Chapter 59

Brooke's POV

It has been three days since Katie's accident and she still didn't wake up from her coma. I'm worry like the others and mostly Emily and Effy. I sigh and blow out the smoke by my nose.

"It takes me a long time to finally find you" a familiar voice said from behind me. My eyes popped out from my face and I turn to look at him. I grab him forcedly by the arm, putting him into a corner as I look around to be sure that no one was looking. I let him go.

"What the fuck are you doing here Nick?" I hiss silently. Nick is a member of my crew, well not really a crew but one of the people with who I was selling drugs before I moved here. And I was the boss; I'm still am for them. He chuckled softly.

"Woah, no need to be moody...we need you, B" he said. I groan angrily because I clearly told them that I was done selling drugs.

"Nick I already told you...I almost got caught by the cops twice and I won't let this please to away" I plead and he shook his head.

"no Brooke! We were a great crew with you and we all miss you...can you at least come back on tracks with us for a few weeks because...we're in trouble and beside, don't you want to find out who killed your brother, Ben?" he said nervously, scratching the back of his neck. This got my attention and I know that right now I can't say no.

"What did you guys do this time?" I ask tiredly. He shifted uncomfortably on his feet.

"We are in trouble with Mark's crew" he mumbled. I clench my jaw and hit him on the shoulder.

"I fixed everything with him so why he has troubles with you?" I press. He sighed.

"We stole drugs from him and shot one of his crew's members" he said nervously avoiding my angry eyes. I press my head in my hands and hit it repeatedly. How can they have been so stupid?

"What the fuck Nick? Before I left I told you guys to stay away from that crew...who pulled the trigger?" I ask firmly.

"It was Nate...he freaked out because the guy has knife so he pulled the trigger" he explained. I nod my head. I'm not so surprise that it was him because he's the craziest boys in my crew.

"for god sake! much did you stole from him?" I ask softly.

"please don't kill me" he pleaded and swallows hard. I give him an icy glare.

"Nick I'm not playing" I warn him.

"four hundreds grams...two hundreds are for the cocaine, one hundred fifty for Ecstasy and fifty grams for the weeds" he answered, fixing the ground. I immediately clench my fists when I hear the number and didn't have other choice but to slap him across the face. He winced in pain and stared at me with a sorry look.

"I asked you to do one thing...ONE thing, nick and you couldn't do it?" I yell on his face.

"I'm sorry ok, I really am but we needed money so we didn't have the choice!" he replied harshly.

"you could have come to me ...what did you do with all this drugs?" I ask him firmly. He reached his hands in his hair.

"sold it, Brooke, what do you think for Christ sake!" he hissed at me. I laugh bitterly.

"damn it! I should have never left...ok here's what we gonna do, tonight meet me at the Tric's club with the rest of the crew around 8...and tell Nate to not bring ANY weapons!" I hiss at the last sentence. He nodded his head and smiles at me. I roll my eyes and punch him playfully on the arm.

"thank you! I know that you would never let us down" he blurted and hugged me.

"yea...and don't bring that up sister doesn't know a thing and I don't want her to find out about this and why I'm really here in Bristol" I explain and he frowned confusedly.

"sister? You never told us that you have one" he said in shock. I smack my forehead and sigh.

"I know...I found out when I moved her" I tell him and he nods.

"oh...ok, well if I ever met her or anything like that, you don't need to worry cuz I won't tell her or anyone about this" he said and give me a smile. I smile softly and kiss him on the cheek before he pulls away from the brick wall.

"well, I got to go tell the guys the news...I'll see you later, love you" he yelled as he gets in his Camaro of the year. I shook and smile but he disappears when I hear a voice behind me.

"who was this guy? I didn't know you had boyfriends" Effy said and raised her eyebrows. I scratch the back of my neck as I walk to her.

" one...he's a friend" I shrug my shoulders. She looks at me cautiously. I swear to god her eyes are like weapons! She smirked before she pats my head and I groan.

"m'ok, if you say so...did you go to the hospital today?" she asked me and sit on ground. I follow her move.

"no, I just couldn't...And with Vero and Kate who hates me, god knows what they might do next time I piss them off" I blurt out and she rolled her eyes.

"don't mind them...they will come around soon" she said.

"speaking of...what's going on between you and Kate?" I ask with a smirk. She glared at me before she starts to chuckle.

"we decided to take the things slow and to be honest...I'm quite happy about the choice...I know it's going to sound stupid but I'm in love with her, Brooke! " she informed me and bit her lips. My eyes wide before I give her a little smile.

"well,I never thought that Effy Stonem could fall in love" we laughed together.

"what about you?" she asked with a smirk. I roll my eyes because I don't have my eyes on any particular girls but on every girls. Haha!

"no one...I just run after the beautiful girls... I don't believe in love" I shrug my shoulders and she scoffed before she lights a spliff. She takes a puff and hands it to me. I take a big puff and let it out.

"how can you know if you never fall in love?" she asked.

"I don't know...all I'm saying it's every time someone say they love you, she or he always ended up hurting you or betray you...and I don't have the heart for that" I answer. She nods her head and takes a last puff and throws it on the ground.

"even that, this person will always love you but not like he or she uses to" she replied softly and looks away. I think I saw some guilt in her eyes and I'm not so sure why.

"are you feeling guilty about something?" I ask softly. She laughed bitterly and whips her eyes.

"I should have been there to stop her from getting in the fucking car! She knows really well that I can't deal with people who hurts them self...if I was there to stop her she would have never get into the car!" she hissed at every words. I put her more close to me and grab her in my arms.

"don't think like that...we all know that what she did was stupid but you can't blame yourself about something like that!" I hiss back.

"easy for you to say! You don't even have a best friend or someone you love!" she raised her voice as she pulls away from me. Ok! Now I'm truly hurt. I frown my eyebrows softly before I end up laughing bitterly.

"jeez,Effy! I'm trying to support you and the only thing you do it's throwing insults at me" I yell and she stood up.

"I don't think I need your support right now...not at all" she hissed before she walks away. "What the hell just happen?" I think angrily as I get in to the house slamming the door behind me.

Emily's Pov

It been four days and my sister is still in coma. I didn't sleep, leave the hospital or eat since the accident. I didn't want to go anywhere far from her. Right now, I'm sitting beside her bed on a chair , holding her right hand . And I can't stop crying, I never thought that my sister was stupid enough to do something like that. I'm so angry after her and after myself. I get interrupted from my moment by Naomi.

"hey...want something to eat?Me and the girls are going to buy something outside" she said softly,squeezing my shoulder. I shook my head.

"I'm not hungry,I'm staying here" I answer in the same tone. She sighed.

"Emily,you need to eat,you can't on going like this!...when I'll get back you'll eat the danm food!" she said with a serious tone. I roll my eyes and huff.

"fine!" I say and she smile softly and kissed me on the lips before she walks away. I sigh tiredly as I look at my sister; how come the things turn so bad. I look at her carefully telling myself that if I lose her I won't stay here. It would be too hard for me to see my future without my sister. I lay my back on the chair just as my girlfriend gets back with a bag full of food and hands me one.

"here...pasta and shrimps just like you love them" she said with a sweet smile. I smile back.

"thanks" I mumble. We sits here in silence, eating our food and none of us was able to speak or anything like that,until Vero and Sandra walks into the room.

" is she?" Sandra asked softly,biting her lips. Is she fucking kidding me! I give her an icy glare just as Naomi gave me a warning look but I don't care at the moment.

"what do you think?...She's laying on a hospital's bed,in a coma,all this because of you!" I looked at me sadly and stares at the ground.

"Em, stop it! It's no one faults!" Naomi said softly; grabbing me by the wrist but i pull away.

"how come this is my fault? I wasn't the one who hits her with the car AND I was certainly not the stupid drunken girl to drive her car" she explained sadly. Oh no, tell me she didn't just call my sister stupid! I stand up from my chair so fast and no one was ready to see this comming and i slap her across the grabs me firmly by the shoulder and push me away. Everyone gasped in shock.

"what the fuck are you playing at?Just because your sister is laying on a coma means that you have to take your anger and pains on one of us!" Vero said coldly. Sandra looks at me with tears in her eyes but I could care less right now.

"I'm not playing at anything! If she would have told Katie the truth about the dad, my sister wouldn't be here right now!" I reply firmly as I look at her with anger. I know that some of you are saying that I shouldn't blame her but I feel like a part of this it's her fault.

"all this doesn't even concern you, Em! It's their problems so let them deal with it!" Naomi said. I scoff and glare at them. I'm really but really not in the mood to have anyone here; not even my girlfriend.

"can you please all get out of here?" I ask gently and they frowned at me. My girlfriend gives me and incredibly looks.

"you can't kick us ass! We have every right to stay by our friend!" she pressed. And I can tell that she's angry right now.

"I know and I need to be alone with her" I explain. Vero scoffed.

"fine! I'm out...catch up with you later when you'll stop being a bitch!" she hissed and walks away. Naomi shook her head and grabs her bag from the chair.

"I'm really disappointed in you...I'll see you when you'll get home" she mumbled before she walks out of the door. Sandra was standing here like a statue.

"what are you still doing here?" I ask angrily. She sighed and reached her hand in her hair.

"I'm not leaving, Em! You might be angry after me but Katie is my girlfriend and you can't tell me to get out of this room!" she replied in the same tone. I momentarily clench my jaw and wrists.

"when she'll wake up, who told you that she'll still want to be with you?...After all you have Dave" I say with a smirk and her face fell. Now she couldn't say anything and I didn't blame her for that. She better keep her mouth shut right now. I don't hate her I'm just having a hard time to deal with what she did to Katie. And to be honest I don't want to see her here right now! She opened the door and walks out of the room. I groan and rub my temple.

"Katie, if you can hear me crying then why you won't wake up! We need you here...why did you have to do that when you know exactly how I will feel?" I say angrily, tears rolling down my cheeks.

Effy's PoV

it's 8pm, I just got back from the hospital I couldn't stay any much longer. Right now, I'm having a drink with Vero, my girlfriend and Sandra who's, by the way is wasted as hell. I guess that when Katie is not around her she can't control herself. I smile softly when Kate kisses me on the lips.

"hey...where were you?" she asked softly. I sigh as I play with my Vodka.

"I'm right here, I was just...thinking" I mumble, avoiding her eyes. She squeezed my knee.

"no you're not...look, I know you worry about Katie but stop blaming yourself for what happen!" she replied. I can't help but shook my head because I don't agree with what she just said.

"yes it is! She would have never done something stupid if I was around her!" I say tiredly and she clenched her hand as she pulls away from my knee. What now? I thought with a piss tone.

"are you in love with her or something?" she asked angrily with hurt in her eyes. I laugh bitterly and take a sip from my glass.

"don't be stupid Kate she's my best friend!" I roll my eyes.

"whatever, I'm going to order another drink" she said bitterly and walks away toward the bar. I sigh because I know she's hurt and angry at the moment and I don't blame her because I'm being a coward right now. We just start our relationship and now I feel like I'm not doing the right thing. I love her but it's more complicated than I thought. I swallow my glass in one shot and decide that i need another drink too. I walk to the bar and order five shots that I immediately swallow in one shot. I look around, trying to find Kate but she was nowhere to be seen. I groan and reach my hand in my hair. And just on the other side, I spot Brooke talking with three guys that I didn't know and it's sure that there not from here. I raise my eyebrow in surprise when she punched one of the guys in the stomach and he didn't try to fight back. I continue to stare at them with curiosity because I feel that she's hiding something. Before I can stand up to walk back to my table, a guy come and sits beside me.

"hi, babe, I' m Nate and you are?" he asked me with a huge smile, extending his hand to me. I look at his hand and raise my eyebrows.

"i am get lost!" I smirk when his face drops.

"I see that you're not the type of girl to talk with an awesome man like me" he blurted out with a wink. I scoff before I take a sip from my drink.

"you might be awesome but you're not my type" I reply tiredly. He crossed his arms.

"and why's that? I'm a good looking guy and I have a hot body!" he answered and shows me his abs. I chuckle and shook my head. Seriously I never understand guys. He chuckled too as he take a sip from his beer.

"i run after the girls and they run after me...I'm not running for your team" I explain and finish my drink. He frowned and nods his head. I raise my eyebrows because his the second guys who finally can understand without picking a fight about this.

"I understand...well since I have no chance to get you in bed with me, can I at least buy you a drink?" he asked with a smile. I open my mouth to answer but I get interrupted by a piss Brooke.

"what the hell are you still doing here?" she hissed to Nate. I look between them with a funny look.

"relax! I was just having a conversation with this hot chick!" he informed. She glared at him.

"It's not the time for that and anyway you're not her type!" she said coldly. Something is telling me that those two knows each other very well. And it looks like the guy is scare of Brooke or something. No! I might be crazy; there is no way that a guywill take orders from her. Haha.

"it's ok, Brooke I already take care of him" I say playfully and she rolled her eyes. I guess she's not mad at me anymore about this morning.

"go find the others, I'll come around later" she said. The guy nods before he blows me a kiss and walk away.

"charming" I smirk and she hits me on the shoulder before she sits beside me.

"don't get near him" she warned me and I chuckle softly.

"It's far from my plan" I reply and wonder why I shouldn't get near him. He seems to be a good guy. She orders a drink and takes a sip.

"so, where's your girl?" she asked curiously. I shrug my shoulders. I wish that I know.

"if only I know the answer" I answer sadly and take a sip from my third drink. Now I'm feeling a bit tipsy or should I say drunk. Haha! I don't really care.

"ok, then why you not trying to find her then?" she asked, giving me a stupid look. I sigh and rub my face.

"I don't know, ok?...She's mad at me because she thinks I'm in love with Katie and that my mind is never there when she talks to me!" I explain and roll my eyes. She busted in laugh but stops when she sees my face.

"that girl is crazy! It's not because you care and think about Katie every day that mean you're in love with her" she said matter of fact.

"yeah, well, it seems that way...and where did you met this guy?" I ask curiously and she flinched before she looks away from my eyes. Strange!

"erm...old friend,ya know ?" she answered nervously. I turn my whole body to have a better look of her face. I eye her curiously.

"you lying...the way you talk to this boy, there is no way that he's an old, I saw you 5 minutes ago punching him and he didn't do anything to that" I say with a proud smile when she glared at me.

"I'm not telling you anything so why don't you go and play cat and mouse with Kate instead of harassing me!" she said and rolled her eyes as she finish her drink. I smirk and put my chair more close to her. I'm about to find out that's sure.

"'s time for us to have a little chit chat…what are you hiding Campbell?" I say with a smug. When she didn't answer, I wave my hand in front of her but she didn't move so I turn my head to see what she was staring at but she yanked it back to her.

"what the fuck, Brooke?" I hiss rubbing my neck. She gives me a sorry look.

"your girlfriend is over here" she explained, pointing to the dance floor. I turn my head and I immediately feel my blood boil, I clench my fists. She was dancing with this girl and I don't like the ways that bitch was touching her. I stand up and walk toward them but before I have the time to get myself in front of them, Brooke came in my way. I glare at her.

"move out of my way Brooke!" I hiss, my eyes burning on the bitch. She shook her head and pushed me by the shoulder and smirked.

"whatcha gonna do if I don't move, Effy?" she pressed and pushed me again. What she is playing at? She's trying to provoct me. I clench my jaw and push her hand away from me.

"what the hell are you doing? Get out of my way, now!" I yell. She smiled at me. Really?Is she high or what because a minute ago she was totally fine.

"No! Because If I move you going to make the things worst! And I don't think that Kate or you want that!" she yelled back. I glance behind her and now the bitch has her hands a little too close to Kate's ass and she was kissing down her neck. When Kate opens her eyes and saw me, I think she mouthed a "oh,shit". I constantly push Brooke.

"I don't care, I won't let that bitch having a piece of my girlfriend" I scream and walk toward them. Kate moved away from the girl , who frowned confusedly until she sees me.

"we are leaving" I command and grab her by the wrist but that bitch has the audacity to push my hand away from Kate's wrist.

"she ain't going anywhere with you... You just interrupted something!" she replied with a smug smile. I walk close to her only to be block by Kate who was giving me a pleading look. I groan because I know that I can't resist that look.

"fuck off, she's my girlfriend so go find your own toys!" I hiss and grab Kate by the wrist. Just as she went to stop me again, Brooke came out of nowhere and pushed her.

"she said fuck off!" she hissed. The girl scoffed and crossed her arms over her chest.

"keep a fuckin leach on your dog!" she said to me with a smirk. I take a step; I really want to punch that bitch right now.

"if you don't walk away right now, I'll make sure to break one of your arm!" Brooke warned. My eyes widened and so Kate's we never saw this side of her and I couldn't help but burst in laugh when she walks away saying" I'll make you pay". I stop laughing when I see the face of my girlfriend; she's not all. I sigh.

"do you really had to act like a jealous girlfriend!" she asked angrily.

"I'm sorry ok? But I didn't like the way she was touching you !" I inform with a piss tone. She shook her head and walks past me, I follow her outside of the club.

"well, if you weren't so busy thinking about Katie, I wouldn't be dancing with her!" she hissed as we walk to her car. I laugh bitterly.

"what is it with you and Katie? She's my fucking bestfriend and she's laying on a hospital bed, fighting for her life!...So sorry if I can't be the perfect girlfriend that you want me to be at the moment and if you can't deal with it then maybe we're not meant for each other!" I yell and she flinched. She stares at me sadly in the eyes. There was a moment of silence. Shit! I shouldn't have said that, I clench my eyes and sigh.

"yeah,your right; maybe we're not meant for each other" she mumbled softly as she opens the door of her car and drove away. I let out a yell, I fucking hate my life right now. And now I don't even have a lift to go back home. I sigh and decide to get back in the club. Fuck this I need another drink.

Naomi's POV

It's already 23:04 when I walk into Katie's room and Emily was asleep. I sigh sadly because since the accident, she didn't move away from the room at all. We tried to make her but she wouldn't move but just get angrier. I put the blanket on her and kiss her forehead.

"I love you" I whisper softly before I walk out of the room, closing the door behind me and bump immediately on Jenna. I groan because I just remember what I had to do now. I clear my throat.

"euh...hi" i say, shifting feet to feet. She chuckled softly. Ok, why she's laughing?

"don't need to feel that way around me, I won't treat you like shit...but the only thing that I can tell you it's be there for Emily and don't ever think about letting her go!" she informed me with a serious voice. I can't help but roll my eyes.

"and what made you think about something like that?" I ask tiredly. She gets close to me.

"because I know my daughter more than you know and the fact that she's not herself right now because of Katie, your relationship might turn in hell and I don't want this for neither of take care of her and tell her that I'll see her maybe next month...if I'm still alive" she said angrily and finishes the sentence with a sad tone. I frown at the last sentence because I can't understand what she meant by that. Before I have the time to ask what she meant she was already gone. But my mind was still running, trying to process what she meant by that. I shook my head and walk out the hospital to the house to get some clothes for Emily since she won't move out of the room. When I get back to the hospital, it was already 1 am so I decide to sleep a little bit. I groan tiredly when I feel a soft pair of lips on mine and smile softly before i open my eyes. And for the first time in five days I see her smiling. I glance at the clock and it was already 7am.

"why are you so happy?" I ask and redress my position. She smiled softly.

"she's awake, Naomi! Katie is awake..." she said but I can't sense something was still wrong by the way she said it.

"I'm happy to hear that, can we see her?" I ask. She nods her head and stopped me before I have the time to stand up. I frown.

"she has a brain damage so she doesn't know what happened to her, so please behave" she warned me. I nod in acceptance and follow her to the room where Effy,Vero,Alexia,Brooke and Kate were but no Sandra. Strange!

"hey...girls" her voice is so weak, she can barely talk. I feel sad for her and Emily. I really do. And I can't stop thinking about what Jenna told me. I'm confused.

"I'm so happy that you awake, you got us worry!" Emily cried, squeezing her hand. Katie smiled softly.

"I'm here now, I am not going anywhere, Em" she said and hug her slowly. She looks at the girls and smile again.

"is one of you is you going to hug me or something?" she asked and rolled her eyes. Typical! Even when she's hurts she's still acting like mama dearest and I like her for that. Haha.

"how are you feeling?" Alexia asked softly and she chuckled softly and rubs her free arm that wasn't broke.

"pretty high , weak and my head fucking hurts as hell" she mumbled as she touched it and winced.

"maybe you need to rest for a little bit" Vero informed but she shook her head.

"nah, I'll be fine...I think what they gave me was pretty hard" she joked and we laughed. But what got me confuse is that she didn't ask for Sandra at all which i find strange.

"the doctor said that there are like 95% chance that you won't wake up...and it's a miracle!" Brooke blurted out. And just like that she started to laughed bitterly.

"I might be awake but I'm fucking stuck here for at least two weeks or something. I broke a fucking leg, an arm and brain is damage, so tell me how come this is a bloody miracle!" she hissed softly, she was trying to yell but it didn't work out well. I guess that the meds are still kicking in Brooke was taken aback.

"I was just trying to make you feel better, don't need to take it on me" she hissed sadly. I roll my eyes, it's not the time for that sister. Katie opens her mouth to reply but I interrupt her. It was time for me to talk.

"enough!...instead of fighting you should be happy that you're still alive" I blurt out and she frowned.

"what happened to me? No one told me" she whispered and Emily glared at me while the other look at each other nervously. I look at the floor.

" were drunk and fell down the roof of the house and you hurt your head pretty badly." Emily lied with guilt in her eyes. I shook my head and sigh because she's not supposed to lie about something like that. Katie can find out about the truth whenever she likes.

"oh...silly me... Thanks for telling me" she said with a little smile. I look at the girls and shook my head.

"do you want me to call Sandra in?" Kate asked. And if she wasn't stuck in her bed I think that she might have murder someone. You should have seen the look on her face.

"I don't want to see her, talk to her and her getting near me" she hissed with hate. Oh!oh! That's not good at all. She can remember what Sandra did but can't remember about the accident? I'm confused.

"it's a bit too late for that" I hear Vero mumbled as Sandra walks into the room with a bouquets of flowers. I look at the girls and mention them to get out of the room and the followed.

"you think she'll be ok?" my girlfriend asked me. I shrug my shoulders because I really don't know.

"I don't know" I answer and look at Effy who didn't say a word to Katie since she got in the room. I guess she can't really deal with this at the moment. Before someone has the time to speak again, we hear Katie screaming after Sandra. Emily bits her lips nervously. This is just the beginning.

Katie's POV

I hate her and I don't even know why she's here with fucking flowers, thinking that she'll make the things better about Dave. After I rip the flowers and throw it in the garbage and I stare back at her. She stares sadly at me with hurt in her eyes.

"I don't want your damn flowers, hell, I don't even know why you are here!" I hiss. I'm not even supposed to stress or yell because i just woke up from the coma but i can't help it and she shows me a sad expression.

"Katie,I never meant to hide this from you but try to understand! He's his dad and Tomtom needs him in his life" she explain softly. I scoff.

"I'm not mad that he's here...I'm mad because you lied to me since we have met and you didn't have the audacity to tell me the truth about him...I don't even know why I'm with you!" I yell and she flinched.

"can you calm down, it's not good for you right now and you're with me because you love me!I made a mistake so what?...I want you in Tomtom's life, I want you to be a part of it just like his father...and you know that I love YOU and not HIM" she replied. I shook my head and flinch a little bit because I think I moved it too fast.

"here's what you are going to going to walk out that door and never come back to can forgive that I exist because I don't want to be a part of your fucking life ever again" I hiss coldly staring in her eyes. I know that she's hurt but I don't care. I want to be left alone. The tears were rolling down her cheeks.

"ok...just so you know that I will never stop loving you and I'll fight for you" she informed me sadly. I laugh bitterly.

"don't waste your time, babe, because I'm moving on and you should too" I inform her and her face fell.

"I can't believe you! After all this time, you treat me like have done something bad! I made one fuckin mistake, Katie! I deserve a chance! going to leave me because i didn't tell you the truth about dave!"she finally yell.

"you did something bad, Sandra! Don't tell me that after all the time that he came around to see TomTom that you didn't fuck him?" I raise my voice and she didn't say anything but only stares at the ground. I think I can't breathe anymore. She fuckin lied AGAIN.

"wow,I can't believe it…you just lost your second chance" I say softly and chuckle sadly.

"Katie,please...I..." I interrupt her as I clench my fists.

"get out, Sandra" I say harshly. She starts to cry.

"please,Katie...let me explain" she pleaded and I turn my head .

"you just told me that you love me... And yet you cheated on me with him! I'm so sick of you, we were good together and now you had to fuck everything up by spreading your legs to your can go and fuck his brain out because I'm done with you...we are over!" I scream with rage. She cried loudly as she ran out of the room. I throw the vase that was beside me on the wall. I can't breathe anymore, i'm suffocating. How could she do this to me? I clench my fists and hit the mattress as many time as I can until Effy came in to calm me down. I sigh when she she wraps her arms around me.

"'s ok...don't get too angry you just woke up and you need to calm down for a bit" she said. I pull away and whip my eyes.

"when the things got so mess up? I can't even believe that she would have cheated on me with that bastard...I thought she was in love with me!" I exclaim sadly and she sighed before she lay beside me on the bed.

"she loves you, I know that what she did was more than a stupid mistake but maybe you should let her explain herself" she explained and I scoff as I turn to look at her.

"I don't fuckin need any know me well enough, Effy and you know that I can't stand cheaters" I blurt out and she chuckled.

"sometime it's something that everyone have to deal with..." she replied sadly. I roll my eyes and turn to her because I know she wants to say something but probably doesn't know where to start.

"what is it? You want to say something so spill!" I force and she gave me a little smile.

"well, the day of your accident, Kate and I has just got together..." she said and I smile widely.

"it was about danm time! we all thought that you two will never make a fuckin move" I snort and she shook her head sadly.

"it wasn't so easy than I thought...I blame myself for what happens to you, so I couldn't handle it...we got into a fight because she thinks that I'm in love with you or something and I told her that we weren't meant for each other" she blurted out and smiled sadly through her tears. What? I can't help but laugh. Yes I love Effy but like a sister.

"Jesus, where did that come from?...and don't blame yourself for my behaviour, I was drunk and I shouldn't have jump out of the roof...and as for Kate, I think you need to take back your words because you of all the people know you are meant for each other" I say firmly. She frowned confusedly and shook her head.

"what did they say about your accident? You didn't fall from a roof!" she said incredibly. I chuckle and nod my head.

"i'm pretty sure I did, that's what the girls told me...I fell from the roof at the party, right?" I ask. She shifted uncomfortably and I roll my eyes.

"erm...I don't think that's what happen!" she blurted out and bits her lips. I look at her confusedly.

"what do you mean?" I ask angrily and she swallows hard.

"you should ask your sister or Naomi" she answered. I hold my eyes into her and something tell me that she was saying the truth, that what cause the accident wasn't from falling from a roof. I decide to let it go for now and next time I see my sister or Naomi I'll force them to talk. I'm angry because I can't believe that she lied to me!

"argh...I want a fuckin drink" I exclaim and slam my right hand on the mattress, she giggled.

"too bad, you can't drink alcohol with the pills that they are giving you, K!" she replied and I scoff.

"since when I don't mix pills with alcohol" I smirk but she didn't find it funny.

"you won't touch the alcohol until you're off your pills, I don't want to pick up the pieces if something bad happens to you" she rambled sadly.

"relax,Effy...I was joking, you really don't know how to enjoy a joke anymore" I snort and she glared playfully at me.

"you better...well now I'll let you sleep a bit because I can see that you're tired" she informed me as she gets out of the bed. I smile softly; see that's one of the things to why I love my best friend so much. She knows how to take care of me except from my mom and Emily. And speaking of my mom.

"thanks...oh and by the way, have you seen my mom?" I ask because when I woke up she wasn't here.

"I think she left since last night" she shrugged her shoulders.

"oh" I mouth sadly. I was hoping that she would be here with me but she ran away again!

"get some sleep...and I think I'll do the same" she kissed my cheek and leaves the room. As the door close, I immediately fall asleep.

Vero's POV

It's already 2 pm and I'm sitting in the living room watching some cartoons with Stephy.

"aunti Vero...when I'll get to see Alexia?" she asked softly, her eyes still on the tv. I swallow hard and reach my hand in my hair.

"I...erm...things are a bit complicated between us" I answer. Yeah, right! You mean things are over!

"did you do something to hurt her?" this time her eyes weren't on the tv anymore. I frown and try to find my words but I couldn't and get interrupt by the bell.

"it's Archie...Stephy" Kate yelled from the doorframe. She grabs her bag and turn to me.

"Promise me that I'll get to see her" she mumbled sadly. I hesitate for a moment and nod my head. Stupid me!

"now go and have a nice nice with the Davies!" I warn and she nods. I kiss her on the cheek and so did Kate before she walks out of the door. I sigh and lean my head on the couch. My sister came in and drops her body beside me and hands me a beer as she takes a sip from hers.

"Effy and I are over" she blurted out of nowhere and I scoff.

"since when the two of you were a couple?" I joke and she shrugged her shoulders.

"since Katie's accident...we got together that night but when the accident happened she have been distant with me and keep blaming herself" she said softly.

"oh, that's shit!...and please don't tell me you just walk out from her!" I exclaim.

"kind of but she the one who stabs me in the heart with what she said to me out of the club last night!" she replied sadly and I raise my eyebrows.

"what did she said?" I ask and take a sip from my beer.

"that we aren't meant for each other...And I accuse her from being in love with Katie" she answered and I spill the drink out of my mouth and cough.

"you what?... Haha, this is funny!" I laugh loudly and she glared at me.

"shut up...this isn't funny" she hissed.

"how could you say something like that? She and Katie are best friend and they never had an history!" I explain and she sighed as she plays with the edge of the bottle.

"I know...I...just...argh! I was jealous, ok! " she pouted and I chuckle, shaking my head.

"instead of being jealous maybe you should talk to her tonight...we are all going to the club to celebrate for Katie even if this one won't be able to be there" I say and she smiled.

"I will...I want her to be a part of my life." she added and I nod my head. I wish that it was the same for me and Alexia. The time has passed and we we're all at the club except Katie of course and Sandra, who by the way we tried to reach but nothing. We take a table and the atmosphere was awkward between Alexia and I, Effy and Kate and Brooke that i can't stand anymore.

"erm...I'm gonna take the drink...Effy come with me" I yank her by the hand before she has the time to protest.

"you could have taken Kate or Brooke" she smirked at the end when I roll my eyes.

"Kate Is planning on talking to you so whatever happens between you too doesn't let it get in your way!" I warn as I take the bottle of tequila in my hand and some shooters glasses.

"by the way, have you seen Sandra?" I ask curiously because I haven't see her since Katie woke up.

"i called her but she didn't pick up the phone...Katie broke up with her and now she's probably drinking her sorrows away" she informed me as we gets back to the table. I put the bottle in the middle of the table and Kate was the first to pour her shot for herself.

"oh...I hope that she'll work the things out with her" I say sincerely. Effy nods as her eyes stay stuck on Kate who was avoiding looking at her. I shook my head and look at Alexia who stares at me sadly. If only I can get back to that night and erase everything that I said.

"well I'm off for a bit so don't mind me" Brooke informed us. Kate and I rolled our eyes.

"like we care" we said at the same time. She mumbled whatever and walks upstairs in the V.I.P room.

"where is she going now?" Emily asked curiously. We shrugged our shoulders.

"I don't know and sometime I wonder why she spends most of her time in there" Alexia said with a frown. I roll my eyes.

"I'm going to dance, join me" my sister said grabs Alexia by the hand before she has the time to say something. Naomi and Emily joined them. Now it was just me and Effy.

"let's go" I point to the dance floor and she grinned. I roll my eyes and chuckle. We started to dance and have our little fun and I was always checking on Alexia. I can't keep my eyes away from her for a second. Effy noticed me looking at her and smirks.

"it looks like we have a competition...I'll leave you to it for a second I have to use the bathroom" she yelled in my ear and walks away. I groan and turn my head. I decide to make a move on her now that she was dancing alone. She's so beautiful; I can't stand a second without looking at her. I walk past the people who were dancing until I get to her. She didn't know I was behind her holding her firmly by the hips and grinding against her. She has her eyes close and I know she was enjoying this moment. When her hands finds mine, that's when she realized it was me. I was hoping for her to push me away or to slap me but she didn't do any of this. Instead she turns around and pressed her forehead against mine and looks at me in the eyes.

"why did you do this to me?" she asked sadly and I can tell that she's tipsy. I swallow hard because I don't know what to answer to that, so I tried my best.

"I was a coward and you didn't deserve any of this, I'm sorry for everything...I just want us to move on" I blurt out. She strokes my cheek, then look at my lips and back at my eyes.

"I won't be able to do this anymore if you fuck me up again, Vero...I swear if it's what you attend to do then I'm not the right girl for that" she informed me. I shook my head and grab her by the wrist to stop her from leaving. I grab her firmly by the neck and kiss her with passion and moan as my tongue finds hers. I pull away from her lips and smile softly.

"I won't, I promise" I say and she smiled as she wraps her arms around my neck.

"no more secrets?" she asked softly.

"no more" I sincerely say. She gives me a huge smile before she starts to kiss me. We kissed for about two minutes before we ordered more drinks. It's time to get fucked up!

Alexia's POV

I'm so happy that she finally make up her mind, I thought she was going to give up on me but she didn't. Now that I have her back, I'll try anything to not make her leave me. We get interrupted by yelling across the dance floor and runs to see what's going. To my suprise, Kate was on top of Brooke, beating the shit out of her. Effy tried to do something but Kate wouldn't let her touching her. The music has stop and everyone was staring at us. Vero let go of my hand and run to her sister.

"Kate...let her go; she's not worth it!" she hissed as she pulls her sister away from Brooke. The blonde girl stays on the floor holding her face.

"let me go...I'm going to fuckin beat the shit out of her" she yelled as she tried to get away from Vero but she was holding her firmly with the help of Naomi. They were both glaring at Brooke.

"no, don't you dare make another move" Emily warned softly before she turns to Brooke.

"fuckin bitch, you know that I can sue you for what you just did!" she groaned in pain when she sees the blood rolling down her nose. To be honest I'm quite in shock about what Kate did to Brooke but knowing Brooke she did something to piss her off. My girlfriend scoffed beside me and gets into her face.

"you don't have enough power to do stop harassing the people around you!" she raised her voice. I touch her softly on the arm to calm her down and she did calm down.
Effy who was in silence decides to speak.

"what did you do?" she asked softly but harshly. Brooke scoffed and looks at us.

"you should keep an eye on your dog, she's a danger for the population!" she smirked when she sees the fire in Kate's eyes, who at the same time attempt to make a move on her but was stop by Naomi.

"this isn't the time for your stupid attitude...and you're fucking wasted, you going home now!" Naomi said coldly and takes her by the arm but she pushes her away. And it was true, she was wasted. When she left us at the table she was perfectly sober and now this.

"I'm not going anywhere" she hissed.

"don't you have other thing to do instead of acting like an immature girl?'s not because you can have someone to love you that you have to take it on Kate!" Effy yelled. I see Brooke glares at her so I decide to interrupt before something else happen.

"ok...enough girls...if Katie was there I don't think she'll be happy to see us messing her let's cool off, get back to the table and have some fun!" I suggest. Kate was already gone and Effy was chasing after her.

"you can have your night, I'm not in the mood anymore" Brooke sneered. Vero laughed bitterly and I roll my eyes.

"since when you are in a good always find a way to get into a fight, no wonder why you can't have true friends" ouch! That hurts, I feel it for her. Brooke face softened and looks at her sister, hoping that she would say something but she just shook her head.

"you can go fuck yourself Veronica!" she screamed as Naomi grabs her firmly by the arm.

"woah, calm down right now...I'm calling the cab and you are going home, end of the discussion!" she warned.

"whatever" she mumbled as she walks away followed by her sister. I sigh and turn to Vero.

"did you really have to be so harsh on her?" I ask softly.

"I'm sorry, ok? But I don't really like her after what she did last time" she responds.

"the past is the past...just avoid her when she says something stupid, don't do anything, alright?" I say and she nods before she leans and kisses me softly on the lips.

"ok! Woah, did I miss an episode here?" Emily exclaimed. We chuckled as I grab her hand in mine and smile widely.

"kind of...we decide to make another shot, if ya know what I mean" I wink and she snorted.

"don't flatter yourself...and I'm happy for both of you and you better keep it that way!" she warned playfully. We rolled her eyes.

"we are too"I blurt out with a huge smile. The night went on and everyone was having fun and we were wasted as a bird. Haha! We all are starting a new life so we decided to celebrate it tonight. I wish that Katie and Sandra was here with us and as for Brooke, apparently she didn't really get home. She argues with her sister, telling her that she'll stay here but far from them. God knows where she is now. I excuse myself and went to the bathroom. As I walk past a VIP room I hear yelling and I recognize one of the voice; Brooke. What the hell is she doing in this room? I was about to open the door but decide against it and decide to hear the conversation, I was too curious. So I hide myself behind the black curtains; they can't see me from the inside but I can see them from the outside. I see a guy on his knees, Brooke was standing in the middle of two guys. I frown confusedly; What if she was in trouble? But I stop my movement when I see a knife in her left hand. My eyes widens as I press my hand on my mouth.

"you owe me money" she hissed as she walks close to the man; who starts to laugh.

"I don't owe you anything, bitch!" he hissed back. She let out a fake laugh before she punched him hard on the face. I gasp in shock.

"if you don't give me my 2000 dollars, I'll fuckin rip your balls off!" she raised her voice as she lays down to have a better look of him. He holds his broken nose and spits on her face. This can't be good; I never thought that Brooke was this kind of girl. She's only 18 for Christ sake, how come she takes control on some old boys? I'm really confused now.

"man, you shouldn't have done this" one of the man beside Brooke sneers. She laughed bitterly and whip her face before she glare at the man.

"hold this" she said as she gives the knife to one of the man.

"I guess we'll have it my way then" she smirked when she sees the horror look on his face. I swallow hard because I'm scare about what she's about to do to him. But what I don't understand is why he owes her money and where did she meets those guys? I was out of my thoughts when I hear the guy scream in pain. With the noises in the club, no one can hear him. They hit him as many time as they can when Brooke was done she grabs the knife from the hand of her friend and marks the letter 'B' on his neck. He couldn't do anything; he was in too much pain to stand up.

"I'll give you 48 hours to give me my money if Mark wants to have his drugs back and if you don't have it this night ,I'm afraid that you won't have the control of your legs and arms I clear" she yelled in his face. He nods his head slowly.

"oh my god" I whisper in shock. I can't believe that she's selling drugs. I wonder if Naomi knows about this. I have to tell her but I'm scare if Brooke does something to me like she did to the boy. Before the boys throws the guy out of the door from the other side of the room she turns to the man.

"oh and tell Mark that if he gets any close to my boys again this time I won't hesitate to pull the trigger...if he wants to talk he has to contact me by himself!" she informed him with a stern voice. He nods before the boys kick him out and started to laugh. Pull the trigger? What the hell did she meant by that? I can't stay here anymore I need to get away from here. As I walk away from the room I bump into my girlfriend and shift uncomfortably. She frowned at my action.

"what's wrong? It looks like you just have seen a ghost!" she said, holding me by the hand. Should I tell her or not?...No I won't, it's not my business and not hers. And she will probably won't care. I give her a force smile, which she falls for it.

"nah,I'm fine...let get home, I'm tired"I pout and she nods as we walked toward the other girls.

"you are leaving?" Emily asked drunkenly as she wraps her arms around our shoulders. We chuckled.

"yep, miss over here is tired" she smirked and ruffle my hair. I groan and push her hand away.

"well, goodnight and we'll see you tomorrow" Naomi blurted out. I hold my eyes into her eyes because she makes me think of Brooke and what I just saw.

"Amy...Amy!" my girlfriend yelled as she waves her hand in front of me. I shook my head and blush furiously.

"you were zooming out on Naomi...should I be worry?" Emily asked playfully. I can't help but roll my eyes. Naomi was staring at me with a funny look.

"fuck off,Em" I say and we all laughed until we said our goodbye. As we walk away I take the time to glance back at Naomi who was having fun. And I feel stupid and not honest to tell her about her sister. I sigh and get into Vero's car.

Kate's Pov

When I get home, I walk to the kitchen and pour a large portion of Whisky and swallow it in one shot. She was standing here, staring at me. So I turn my back so she can stare at my back.

"what did she say to you to make you so angry like that?" she asked softly.

"it doesn't matter anyway because you told me that we are not met for each other and in my words this mean you don't care about me." I hiss. I hear her sighing.

"I do care about you Kate...I regret what I said, ok?I was angry and obsess" she replied and I scoff.

"you think you were the only one?" I mumble angrily. She frowned and shook her head.

"that's not what I said! Can we just put all this behind, please? I don't like it when we fight" she replied. I reach my hand in my hair and sigh. It was true and I didn't like it either. She walks close to me and press her back on the counter.

"I'm ok with this...and I want us to be honest to each other no matter what." I blurt out. She smiled softly and reached her hand to hold mine.

"sure,I about we spend some alone time together without the girls around us!" she suggested. I chuckle softly.

"that's what we are doing right now and the girls are not around" I reply with a stupid look. She rolled her eyes and bits her lips. Ha! that's mean she's nervous.

"no,I was thinking that maybe we could go to Miami, Spain or know to have our time" she rambled. My eyes widens because I was surprise that she would ask me that. And I think she thinks that I was going to say no because she already move to walk away but I stop her by the wrist and kiss her before I pull away. She frowned confusedly.

"let's do this...let's go to Miami." I exclaim with a huge smile. She smiled back and jumps on me and wraps her arms around my neck and kisses me with passion. I really want to pull away from her lips but I can't, I was stuck and I love it.

Sandra's POV

I feel sorry, stupid and a bitch for doing this to Katie. She was the best thing I never had and I know that I should have never done what I did. I'm a bitch, while she was laying on the hospital's bed fighting for her life, I was too obsess and was scare to lose her so I slept with my ex. I regretted it just after he started getting dress. After my visit to Katie, I asked him to left and that if he wants to sees TomTom I'll send him to him on the weekend and he agreed. Unlike other fathers who would have fought to have more custody but Dave was ok with this as long he gets to see his son. He's a nice guy we broke up in good terms and we decided to stay friends, not only for our son but for ourselves. It's Saturday so TomTom is with his dad and coming back tomorrow night. So since Katie broke up with me, I tried to call her as many as I can't but she won't answer her phone. The girls called me but I was not in the mood to speak to anyone. I groan tiredly when I hear a knock at my door and stand up to see who it was.

"who is it?" I ask.

"will you open the door instead of asking who's at the door!" she said tiredly. I giggle and roll my eyes; it's Brooke. I open the door and let her in. I raise my eyebrows when I see a bag with a bottle of Tequila and one with Chinese food. She caught me staring and grinned as we walks to the living room.

"it's 11am,Brooke...don't you think it's too early for a drink?" I ask incredibly. She smirked and sits on the couch. She grabs two glasses and pours a portion in each and gives me one.

"you didn't to go out with us last night... So I'm here to cheer you up" and with that she swallows her glass in one shot. This girl is funny but crazy.

"what, your night didn't go well I suppose?" I ask with sarcasm and she glared at me. I see that she has a bruise on the nose so I figure out that she got into a fight.

"not the time for that...let's enjoy this moment and talk about your heart broken" she blurted out and swallow another glass. I froze and sigh at the end. I stare at my glass that I still didn't touch.

"I guess everyone knows" I mumble softly. I'm such a bitch.

"not all the girls except me,Vero,Effy and Kate...what happens,I thought that you two were ok!" she asked with a frown as she starts to roll a spliff. Danm! What is it with everyone and the weeds?

"I...cheated on her with the father of my son" I blurt out sadly. She stops rolling and stares at me.

"oh,shit! That's really bad" she exclaimed. I glare at her.

" like I didn't fuckin know! She hates me now and won't answer my calls!" I hiss and decide that it was time for me to swallow this glass.

"do you blame her for that, no!...give her sometime, when she'll be ready to listen to you she'll tell you" she added.

"that's if she wants to talk to me" I mumble and she sighed. She takes a puff from her spliff and passes it to me but I shake my head.

"I don't touch this kind of stuff" I say and she rolled her eyes.

"god ,you're pathetic" she joked and I punch her on the arm.

"shut up and let's have some shots" I exclaim and she smirked. We drank half of the bottle, we were very drunk after that. We ate and talked about everything and nothing, joked around and all this. She's a nice girl; I don't know why the girls hate her so much.

"ok,ok!check this out...can you do this?" she asked as she brings her tongue to touch the edge of her nose. I burst in laugh.

"no...fuck sake how can you do this?" I ask drunkenly as I try to stand on my foot but keep falling. She smirked.

"I did some good exercise with my tongue" she winked and I shook my head.

"eww...I didn't want to hear that!" I say with disgust and she laughed loudly.

"relax, I won't try it on you, want me too" she said seductively as she walks close to me. I roll my eyes and push her away from me and she chuckled.

"in your dreams will be good if you find someone to love!" I say and sit on the couch because my head was spinning. She rolled her eyes and sits beside me.

"nah, I don't want to...I don't do love and relationships, it's a waste of time" she blurted out. I want to say yes but she's wrong.

"if you find the right person, not exactly" I reply and she scoffed and she swallows a shot before she answers me.

"yeah right...look at Vero and Alexia, their relationship can't never stand without having them fighting about something stupid and that goes for Effy too...they keep turning in circle." she said. I give her a point for that, she's right.

"that's their business not yours...I just can't understand how you can't not love any girls...that's strange" I say and furrow my eyebrows. She chuckled softly as she fixed her glass.

"ok, I'm gonna tell you something but promise me that you tell the girls... I don't want them to have fun of me" she warned with a serious look. I nod.

"I have a crush on a girl since 2 years...but she was already in a relationship with this guy when I met her... And one night I tried to kiss her but she rejected me, telling me that she loves Mike, her boyfriend, that I was disgusting...well all the words that can hurt me... Two weeks after, she said that she didn't wanted to see me again" she informed me sadly.

"woah...and why did she suddenly decides that? I mean she could have told that sooner" I reply and she shrugged her shoulders.

"I was not the girl she thinks I was when she discovered something...something that I truly regret to get involve with" she answered and just like that she starts to have tears in her eyes. I sigh and bring her head on my chest. I never saw her crying and get emotional like this.

"what is it? you can tell me anything...what's get into this house won't never come out" I say with honesty. I can keep a secret. She laughed bitterly as she whips her eyes.

"trust me, you won't believe me and I don't think you want to know" she hissed and I chuckle.

"ok, I won't force you to's not of my business" I answer.

"exactly...and now I have to get home " she said as she pulls away from me and stood up from the couch. She grabs her bag and turns to look at me.

"thanks, for today... It really meant a lot" I inform her and she smile soflty. A smile that didn't reach her eyes.

"ha, it was nothing" she replied shyly and I chuckle as I follow her to the door.

"are you still trying to get an hold of this girl that you like?" I ask curiously.

"yeah...she lives here actually and her name is Jessie and believe me or not but she slapped me before I even have the time to open my mouth." she answered.

"well, I hope that she won't torture you too much next time you see her" I joke and she glared at me.

"goodbye, Sandra...see you maybe later" and with that she was gone. I walk to the living room and grab the bottle and put in in the garbage. I sigh and drop my body on the couch.

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