I do, I guess. I just came out of the nearby hospital a few days ago, so I'm just getting acquainted with the neighborhood."

"I see…" Kaito said. Then he took off saying, "Well, it was nice to meet you Attis! I'll see you later!"

"Yeah, see you later." Attis replied as Kaito took off. He thought to himself, 'He was sure nice.' That's when Kaito suddenly called him from behind and shouted, "You should come back here tomorrow! There's a surfing competition that's going to take place!"

Attis thought about it and then shouted back, "Sure, I'll be here!" Kaito nodded and continued to run off to the beach. Attis seemed to agree at the thought of watching the surfing competition, and decided to stare at the ocean for a while, trying to sort out his thoughts and memories that seemed to be jumbled a bit.

About fifteen minutes of just standing there, lost in his thoughts, he heard a voice say, "Um, excuse me, are you alright?"

Attis snapped out of it and turned around to the source of the voice. What he saw was a young girl with shoulder-length dirty blond hair and brown eyes, wearing a red and white t-shirt, a jean skirt, and leather boots looking at him. Beside her was a penguin in some kind of sailor clothing along with a hat. He raised an eyebrow at that as Attis replied, "Oh, I'm fine. I was just lost in thought, nothing to worry about."

"Oh, I see. Sorry to bother you." The girl said, and she ran off with the penguin behind her before Attis could say anything. One thing he did notice was the shell necklace that was on the girl's neck and thought, 'Hmm, I wonder, could she be related to the Mermaid Princesses? I did hear that they wore shell necklaces that held their pearls. Maybe this mission isn't a bust after all…'

Attis walked away from the beach and decided to head back to his apartment. Attis was lucky that he had a lot of money on him, partly thanks to the Keypers, which he was able to rent an apartment for the time being, which was only a few days ago. The only thing he had to worry about now was getting a job to support himself while trying to see if his mission was still valid, despite being stranded in a different timeframe in the world he was in.

Back at his apartment, Attis tried to bring out Solaris and Lunaria, but for some reason, the two Keyblades wouldn't materialize. To make matters even worse, most of his spells and abilities were somehow sealed and couldn't perform them. He found out that he was only able to use four basic spells, Blizzard, Thunder, Fire, and Cure, after trying to cast them a few days ago. Attis was glad that he was able to defend himself somehow if the Heartless did attack, but wondered why he couldn't materialize his two Keyblades.

Attis tried summoning a few more times before he gave up and got changed before going to sleep. He wondered about the surfing competition, as well as the two people that he met earlier. Attis thoughts occupied his mind for a while, before he finally fell into slumber, with his last thoughts were, 'How did something like this happen?'

The next day Attis was in a lighter wear, still wearing black jeans but sporting a loose white t-shirt. He walked towards the beach and he saw Kaito heading towards the steps down to the beach. Kaito saw him and said, "Hey Attis, glad you could make it!"

Attis nodded and said, "So, this is the surfing competition huh? It's bigger than I thought." Kaito told him, "Nah, compared to others, this one's pretty small." The two of them walked down the stairs as Attis said, "So, anything special that I should watch out for?"

"Yeah, when I blow the competition away!" Kaito replied with confidence. Attis just smirked at that when he heard a voice say, "How about we play around after the competition?"

The two turned to see two guys harassing a pair of girls, one of which Attis recognized as the girl he met last night while staring out at the ocean. Kaito immediately walked towards them, with Attis walking behind, noticing the small scowl on Kaito's face.

When one of the guy's put his hand on the girl with the dirty-blond hair, Kaito instantly twisted the guy's other arm back, forcing him to let go. Attis looked on with interest as the guy's friend said, "It's last year's champion!" The two of them looked extremely sheepish as the guy said, "They're with you? Sorry!" They walked off making Attis smile a bit at how Kaito handled the whole thing.

That's when Kaito winked at the girl with the dirty blond hair and said, "Those clothes look pretty cute, though I like racy ones more!" At that Attis couldn't help but stifle a laugh, making it sound like a cough. That's when the dirty-blond haired girl saw him and said, "Ah! You're that guy that was staring out at the ocean last night!"

The girl with the blue hair beside her raised an eyebrow, while Kaito asked, "You know each other Attis?"

Attis answered that by saying, "Not exactly, she went up to me while I was looking at the ocean last night." The girl got a bit embarrassed at the memory as Attis held out his hand and said, "My name's Attis Hale, but you can call me Attis. I'm not too fond of formalities."

The girl with the dirty-blond hair shook his hand and said, "I'm Lucia Nanami, it's a pleasure to meet you. You can call me Lucia." The girl with blue hair shook his hand also saying, "My name is Hanon Hoshou, and you can call me Hanon. It's nice to meet you Attis-san."

Suddenly the four of them heard an announcement that called all of the surfing participants, and Kaito winked at Lucia and said, "Then, I'll let you see a cool show!" He turned to Attis and said, "I'll see you later Attis."

Attis just waved while Lucia and Hanon talked to themselves. They said something but he didn't pay any attention to it as he took a look at the ocean. As he turned to face the girls, Hanon couldn't help but think, 'He's quite cute.'

That's when Hanon asked, "Um, Attis-san, how do you know Kaito-kun?" Attis focused his attention on her and replied, "The two of us met when we practically bumped into each other around here last night. He invited me to come and watch."

Lucia raised an eyebrow at that while Attis asked, "What about the two of you?" Hanon answered that in reply, "We're his classmates, and she has a thing for Kaito-kun." She nodded her head to Lucia, who said, "I do not!"

Attis found the scene a bit amusing when they heard the announcer proclaim the start of the competition. Everyone around went quiet and turned to the ocean to watch the surfers. Even though Attis knew of the sport, he found it quite interesting to watch people surf when it wasn't on a screen.

Sometime later it was Kaito's turn to surf, which left an impression on Lucia as Kaito rode the waves. Attis however, noticed that Kaito was wearing something around his neck and squinted his eyes to look at it. He whispered, "What is…that…? Something…pink?"

Hanon overheard Attis and asked, "Something wrong Attis-san?"

Attis shook his head and replied, "No, it's nothing." Then he noticed Lucia looked like she was in a trance and whispered, "Lucia-san looks like she's in a trance, doesn't she?" Hanon looked over to Lucia and giggled saying, "Yes, she does, doesn't she?"

That's when Lucia shouted, "Awesome!" Hanon agreed with her saying, "As I expected…he's pretty cool!" Attis just smiled when he suddenly felt a wave of odd energy come from Kaito's direction.

Hanon noticed something else and said, "That wave…!" Suddenly a second wave appeared from behind Kaito and sent him under. Lucia was shocked and shouted, "Kaito!"

Attis was also shocked as he heard the announcer say, "He didn't come back up…" Then the announcer proceeded to call the rescue squad as Attis felt that something was very wrong. All of a sudden, storm clouds had suddenly come in and the ocean started to get rough very fast, which made the announcer tell everyone to take shelter from the storm.

The three of them were standing there when Attis noticed something small and black move through the trees that were nearby. On instinct, he ran towards it, making Hanon shout, "Attis-san?!" A moment later, Lucia ran forward towards the ocean, and Hanon tried to stop her, but the wind prevented her from stopping her.

As Attis reached the small patch of forest that was near the ocean, he saw that there were Heartless jumping into the ocean and thought, 'Heartless, knew that this storm wasn't a coincidence, but I don't thing they're the reason for it though.' He shook his head and focused on materializing two things into his hands. One was a black cloak that the Keypers manage to replicate from Organization XIII's cloaks. It had an added property that allowed Attis to swim through the water like he was flying on air. The other thing that materialized was a plain white mask that had no features except glassed eye slits. That would allow Attis to be able to breathe underwater, thanks to it's enchantment.

Quickly putting on both garments, Attis threw a Fire spell at one of the Heartless, a Shadow, and it quickly exploded, releasing a heart into the air. He thought, 'Even without my Keyblades and most of my magic, I'll still fight these things head on!'

Suddenly a voice called out to him shouting, "Please, wait a moment!"

Attis thought he was hallucinating for a moment when a memory came back to him and he slowly said, "Aqua…Regina…?"

"Yes…it is I. I don't have much power now…so all I can do for you is this…" That's when a light flashed before Attis and floating right in front of him was a Keyblade. Attis took in the details of the Keyblade and saw that the Keyblade's key guard was square with rounded edges, wavy and aqua blue, with the handle being a navy blue. The blade part was somewhat wide, yet a bit thin, and it had eight holes the size of pearls that started from the bottom. At the end of the key was a green ball that had two small white wings on it, something that he found familiar.

Attis was about to as a question when a Shadow leaped at him and tried to attack him. On reflex, he grabbed the Keyblade and whacked the Shadow with it, causing it to disperse and turn into black mist. Aqua Regina's voice spoke to him again saying, "The Keyblade's name is Aqualis… Please protect…the Mermaid Princesses…warrior Attis…"

"…It's my job." Attis said with confidence. That's when the other Shadows, as well as a few Soldiers, were making their way up to them and Attis said, "Time to slice and dice!"

A few minutes later, Attis managed to disperse all of the Heartless that attacked him, even though it took him a while to get back into the fighting groove. He thought, 'I guess spending time in the hospital with amnesia can do that to you.'

That's when Attis ran to the ocean and jumped into it. After getting over the initial shock of the strange feeling of 'flying' in the water, he heard a distant melody of a song that jogged a memory. He said, "Legend of…Mermaid?" However, he didn't have time to think about it when a few Soldiers, having webbed hands and feet, came at him and Attis retaliated with a few Blizzard spells.

When he quickly dispatched the soldiers, Attis heard the melody fade, just as he saw a group of Heartless Soldiers swim off to a certain direction. He inwardly spat and swam off after them, thinking, 'If I remember from the report, the Heartless are attracted to the Mermaid Princesses when they release the powers of their pearls. Like a beacon of sorts, I guess.'

Meanwhile, Lucia turned back into her mermaid form, where she had long, blond hair that was in two pigtail and blue eyes, along with a pink mermaid tail. She managed to grab Kaito, when the Heartless group showed up. She was shocked to see them and said, "What? What the heck are these things?!"

One of the Soldiers tried to swipe at Lucia and she barely managed to dodge it. She thought, 'I need to turn back into my idol form again!' The Soldiers weren't giving her any chances as Lucia kept trying to dodge attack after attack while trying to protect Kaito. One of the Soldiers managed to get in front of her and she instinctively protected him thinking, 'I'm sorry Kaito…'

That's when a Blizzard spell, in the form of an ice javelin, pierced the Heartless that was about to attack, causing it to disperse and release it's heart. The Soldiers were stunned and Lucia opened her eyes to see Attis, hooded and with his mask on, holding Aqualis like he just shot something. She asked, "W-who are you?!"

Attis, meanwhile took in her features, and instantly noticed her shell necklace thinking, 'No way, is that Lucia? So she's a Mermaid Princess huh? Looks quite different from her human form in some aspects but the report did say something about it.'

One of the Soldiers snapped out of it and tried to attack Lucia again, but Attis managed to reach her in time and forced back the Soldier with the blow. He said in a voice that the mask made a bit deeper, "Take the boy and get away, I'll handle this."

"B-but, who are you?" Lucia asked, a bit confused by what's going on. Attis sighed as he fired off another Blizzard spell at a couple of Soldiers that tried to attack and replied, "If we meet again, I'll try to explain to you then. But you need to get out of here now!"

Lucia immediately nodded at that and quickly swam off towards the surface. The Heartless tried to go after her but Attis cut them off with a few Blizzard spells saying, "Your opponent's right here!"

The Soldiers immediately turned their attention to Attis and the fight went on as Attis used a mixture of Keyblade strikes and magic. He found that fighting underwater was a bit more difficult but eventually won out against the Soldiers. With all of them dispersed, Attis cast a Cure spell on himself before he looked at Aqualis and thought, 'Thank you very much Aqua Regina. Though I am curious how she managed to create a Keyblade…'

That's when a tiny ball of light appeared before him and Aqua Regina's voice came from it saying, "I am very grateful for your help warrior Attis. As for how I created the Keyblade, it's thanks to this…"

A shell necklace came out of the ball of light and Attis managed to catch it. Taking a closer look he saw that it looked just like Lucia's, except it was red where the pink would be. He opened it up and found a pearl of the same color inside. Aqua Regina explained, "It is said that a pearl is also known as a mermaid's heart, and that pearl was in my possession. I used it's power to create that Keyblade, and I give this pearl to you for safekeeping… Don't worry, that pearl can't be detected by any means…"

Attis had a confused look on his face as he pocketed the shell, and Aqua Regina said, "I am sorry about your memories and abilities warrior Attis. I tried to restore them with what power I had, but…"

"It's okay," Attis interrupted, "Thanks to that I managed to remember the important parts. The only thing missing is what happened ten years ago, along with that battle and how I ended up here…"

"All I can say is that it will take time…" Aqua Regina replied, "I am weak right now, so I won't be able to help you as much. I am sorry…" With that the ball of light faded before Attis could say anything else. He reached into his pocket and pulled out the red shell necklace and said to himself, "Things just keep on getting more and more complicated."

Attis pocketed the necklace again and made his way to the surface. When he was back on land, Attis was thankful that the cloak had the other property of drying off every part of his body when he was on land. Looking around, he saw Lucia and Kaito together at the nearby beach, and quickly went into the nearby bushes to hide.

Peeping wasn't something Attis was very fond of, but he was curious about why the two were together and Lucia was still in her mermaid form. As he watched the scene Attis couldn't help but sigh, until he saw Lucia's penguin and Hanon standing on top of a few rocks some distance away. Attis saw that Hanon had something in her hand and squinted to see what it was. He couldn't see what it was though but judging by the lack of surprise on Hanon's face, Attis figured that she was either a mermaid, or a human that knew about mermaids.

With finding hiding in the bushes starting to get boring and a bit painful, Attis made his way out of the bushes and back to the city, trying to move as quietly as possible. However, his departure wasn't completely unnoticed as Hanon saw the back of his hood before it vanished into the forest. She thought, '…What was that?' That's when Hippo asked, "Is something wrong Hanon-san?"

Hanon shook her head and replied, "No, nothing's wrong…"

Attis managed to change and make Aqualis disappear before appearing out in the open. The necklace was still in his pocket as he headed back to his apartment. He thought to himself, 'At least I know where two of the princesses are. From what I can recall, there are seven in total, so where are the others? And the Heartless too, something's up with them…'

Attis shook his head and made his way back to his apartment. That's when a sudden thought came to him, 'Oh no, now that I'm cut off from Keypers HQ, that means that I need to find a job to support the rent!' This left him quite startled as he continued to walk.

Note: Just to say, I considered putting this in the crossover section, but considering how the main focus is on Mermaid Melody, I decided against it, for now. On another note, the Kingdom Hearts portion will mostly consist of the Heartless, most of characters will be OCs only. Just something to let everyone know, and I'll clarify something after this story is finished.