Chapter Eight:


"My love, please wake up." He sighed and kissed her, "Come back to me"

As he pulled away Evangeline's eyes snapped open as she gasped for air, her eyes were a solid black that blocked out any color. A sight he had long since forgotten. Then the black abyss slowly began to bleed back into her irises.

A smirk came to Caius's face, knowing that his beloved needed to feed.

Evangeline's black eyes locked onto Caius, he found himself not afraid…but entranced. Now more than ever she looked dangerous…she looked like a predator. Caius watched in awe as the black abyss began receding back into her pupil. Leaving only her beautiful blood red ruby eyes to been seen.

She blinked for the first time since she had opened her eyes. Everything around her seemed heightened, she could see things differently, hear things differently. Everything around her was buzzing in a life form she never knew existed; a single thought entered her mind so this is what being a vampire is like? Her throat burned as her hunger grew rapidly.

She was very hungry, and Caius knew it. He held out his hand to her which she gladly took. "Come my beloved, you must be starving." He wrapped his arm around her his hand now placed gently upon the curve of her waist.

"Where are we going?" Now even her voice seemed like silk as it left her luscious lips, begging to be kissed.

And so he did just that.

Caius pulled Evangeline up against him capturing her lips in a single movement. A hunger seemed to be brewing inside of him, one that had grown stronger over the years. One only his beloved could fix. But now was not the time for this sort of thing. Caius pulled away from her, yet never taking his arms off of her. He smiled at her "You must feed; your father will be most pleased to see you have awakened." They walked together down the long halls till they reached the throne room.

Carlisle and his family stood in the throne room, Aro wanted one last word before they left. As they were about to leave the doors to the throne room opened, by themselves. The Cullen's watched as Caius and Evangeline walked into the room. They shivered as her eyes locked onto them.

"My daughter," Aro embraced his daughter happily.

"No! No please!"

This caught everyone's attention; the man who had attacked Evangeline was being dragged in by Felix and Demetri. Her wicked blood red eyes locked onto the man, seething hatred spewing from every fiber of her being. "Mia figlia, momento di prendere la rivincita," (My daughter, time to take your revenge.) Aro whispered into her ear as his hands lifted from her shoulders.

The Cullen's watched in horror as Evangeline's eyes bled to black. "Goodbye," she whispered.

The man's body jerked upwards his neck snapping violently straight. The room was filled with the sickening sound of bones cracking. Then all of a sudden the mans ribcage was ripped open exposing his insides. He screamed violently as bone after bone was either broken or ripped apart. Till finally his head snapped off and a wickedly evil smile appeared on Evangeline's innocent face.

Caius came up from behind her and wrapped his arms around her waist. "Ben fatto il mio amore" (beautifully done my love) Caius said with an equally wicked smile as he kissed Evangeline's neck.

"I believe it is time for you and your family to leave. My daughter must feed." Evangeline's eyes reverted back to the now beautiful blood red. In that one moment the wickedness that was her newborn nature was gone and Caius's sweet Angel had returned. She nuzzled against Caius as he held her to him. They all watched as the Cullen's left and the food came forward.

"You are getting excited my love. Are you ready?"


The Cullen's hurried away as the screams of the Volturi's victims flooded the halls.